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Nicholas Zharkikh

August 11, 2022

"Explosions and flashes" were noticed at the airport in Belarus. Reznikov’s adviser – "of course, this is training"

In Ukraine, the occupier Varfolomeev from Buryatia was eliminated: commanders from the Russian Federation could have perished with him. Photo

In occupied Melitopol, partisans blew up the headquarters of Putin’s party

Kharkiv was shelled at night, four flights arrived – the mayor

The positions of the Armed Forces surrendered to be fired upon by the occupiers: former cops-traitors were detained in the Donetsk region

The Russian Federation retreated with losses near Bakhmut, battles are taking place in a number of directions in Donbas – General Staff

The authorities of the Russian Federation began to form a battalion of "volunteers" in the Oryol region – ISW

During the day, the occupiers in the south carried out eight airstrikes on Ukrainian positions, the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces responded with six – OK "South"

Britain will provide Ukraine with three additional MLRS and projectiles for them

Germany transferred four more anti-aircraft Gepard self-propelled guns to Ukraine

16 bodies of defenders of Mariupol were returned to Kyiv — Angely Azov (Photo)

The SBU detained a Russian agent who was collecting intelligence on the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine

A catastrophic situation has developed in occupied Izyum, people want to leave en masse

Strike on the Russian air base in Saki. What the satellite images showed

The enemy withdrew from Hryhorivka and Verkhnyokamyanskyi in Donetsk region, ZSU

Russia has turned into the largest terrorist organization in the world, Kuleba

The Diet of Latvia recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism

In Kherson Oblast, an electric pole leading from the ZaNPP to Crimea has fallen – mass media

Russia is against the representation of Kyiv’s interests by Switzerland

A 55-year-old immigrant to Lutsk was detained for supporting Russia

After attempted assaults in the Bakhmut and Avdiiv areas, Russian troops suffered losses and retreated – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

An explosion rang out near the temporarily occupied Berdyansk

As a result of explosions at a military airfield in Belarus, a T-72 tank and ammunition were destroyed

Conference in Copenhagen: Ukraine will receive 1.5 billion euros in military aid (video)

The SBU in Kharkiv Oblast neutralized Russian saboteurs

In Ukraine, a traitor who passed intelligence to the occupiers and helped capture Lysychansk was convicted

Sanctions: Abramovich’s Evraz sells assets in North America

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed three Russian BMPs with the help of a drone – video

Putin sent the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB and Medvedev to Donbas: what happened

August 12, 2022

The troops of the Russian Federation carried out airstrikes in the Maryinka area, fighting is going on near the village of Pisky – General Staff

Russian aviation attacked the positions of the Armed Forces in the south: the invaders ran into a response and suffered losses

Three residents of Luhansk Region agreed to serve in the so-called "Ministry of Internal Affairs of the People’s Republic of China", the Prosecutor’s Office. PHOTO

They nod at Blinken. The first reaction of the USA to recognition of Russia as a sponsor of terrorism in Latvia

The Ukrainian Armed Forces completely eliminated the occupier brigade that committed atrocities in Buchi

One of the largest coffee producers left Russia

Ukraine asks the US to impose sanctions against all Russian banks

An explosion rang out in one of Melitopol’s microdistricts, the mayor said

Another traitor was discovered in the Kharkiv region: an ex-policeman from Volchansk defected to the enemy’s side

Morning in occupied Berdyansk: explosions and a ship in the port (PHOTOS)

In Starobilsk, a car with the "head of the MREO" exploded, he was hospitalized, – Haydai

The Czech Republic will officially propose to the EU to ban the issuance of visas to Russians

In France, they said that Russia should immediately withdraw its troops from the ZANP

Snegiryov: an operation to block the supply of foreign weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine was foiled in Luhansk region

Medvedev talks about possible "accidents" at nuclear power plants in the EU

In the Kyiv region, a "Kadyrivets" tortured a teenager: the SBU disclosed the details

Odessa border guards received four patrol boats from the EU (photo)

They smoked in the wrong place again: in the occupied Makiivka they report about "cotton"

Pilot Andriy Lyutashin directed a burning fighter jet at a column of invaders advancing on the capital

The families of the occupiers are leaving Mariupol en masse

Zelensky was told about the changes in the daily losses of the Ukrainian military

Mykola Voloshchuk, a fighter of the "ten" from Kosovo, died in Donetsk region

The sad news shook the entire Baykovets community, Andriy Pachkovskyi, a native and resident of the village of Baikovetsi, died in Donetsk region

Five months later, the body of a volunteer killed by the Russians was found in a well near Kyiv: the story of Vasyl Avdeev

During the war with the occupier, a serviceman from a village in the Lyubeshiv region died

In the Kherson region, the "Grad", which was shelling the Mykolaiv region, was blown up: the BC detonated and exploded with fireworks

In the Zaporizhzhia direction, a platoon support point and an armored personnel carrier of the Rashistov were destroyed – video

"Styrol" caught fire in occupied Horlivka

In Lithuania, a criminal case was opened against Anatolii Shariy. They are suspected of money laundering

In the direction of Bakhmut, the Armed Forces repulse the assaults, but the enemy had a partial success – a reduction

Russia’s crimes against the civilians of Mariupol. Documented evidence. Part 9

Deputies of the Rivne Regional Council supported the ban on the activities of the Moscow Patriarchate

Estonia and Finland want to close the Finnish Strait to the Russian Federation: details

Air defense shot down an enemy missile in the Mykolaiv region, OVA

The EU supports the demilitarization of the Zaporizhzhia NPP and demands that Russia hand over the plant to Ukraine

August 13, 2022

The occupiers tried three times to attack the positions of the Armed Forces in the south, but retreated with losses. Our aviation made 5 strikes on the enemy concentration, the bridge of the Nova Kakhovka dam was disabled, OK "Pivden"

Russian attack aircraft struck near Maryinka, the enemy is trying to advance in several directions – General Staff

Blinken reacted to the threats of the occupiers to execute five foreigners who fought on the side of Ukraine

S&P and Fitch downgraded Ukraine’s foreign currency ratings almost to default

The body of another man shot by the occupiers was found near Buchei: his daughter was illegally taken to Belarus

In Irpen, 1,483 private and 39 multi-apartment buildings were completely destroyed by firecrackers, the city hall

Turkey brags about trade boom with Russia, ignoring calls for sanctions – Bloomberg

After the victory of Ukraine, we will "catch up" with every war criminal – Oleksiy Reznikov

Engaged in propaganda: employees of the Russian "Izvestia" were expelled from Estonia

Moscow threatens Washington: the Russian Federation has warned the USA about the point of no return if it is recognized as a sponsor of terrorism

Imaginary victories of the Russian Federation in Donbas: the colonel-general told about the real situation at the front

General Marchenko is here and working — Vitaliy Kim about information on the investigation

A former village head from Smilyan region died in the war

A veteran of the ATO from Melitopol died on the battlefield in Donbas

A graduate of Karazin University died in the war

A familiar face: Yurii Barbashov, the leader of Mykolaiv Antimaidan, became the leader of the occupied Snigurivka

"12 points out of 10": The US Ministry of Defense reported on the successes of the Armed Forces in the south and north of Ukraine

On the right bank of the Kherson region, the rushites were left without proper reinforcement, Khlan

The archive of the military prosecutor’s office of Russia was opened: what relatives of Russian soldiers and soldiers write

Slovakia will provide Ukraine with fighter jets worth hundreds of millions of euros

They financed Russian aggression: a company that was part of the Gazprom Neft structure was exposed in Ukraine

The SBU detained a hacker who collected and transmitted to the Russians data about military units and strategic objects in the capital

The occupiers are firing at the ZNPP: residents of Energodar were urged not to go outside

Two trucks and personnel of the occupiers were destroyed near Slovyansk

In Transcarpathia, the volume of salt production will increase

In Melitopol, 2 objects of the Russian occupiers were damaged, – Mayor Fedorov on the details of the explosions

The SBU exposed three collaborators in Luhansk region who agreed to take positions in the "authorities" of the occupiers

The remains of a murdered man were found in the liberated territory of Kharkiv region

In Germany, a retired military man is on trial for working for Russia’s GRU

August 14, 2022

Defense forces of Ukraine repelled a senseless enemy assault in the Dolyna area, – General Staff

The Russian army tried to carry out assault operations in the Kherson region, OK "South"

We reduce the potential of the occupiers. Zelensky spoke about the good news in the south of Ukraine

Ten Russian planes are stuck in Germany due to sanctions

Andrii Zhupnyk, a resident of Nadvirnyan district, died in the war

Vitaly Golubka from Batyov died in the war with Russia (PHOTO)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed "sufficiently large" military warehouses of the Russian Federation in Kherson Oblast – Sobolevsky

Volunteer drones helped liberate a settlement in Donetsk region

Antonovsky bridge everything? The Armed Forces again hit the bridge over the Dnieper in Kherson

3 BMP and 25 occupants were destroyed by the brigade named after Prince Roman

Collaborators in Kharkiv region stole a Russian "humanitarian" and poisoned themselves, media

In Kharkiv Oblast, suspicion was announced against the "head" of Petropavlovsk OTG appointed by the occupiers

Bombers of the Russian Federation are in an "operational pause" and are not used for strikes on Ukraine: the GUR named the reason

The Armed Forces hit the headquarters of "Wagner" in Popasnaya, the photo of which was "illuminated" by a military officer – Russian channels

The occupiers advanced to Bakhmut, the assaults were repulsed in several directions – the establishment of the General Staff

The former mayor of Kupyansk is suspected of collaborative activity — he switched to the side of the occupiers

It’s getting hotter and hotter in Crimea: a shell from a firing range flew into the car of tourists from the Russian Federation while they were resting

A chemical plant caught fire in Russia: more than a thousand square meters are on fire (video)

August 15, 2022

Anton Lystopad, one of the best military pilots of Ukraine, died

Zelensky to Russians: If you have Russian citizenship and you are silent, then you are not fighting, and therefore you are supporting its actions

A resident of Dergachiv, who justified Russian aggression, received a suspended sentence

She justified Russian aggression against Ukraine – residents of Berezneguvatsk OTG were notified of suspicion

The traitor was only interested in money: the adjuster of the Russian shelling of Kremenchuk is being tried in Poltava

The night of mass attacks in Dnipropetrovsk region: Russia struck from "Gradiv" and released an Kh-59 missile (photo)

New Zealand will send 120 soldiers to Britain to train Ukrainians

Kyiv police chief: During the war, 313 potential participants of the 23rd DRG were detained in the capital

An agent of the Russian special services was detained in the south of Odesa

Ukrainian developers have created a unique combat submarine with the function of a drone

The VR continued martial law and mobilization

The trial in the case of the MH17 disaster: the date of the verdict has become known

In one week, Ukrainian defenders destroyed more than 10 warehouses and accumulations of Russian equipment in the south

The Kremlin elite in panic asks the West to help stop the war in Ukraine, media

Russian official Novikov, who came to help the DPR terrorists, was destroyed in Donbas

The mayor reported on the explosions in Energodar

A large-scale fire broke out in the Rostov region of Russia

Ukraine received 4 combat helicopters from Latvia, – Minister of Defense Pabriks (photo)

The former Prosecutor General is suspected of possessing 8 kilograms of gold

In Kyiv, a military man sings Putin’s praises and tearfully asks to end the "fratricidal conflict" (video)

Another 8 occupiers who ransacked houses in the Kyiv region were notified of suspicion

IKEA is finally closing its stores in Russia

August 16, 2022

In the South Buz direction, the Armed Forces inflicted losses on the enemy and forced them to retreat – the General Staff

Ukraine received a batch of M109 howitzers from Latvia, they are already on the battlefield – Reznikov

Russia has declared the danger of the IAEA delegation traveling through Kyiv

The Prosecutor General’s Office documented 13,302 crimes against the national security of Ukraine

A blow to the reputation and the outflow of donors: what Amnesty International lost due to the scandalous report on the Armed Forces

The Russian Federation failed to form a tank battalion because there are no willing ones – the Strategic Committee of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Armed Forces repel an attack from the Lysychansk Refinery – Heyday about the situation in the Luhansk region

Two explosions rang out in Melitopol this morning, Fedorov

The occupiers do not release teachers from Mariupol and "convince" them to go to work with beatings

In Donetsk, a Russian propagandist blew herself up with a mine

There was a rocket attack near Zhytomyr, there were two explosions – the head of the OVA

Zelensky changed the staff of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief

Ukraine received €200 million from Italy

The occupiers recognized sabotage as the cause of the explosion of the ammunition warehouse in Crimea (VIDEO)

Nine episodes of cooperation with the enemy were established: details of the detention of the correctional officer in Zaporozhye

The Swedish company IKEA decided to liquidate its Russian "daughter"

The Armed Forces destroyed two command posts and an ammunition depot of the occupiers in the Kherson region

Suicide army. Why is the contingent of occupiers on the right bank of the Kherson region doomed?

The Russians shelled Slavyansk and Kramatorsk

"All Russians must answer," Zelenskyy gave an interview to The Washington Post

A symphony for the occupiers: the first Zuzana self-propelled guns from Slovakia arrived in Ukraine

Shot together with his wife and children: the body of a man killed by Russians was found in Kyiv region

A Russian in Ukraine was scouting the artillery positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: the SBU detained him

The Swiss company Lindt & Spruengli, which is engaged in the production of chocolate and various confectionery products, announced that it is completely leaving the Russian market

About a thousand residents of Energodar have already gone through Russian torture chambers – the city’s mayor

Guess about the consequences of the explosion in Lysychansk: About 100 Russian soldiers died. VIDEO

The Rashist command post was completely destroyed in occupied Lysychansk – video

Hackers attacked the "Belaruskaliya" website and posted on it the demand "destruction of Lukashenka’s gangster regime"

Finland has decided to reduce the issuance of visas to Russians by 90%

In Zhytomyr Oblast, the Russians hit the military airfield with missiles

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation repelled the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces in the south and east, battles continue in two other directions — General Staff

"Energoatom" suffered a powerful cyber attack

August 17, 2022

The Russian army launched missile strikes on the Odesa region

The mayor of Mykolaiv reports about powerful explosions in the city

In the Slavic direction, the occupiers unsuccessfully went on the offensive near Bogorodichny — the General Staff

The Armed Forces thinned the ranks of the Russian invaders and forced the enemy to flee

They lost up to 1,000 pilots of various levels, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine told about the losses of the Russians

Russia was expelled from the world market of sea coal supplies

The occupiers staged a hellish night in Luhansk region: Gaidai told the first details

The Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south attacked the stronghold of the Russians and 4 areas of concentration of manpower and equipment

"Sold Ukraine for 20,000 rubles": the court sentenced the traitor from Zhytomyr Oblast

People’s deputies Stolar and Abramovych, who left Ukraine before the war, live on the Cote d’Azur

In Odessa, a Russian gunner was behind bars

The investigation into the ex-employee of the SBU Bovsunovsky, who in 2014 led the "internal troops of the DNR" has been completed

The network reported about a "cotton plant" in occupied Pervomaisk, in the Luhansk region

The Air Force told how Russian Su-24s and Su-25s "arrived" in August (video)

The Russians have found the most ridiculous target for their Tu-22M3 and Kh-22 missiles

Cotton generator: the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told how they work with the tactical missile complex "Point-U" on the slopes (video)

The ZSU destroyed another Ka-52 enemy helicopter and three drones

An explosion rang out in the center of Melitopol near the commandant’s office of the occupiers – the mayor

The Armed Forces of Ukraine with HIMARS incinerated the positions of the Russian Federation in Novaya Kakhovka

How the Russians blew up the North Crimean Canal: the SBU gave the chronology and details of the events

In Novaya Kakhovka, the base of the Russian invaders was destroyed – photo, video

The main building of the university and 27 buildings were damaged – the consequences of the night attack on Mykolaiv

A new commander of the Black Sea Fleet has been appointed in Russia

Fighters of the 28th Mechanized Brigade "landed" Russian UAVs "Lancet-3" and "Eleron-3" (photo)

The hero of Ukraine told how they shot down 6 Kalibr missiles in 3 minutes

Assets of another Russian company were seized in Ukraine

Yaroslavskyi’s yacht was found in Nice, which he promised to sell and transfer the money to rebuild Kharkiv

Kyiv and the Kyiv region are among the leaders in terms of the number of collaborators

Border guards discovered an enemy cache of ammunition near Chernobyl

After the explosions in Crimea, the Rashists urgently move their planes and helicopters to the territory of the Russian Federation – GUR MO

Intelligence showed the destruction of the enemy’s EW system on video

In Cherkasy, the deputy-collaborator was again released from the pre-trial detention center on bail