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Nicholas Zharkikh

August 25, 2022

Explosions rang out in Kyiv Oblast, Kryvyi Rih and Mykolaiv

Zelensky: Russians killed 22 people in Chaplyny, five burned in a car

On Independence Day, the air raid signal sounded a record number of times

The Russians unsuccessfully advanced in the Avdiyiv, Slavyansk, and Bakhmut directions

There were explosions in the area of the Antonivsky Bridge, and a fire was visible

From September, Lithuania plans to join the military training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Britain

"They want a truce": Arestovych cited several reasons why Russia did not attack Kyiv with missiles

The nightly "lens effect" worked: another oil plant caught fire in Russia

A railway line was blown up in the Kursk region

Spain sent an air defense battery, ammunition and armored cars to Ukraine

Energodar was on the verge of a humanitarian disaster. As a result of the shelling of the Russian Federation, the city is without electricity and water, – Mayor Orlov. PHOTO reportage

A former teacher at the Bilchenko Pedagogical University is suspected of treason and recruiting fire fighters in Kyiv

"From 2007, he transferred data to the FSB of Russia." A former Cabinet official was sentenced to 12 years in prison – OGP

Five deputies of the Mariupol City Council were notified of the suspicion, the Prosecutor General’s Office

The family of the pilot Gennady Matuliak was awarded the "Golden Star" (photo)

The mayor-collaborator of Mariupol was charged with encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine

A 16-year-old teenager from Bakhmut is suspected of collaborating with the occupiers

The assets of four more Russian companies worth UAH 72 million were seized

White House: weapons for Ukraine will come from manufacturers

The Ministry of Defense admitted that the Russians were involved in the attacks on the villages of Chapline and Myrhorod

The headquarters of the occupiers, where preparations for the pseudo-referendum were being conducted, was blown up near Melitopol

Romania handed over tens of thousands of ammunition, spare parts and small arms to the Armed Forces

The commander of the special unit "Akhmat" of the Russian Guard, who led the operation to capture the Luhansk region, was informed of the suspicion

Scholz met with soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine studying in Germany

The ideologues of the "Russian world" are subject to trial – Metropolitan Epiphany on the shelling of Chaplyny

"National legend of Ukraine": Volodymyr Zelenskyy awarded a state award to a couple of doctors from the Kyiv region

The head of the IAEA announced his intention to personally visit the Zaporizhzhia NPP after its complete shutdown

Zelenskyi spoke with Biden – what was agreed upon

The US wants to prosecute Lukashenka for supporting the Russian invasion

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine summoned the Apostolic Nuncio Kulbokas to express his disappointment with the Pope’s words about Dugin

Aggression against Ukraine led to the collapse of the Russian aviation business – Information resistance

August 26, 2022

Since the beginning of the invasion, Russia has committed 44,100 crimes in Ukraine

The situation at the front as of the morning of August 26: information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces

"The occupiers seized the apartments, and now their wives are fleeing to Russia": a real panic began in Crimea

The Armed Forces in the south destroyed 20 occupiers, ammunition depots and Russian air defense systems

Scholz said that Germany will not supply Ukraine with weapons that can be used to fire at the territory of the Russian Federation

He stabbed a passer-by because he was Ukrainian: in Russia, a man was brutally killed in the middle of the street

Citigroup is winding down its retail and commercial banking business in Russia

All power units of the Zaporizhzhya NPP are disconnected from the power grid — Energoatom

Italy will provide Ukraine with 2 million euros and equipment for demining territories, – Minister Di Maio

Russia and its puppets created 21 filtration camps in Donetsk region alone – State Department

9 law enforcement officers from the Zaporizhzhia region, who went over to the side of the enemy, were informed of the suspicion. They face life imprisonment, – SBI

The FSB officer, who conducted pre-war intelligence in the Kherson region, was informed of the suspicion

The lieutenant of the Russian Federation was informed in absentia about the suspicion of the shooting of the owner and employee of the enterprise in the Buchansk district. PHOTO

Cheap Internet: Starlink has reduced the cost of its services for Ukrainians

117 locations are burning: in Russia, the area of fires per day has increased to 122 thousand hectares

Melnyk sharply criticized Sholtz’s fellow party members for calling not to give weapons to Ukraine

More than 20 HIMARS, M270 and MARS MLRS are in service with the Armed Forces – Ministry of Defense

The Armed Forces will receive 100 Autel EVO II 640T drones for UAH 25 million: what is their special feature

Azerbaijan occupied Lachin, the "peacekeepers" of the Russian Federation left, the city was controlled by Armenia for almost 30 years

In Kyiv, 102 streets were de-Russified, not 95, as Klitschko said. (Full list of renamings)

Russia still received "hundreds" of Iranian drones, which it can use in Ukraine – Western intelligence

Evacuation trains from Donetsk region passed through Chaplyne, where 25 people were killed by the Russian airstrike, – the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council Lukashuk

He uttered delusions about the authorities. Lukashenko tried to explain his cynical congratulations on the Independence Day of Ukraine

Lithuania will purchase 37 kamikaze drones for Ukraine

Zelensky reacted to the call of Sholtz’s party members not to give weapons to Ukraine

Suspicion was reported to five persons involved in the creation of pseudo-occupation bodies in Luhansk Region, Prosecutor General’s Office

The case of Medvedchuk: the SBU exposed the accomplice of the ex-head of the OPZZ in Lviv region (video)

Artur Palatny and the "Ukrainian team" handed over drones, thermal imagers and other equipment to defenders on the front lines

Roskomnadzor reported an increased number of complaints about "pro-Ukrainian propaganda"

The first news from the captured soldiers was delivered to Ukraine

Nothing disgusts them: laptops are stolen in the Moscow CEC

Several powerful explosions rang out near Melitopol – the mayor

Because of Russians and traitors. Why were weapons given to Ukrainians en masse: Monastyrskyi’s answer

A group of residents of the Kyiv region is suspected of helping the Russians during the occupation of Buchi

The Czech court recognized the subsidiary of the Russian Sberbank as bankrupt

August 27, 2022

Ukrainian aviation struck enemy air defense in Kherson

The cost is more than $182 million. The Pentagon signed a contract for the purchase of NASAMS air defense systems for Ukraine

The situation in Luhansk Region: the Armed Forces repulsed 6 enemy attacks, the occupiers are not restoring people’s damaged housing, – OVA. PHOTO reportage

The professionalism of Ukrainian nuclear workers saves Ukraine and Europe from the consequences of Russian terror at the Zaporizhzhia NPP

In Poltava, a teacher told schoolchildren about "Azov atrocities" and supported "L/DNR"

Ukroboronprom and the General Staff of the Armed Forces have developed a program for the development of UAVs

Cotton in Crimea: the occupation authorities ordered to hide the facts of the explosions

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated enemy intelligence — the General Staff

Minus two tornadoes of the occupiers, in Chornobayivka the Armed Forces destroyed the enemy’s equipment News of Ukraine Espresso

Anti-aircraft guns of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces "landed" a helicopter and three drones of the occupiers

Britain will hand over underwater drones to Ukraine: what are they for?

Russia has blocked the adoption of the final protocol of the UN conference on nuclear weapons

Suspicion of treason was announced to the mayor of Mariupol and nine collaborators

A correctional officer was detained in the Mykolayiv region. He promoted Russian narratives in Telegram

The Czech Parliament approved the applications of Sweden and Finland to join NATO

Ukraine terminated the agreement with the Russian Federation on cooperation in the field of nuclear energy

The occupiers fired at the ZNPP site again: what is the situation at the station

Postcards in Armenia: who calls for the annexation of parts of Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan?

We will definitely defeat the occupiers, and the Russian Federation will collapse – Minister of Defense Reznikov

The security forces detained an adjuster of the occupiers in Kharkiv

The security guard of the Kramatorsk thermal power station was given 9 years in prison for helping the occupiers

Oleg Finogenov, a "cold Yariv resident" from Kyiv, died near Bakhmut

Azerbaijan announced that the issue of Karabakh was closed

Arson is possible. The car of the deputy chief of the General Staff caught fire in Moscow, media reports

The Russian occupiers had to retreat in several directions at once: details from the General Staff

In Zaporizhzhia, a collaborator was found dead – the "chief of the police"

The Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down a Rashist drone near Marganets

The occupiers did not have time to build a floating bridge, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine already aimed at it – Khlan

The SBU detained a Russian intelligence agent who was coordinating the strikes on Mykolaiv

Participate in the creation of occupation pseudo-organs: 5 more collaborators were exposed in the Luhansk region

​Zelensky for the first time presented combat flags to the Terro-Defense Brigades of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions (video)

August 28, 2022

The Armed Forces repulsed the offensive of the occupiers in three directions in Donbas, the enemy continues to strike from the air – the General Staff

In the south of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed two ammunition depots and two Russian strongholds

"Will not allow": Danilov on Russia’s information war against Ukraine and Zelensky

The Kremlin is planning a theatrical trial of Zelenskyi, an ex-SBU official will testify — sources

The IAEA approved the composition of the mission to the Zaporizhzhia NPP

The Armed Forces destroyed one of the largest military bases of the Russians in Melitopol

Ambassador Melnyk canceled the invitation to the Prime Minister of Saxony to Ukraine because of his calls for a truce

"Cotton" in occupied Novaya Kakhovka

Russian troops shelled Slovyansk and Kramatorsk: high-rise buildings were damaged

The Russians fired missiles, probably S-300, at Marhanets

The Russian military fired missiles at Orikhov, houses were destroyed, fires broke out

As a result of yesterday’s rocket attacks on Zaporizhzhia, a boarding school was destroyed – PHOTOS, VIDEO

The occupiers shelled Sumy Oblast 122 times during the day — the police

They liquidated the occupier, who was in captivity, and then returned to the Russian army

The "chief of police" of the occupiers was found hanged near Zaporozhye

Vasyl Shlei, a resident of Kolomyia Oblast, died in the war

Vasyl Regey, a Carpathian, died fighting for Ukraine

He defended the country until his last breath: a hero from Dnipropetrovsk died in the war

Victor Kovtun, a soldier from Poltava Region, died while defending Ukraine from the Rashists

The occupation authorities of Crimea took their families out of the Dzhemilev peninsula

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit three Russian control points in Kherson and the region – OK South

Russia continues to shell Mykolaiv and the region: there is a casualty

Russian shelling of Zaporozhye: destroyed houses were shown

The Air Force shot down another drone of the occupiers

The occupiers turned the ZNPP into a military base – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The occupiers fired rockets at the center of Kharkiv, the administrative building was destroyed, there is no information about the victims

In six hours, the Russian Federation fired 200 shells at Orikhov – Starukh

The wreckage of the Russian Orlan-10 UAV that was shot down this morning was found

The SBI, on Zelensky’s instructions, opened a case against Serhii Kryvonos due to the illegal protection of "Zhulyan" – Butusov

The President awarded the Hero of Ukraine to the deceased head of the "Right Sector" of Lviv Oblast

Zelenskyy honored Usyk, Prytula, Vereshchuk, Sydorenko and Khlyvnyuk with state awards in honor of Independence Day

They said goodbye to the soldier Roman Barvinka (Skripal), who died in the battle with the invaders, in Kyiv.

August 29, 2022

Aviation destroyed the "Hurricane" and "Pantsir" of the occupiers

The Armed Forces hit the control points of the occupiers in the Kherson region

The Armed Forces repulsed the enemy’s offensive in three directions – the General Staff

Russians carry out "reconstruction" of the Drama Theater in Mariupol to cover up the killing of 600 civilians

Russia launched at least five missiles from Belarus over Ukraine

The SBU exposed a Russian agent in Mykolaiv

Ukrainian defenders struck a Russian military unit in Kherson

British intelligence explained why Shoigu was removed from command of the Russian army

10 wounded civilians in Energodar: the Russians "worked out" their scenario on the eve of the arrival of the IAEA mission, the mayor

Minus a collaborator: the traitor Kovalev was liquidated in the Kherson region

SBU: the case against the director of the Russian TV channel Russia Today was referred to the court

The Swedish company Ericsson will leave the Russian market by the end of the year

The colonel of the Volyn 14th OMBr was awarded the Order of Volodymyr the Great, III degree

Key bridges across the Dnipro in Kherson Oblast are out of order – ZSU

Sweden will provide an additional package of military aid to Ukraine

Repeated attack of the Russian Federation on the Kharkiv Regional State Administration: photo of the consequences

In Ukraine, they liquidated a "Wagnerian" who was preparing children for war – Wagner’s PvK

The General Staff said that Kryvonos was appointed to lead the defense of Kyiv airport as a volunteer

The SBI is investigating the theft of Kyiv airport property in the first days of the war

In Rivne, 23-year-old Hero-Defender Vitaly Styba was laid to rest

The Armed Forces confirmed the start of the counteroffensive in the Kherson region, but urged to wait for the results

Scholz supports EU expansion and the membership of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

Soldiers of the Armed Forces destroyed the Russian self-propelled howitzer "Msta-S" (video)

After the explosive night in Melitopol, the occupiers escaped from the hospital

"The traitor Kovalev is already in the refrigerator in the nursing home" – Khlan

Against the background of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the collaborators announced an "evacuation from workplaces" in Nova Kakhovka

A fire broke out on Fiolent in Crimea

Reznikov on Memorial Day: Ukraine did not start this war, but Ukraine will end it. a victory

CBU: identified another "Kadyrov" suspect in the murders in Buch

In Russia, the death of deputy-collaborator Kovalev was confirmed

National Guardsmen destroyed a Russian artillery installation in the Kharkiv region (video)

Odesa Mayor Trukhanov for seeking peace with Russia and against the demolition of the monument to Catherine II

Corruption in Odesa – NABU completed the investigation into the sale of the Marazla dacha and the Fabrytskyi estate

Zelensky calls for sanctions against Rosatom for radiation blackmail at the ZNPP

A woman was detained in the Rivne region, who betrayed the positions of the Ukrainian military

A propagandist from the Russian Federation reacted to the confiscation of his property in Italy

Lithuania completed the construction of a wall along the border with Belarus

12 Russian rockets hit Mykolaiv: at least two were killed, 24 were injured

Resistance forces blew up a patrol of invaders in Mariupol, one person was killed

Explosions in Kherson: the ZSU probably hit the Antonivskyi bridge again

The last days of summer will be hot. A series of powerful explosions in Melitopol

In Sarny in the Rivne region, a Russian citizen was reported to be suspicious: she was photographing military personnel and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The "Azov" regiment announced the recruitment of volunteers and recorded a motivational video

Ukrainian troops liberated four villages in the southern direction — CNN

The Armed Forces fired at a pontoon crossing in occupied Kherson. PHOTO

The White House reacted to reports of the beginning of the Ukrainian counteroffensive

The Czech Republic handed over 72 Soviet-made tanks to Ukraine

Pentagon convenes Rammstein-5 meeting

The SBU detained a Russian agent

Serbia will be able to do without Russian energy carriers – Vučić

Hungary will continue negotiations with the Russian Federation regarding the increase of gas supply, – Sijarto

August 30, 2022

The Ukrainian military in the South destroyed more than 80 occupiers and 30 pieces of equipment

Russian troops launched a missile attack on Zaporozhye: there were no casualties

The occupiers carried out assault and offensive actions in 5 directions, – the General Staff

The occupiers fired 12 rockets at Mykolaiv, and 200,000 locals and children remain there

Shelling of Kharkiv: the death toll has increased to five

Russia transferred an additional S-400 battery to Yevpatoria (photo)

Borrell gave the green light to the EU mission to train the Ukrainian military

Zelensky was recognized as a mistake by the authorities, made in the first hours of the full-scale invasion

The Union of Writers initiates the closure of the Bulgakov Museum in Kyiv. Instead, he proposes to open a museum of the composer Košice

Analysis of Stremousov’s video shows that he fled from Kherson to Voronezh, – Sternenko

The occupiers shelled the ZNPP: there was a fire at the station

The Russians will no longer be able to spy on the Ukrainian military in the north of the Kharkiv region

They are everywhere, we have nothing left: the occupier complains that the Armed Forces took them in a ring near Kharkiv

The war brought great grief: Oleksiy Valnyukov from Dnipropetrovsk region fought until his last breath

In Melitopol, partisans blew up a hotel where employees of the FSB of the Russian Federation — mass media — were having fun

The occupiers filled all the morgues in the occupied cities of the Zaporizhia region with the corpses of their soldiers

Explosions rang out again in the area of Antonivsky Bridge in Kherson – photo

The IAEA mission arrived in Kyiv – CNN

A disaster has begun for the Russian army – Office of the President

Putin was ordered to declassify any explosions in Crimea – GUR of the Ministry of Defense

During the day, aviation carried out 15 group strikes on the positions of the occupiers

The Antoniv bridge was again hit by the strikes of the Armed Forces. PHOTO

Iran sent its drones to Russia

The occupiers are shelling the corridors through which the IAEA representatives must get to the ZANP

The Armed Forces cut off the occupiers from the supply of weapons from Crimea

The Armed Forces once again struck three bridges in the Kherson region and attacked a concentration of Russians

Over the past day, Air Force units have destroyed three enemy UAVs and an Kh-59 air missile

Energy, trade, SWIFT and more personal — Russia faces the eighth package of EU sanctions for the war (VIDEO)

The Council asks the world to recognize the mass execution of Ukrainian prisoners of war in Olenivka as a terrorist attack

Involved pensioners in collecting data on the Armed Forces. The organizer of the agent network in the Kharkiv region was exposed

Explosions are heard again in Kherson: reports of a powerful "arrival" on the Antonivsky Bridge and the base of the occupiers (video)

The mayor: shelling of Energodar does not stop, the population is in a panic mood

A taxi driver from Kharkov will be tried for the approval of Putin and the Russian Federation

The traitor, who supplied the occupiers with food and vodka in the Sumy Oblast, was sentenced to 1 year in prison, the prosecutor’s office

August 31, 2022

The IAEA mission left Kyiv for Zaporizhzhia NPP

Explosions rang out in Belgorod, Russia

The Armed Forces destroyed almost 120 occupiers, more than 30 pieces of equipment and four warehouses in the Kherson region

The court in Zaporozhye gave 15 years in prison to the "DNR" grenade launcher, who was detained on the southern front

Dell finally withdraws from Russia and lays off the entire staff

"Gazprom" will suspend the supply of gas to the French company Engie

Lev Ponomarev’s human rights organization was liquidated in Russia

The EU has agreed to suspend the simplified visa regime with Russia, Borrell said

The Armed Forces destroyed 15 occupiers, the Tor air defense system and two ammunition depots in the Kherson region

Sweden will provide a batch of ammunition for the artillery of the Armed Forces

Two Odessans who fought for the "LNR" were sent behind bars

The creation of a "political center of the Russian opposition" was announced in Irpen

Powerful explosions are once again heard near Kherson

Operational review from the front as of the evening of August 31

The IAEA wants to appoint its permanent inspector at the ZNPP

In the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian military destroyed the enemy "Acacia" along with the crew. Video

Explosions rang out near Melitopol near the location of Russian equipment – the mayor

The SBU put the organizers of the coup in Kyiv on trial

Journalist Pavel Mozheyk was detained in Belarus – mass media

New "claps" and a collapse at the station. What is happening in Belgorod?

The IAEA mission did not reach the Zaporizhzhia NPP

A scheme to transfer money from Russia to finance enemy agents was exposed