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November 10, 2022

Britain provides Ukraine with approximately 1,000 additional surface-to-air missiles

During the previous day, the Armed Forces destroyed 125 occupiers and a warehouse with ammunition in the south

"Nobody leaves anywhere just like that, the Armed Forces of Ukraine choose it" – Zelenskyi on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson

British intelligence commented on Russia’s statements about withdrawing from Kherson

Another fighter from Kagarlychchyna was killed

Snigurivka was freed by the Ukrainian military – video

She sided with the occupiers: a pseudo-prosecutor from Luhansk region will be tried in absentia in Volyn

Germany handed over 18 reconnaissance drones to the Armed Forces: the State Administration of Ukraine confirmed — Ukraine

Zaluzhny: Ukraine liberated 12 settlements in the Kherson region within a day

In Kakhovka, a large cluster of occupiers "flew" – Khlan

The Russian language was completely excluded from the curricula of communal institutions of preschool and general secondary education

The liberation of Kherson region: which settlements were taken under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (maps)

Lukashenko’s regime announced the greeting "Long live Belarus!" nazi

The occupiers are partially withdrawing their troops to the left bank of the Dnieper, – OK "Pivden"

Russian passports were distributed: the SBU exposed 5 more collaborators from the Kherson and Luhansk regions

The war in Ukraine – the Ministry of Defense said when the General Staff will officially confirm the liberation of populated areas

During the day, the aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit seven areas of concentration of the occupiers and the position of air defense equipment, – General Staff

The occupiers shot dead two civilians in the Kherson region

November 11, 2022

The Russian occupiers fired almost 100 rocket salvo fire systems during the day – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed 120 warehouses and logistics bases of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in a week, — command

Boyko’s collaborator was blown up in Melitopol on November 11 – what is known

In Melitopol, there was an explosion in a high-rise building where a collaborator lives

South Korea will sell the USA 100,000 artillery ammunition for Ukraine – mass media

Poland transferred more than 1.5 thousand Starlink terminals to Ukraine

Electricity consumption statistics were classified in the Russian Federation

5 people have already become victims of an attack on a high-rise building in Mykolaiv

At night, Russia struck near Vinnytsia and Mykolaiv. What is known about victims and destruction

The SBU identified a Russian general who coordinated the DRG in eastern Ukraine

Suspicion was announced against the Russian general, who was born in Vinnytsia. He managed the units of the "DPR"

Soldiers of the Armed Forces showed how they stopped the movement of the Russian airborne troops in the Kherson region with two shots (video)

In Kherson – explosions near the Antoniv bridge: what is known

The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced that it had completely withdrawn its troops from Kherson

The authorities of the Russian Federation declared that the Kherson region remains a Russian region

Pentagon: For the first time, the US sends Avenger air defense systems in a $400 million aid package

Abandoned occupiers in Kherson disguise themselves as civilians and hide weapons, – CNS

The occupiers blew up the CHP plant in Kherson: the city was left without electricity and water

A citizen of the Russian Federation, who was preparing a coup d’état in Ukraine, was informed of the suspicion

He divided Ukraine and justified the war: a Russian propagandist was exposed in Kharkiv

McDonald’s restaurant is coming from Belarus

The bodies of civilians killed by the occupiers were found in the liberated Kherson region

Ukraine is building a wall on the border with Belarus

OK "South": Liberation of the Kherson region from the occupiers continues, positional battles and fortifications continue

They lit a fire and sang "Oh, in the meadow": How Kherson celebrates liberation (VIDEO)

Sweden has charged two men with spying for Russia

Deoccupation of the south: collaborators are evacuated from Novaya Kakhovka

Zelensky published a video from Kherson in the evening

The advanced units of the Armed Forces of the Kherson region reached the right bank of the Dnieper in some places

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the command post of the enemy army in the area of occupied Energodar — the General Staff

Zelenskyi: In Kherson so far, only SSO, others are on the way

The bot farm is blocked: the SBU liquidated the Kremlin propaganda channel – photo, video

The first purchased Ukrainian maritime drone will be called "Kherson"

Liberation of Kherson – cleaning may last several weeks, said Malyar

The entire Mykolaiv region, except for the Kinburn spit, has been liberated – Vitaly Kim

Ukrainian intelligence: more than 10,000 Russian troops may still be on the right bank of the Dnieper

The second sea drone will be called "Sevastopol", which will bring the liberation of Crimea closer – Zelenskyi

The Russian Foreign Ministry has banned Biden’s relatives and other Americans from entering the country

November 12, 2022

Summary of the General Staff, November 12 – In the liberated part of the Kherson region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting stabilization measures

A skirmish between mobilized Russians and Chechens took place in occupied Makiivka, there are wounded – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Liberation of Kherson region: Land lost from the occupiers

Mykola Korobenkov, a Crimean, died at the front. He stood at the origins of tactical medicine in Ukraine

Anatoliy Makaruk, a defender from the Samariv community, died in the war

Pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service have started demining the Kherson region: there is a lot of work

"A decisive victory." The White House reacted to the release of Kherson

They sided with the occupiers: the pre-trial investigation of three employees of the Mariupol pre-trial detention center has been completed

About 500 law enforcement officers are already working in the de-occupied Kherson region – the head of the National Police

Ukrainian television was switched on in the Kherson region

Ukraine bought more than 13 million units of weapons and military equipment – details

The OP showed how the people of Kherson greet the Ukrainian defenders in the liberated city

Solovyov prepared fakes for a talk show: the SBU detained an enemy agitator in Bukovyna

He transmitted data from the military unit: a Russian agent was detained in the Rivne region

Nikopol lost another Hero in the war

The hero was only 30 years old: Volodymyr Yakymyshyn from Ternopil Oblast died while performing a combat mission

Oleg Voloshchuk died defending Ukraine from the Russian invaders

A shooter from the Kryzhopol community died at the front

Oleg Telychko, a defender from Vinnytsia, died during the war for Ukraine

A senior soldier from Cherkasy region died in Kharkiv region

Oleksandr Shtyh, a defender from Vinnytsia, died fighting for Ukraine

Lieutenant Serhii Moroz, a resident of Slovyansk, died near Svatov

Andriy Senyuk, a scout of the "ten" from Kolomyia, was killed in Donetsk region

Oleg Voloshchuk, a Carpathian, died in the war

Carpathians Andriy Senyuk and Oleg Voloshchuk died in the war

Occupied Melitopol: Cotton in Melitopol almost every day, the occupied city has become a military base of the Rashists

Boyko’s explosion in Melitopol – Fedorov told the details

A Russian artillery lieutenant colonel was killed in Ukraine

Ukrainian law enforcement officers discovered a torture chamber of Russians in liberated Snigurivka

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the occupiers’ location in Milovatka, Luhansk Oblast – OVA

The occupiers blew up the television tower in Kherson – photos, videos and the latest news

The occupiers in the Kherson region – the occupiers no longer have the opportunity to hold the right bank of the Dnipro River

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two Russian military helicopters in the Zaporizhzhia region

The occupiers partially blew up the Kakhovskaya HPP dam

In a week, the bodies of seven victims were exhumed in the Kupyan district

Artillery, tanks, armored vehicles. OK "Yug" told about the equipment abandoned by the occupiers on the right bank of the Dnieper

"Priceless funds were stolen." The occupiers looted a scientific library and a museum in Kherson

During the offensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine seized a large number of weapons and military equipment of the Russian army

Control was established in more than 60 settlements of the Kherson region, – Zelenskyi

Germany provides Ukraine with an additional €1 billion for cyber defense and documentation of war crimes

A curfew is introduced in Kherson

A veteran of the ATO from Obukhov died in the battles for Donbas

US Senate elections: the party of incumbent President Joe Biden strengthens its position in the upper house of Congress

Raids began in the Russian Federation due to evasion of mobilization

Near Gulyaipol, Teroboron fighters destroyed four Russian armored personnel carriers

The police are asking residents of Kherson to help identify collaborators

In Kherson Oblast, a woman and two children were injured as a result of a car being blown up with explosives. A sapper was injured in Kherson

A mobilized military man from the Rivne region passed data to the Russian special services

November 13, 2022

War in Ukraine 2022 – Ukrainian soldiers hit 10 areas of concentration of occupiers and destroyed 6 positions of enemy air defense systems – General Staff

General Staff of the Armed Forces: the Armed Forces repelled enemy attacks in the areas of 12 settlements in Luhansk region and Donetsk region

Five positions of the enemy’s air defense system were hit by the aircraft of the Defense Forces

Explosions rang out in Cherkasy at night. The military administration reported on the work of air defense in the region

There is a shortage of products and medicine in Kherson, but rubber trucks are already entering the city

Kherson – Ukrainian checkpoints appeared in the city

In Pereyaslav Oblast, they will say goodbye to defender Oleksiy Tsupyl, who died in the war

"It’s hell in Donetsk region now," Zelenskyi said

Scandal in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra – in the Church of All Saints of Pechersk they prayed for Russia during the war – video

The war in Ukraine – the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a high-precision strike in the Kherson region: there were hundreds of occupants in the building

War Ukraine Russia – the Armed Forces hit the positions of the Russian troops on the left bank of the Dnieper – the enemy’s losses were announced

Liberation of Kherson – Ukrzaliznytsia announced the launch of trains to liberated Kherson

The war in Ukraine – the Ukrainian Armed Forces captured the Mi-24 helicopter, which used to be Ukrainian – video

Liberation of Kherson – Ukrainian defenders showed what remained of the famous Kherson airport in Chornobayivka – video

The liberation of Kherson Oblast – the Armed Forces detained the first occupants dressed in civilian clothes – video

The occupiers want to call Mariupol "the city of military glory"

The Kremlin announced Putin’s trip to the occupied Ukrainian Donbas

He lived in Buch, died near Bakhmut: they said goodbye to the defender of Ukraine near Kyiv

Ivan Shchepanivskyi, a resident of the village of Skomorokha, died of wounds received on the battlefield

Volodymyr Rudyuk, a resident of Zhytomyr, died

The Ukrainian Armed Forces defeated the headquarters of the 20th motorized rifle division of the Russian Federation in liberated Chernobayevka

The Russian invaders were defeated again near Pavlovka

Yuri Petryshyn from Lviv Oblast died in the war with the Russian invaders

Luxembourg provided Ukraine with 3D scanners to document war crimes

Nataliya Gumenyuk, OC "South": No media working in Kherson received permission for this. Journalists are planning to lose their accreditation

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine revoked the accreditation of journalists who entered Kherson without permission: who is on the list

In the Rivne region, they said goodbye to the soldier who, at the age of 18, stood up for the defense of Kyiv and the East of the country

30,000 convicts have already been recruited for the war, up to 250,000 more can be recruited, says the director of the "Sitting Russia" foundation

Stolen washing machines and ammunition were found at the destroyed Russian position near Snigurivka

Almost 180 settlements were freed from the Russian occupiers in the south of Ukraine – details from OK "Pivden"

USA: the end of the war is not yet a reason to lift some sanctions from Russia

In the next two weeks, the USA will give Ukraine a new aid package – Sullivan

In the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Russia was sung: "Mother Russia is awakening." SBU reacted

The occupiers are building up groups in Melitopol and leaving Kakhovka and Tavriysk

Mariupol resistance: Ukrainian activists took down the Russian flag on Freedom Square in occupied Mariupol. PHOTO

November 14, 2022

The war in Ukraine – the Armed Forces hit the occupiers on the left bank of the Dnieper – Russia’s losses were announced

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Ukrainian defenders repelled enemy attacks in the areas of 7 settlements in Luhansk region and Donetsk region

assembly of the General Staff on November 14 – news from the front

"Vodafone-Ukraine" launched a network in Kherson

The US will announce sanctions against 42 individuals and companies that help the Russian Federation buy weapons

The Ukrainian military forced the Dnipro: the Ministry of Defense showed a video

The Armed Forces captured Russian BTR-3 armored personnel carriers

The EU will allocate €1 billion for the expansion of "solidarity routes"

The court sentenced the Russian army tankman who fired on civilians in Mariupol

After the defeat in the Kherson Region, Putin defined new goals for his troops (video)

Aviation of the Defense Forces during the past day struck the enemy 16 times, – General Staff

Russians brutally killed a freed from captivity PMK fighter "Wagner"

Zelensky came to liberated Kherson – Reuters

Helly Hansen has left Russia – mass media

During the deoccupation of the Kherson Region, the battalion commander of the 128th Transcarpathian Brigade, Vadym Odud, died

Prykarpattia lost Ivan Oliynyk and Oleg Voloshchuk in the war

Ivan Vdovichenko, a military man from Odesa, father of many children, died at the front

A master sergeant from Kryzhopol region died in Luhansk region

The training mission for the Ukrainian military was officially launched by the EU

In the Bakhmut direction, the National Guardsmen destroyed two tanks and dugouts with enemy personnel

In Kherson, the SBU detained a disguised Russian military officer

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau announced an additional $376 million in military aid to Ukraine

Ukraine will receive 1.5 billion euros per month from the EU for the repair of energy facilities

In the Kherson region, the occupiers executed a family of farmers

Air defense positions were leaked to the Russians: an agent of the occupiers was detained in Kharkiv (photo)

In the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra they pray for Russia – in the Lavra they support Russia

Biden held talks with the President of China: what was discussed

G20 summit in Indonesia – world leaders refused to take a joint photo because of the Russian Federation

The occupiers used banned chemical weapons in Donbas – K-51 aerosol grenades

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Russians evacuate personnel from Zalichny Port

New Zealand announced the provision of another package of military aid to Ukraine

Ex-football player Andriy Shevchenko is still part of the business structures of the Russian oligarch Abramovich, – Bloomberg

Lviv said goodbye to a native of Taiwan who gave his life for Ukraine

Zelensky presented awards to the Ukrainian military who liberated the Kherson region

The bodies of several people were exhumed in Kharkiv Oblast, the body of one of the civilians has traces of torture – OGP

In the Kherson region, the SBU is conducting stabilization measures – Vasyl Malyuk

Compensation for damages to Ukraine: the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution. "Russia must answer for violations of international law"

Ukrenergo: in the Kherson region, the occupiers destroyed an energy facility that supplied the right bank

In the Lavra, they admitted that a song about "Mother Russia" was sung there. The priest was suspended

Cyber specialists of the Security Service of Ukraine exposed another enemy adjuster

Ukrtelecom handed over the Valkyrie drone to the National Guard

November 15, 2022

G20 summit, 2022 – how Zelensky spoke – video, what he talked about

During the day, the Ukrainian aviation destroyed 18 areas of concentration of the enemy – the General Staff

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the headquarters of the Russian military unit in Luhansk region, eliminating 30 occupants, – General Staff

Ukrposhta is returning to Kherson — as promised to the residents

Podolyak: Russia must lose and undergo a political transformation

A new 47th brigade appeared in Ukraine: what is known (photo)

16 Belarusian soldiers have already died in the war for Ukraine

Shelling from the Kinburn spit and "cotton" in Oleshki: the Russians attacked eight regions in a day

In Melitopol, partisans blew up the traitor Trukhin

The Armed Forces advanced in the Luhansk region

Mayor Oleshkiv made a mysterious statement and promised good news — news of Ukraine

The situation in the Luhansk region – Russians are walking over their own corpses

"A large inventory of anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and fire positions were destroyed" – the military spoke about the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Energodar

The Russian occupiers want to evacuate the population from Kreminnaya, Severodonetsk and Rubizhny

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation eliminated the "chief gunner" of the 218th regiment of the Russian Federation Ibatullin in the south (photo)

A father of six children from Odesa region died during the liberation of Kherson region

Transcarpathia lost another Hero: Vitaly Yanchyk died in the war (PHOTO)

A 28-year-old defender from the Dnipropetrovsk region died while defending Ukraine

CONTENTS – News came from the front about the death of 24-year-old soldier Oleksandr Irodovsky from Poltava Oblast

Hero from Volyn died in the battles for the Kherson region

The war took another Defender of Ukraine: our compatriot Leonid Tymoshchuk died in Sumy Oblast

Mykola Ivanyk, a 24-year-old hero from the Lviv region, died fighting for Ukraine

Transcarpathia lost 26-year-old Valentin Kichera in the war

The SBU opened proceedings regarding the glorification of "Russian world" in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

They worked for the enemy: the SBU detained two fans of the Russian Federation in the Luhansk region

In Rivne, another Hero was taken on his last journey

The founder of Dissernet, Andrey Zayakin, has been recognized as a terrorist by the Russian authorities

Mi-8 helicopter worth up to $17 million made an emergency landing in Irkutsk region

Russian missiles probably hit the territory of Poland, there are victims. The Prime Minister convened a meeting of the National Security Council

US intelligence confirmed the fall of Russian missiles on the territory of Poland and the death of two people

The Minister of Defense of Latvia also announced the fall of Russian missiles in Poland

Part of Moldova was left without power due to Russian missile attacks on Ukraine

One person died, 6 were injured, 30 objects were damaged – the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the November 15 missile strikes

Air defense forces shot down 18 out of 21 missiles near Kyiv

Today’s missile attack on Ukraine only demonstrates the weakness of Putin – the head of the British Foreign Ministry

Kuleba on the missile attack: This is Russia’s response to the peace talks

The Druzhba oil pipeline has been stopped due to the massive missile attack on Ukraine by the Russian Federation – mass media

Kharkiv and the region remained completely without electricity

Shelling of Ukraine on November 15 – more than 7 million subscribers are without electricity

People from all over the world collected more than ₴200 million for marine drones in 3 days – Fedorov

A Russian was detained in the Chernihiv region, who was collecting data on the positions of the Armed Forces

Assembly of the General Staff on November 15

The Armed Forces will open fire as soon as the invaders from Belarus cross the border. VIDEO

Separate units of the occupiers leave Skadovsky and Henichesky districts for Crimea, – General Staff

November 16, 2022

The Armed Forces destroyed 2 enemy warehouses in Nova Kakhovka and Oleshki

In OK "South" told about the liquidated air targets during the mass strike on Ukraine

As a result of yesterday’s rocket attack, more than 15 residential buildings were damaged in the Kyiv region. PHOTO

A missile hit Poland – a US plane tracked a missile that fell

The Czech Republic reacted to a possible attack by the Russian Federation on Poland: we all perceive it as an escalation

NATO Secretary General convenes an emergency meeting of ambassadors

Poland has invited international experts to investigate the explosions near the border with Ukraine

After the missile incident, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland summons the Russian ambassador

A Polish journalist showed new photos of missiles that attacked Przewodów

Zelensky met with the head of the CIA Burns in Kyiv

Today, the USA is collecting the seventh "Ramstein" for military aid to Ukraine

The Russian army used three rockets to crush a roadside restaurant in the Zaporizhzhia region

Threats were sent in response: Russia reacted to the UN resolution on reparations

The USA imposed sanctions against the manufacturers and suppliers of Iranian drones in the Russian Federation

Blackout in Ukraine: Restoration of power supply

An explosion at an oil depot in the Oryol region on November 16, 2022 – the authorities inform about the unmanned aerial vehicle

Biden called an emergency meeting at the G20 because of the explosions in Poland

In the final declaration, the G20 leaders condemned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine — mass media

Sweden announced a new aid package to Ukraine, will provide air defense systems

Falling of a missile in Poland: the Air Force of Ukraine will contribute to the investigation as much as possible

The Russian military is gradually leaving Nova Kakhovka – the mayor

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands commented on the missile attack on Poland

He justified the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine – a native of Luhansk region will be tried in Volyn

At the military academy in Toledo, the Spanish will annually train 2,400 Ukrainian servicemen

Aid to Ukraine: Croatia plans to hand over 14 helicopters to Ukraine

The Russians detained deputy Salda Gubareva in the case of an economic crime, rosZMI said

The commander of the company of unmanned aircraft complexes of the "Azov" regiment revealed the reasons for the loss of drones of the Armed Forces

NASAMS systems have shown one hundred percent effectiveness in intercepting Russian missiles

Makiivka was released from the ZSU

The Czech Parliament recognized the regime in the Russian Federation as terrorist

The court arrested 5 regional energy companies controlled by the Russian "Luzhniki" group in Ukraine

The occupiers forgot the lists of their agents in Kherson

Tomorrow in Rivne, a farewell will be held for the fallen 31-year-old soldier Dmytro Marcinkovsky

A Polish diplomat was detained in Moscow: details. PHOTO

Missiles falling in Poland – a Ukrainian air defense missile probably fell in Poland

Zelensky is sure that it was not a Ukrainian missile that fell in Poland

Before fleeing, the Russians mined the police building of the Kherson region, which had to be blown up

The head of British intelligence: the expulsion of 600 Russian officials from Europe "undermined" Russian espionage operations

The Armed Forces damaged the railway bridge in the Zaporizhzhia region, now it cannot be used by the occupiers – the General Staff

"Vagnerivtsi" executed at least 40 recruited convicts: for what "crimes" are they killed at the front

Russia’s massive missile attack on Ukraine: the SBU opened 17 criminal cases

The SBU reported the suspicion to a collaborator in Mykhailivka, who headed the education department in the occupation administration

The American manufacturer of aluminum products left the Russian market

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia detained Gubarev’s wife from the occupation administration of the Kherson region – mass media

The White House on the missile in Poland: Whatever the final conclusions of the investigation, the responsibility lies with Russia

The occupiers used the prison in Kherson to torture detainees

Kadyrov was declared wanted

Missile strikes on Ukraine – what was damaged and how to turn off the lights

Scandal in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra – Archimandrite Zakharia wants to flee abroad

Canada will continue to train the Ukrainian military in Britain until the end of 2023