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September 29, 2022

The General Staff about the last day at the front: 13 ground attacks and many shellings

At night, the Russians launched a rocket attack on the Dnipro: three people were killed, among them a child, five were wounded, Reznichenko. PHOTO reportage

The Russian Federation gave the order to throw the mobilized Crimean Tatars into the hottest spots

The APU receives Israeli means of combating Iranian drones from the United States, the ambassador said

He came to Ukraine to work for the FSB: a businessman from Prykarpattia was sentenced

320 Ukrainian defenders received awards for the liberation of Kharkiv Oblast

British intelligence: Russia blew up the "Nordic Streams" with an underwater drone

Who damaged the "North Stream"? Most likely – Russian Federation. What is their profit? Insurance payments and pressure

After the blocking of EU sanctions on Cyril, the Vice Prime Minister of Hungary received an award from the Russian Orthodox Church

A military enlistment office "suddenly" broke out in Novosibirsk, Russia

Mobilization: the Russian Federation sent seven tanks to Donetsk region, two of which were involved in an accident

Ukraine received €500 million in grant aid from the EU

Germany does not recognize the results of pseudo-referendums – Scholz

A column of smoke rose. A series of explosions in Mariupol

The SBU installed the Russian general who ordered the capture of Mariupol

The USA warned the Russian Federation to stop even talking about nuclear weapons – Blinken

Russia announced that they would demand the extradition of the commanders

He interrogated his fellow villagers and "drained" the addresses of the ATOshniks. The SBU detained a collaborator from Dymer

Two supporters of the "Russian peace" were exposed in Odesa

During the occupation, two collaborators from the village of Kozacha Lopan took the positions of so-called "so-called district inspectors"

The Kremlin said that there were more "NATO apparatuses" than the Russian Federation in the area of incidents on the "Nordic Streams"

On the northern border of Ukraine, more than 50 explosions were recorded in an hour – OK "Pivnich"

In Sumy Oblast, Ukrainian defenders shot down a Russian UAV with small arms. PHOTO reportage

Ukraine freed four marines and two civilians from Russian captivity

Soldiers of the National Guard captured 24 Russian soldiers in a week

Nagin, the commander of the assault unit of the "Wagner" PVK, was eliminated near Bakhmut, media reports

The head of the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria: while I am in office, Ukraine will not receive heavy weapons

In the Kherson Region, the Russians organized at least five torture camps – Information Resistance

Police: lists of collaborators were discovered in de-occupied Vovchansk

A whole family died in the Dnipro from a Russian rocket. The mayor told the details

The resident of Bakhmut, who gave the location of the Armed Forces deployment to the enemy, faces up to 8 years behind bars, the prosecutor’s office

The SBU exposed the agents’ network of the occupiers

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro announced the expulsion of six Russian diplomats

Poland introduced sanctions against the structure of Russian Gazprom

Russian oligarch Deripaska received official charges from the US: details

Montenegrin authorities detained dozens of Russians on suspicion of espionage

The Netherlands revoked the license of the operator company "Turkish Stream"

September 30, 2022

The US will create a new military command to help Ukraine

There are dead and wounded, more than 100 buses burned down – the consequences of the night attack of the Russians on the Dnipro

The invaders attacked the southern regions of Ukraine with seven kamikaze UAVs, five of them were shot down

Putin signed decrees recognizing the "independence" of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions

Zelensky called on the indigenous peoples of Russia to fight for their freedom

Rocket attack on a civilian convoy in Zaporizhzhia: 23 dead and 28 wounded

Shelling of a motorcade in Zaporizhzhia: the number of victims has increased to 25, about 50 wounded

In Kherson, the first deputy of the self-proclaimed head of the OVA was liquidated

Analysts from ISW announced the complete encirclement of the Russians in Lyman

Yesterday, the Armed Forces shot down 5 Iranian attack drones

Passed Russia information about the Armed Forces and strategic objects: the SBU exposed a Russian agent

The SBU reported the suspicion of a resident of Rubizhny, who threatened to kill the head of the Luhansk region

Zaluzhny: Ukraine should become a military state like Israel

At least 220,000 people left Russia after the mobilization was announced

The British Defense Minister secretly visited Kyiv this week

In Kherson, one of the Russians "felt a cigarette" at night and destroyed one of the air defense systems, – social networks

They tried to launch missiles at Kharkiv from Belgorod, but instead made "cotton" for themselves

In the Luhansk region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered a powerful blow to the location of the occupiers

The Armed Forces entered Drobyshev near Lyman

Putin signed a new decree: 120,000 Russians are called up

The US Congress finally approved the bill with $12.3 billion for Ukraine

NSDC introduces sanctions against "significant" individuals and legal entities of the Russian Federation

October 1, 2022

The occupiers detained the general director of the ZNPP and took him to an unknown destination

The Armed Forces hit eleven enemy control points

Denunciations, torture and communal destruction. What life looks like in the annexed territories of Ukraine behind the scenes of propaganda videos

"I saw absolutely confused people, I saw absolutely ugly faces." Mikhail Podolyak about Putin’s speech, annexation and Ukraine’s application to NATO

In the Donetsk region, the abbot of the church who worked for the occupiers was detained

Three Russian torture chambers were discovered in the Kyiv region after the liberation of the territories

Russian pilot Krasnoyartsev, who bombed Chernihiv, was exchanged for Ukrainian pilots: Budanov revealed the details

Zelenskyi signed a decree canceling the autumn draft

In Luhansk region, the Russians demonstrably paid compensation for destroyed housing to 60 families – Haydai

The army of the Russian Federation finally faced a shortage of qualified soldiers and officers – the establishment of the General Staff

Ukraine’s bid for NATO came as a surprise to the Biden administration – Politico

The Russian Federation blocked the resolution of the UN Security Council on non-recognition of pseudo-referendums in Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense of Lithuania signed a contract for the purchase of drones for the Armed Forces

They thanked Putin and "merged" the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: dozens of educators-collaborators were discovered in Ukraine

A 20-year-old officer from Kulikivka was killed in the fighting in Kharkiv region

A policeman was killed in Zaporozhye during a rocket attack

Volodymyr Kozovyakin, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, a bright memory

Another Hero from Transcarpathia died in the war

The abolished "LPR" nationalized 17,000 enterprises of the Ukrainian state before its death

Cadets at the head of the mobilized: Russia wants to plug the holes at the front with uneducated officers

Four civilians in Donetsk region died under shelling in a day

Occupation through the eyes of doctors of Izyum and Balaklia

In the south, the Armed Forces shot down a Ka-52 helicopter and destroyed the Sontsepok flamethrower system

The Armed Forces shot down a Russian helicopter and three drones of the occupiers in a day

The Russians attacked the Zaporizhia humanitarian column with modernized S-300 missiles, – Monastyrskyi

The Armed Forces confirmed the encirclement of Lyman

Zelensky thanked Biden for the additional $12 billion: This help is more important than ever

The NSDC has imposed sanctions on more than 3,600 individuals and legal entities of the Russian Federation, including Putin’s relatives

"You are surrounded, resistance makes no sense": the Armed Forces showed how Russian troops near Liman were offered to surrender. Video

"In hell on Red Square": OP reacted to Putin’s celebrations of the annexation of Ukrainian territories

In Odesa, the FSB agent under the pseudonym Professor will be tried by the prosecutor’s office

Poland started receiving Norwegian gas through the Baltic Pipe. "Historical Day"

The World Bank allocated another 530 million dollars to Ukraine

The Ukrainian military liberated five settlements near Liman. The multi-thousand-strong group of the Russian Federation is surrounded by the ZSU

The US Lend-Lease Act has entered into force – Stefanchuk

The IAEA requests an explanation from the Russian Federation regarding the detention of Murashov, the general director of ZNPP

According to SBU materials, "head of the LPR" Pasichnyk was suspected of collaborative activities

In Kharkiv Oblast, a motorcade of civilians was found under fire in the Kupyan district, 20 people are known to have been killed, – OVA

The attack on the humanitarian convoy near Zaporozhye: the number of injured and dead has increased

The Ukrainian military destroyed a Russian UAV near Kherson

In Oleshki, the deputy decided to cooperate with the occupiers

The court sentenced a Vinnytsia citizen who glorified Putin and justified the Russian war on his Facebook page

Farewell to the fallen Hero Dmytro Takun will be held tomorrow in Rivne

Last words on the radio station "Glory to Ukraine": Serhiy Ofitserov, the Hero from Bukovyna, died in the fierce battles near Izyum

Yuriy Bondarenko, a native of Bolgrad, died while performing a combat mission

Two defenders of Ukraine from the Dnipropetrovsk region were killed in the fighting in the Donetsk region

Arrivals in Nova Kakhovka and Tavriysk

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine installed the Ukrainian flag at the entrance to Liman, – Office of the President

10 children were killed: the occupiers shot a convoy of cars at close range near the liberated Kupyansk (PHOTO)

One of the ideologues of "Novorossiya" with the call sign "Volga" was eliminated near Kherson. Photo

24 people died as a result of shelling in the Kupyan district: among the dead were 13 children and a pregnant woman

The Armed Forces of Ukraine is already in Liman, battles are going on – the command

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Jeppe Kofod and members of parliament visited Buch

The SBI reported the suspicion to the former commander of the Ukrainian corvette

The Luhansk journalist is suspected of collaborating with the occupiers

Occupants’ hideout with armored vehicles and ammunition discovered in Chernihiv Oblast (PHOTO)

"Gazprom" suddenly stopped exporting to Italy – the reason

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out 21 strikes against the Russian invaders on Saturday

Shelling of a convoy of civilians in Zaporizhzhia: the number of victims has increased to 31 people

Russian missile strikes in two days disabled two Ukrenergo substations in southern Ukraine – press service

France will transfer up to 12 Caesar self-propelled guns to Ukraine – media

In Odesa, the police exposed three more supporters of the "Russian peace"

Escape from sanctions. A Russian oligarch’s yacht was put up for sale for 29.5 million euros

Russia cut off gas to Italy

A Russian Ka-52 helicopter was destroyed in the Zaporizhzhia region. VIDEO

In the area of Zolote, the Russians lost about 60 people – the General Staff

Tortured and thrown "in the basement": teachers told how the Russians destroyed Ukrainian education in the Kharkiv region

Two more traitors who helped the occupiers were exposed in Balaklia

Criminal proceedings have been opened in connection with the kidnapping of the General Director of the ZNPP

October 2, 2022

"This is inspiring" – the head of the Pentagon congratulated Ukraine on the release of Lyman

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy’s ammunition depot and wounded about 50 people at the same time – General Staff

The enemy attacked Zaporozhye on Sunday morning

Another country has started raising funds for drones for the Armed Forces

The Armed Forces shot down five of seven Iranian kamikaze drones in the Mykolayiv region

In the South, the Armed Forces destroyed 16 tanks and more than 60 invaders in a day

In Mykolaiv, as a result of enemy rocket fire, two people died, seven were injured – OVA head Kim

Airplane explosion in Belbek — photo, video and details

A day in Donetsk region: 5 strikes on Avdiivka, one wounded each in Bakhmut and Soledar. PHOTO reportage

Australia announced new sanctions against Russia due to the annexation of Ukrainian regions

The abbot of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra was detained at the border with church property (photo)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the headquarters of the occupiers in Beryslav, Kherson Oblast – Khlan

Russian soldiers in Liman surrendered en masse – Ministry of Defense

A soldier Roman Saliga from Yamnytsia was killed during mortar shelling in Donetsk region

Transcarpathian Ivan Leshko died in the war – Carpathian lens

Putin dismissed the commander of the Western Military District Zhuravlyov due to failures at the front – mass media

This is how "Safari" works: a video of the liberation of Yampol by Ukrainian special forces appeared

Russian troops were also defeated at Bakhmut and Kozacha Lopanya – General Staff

Yesterday, the Russians killed eight civilians in Ukraine

The Armed Forces continue to advance: the operational command reported on successes in the south of Ukraine

The Russian Federation continues the procedure of annexation of Ukrainian territories. The court has already approved

The estuary has been completely cleared of Russian occupiers – Zelenskyi

808 people were returned from Russian captivity within 24 exchanges

"We destroyed about 1,800 occupiers," Dianov, released from captivity, told about the first battle

The car of "Ukrtelecom" in Sumy Oblast was blown to pieces after hitting a mine: there are casualties (photo)

In Balaklia, the ambulance ran over a mine. The driver died

A car with four men was blown up by a mine in Chernihiv Oblast

A rocket attack on a motorcade in Zaporizhzhia: the number of victims has increased again

Denmark, Norway and Germany will finance the production of self-propelled guns for Ukraine

Ukrainian special forces destroyed the ammunition depot of the occupiers with a well-aimed strike. Video

After the liberation of Kupyansk, the collaborators hid in basements near the city, the National Guard

The wreckage of a Russian fighter jet, the downing of which was previously unknown, was found in Liman

Russians surrender en masse and flee their positions due to the offensive of the Armed Forces, the General Staff

In the Kharkiv region, an official sheepdog found a Russian drone (photo)

The Armed Forces drove the enemy further from Liman – map

"Russian Death Counter": Podolyak asked where the "second army of professionals" went

Boris Johnson will become the new president of the British initiative Conservatives-Friends of Ukraine

A powerful explosion rang out in the center of Sevastopol: the occupiers say it was a lightning strike (photo)

Police: found a car with 5 dead people who tried to evacuate from Kupyansk in May

He hid in the forest and abandoned buildings: in the Kharkiv region, an occupier was detained in civilian clothes

The pilot who controlled the "ghosts of Kyiv" died in the battle over the Black Sea

Since the beginning of mobilization, more men have left the Russian Federation than the Russian army had during a full-scale attack

October 3, 2022

The Russians fired missiles at Zaporizhzhia: there are casualties

The Armed Forces of Ukraine "encircled" four dozen occupiers and shot down an enemy helicopter – OK "Pivden"

Operational information on the situation at the front as of the morning of October 3 – General Staff

Five brigades of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received combat flags (video)

In Russia, 1.5 million sets of military uniforms suddenly disappeared

The Armed Forces of Ukraine aimed at the area of concentration of enemy personnel in Zaporizhzhia, General Staff

For the first time, Putin reacted to Ukraine’s application for NATO membership

A resident of Kupyansk, who worked for the occupiers in an illegally created tax office, was detained

"The defense was very powerful": where did the Russian troops go near Liman

A very dangerous mine situation has developed in the liberated Lyman, – the spokesman of the ZSU Cherevaty

Damaged educational institutions, medical facilities, residential buildings – Zaporizhzhia City Hall spoke about the consequences of the Russian strike

Ukrainian army occupied Shyykivka – photo, map, video

SBU special forces destroyed an enemy Ka-52 helicopter in the Zaporozhye direction (video)

The Guardian showed the crushed column of the occupiers fleeing from Liman (video)

The remnants of the group of Russians from Liman are trying to build fortifications in Kreminnaya — ZSU

Vasyl Stefanchuk from Ternopil region died while liberating Kherson region

The Armed Forces of Ukraine raised the flag of Ukraine in liberated Mykhailovka

Loud explosions were heard in Kherson and its surroundings

The Russian State Duma ratified the "agreements" on the annexation of the occupied territories of Ukraine

Lithuania expels the temporary representative of the Russian Federation

The Ukrainian military seized a rare specimen of enemy equipment

The Armed Forces shot down an enemy Su-25 attack aircraft in the Kherson region

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are destroying the units of the occupiers in Kreminnaya

National Guardsmen destroyed an elite unit of the Russian Armed Forces in Donetsk region (video)

Shelling of a residential building in Chernihiv – the commander of a tank battalion of the Russian Armed Forces will be tried

"Drained" information about the Armed Forces. A resident of Luhansk region was sentenced to 12 years in prison

Borova of the Kharkiv region and most of the community are under the control of the Armed Forces

Musk made his own formula for ending the war, Zelenskyi answered

Russian troops attacked a hospital in the Kupyan district, the doctor Sinegubov was killed

Ukrainian air defense shot down a Russian missile in the Kryvorizka district

The Ukrainian military showed how they raise the flag over the village of Myrolyubivka in the Kherson region

The kidnapped general director of the Zaporizhzhya NPP was returned home

Agreements have been signed regarding Ukraine’s receipt of 5 billion euros from the EU

A popular retail chain is being nationalized: it was controlled by the Russians

The State Bank of Ukraine submitted to the government a list of Russian companies for nationalization

In the Verkhovna Rada, they tried to hide what they paid people’s deputies Kovalev and Kozak after the escape

Nvidia will close its Russian office by the end of October

October 4, 2022

Elon Musk responded to Zelensky’s tweet

Symbolically: in Svatovo, the Rashists are preparing to defend the building of the psychiatric hospital

In Odesa, a group of traitors called to support the occupiers

In Cherkasy region, they said goodbye to the soldiers who died defending Ukraine

Italy froze the real estate of two Russian oligarchs – mass media

They did not reach Ukraine. In the Russian Federation, several conscripts died at conscription points

Sweden recorded a new gas leak from "Nord Stream-2"

A widowed wife and orphaned sons: a Volyn man died in the war

Russia killed 418 children in Ukraine

Orbán’s party refused to set a date for the ratification of Sweden and Finland’s membership in NATO

The DPRK supported the attempted illegal annexation of four regions of Ukraine

"Fierce battles are going on": Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke about the newly liberated territories (video)

Ukrainian air defense destroyed an enemy kamikaze drone of the Shahed-136 type in Odesa

"It’s surprising how easily Russians abandon their own." The story of a SSO fighter about the liberation of Kherson Oblast

The Russian Federation sent labor migrants from Tajikistan to rebuild the destroyed Mariupol

Russian soldiers surrender en masse – Ukrainian intelligence

The Kremlin rejoiced at Elon Musk’s tweets

Lukashenko admitted that Belarus is participating in the Russian war, but he believes that there will be no mobilization

A man from Pavlograd died at the front

A soldier from Prykarpattia died in the war – Mykola Vizinsky (PHOTO)

"For the sake of the memory of my son, I remain in the army", – the father of a marine from Sloviansk, Romana Napryagl, is fighting in place of a fallen soldier

Estonia handed Ukraine drones bought by a truck driver from Pskov for the occupiers

Shoigu announced more than 200,000 mobilized people: all of them will be sent to Ukraine

Russians began to surrender en masse before even reaching Ukraine

There will be no negotiations with Putin: Zelensky officially signed the decree

"Glory to heroes": residents of liberated Dudchan meet the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Vitaliy Veklich, a soldier from Ternopil Oblast, died defending Ukraine

Serhiy Stolbtsov, a teacher of the 1st category, a graduate of DNU, died in the battles with the Russian invaders

Fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the field composition of BC of the Russian invaders

"Cotton" arrived in Nova Kakhovka and Tavriysk: a convoy of occupiers arrived at the crossing (photo)

The Armed Forces shot down a rare Eleron-3 UAV with the EDM4S Sky Wiper anti-drone gun

More than 100,000 people died in Mariupol

Two soldiers from Poltava region died in the war with the Russian invaders

Ukrainian Valkyrie helped the Armed Forces destroy an enemy howitzer with ammunition (PHOTO)

Taras Kravchuk, a 29-year-old defender of Ukraine from Petryky, died at the front

Another loss for Transcarpathia: Oleksandr Koryk from Beregivu region died in the war

On the southern front, those mobilized from the Russian Federation have already begun to surrender – OK "South"

Last day, the occupiers shelled 14 settlements in the Donetsk region

Bohuslavka, Borysivka: ZSU continue to liberate villages in Kharkiv region (video)

Ukraine achieves key goals on the battlefield – the Pentagon

Eight pseudo-law enforcement officers from Luhansk region were notified of suspicion of collaborationism, – Prosecutor General’s Office

Japan expels the Russian consul from the country in response to the actions of the Russian Federation

The old man of the occupied village faces 15 years in prison for collaborationism

In Lviv Oblast, a man who corrected rocket strikes by the occupiers in the region will be tried

The SBU has identified 12 more werewolf law enforcement officers who are engaged in repression against Ukrainians

Rioters destroyed a 150-meter TV tower in Luhansk region

Zelensky officially recognized the nullity of all Putin’s acts on the annexation of Ukrainian territories

In Pisky-Radkivskyi, the occupiers tortured local residents, ATO participants, and Ukrainian military personnel in the basement of the building

The mobilized Russian surrendered five days after being sent to Ukraine

NATO Secretary General received Ukraine’s application for accelerated accession to the Alliance – OP

He led a criminal investigation in the occupied territory – the ex-law enforcement officer was informed of the suspicion

October 5, 2022

"Partially mobilized" occupiers will be sent back because… they cannot clothe and feed them

The defenders hit the pontoon and ferry crossings of the occupiers across the Dnipro in the Kherson region, – General Staff

Explosions and fires: the occupiers attacked the White Church with kamikaze drones twice during the night (video)

There is no trace of the "referendums": the president spoke about dozens of liberated settlements

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran denies the transfer of drones to Russia for the war against Ukraine

The government created a new state institution – the National Military Memorial Cemetery

Ukrainian anti-aircraft guns shot down 6 Iranian drones in the south of the country

The Russians launched a missile attack on Zaporozhye

Putin approved the "ratification" of the so-called "joining the Russian Federation" of the captured territories of Ukraine

With flags, tears and flowers: Lviv paratroopers showed how they were met by locals in de-occupied Bohuslavka (video)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down two Russian helicopters in the Kherson region

In the Kherson region, the Armed Forces destroyed three enemy drones and two helicopters

In the liberated Sviatohirsk, the bodies of the killed civilians were found – OVA

The EU has agreed to the eighth package of sanctions limiting oil prices from Russia

The Armed Forces hold Bakhmut and Ugledar and crush the occupiers in the south – the General Staff

The SBU exposed Russian agents who were preparing a pseudo-referendum in the Mykolaiv region

The most cunning plan: since the beginning of the mobilization, about 700,000 people left the Russian Federation

About 1 million people left the Russian Federation in the last two weeks

The Biden administration commented on Musk’s "peace proposals".

The Armed Forces shot down a Russian drone over the sea near Ochakov

In Bila Tserkva, kamikaze drones hit 3 infrastructure buildings, there are no casualties among people

Kazakhstan rejected Russia’s demand to expel the Ukrainian ambassador

Putin announced that they would return the liberated territories of Ukraine "to Russia".

The positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were "spilled" to the Russians: the security forces exposed the residents of Donetsk and Odesa regions (Photo)

Companies in the Russian Federation have partially switched to cryptocurrencies due to sanctions

Putin presented Kadyrov with the rank of colonel general on his birthday

The EU did not include the Russian diamond mining giant, media, in the list of sanctions

People’s deputy Renat Kuzmin was informed of suspicion of treason

Defenders from Kirovohrad Oblast died in the war with the Rashists

The Armed Forces liberated several settlements in Luhansk region

Prigozhin accused the governor of St. Petersburg of supporting the ZSU

Putin instructed to transfer the Zaporizhzhya NPP to Russian control

Vyacheslav Zaitsev died at the front – a veteran defender of the DAP, a scientist, a member of the Zaporizhia City Council

The Armed Forces took control of Mala Oleksandrivka in the Kherson region

Another torture chamber of the occupiers was found in Kharkiv Oblast

The head of the Bosnian Serbs, Dodik, advocated the annexation of the regions of Ukraine

The ex-law enforcement officer handed over at least 23 Ukrainian patriots in the Kherson region to the Russians. She was declared a suspect by the SBU

Residents of a village in Sumy Oblast are wary of a collaborating priest with a criminal past

The Ukrainian military has already liberated six settlements in the Luhansk region, – Gaidai

The Czech Republic approved the supply of heavy equipment and other weapons to Ukraine

Our soldiers continue to move forward: Reznikov showed the autumn offensive of the Armed Forces

In the Kharkiv region, the collaborators handed over the harvested crop to the occupiers

In the Kherson region, the SBU discovered collaborators who handed over Ukrainians and Ukrposhta resources to the Russian occupiers