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October 20, 2022

Zelensky called on residents of the occupied territories to avoid conscription into the Russian army

Canada introduced new sanctions against Iran

The defeat of 6 areas of concentration and 4 positions of the enemy’s air defense system has been confirmed

The occupiers are trying to organize a new offensive on the liberated Liman, – Heyday

On October 20, restrictions on the supply of electricity will be introduced throughout Ukraine – details

The SBU neutralized the Russian agency that was "hunting" for the positions of the Ukrainian "Javelins"

With the help of a messenger, the coordinates of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were transmitted to the police: two informants were detained in the Donetsk region (Photo)

The Armed Forces shot down 14 Iranian "mopeds" during a night raid on the Mykolaiv region, — Air Force

Serhiy Silkin, a former Frankish television presenter, died in the war

The war took the life of another Transcarpathian, Vasyl Kanalosh

A defender of Ukraine from the village of Vyshenki died

Oleksiy Petrachkov, a Carpathian, died in the war

Transcarpathian Ruslan Chuma died in the war with the Russians (PHOTO)

Mykhailo Sakal, a soldier from Lviv Oblast, died fighting for Ukraine

Vasyl Shmorhun, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, a bright memory

Two more soldiers from Kamianechchyna died at the front

Danube Region lost two Heroes in the war

A veteran of the ATO from Volyn, winner of the online competition "Games of the Invincibles" died while rescuing a wounded comrade

In Donetsk region, paratroopers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the Russian demining installation Zmiy Horynich. Video

In Ukraine, two senior lieutenants of the Russian army were killed – ZSU officer Stefan

9 Iranian Shahed-136 drones attacked Ukraine from Belarus

"War came to Russia". What do Putin’s decrees on "martial law" mean

The SBU detained a blogger who published a video of the shelling of the Burshtynskaya TPP

The EU imposed sanctions against Iran for supplying Russia with kamikaze drones

5 minutes to destroy the enemy: how the Czech Vampire MLRS work in the Donetsk region (photo)

In the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated 544 settlements, OVA

Zelensky’s decrees on sanctions against the Russian Federation have been published. Abramovich, who was a mediator in the negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, was included in the list

Zelensky approved sanctions against Russia. Almost 4,000 people and companies fell under them

A gymnasium employee who supported the Russian war in Ukraine was detained in Kyiv

Ukraine asked the EU and NATO to help with energy equipment after the strikes by the Russian Federation

Photo: SBU liquidated the Kremlin bot farm that brainwashed the EU

Spain and France forced Russians to pay for yachts frozen due to sanctions

A representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense accidentally revealed the truth about Iranian drones on live air

The election of the new British Prime Minister will take place next week

The leadership of the Russian Federation managed to mobilize up to 200,000 people – Malyar

During the day, the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out 6 strikes on the occupiers, and the air defense forces shot down 15 "Shahed-136" drones.

22 torture chambers of the occupiers were found in the liberated areas of the Kharkiv region

The National Guard created 130 mobile fire groups to counter attack drones

The White House confirmed the use of Iranian drones by the Russian Federation for strikes on Ukraine

N-iX Test Engineer Yury Osadchuk died at the front, defending Ukraine from Russian aggression

October 21, 2022

In the south, the Armed Forces destroyed an enemy checkpoint and two ammunition depots

The artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the enemy’s bridge and pontoon crossing

While the occupiers are evacuating themselves from Kherson, they have brought 2,000 mobilized people there

A pensioner who glorified the occupiers will be tried in Izmail

The body of another man killed by the occupiers was found in the Kyiv region

IRIS-T showed itself exceptionally well during the baptism of fire – Air Force

​In the morning, the Russians fought in Mykolaiv Oblast, Sumy Oblast, Zaporozhye and Kharkiv, – summary of OVA

One of Russia’s top propagandists died in Kherson: who else was Klokov and what are the Russian special services involved in?

The Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the strike on the Antonivskyi Bridge, but denied wounding civilians

SBU investigates Iran’s supply of weapons to Russia: "you can’t knowingly sell a knife to a maniac"

GUR reported when exactly the Russians mined the Kakhovskaya HPP

The number of military aircraft at Russian airfields was named in the Armed Forces

He received life-threatening injuries: a soldier from Stebnyk died at the front

He did not live to see his 50th birthday: a brave "cyborg" from the Kili community died in the Kherson region

A paramedic from Cherkasy region died in the war

Vasyl Papezhuk, a defender from the Rivne region, died near Vugledar

Pavlo Omelchenko, a soldier from Kremenchuk, died

An officer from Zhytomyr Oblast died in the war with the Russian invaders

Another scar on the soul of the city: a soldier from Dnipropetrovsk region died in a battle with the occupiers

Mykhailo Karbyvnychy, a resident of Kodyma, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

In Skadovsk, the Russian occupiers hanged a Ukrainian woman near the courthouse

The Melitopol Gauleiter battalion is already suffering losses at the front

Inscriptions with errors and foreign "stuffing": the downed Iranian Mohajer-6 drone was disassembled at the GUR

The hottest part of the front in the Luhansk region is the territory near Svatovo – Gaidai

Without too much hype in the information space, we are vacating our territories — Hanna Malyar

"Rare trophy": soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed captured TKM with ammunition (video)

The armed forces have already liberated 88 settlements in the Kherson region

Invisible predator: how Ukrainian Punisher drones effectively destroy the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (video)

In the Kharkiv region, ten former police officers are suspected of treason

Germany handed Ukraine a system for detecting enemy missiles

A Russian spy linked to the Skripal poisoners was exposed in France — Le Monde

"DPR" fighters captured a Russian soldier and demanded a ransom from his relatives, – intelligence

A Russian attack aircraft was shot down in the Mykolayiv region – PC "Pivden"

Zelensky was told about the results of the de-occupation of Kherson region and Kharkiv region

The language of propaganda and brainwashing — Danilov called for the complete eradication of the Russian language from Ukraine

The SBU detained the head of the Mykolaiv utility company for treason

Vognyana National Park near Moscow: a strategic warehouse is on fire. Video

The USA announced the introduction of sanctions against individuals and companies that illegally transferred American military technology to the Russian Federation

In the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation, a severe fire broke out after the explosions

Rosatom members were not given visas to participate in the IAEA conference

Russia: in the Belgorod region, a fire at a paint factory is reported after shelling

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled Russian attacks in three regions and destroyed the S-300 complex, General Staff

Media: 10 Iranians who trained Russians died in Ukraine

Soldiers of the Armed Forces in the southern direction captured the Kadyrivians

Four traitorous Crimean prosecutors will be tried in Ukraine

October 22, 2022

The enemy attacked Cherkasy – the head of the OVA

Offensive on Kherson. The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made 10 strikes against the occupiers — losses of the Russian Federation from OK "Pivden"

The enemy conducts defensive actions and tries to hold the occupied lines – operational command "South"

UN Security Council: Iran’s transfer of drones to Russia is a violation of resolution 2231

The Armed Forces hit enemy air defense systems in the South

The President of Ukraine awarded orders to speakers of parliaments of 12 countries

An ex-judge from the Donetsk region is suspected of terrorism

Strikes by the Russian Federation on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine: power outages have begun in Kyiv and the region, the schedule has been published

Russia: the authorities of the Belgorod region announced the shelling of Shebekin

Germany transferred a new batch of military aid to Ukraine

A Russian helicopter was shot down in the Kherson region on October 22

The occupying authorities of the Kherson region demand that the residents leave the city – the reasons are given

Iran is outraged by calls to the UN to investigate the supply of drones to Russia

The body of a man killed by the occupiers was found near Klavdievo-Tarasov in the Kyiv region

Russian missiles shot down: SSO soldiers shot down a Russian missile in the Kyiv region with a Stinger shot

Missile strikes on Ukraine on October 22 – Zelensky reacted to the enemy attack

The SBU detained the head of the "Nikolaev ritual service" for treason (video)

Ukraine is developing the Sokil-300 drone with a flight range of 3,000 km

In Russia, a soldier who fought in Ukraine was killed and dismembered during a feast

OK "Pivden" reported how much the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the occupiers and equipment in the last day

The occupiers completely abandoned two settlements in the Kherson region — the General Staff

Because of the sanctions, foreigners are refusing positions in Russian companies en masse

October 23, 2022

At night in Ukraine, 16 Shahed-136 drones were shot down by the command of the Air Force

In Russia, a gunpowder factory exploded again, where charges are made for "Hrads" and "Smerchiv"

12 pro-Russian parties have been banned in Ukraine

Security forces detained the ex-owner of "Motor Sich" Boguslaev

The Armed Forces hit the location of the enemy in Nova Kakhovka

As a result of rocket attacks in Volyn, there are serious interruptions with the Internet

As a result of rocket attacks, 12 buildings were damaged in Lutsk (photo)

Victims of war: Russian Nazis killed 430 children in Ukraine

Power outages in the Volyn region: Attacks on the energy infrastructure

The Prosecutor General’s Office documented 59,983 crimes against Ukraine

A defense line was built in the Kursk region, photo

A military plane crashed into a house in Irkutsk, Russia

Iranian instructors were spotted in Belarus

The Armed Forces have already shot down 273 Iranian drones

Iranian drones: Israel bombed the assembly site

The Armed Forces repelled enemy attacks near seven settlements

The Georgian Legion showed how it destroys mercenaries from the "Wagner" PMK

Russian propagandist Semen Pegov was wounded in Donbas

The Netherlands will finance military equipment for Ukraine for 500 million euros

Ukraine has lost 90% of wind energy and about half of solar energy, – Galushchenko

October 24, 2022

Israel provided intelligence to fight Iranian drones in Ukraine – NYT

The Armed Forces in the south destroyed the enemy radar station "Zoopark-1" and carried out 130 fire hits

Summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for today

Iran will deliver 40 gas turbines to Russia

The Armed Forces destroyed the Russian radar station in the Kherson region

Long-range "Alder": what the Ukrainian missile complex is capable of

Russian troops are not fleeing from Kherson, but are preparing to defend the city, HUR

The occupiers announced the formation of "terrodefense" in Kherson

Maps of the fighting in Ukraine on October 24 – how the situation at the front changed during the day

Anatoliy Ekzarkhov, a soldier from Dnipropetrovsk region, died in the battle with the occupiers

Serhiy Didukh: The soldier Serhiy Didukh died in the battle with the Russian invaders

A player of the Uzhhorod Lumberjacks died in the Kherson region

Two Heroes from Vinnytsia, Ivan Bolyubash and Serhiy Bagulov, died in the war for Ukraine

Russian energy workers who chose targets for shelling should be tried for crimes in Ukraine

A Russian plane was shot down in the Zaporizhzhia region – video

The TRML-4D radar is already in service with the Armed Forces

The Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down 2 more Russian Ka-52 helicopters in the South

Not only drones: Iran will supply Russia with its ammunition for mobilized invaders – GUR

The detainee Boguslaev has been a citizen of the Russian Federation for more than 20 years

A conscript soldier died in the Belgorod region. One of the versions is that during the firefight, a colleague mistook him for a Ukrainian soldier

Defense forces liberated four more settlements in Luhansk region and Donetsk region

In one day, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation hit ammunition depots, air defense equipment and artillery positions of the Russians

The crash of the plane in Irkutsk – the GUR named the reason

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: ROC priests from the Samara region are sent to war in Ukraine, but most refuse

On October 24, the court arrested Oleg Dzyuba, the head of the department of the Motor Sich plant

In Odesa, a former deputy of the regional council who fought for the "DPR" was sentenced to 15 years

October 25, 2022

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier arrived in Kyiv

The mayor of Melitopol reported the presence of the Belarusian military in Zaporozhye

Yesterday, the Ukrainian military repelled ten Russian attacks in Donbas

The war in Ukraine – what is happening at the front on October 25 – General Staff

They went over to the side of the enemy and contributed to the strengthening of the occupying power in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea – eight ex-judges were convicted of treason

KFC is finally closing its brand in Russia and selling establishments

The USA can provide Ukraine with HAWK air defense systems – media

The Russian Federation lost 25% of its Ka-52 helicopters in the war with Ukraine, British intelligence

Turkey asked Moscow to postpone payments for gas

Missile attacks on Ukraine – who directs missiles at civilian objects, investigation

A defender from Staraya Vyzhivka was killed in Kharkiv Oblast

There is another loss in the Bolgrad region: Marine Konstantin Karagez died in the Kherson region

One of the Heroes who installed the State Flag of Ukraine on O. died. Serpentine

40 bodies of Russian soldiers were discovered in Chernihiv region

The occupiers took the equipment and personnel of banks and occupation authorities from Kherson to Genichesk and Skadovsk

The Ukrainian Armed Forces eliminated the deputy commander of the 487th helicopter regiment of the Russian Federation in the south (photo)

He managed to fight for one day: "volunteers" from the Russian wilderness were liquidated in Donbass

The Armed Forces "covered" a large concentration of the Russian army when it tried to escape from the Kherson "cauldron" through the Dnieper

Steinmeier in Kyiv: "you can count on Germany"

In 2023, the European Union will allocate 18 billion euros to help Ukraine – Ursula von der Leyen

Detention of Russian agents in Mykolaiv – the SBU detained two Russian agents

The MP from OPZZH fled Ukraine and created a financial pyramid in Kazakhstan

PVK "Wagner" began to recruit criminal criminals in the colonies of Turkmenistan – the opposition

The IRIS-T air defense system shoots down 9 out of 10 Russian missiles launched over Ukraine — Shmyhal

Leave Ukraine before it’s too late: Danilov advised Kadyrov to better prepare to protect Chechnya from Russian encroachments

Russian occupation – Zelenskyy proposes to create platforms for the de-occupation of other regions

​In Mykolaiv, the "underground" of traitors who performed tasks for the Russian Federation were exposed – the prosecutor’s office

Another supporter of communism will appear in court in Rivne

The occupiers are unable to stop the Armed Forces in the Svatovo region

War in Ukraine: Danilov rejected the possibility of territorial concessions of Ukraine in favor of Russia

US aid – Ukraine received more than a million shells

There was an explosion at a factory in Volgograd, Russia: one person was killed and injured

Explosions rang out again near Belgorod

Employees of the FSB were blown up in Kherson

Kherson region: the defenders hit 13 targets of the occupiers

Reflected on his formula: Steinmeier had to spend an hour in the bomb shelter

Due to anxiety, Steinmeier spent about 2 hours in a shelter in Chernihiv Oblast

Great Britain has provided Ukraine with £2.3 billion in military aid and plans to provide the same amount in 2023 – the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Armed Forces did not allow enemy troops to advance near Bakhmut and Avdiivka – General Staff

In the Kherson region, 30 occupiers were destroyed, a hundred under rubble – the General Staff

Zelenskyi’s diplomacy: Steinmeier in Kyiv

Former SBU general Naumov received a second suspicion in Ukraine while he is behind bars in Serbia

The Obukhov community will say goodbye to a compatriot who died during the liberation of Donetsk region (PHOTO)

Ukrainian hackers hacked television in Russia and issued a call to surrender

The new British Prime Minister Sunak spoke for the first time about the war in Ukraine

October 26, 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled attacks by the Russian Federation in the areas of nine settlements within a day

An ammunition depot and more than 10 "kadyrivets" were destroyed in Novoivanivka, 5 enemy trucks with ammunition were hit in Svatovo, – General Staff

The Pentagon has already received two NASAMS air defense systems. They will be handed over to Ukraine in the near future

Zelensky invited the new British Prime Minister to visit Ukraine

Large-scale fire in St. Petersburg: published photos and videos – news of Israel and the world

Shelling of Shebekino – cotton again in Belgorod

There are currently no forces on the territory of Belarus to attack Ukraine

The SBU detained a female collaborator who headed the occupying "Rospochta" in the Kharkiv region

The Air Force Command urges not to show the work of IRIS-T and Nasams

Counteroffensive – Zaluzhny shared a video of the battles in the Kharkiv region and honored the memory of the fallen Heroes

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled 9 Russian attacks and eliminated the Kadyrivites: map of combat operations as of October 26

Mercedes-Benz exits the Russian market and sells shares in subsidiaries

ePPO helped shoot down a missile over Ukraine for the first time

About a thousand bodies of the dead were exhumed in the newly liberated territories – the Ministry of Reintegration

The prosecutor’s office in Kharkiv detained a former customs officer who actively cooperated with the occupiers

The US has imposed new sanctions against Iranian officials over the crackdown on protests

Media: Russian oligarch Chemezov’s yacht was detained in Spain

After the meeting with Putin, the President of Guinea-Bissau came to see Zelenskyi and explained the position

SBU snipers destroyed the Russian observation post. VIDEO

Trophies of the ZSU: War with Russia

The exhumation of the burials of Ukrainian soldiers began in Kharkiv Oblast

Poroshenko handed over UAV complexes "Ochi Arty" to the Armed Forces