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October 6, 2022

Summary of the General Staff: more than thirty settlements were affected by enemy strikes

The Armed Forces shot down nine kamikaze drones, the artillery completed 350 missions: a summary from the south

Air defense forces shot down Iranian drones in Odesa and Mykolaiv regions

The pseudo-meter of occupied Severodonetsk received suspicion from the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office

Mykhailo Dianov – biography of the defender of Mariupol released from captivity

In Gostomele, the occupiers questioned people in refrigerators (video)

The enemy hit Khmelnytskyi – Independent public portal

Russia bombarded the Dnipropetrovsk region with MSVs and heavy artillery all night: a residential building caught fire (photo)

Russian troops fired 7 rockets at houses in Zaporizhzhia. People are pulled out from under the rubble

Russian attack on Kharkiv: the occupiers hit critical infrastructure objects with kamikaze drones

In the morning, the occupiers attacked the Khmelnytsky region with two rockets – OVA

The Armed Forces are successfully advancing in the Kherson direction: a map of battles in Ukraine for the morning

The Armed Forces of Ukraine began a new phase of the offensive in the Kherson region and "moved" the front line by 20 km – British intelligence

During the counteroffensive in eastern Ukraine, the Armed Forces captured 460 tanks, about 100 howitzers and 450 BMPs, – WSJ

In the Kherson region, a group of occupiers surrendered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Russian army is massively using Iranian drones to save on high-precision missiles — Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A resident of Kamianka was killed in a fierce battle in Donbas

Soldiers from Kirovohrad Oblast died in the fight for free Ukraine

20 civilians were killed and 22 wounded in Ukraine last day

Serhii Popov, the major of military intelligence of the Russian Guard, was liquidated in the Kherson region

The "cyborg", historian Vyacheslav Zaitsev, died in the battles in the Donetsk direction

Over the course of a month, the bodies of 534 civilians were found in the de-occupied territories of Kharkiv region, 19 of them were children

The police received information about the possible rape of women in torture centers in the Kharkiv region

The occupiers arranged torture chambers in all large settlements of the Kharkiv region

The European Union approved the eighth package of sanctions against Russia

The number of citizens who left Russia is already twice the number of those mobilized, Danilov said

A group of Russian servicemen fled from Kherson to Crimea with weapons (photo)

Two more Shahed-136 and one Mohajer-6 drones were shot down in Mykolaiv Oblast

The Armed Forces freed more than 400 square meters. km in the Kherson region and continue to move forward – OK "Pivden"

Terrorist attack in Olenivka: "Azov" reported how many Ukrainian soldiers died

"Officially de-Nazified": the Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated the commander of the occupiers’ company, Matevosyan. Photo

A traitor who was looking for Ukrainian activists was discovered in the Kherson region

The Security Service of Ukraine reported the suspicion of collaborating deputies of the Kharkiv region

In Crimea, they want to recognize the extremist song "Oh, in the meadow red viburnum", and imprison the performers

The Armed Forces will receive Bastion armored personnel carriers from the Volvo company

In the Kherson region, the Ukrainian military has already liberated 29 settlements in 5 days, – General Staff

Russia transferred reserve units to Ukraine: where were they sent?

Belarus, which fought on the side of the Russian invaders, faces 10 years in prison (PHOTO)

Finland announced the ninth package of military aid to Ukraine

Ukrainian air defense shot down three Shahed drones while approaching Odessa

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south twice hit the points of deployment of enemy air defense systems

Zelensky called on NATO to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Russia

The former Ukrainian serviceman, who joined the "people’s militia" during the occupation of Balaklia, was taken into custody

October 7, 2022

Russia attacked Zaporizhia for the first time with kamikaze drones

Anti-aircraft guns of the "Center" air command shot down two drones of the Russian Federation

In the south of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck 3 ammunition depots and the enemy’s anti-aircraft defense

To strengthen the army of the Russian Federation. 500 mobilized criminals arrived in Donetsk region – the General Staff

List of those awarded with orders and medals on October 6, 2022

Criminals mobilized in the Russian Federation arrived in Donetsk region, the General Staff

SBU caught Ilya Kivy’s criminal gang (VIDEO)

The SBI discovered the headquarters of the occupiers with important documents under the liberated Lyman

There is still time to save Russia from tragedy – Reznikov appealed to the officers of the Russian army

"We will give Ukraine more ammunition, winter and personal equipment", – Prime Minister of Estonia Kallas

In Zaporizhzhia, 12 people have already been found dead after Russian missile strikes, the police said

Teroborona captured the Russian "Hurricane" in the Kherson region

Marines destroyed five tanks, four "Msta" howitzers and more than 60 invaders in a day

Ukraine has sent a request to Austria to extradite Tupytsky, – mass media

Russian Buddhists distanced themselves from the anti-war statements of the Supreme Lama of Kalmykia – RISU

A resident of the Baryshiv community died at the front

During the de-occupation of Kherson Oblast, a soldier from Rivne Oblast died

Russian military shot a bus with people in the Kherson region

"Give greetings to Putin." In Mariupol, a resistance group set fire to the place where Russian officers were quartered, VIDEO

Ukrainian aviation struck the base of the occupiers’ air defense systems in the Kherson region

Oleksiy Dombrovskyi, a resident of the village of Kozhuhiv, died defending Ukraine

12 people died as a result of yesterday’s attack on Zaporizhzhia (photo)

Vitalii Dzindza, a soldier from Snyatyn Oblast, died in the battle for Ukraine

Lviv region lost two more defenders in the war (PHOTO)

Explosions are heard in occupied Berdyansk: a possible rocket launch

The only son of his parents: Roman Ogorodnik, a graduate of ZUNU, died in Donetsk region

The Russian "Alligator" was destroyed in the Mykolayiv region

Novoyavorivsk lost a 20-year-old defender of Ukraine (PHOTO)

Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke at the meeting of the Council of Europe: the main theses of the president

According to SBU materials, an FSB agent with the pseudonym Professor received 15 years behind bars

The capital’s rescuers asked to call them when the Kremlin was on fire

Exhumations and reburials of those killed during the occupation began in Lyman and Sviatohirsk

Attack on Zaporizhzhia: death toll rises to 14 – Kurtev

A Volyn defender died in the war

In Odesa, an inveterate traitor and informer of the enemy nicknamed "Professor" got his due in court

October 8, 2022

"Cotton" happened on the Crimean Bridge, black smoke is billowing. Photo and video

The occupiers shelled the center of Kharkiv, one of the medical facilities – the mayor’s – is on fire

Defense forces repelled Russian attacks in the areas of 17 settlements. The occupiers continue to suffer losses — General Staff of the Armed Forces

At night, explosions rang out in occupied Ilovaisk. VIDEO

A gift for Putin: the Verkhovna Rada proposed to the members of the UN and the EU to create a special international tribunal

At night, the occupiers fired at the Zaporizhzhya NPP: the Zaporizhzhia NPP was completely de-energized

Elon Musk offered to give Taiwan to China

Summary of the General Staff: 300 wounded prisoners sent to fight by the Russian Federation were brought to the hospital in Luhansk region

The Air Force of Ukraine confirmed the information about a severe fire on the Crimean bridge

As a result of the explosion, part of the road surface collapsed on the Krymsky Bridge

Traffic on the Crimean bridge is stopped: the occupiers start a ferry crossing

The Kerch ferry crossing will not operate on October 8

The truck that blew up on the Crimean bridge was inspected by the Russians before that

In the Kherson region, the anti-terrorist force destroyed a special armored car of the "Kadyrivtsi" —

The SBU commented on its involvement in the explosion on the Crimean Bridge

The explosion on the Crimean bridge: how the Ukrainian side reacted

The Crimean bridge – the destruction disrupted the logistics of the Russian army in southern Ukraine

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia congratulated the "Ukrainian special services" on the explosion on the Kerch Bridge

It was not a car that exploded: the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs commented on the fire on the Crimean bridge (video)

Racists created "torture chambers" in all occupied Ukrainian cities and villages, the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Mykhailo Chomolyak, a 36-year-old Transcarpathian, died fighting for Ukraine

Yevhen Sayenko, a 21-year-old fighter from Kryvyi Rih, died heroically in the Kherson region

In the Russian army, a standard modern helmet turned out to be a copy of a Soviet helmet at a price of almost 500 US dollars

After the explosions on the Crimean Bridge, a traffic jam was formed in the Kerch Strait

The commander of a sniper company of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was killed in Ukraine

Ternopil Oblast has lost another Hero: a 45-year-old Ternopil resident died in Kherson Oblast

The Armed Forces of Ukraine showed a video of a Shahed-136 kamikaze drone shot down in Mykolaiv Oblast

The European champion in fin swimming died in the battles in the Kherson region

Air defense over the Zaporizhzhya region shot down three Russian missiles

The explosion on the Crimean bridge: three people were killed in Russia

Eyewitnesses reported explosions in Donetsk, a fire in the city

The ex-head of the State Enterprise "Holoprystan Forestry and Hunting Industry" was informed of suspicion of treason

The Nobel Committee explained why the prize was not given to Zelensky, but shared with Belarusians and Russians

In the Russian Federation, sentries were detained who "missed" the Kerch bridge – mass media

RosZMI announced the death toll and destruction caused by explosions on the Crimean Bridge — the Crimean Bridge is on fire

Over the past day, the Russians killed 21 peaceful Ukrainians, another 31 were wounded – Information resistance

As a result of Russian aggression, 421 children died in Ukraine, – Office of the Prosecutor General

Putin instructed the FSB to protect the Crimean bridge

"Cotton" in the Belgorod region: the occupiers carelessly "smoked" in the border town of Graivoron (photo, video)

Detonation of the Crimean Bridge – Satellite images published

In Moscow, they began to arrest military personnel, – intelligence

October 9, 2022

Night attack on Zaporizhzhia: 17 people died, 40 were injured

General Staff: The occupiers are taking their families to Crimea and Luhansk from Novaya Kakhovka and Starobilsk

The Armed Forces in Donbas repelled 30 enemy attacks

The director of the Popasnian Lyceum died at the front

Hero of Ukraine Dmytro Ryvak was buried in Lviv. PHOTO

In Dnipropetrovsk region, three men were exposed for propagandizing communism and Russia

Provocation of the special services of the Russian Federation: the Russians tried to hold a conversation on behalf of the Prime Minister of Ukraine with the general director of Bayraktar – HUR (video)

Collaborators with their families flee from Novaya Kakhovka and Starobilsk – General Staff

More than 80 dead, mutilated and destroyed houses: everything that is known about the shelling of Zaporozhye in recent days

With things to go: Shoigu and Gerasimov were probably removed from their positions

Deputies of "Eurosolidarity" ask to inform the SBU about the facts of state treason by priests of the UOC MP – RISU

The Ukrainian Armed Forces advanced in the Kharkiv region

A son remained: a Volhynian died in the war with the occupiers

Oleksandr Varga, 38, from Transcarpathia, died in the war

The Armed Forces liberated more than 1,170 square kilometers of territory in Kherson Oblast – Humenyuk

In the liberated Lyman, the first 20 bodies were exhumed at the site of the mass burial

Several kamikaze drones were shot down near Kremenchuk – the mayor

"It would be more useful." Romania declared the need for negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation

Defense Minister of Lithuania: Russia uses Lukashenka instead of nuclear weapons

The Armed Forces shot down a kamikaze drone, which the Russian army was trying to use to attack Odesa – the city council

Rocket attack on Zaporizhzhia on October 6: the number of dead has increased to 20, – Starukh

The preschooler died together with his family in his apartment in Zaporizhzhia during Russian shelling on October 6. PHOTO

Germany will hand over €11 million worth of winter uniforms, tents and electric generators to the Armed Forces, Spiegel

A collaborator – an occupation policeman – was detained in the Kharkiv region

A defender from the Rivne region died near Donetsk: today was a farewell to the Hero

The Russian Federation continues to lose planes: the occupying army lost an Su-24 near Rostov (photo)

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation showed the first captured Russian trophy minelayer "Marusia"

Gaidai named 7 settlements of Luhansk Region that were liberated by the Armed Forces –

October 10, 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks in the areas of Ozaryanivka, Kamianka, Pervomaiske and Nevelske settlements, — General Staff

"A hellish night for the occupiers." Two positions of the Russian army were hit in Melitopol – video

On the territory of the Russian army in the Bryansk region – "loud bangs" in the morning: video

Successes of the Armed Forces at the front: several attacks were repelled during the day, aviation shot down a Russian plane and three missiles — General Staff

422 children died in Ukraine due to the aggression of the Russian Federation, more than 804 were injured, – Prosecutor General’s Office

Adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko, reported where the rocket landed in Kyiv

Explosions rumbled in Kyiv and the Dnipro

Klitschko: Russian missiles hit objects in two districts of Kyiv

A decrease in water pressure in the network was recorded in the center of the capital

In Kyiv, the subway partially stopped working after the shelling

Consequences of Russian airstrikes on Kyiv: dozens killed and wounded

Massive power outages in Ukraine: where the problems arose

The Russian Federation launched missile strikes on energy infrastructure facilities in Zhytomyr and Khmelnytskyi regions

As a result of shelling of Kyiv, more than 30 people were injured, the number of dead is being specified

Russia launched missile attacks on energy infrastructure facilities in Lviv Oblast

"The enemy will be punished": the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine will take revenge on the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for massive shelling

A television tower caught fire in Moscow: what is happening, video

Russia struck energy facilities. Ukrainian regions without electricity, water and communication

Morning shelling of Kyiv: 5 dead and 47 injured, – State Emergency Service

Lviv region was attacked with 15 rockets

Three S-300 launchers were destroyed in the Belgorod region

Due to the Russian attack, the lights in Kyiv will be temporarily turned off – Klitschko

"Iskanders", "Kalibry", Shahed-136 kamikaze drones: what and from where did the Russian Armed Forces attack Ukraine

Dnipro was attacked with more than 10 missiles: details of the shelling (photo)

As a result of Russian missile strikes on Ukraine, 10 people died and about 60 were injured – the spokesman of the National Police

In Poltava Oblast, the Russian occupiers targeted energy facilities

The Prytula Fund collected 10 million hryvnias in an hour "For revenge against the Russians". They will be spent on kamikaze drones

A series of powerful explosions occurred on the territory of the Russian Federation at military facilities

Due to the missile attack of the Russian army, Kryvyi Rih was partially left without water and electricity

As a result of the missile attack of the Russian army on Kyiv, the department of the German consulate was damaged

Putin is afraid of a military coup: the National Guard in Moscow is on full combat readiness, SMI

Kuleba: Numerous missile strikes on Ukraine are Putin’s answer to all "pacifiers"

There is no electricity supply in four regions, as a result of enemy shelling, 11 people died, 64 were injured – State Emergency Service

Ukrainian military shot down a Russian cruise missile from a conventional MANPADS (video)

The General Staff specified how many missiles and drones were shot down during the shelling of Ukraine

A military plane crashed in the Rostov region for the second time in two days – media

The production of Tornado all-terrain vehicles was established in Ukraine (Photo)

The "Klitschka bridge" survived: new photos and videos of the consequences of the Russian missile strike have appeared

The fire at the Burshtynskaya TPP has been eliminated, OVA

Electricity supply is disrupted almost all over Ukraine, there are problems with water supply in 8 regions, – Shmyhal

About 90% of the city is without electricity: the situation after the shelling in Lviv

The Armed Forces shot down two Russian missiles over Kremenchuk: there are casualties from the debris

Klitschko announced the extent of the destruction in Kyiv after the morning attack

The Armed Forces shot down 13 Iranian kamikaze drones and a Su-25

Biden: Russia’s massive strikes only strengthen the US’s determination to support Ukraine

Not only Medvedev: the SBU has declared a number of Russian officials wanted

The EU will extend the protection status for Ukrainians. "Today’s strikes showed the importance of solidarity with Ukraine"

October 11, 2022

An explosion rang out in Dzhankoya in the military unit of the occupiers: there were casualties

Russia attacked Zaporizhzhia with missiles, OVA

The Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south struck enemy air defenses, destroyed more than 170 Russians in a day and their Su-25

A Shahed-136 kamikaze drone was shot down in Khmelnytskyi

The Russian Federation attacked Ladyzhynska TPP with kamikaze drones

Two rockets have already been shot down over Kyiv Oblast this morning

In the Kharkiv region, two groups of saboteurs of PMC "Wagner" were liquidated, — SBU (video)

At dawn, air defense forces shot down eight "Shahids" over Mykolayiv Oblast and Odesa Oblast (video)

The occupiers are taking a Ukrainian to be shot in Kupiansk. VIDEO from the invader’s phone

Ukrainian kamikaze drone RAM II hits enemy anti-aircraft missile complex "Wasp", video

The mobilized occupiers are already fighting in Luhansk region

"Grandchildren were found in a nearby garden": a Ukrainian told how the Russian occupiers killed his entire family. Video

Two defenders from Prykarpattia died in the war – Ilya Karpiuk and Roman Rynzak

A fighter from Dnipropetrovsk region died in the battles near Bakhmut

Dmytro Stelmakh, commander of a rifle platoon from Kryvyi Rih, died during the war

The war took the lives of thirteen soldiers from Poltava region

Dmytro Chaika, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

In Melitopol, the Russians stole historical value from the museum

Today, 18 Russian missiles were shot down over Ukraine

Ukraine returned the bodies of 62 fallen heroes home – Ministry of Reintegration

Kostroma paratroopers abandoned their equipment while fleeing from the Soviet Union — the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine

The bombing of cities is a war crime without a statute of limitations, a statement by 11 European countries

The occupying pseudo-chief from the Markiv Oblast was informed of the suspicion of collaborationism

Air defense forces of Ukraine on Tuesday destroyed 20 Russian missiles and 13 kamikaze drones – PS ZSU

Explosions rang out at the airfield in Melitopol

The Ukrainian Armed Forces seized a rare Russian Tachion drone near Kharkov: what is it dangerous for (photo)

The security service came to search the metropolitan of the UOC MP

The SBU detained an associate of Kyva in the Dnipro who "hunted" at an air defense position (photo)

Zelensky took part in the virtual meeting of the G7 leaders

"Confessions are beaten out": FSB set up a new torture chamber in Mariupol

The deputy general director of the ZNPP from the staff was "kidnapped and allegedly tortured" – "Energoatom"

In Zaporizhzhia, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed Russian S-300 installations

A fire broke out at an electrical substation in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation. PHOTO

Zelensky: the Russian Federation ordered 2,400 "Shahid" drones from Iran

The SBU announced the discovery of a torture chamber near the Sviatohirskaya Lavra

Germany officially handed Ukraine a state-of-the-art air defense system

The number of people killed during rocket attacks on October 10 increased to 20 people, the State Emergency Service said

Places of mass burials of civilians were discovered in de-occupied Sviatohirsk and Lyman

Strikes by the Russian Federation on the energy infrastructure – Ukraine was left without electricity – the situation with energy supply in the regions

Musk denied that he spoke with Putin before announcing a "peace plan" for Ukraine

Iran and Russia will merge their banking systems

In two days, 9 out of 11 "Shahed-136" UAVs were shot down – Zaluzhnyi about the successes of the anti-aircraft missile division

"We will bring President Putin and the perpetrators to justice." Statement by the leaders of the "Big Seven" following the emergency summit

The White House promises to speed up the provision of NASAMS air defense systems to Ukraine

Two more traitors and collaborators were notified of suspicion in Donetsk region

Russia blew up about a third of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure in two days, – Galushchenko

October 12, 2022

Germany, Denmark and Norway have officially promised to provide Ukraine with 16 Zuzana howitzers

The Armed Forces destroyed 6 S-300 launchers near Tokmak in Zaporizhzhia

A powerful explosion rang out in occupied Melitopol

The Armed Forces "consolidated success" in five liberated settlements of the Kherson region — OK "South"

The occupiers are trying to advance in the Bakhmut and Avdiiv directions – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The White House on Musk’s "negotiations": Putin is doing nothing to end the war

The SBU informed about the suspicion of a native of Donetsk region, who participates in the "Wagner" PMC

Air defense forces shot down nine kamikaze drones over the Mykolaiv region

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled attacks near seven populated areas and struck the control points of the occupiers — the General Staff

The enemy’s agent network was neutralized in the Kharkiv region

The FSB called Budanov the "organizer" of the explosion on the Crimean Bridge and announced the arrests

The Metropolitan of the UOC MP in Vinnytsia supported Russia’s aggression

The Armed Forces destroyed the Russian command post in the Kherson region

"Cotton" happened in occupied Melitopol: the first details

In occupied Kherson there was a "cotton", smoke rose. Video

Ukraine received 550 million euros for the repair of energy infrastructure – Shmyhal

A Russian agent who wanted to leave Rivne without water was convicted

Russian units near Kreminnaya are ready to desert

They "hunted" for HIMARS systems: in the Kharkiv region, the Russian intelligence network was neutralized

"Crimean senator" faces up to 12 years for supporting Russian aggression and cooperation with the occupiers

"Cotton" was heard near the airport in Belgorod

The shooting of a motorcade near Kupyansk: the death toll has risen to 25

The losses of Russians in Ukraine may exceed 90,000, rosZMI writes

A Russian officer was shot in occupied Simferopol

An enemy target was shot down in the north of the Rivne region

The SBU exposed a traitor who gave the occupiers coordinates for missile strikes on Kyiv | Economic news – financial news of Ukraine, the latest news

Already 20,000 Ukrainian military personnel have undergone training in Great Britain, — mass media