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Nicholas Zharkikh

September 22, 2022

EU foreign ministers agreed on increasing arms supplies to Ukraine and new sanctions against the Russian Federation

Cards of the Russian payment system Mir are not accepted by banks in Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Armenia

Russian assets worth €4.8 billion are frozen in Germany

We will destroy everyone who comes to our land with weapons – Valery Zaluzhnyi responded to the mobilization in the Russian Federation

Katkov: The Armed Forces captured a lot of valuable enemy equipment. Some operations can be compared to the capture of "Enigma" in World War II

Ukrainian aviation struck the occupiers in the south more than 20 times: a helicopter, two UAVs and BC warehouses were destroyed

The Russians wanted to cross the Dnipro near Kakhovka and Kherson, but the Armed Forces prevented them – OK "Pivden"

Citizens of Great Britain and Morocco who were sentenced to death by the court of the so-called "DNR" were released from captivity in the Russian Federation

400 Russian soldiers were eliminated in Ukraine in a day — the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

215 Ukrainian defenders were released from Russian captivity: Medvedchuk and 55 occupiers were given to the Russian Federation

Ten foreigners who fought for Ukraine have been released from captivity

Enemy rockets hit a hotel and an electric substation in Zaporizhzhia, there are people under the rubble

Racists hit the railway station in Kharkiv with rockets and destroyed refrigerator cars with the bodies of Russian soldiers, Bratchuk. PHOTO

Mykolaiv was heavily shelled tonight, the mayor said

The Russians damaged the Russian drama theater in Mykolaiv with S-300 missiles (PHOTOS)

In Melitopol, there was an explosion near the central market: what is happening in the city

Three residents recruited by representatives of the special services of the aggressor country were taken into custody in Kyiv

The body of a pensioner killed by the Russian military was exhumed in a village in the Kharkiv region (Photo)

He left his wife and two sons: a Hero from Dnipropetrovsk region died fighting for Ukraine

It became known about the death of four more soldiers from the Kamianets-Podilskyi district in the war with the Russian Federation (photo)

The Russians used the map of Pokrovsk in Dnipropetrovsk Region, created in Germany in the 1930s

Illegal sentences in Crimea: the NSDC will consider a proposal for sanctions against more than 60 "judges"

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan introduced criminal liability for citizens for participating in the war in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the commander of the platoon of the "People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Ukraine" was sentenced to 10 years in prison

An immigrant in Cherkasy was taken into custody because he wanted to fight against Ukraine

Peskov’s son, for some reason, refused to go to the military enlistment office

Russian deputies made a "difficult decision" not to go to the front

Finland seized the assets of famous Russian rich people

Orban advocated the lifting of EU sanctions against Russia by the end of the year — mass media

A secret clause in Putin’s decree allows the mobilization of 1 million Russians – mass media

Estonia refused to let Russians fleeing mobilization into the country

To discredit the Armed Forces: the occupiers staged a terrorist attack in Donetsk with a large number of victims

In Dagestan, protesters against mobilization in the Russian Federation blocked the federal highway

Broadcasting of Russian and Belarusian channels was banned in Lithuania

The Armed Forces attacked the command post of the occupiers and a column of Russian equipment in the Kherson region – OK South

Ukrainian military shot down a Russian Mi-8 helicopter from "Igla" (video)

The Russians will not hide. In Belarus, they will look for those who evade mobilization, – mass media

The traitor Yuriy Bardash in Moscow boasted that he would get a Russian passport and change his name

In Estonia, reservists and militiamen were called to extraordinary military meetings

In Moscow, they started conscripting Aitians without experience of serving in the army

The Armed Forces repulsed the attacks near Bakhmut and Kupyansk – General Staff

Medvedchuk is most needed by the FSB – Budanov

Ukraine will receive six more Gepard anti-aircraft guns from Germany

The SBU calls Kyiv volunteers and city council members with threats – Myroslava Smirnova

NABU has opened a case on possible non-declaration of assets in Russia by the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court Lviv

Budanov told the details of the operation for the exchange of Ukrainian prisoners of war

NATO’s North Atlantic Council declares that "referendums" are illegitimate and will not be recognized, partial mobilization is a further escalation of war

The Security Service of Ukraine told what intelligence networks were exposed during the investigation of Viktor Medvedchuk’s case

New sanctions against Russia — what the EU is preparing

Business Insider: Russians buy one-way flights for the price of a prestigious car

Germany is going to nationalize Gazprom’s subsidiary. The Russian Federation will not receive compensation

Finland has seized the assets of Russian businessmen Arkady and Boris Rotenberg

People with orthopedic problems will still be taken into the Russian army

September 23, 2022

The Russian Army in Ukraine is losing its leadership: the General Staff revealed the details

ISW: The Kremlin is openly reneging on the promised conditions for partial mobilization

The occupiers fired rockets at Zaporizhzhia: people and civilian infrastructure suffered

"They were, asked, forced to sign absolutely insane documents." What did the freed Ukrainian soldiers experience in Russian captivity?

France will send investigators to Ukraine to assist in the investigation of crimes committed by the Russian Federation in Izyum

The doctor who implements the standards of conducting forensic medical examinations of the aggressor state in the Kherson region is suspected of treason

Kadyrov said that there will be no mobilization in Chechnya: the republic "has exceeded the plan by 254%"

A powerful explosion rang out in occupied Melitopol

Orbán’s party wants to hold a poll in Hungary regarding support for sanctions against the Russian Federation

Diplomats of five Western countries in Irpen (photo) – ITV

The Russian Federation wants to mobilize guards in the temporarily occupied Crimea, the General Staff

Russians hiding from mobilization in Belarus will be returned to Russia

It’s noisy in Novaya Kakhovka: explosions are reported

Over 2,000 British companies continue business with the Russian Federation – research

The Russians launched a rocket attack on a high-rise building in Toretsk: 19 people were rescued from the rubble

Kharkiv agreements. The court allowed the arrest of two Yanukovych-era ministers

Gaidai about the pseudo-referendums in the occupied Luhansk region: They go from house to house and look for men for "cannon fodder"

In Ukraine, 11 civilians were killed and 44 were wounded in a day due to Russian shelling

The SBU exposed hackers who "sold" millions of accounts of Ukrainians to Russia

Kateryna Polishchuk’s mother shared her emotions after her daughter’s release: what is known about the "Bird"

The occupiers are gradually retreating in the south of Ukraine, it was possible to destroy the areas where their equipment and weapons are concentrated – OK "South"

In occupied Melitopol, an apartment with a family of collaborators was blown up, media reported

The Archimandrite of the Zaporizhia Diocese of the UOC MP campaigned for a referendum on joining the Russian Federation

The case of the indictment of 10 Russian servicemen who tortured residents of Buchi has been referred to the court – Prosecutor General’s Office. PHOTO

Overnight in Russia, four more military commissars and administration buildings were set on fire

Air ticket prices to visa-free countries have risen tenfold in Russia

Employees of Russian airlines and airports massively received summons within a day after the start of mobilization

Peskov is surprised by the "hysterical and emotional" reaction of the Russians to the mobilization

Pseudo-referendums: extremely low turnout under machine guns, the names of those involved in fake voting are already known to law enforcement officers

In the Donetsk region, the Armed Forces liberated the village of Yatskivka and regained control over the positions near Bakhmut

The Pentagon will accelerate the transfer of large combat UAVs to Ukraine

An article about Ukraine in a pro-Orban newspaper stirred up Hungary

Ethnic cleansing began in Russia under the guise of mobilization

Mobilization helped: the EU decided on a price ceiling for Russian oil

Ukraine loses about 50 servicemen every day, – Zelenskyi

The case of deputy Kuzminykh, who is suspected of bribery, was referred to the court. He threw the indictment out the window

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated a criminal authority who served with the Wagnerites

The SBU has identified more than 4,000 organizers of pseudo-referendums

The sister of the commander of the "Azov" regiment Volynsky spoke about his release from captivity

The President of the European Council called for the suspension of Russia’s membership in the UN Security Council

US congressmen call on Biden to initiate the exclusion of the Russian Federation from the UN Security Council

Still not under sanctions: how the richest oligarch of the Russian Federation supplies steel for nuclear weapons – mass media

In Kharkiv Oblast, 18 torture chambers were discovered and a thousand war criminals were identified

Two Russian UAVs were shot down over the Dnipropetrovsk region

September 24, 2022

Mass burials in Izyum: exhumation completed

Ambassadors of foreign countries visited the liberated Izyum and saw the consequences of the occupation

The occupiers dropped containers of poison on the positions of the Armed Forces

"Referendums" under the muzzles of machine guns and the distribution of summonses – the assembly of the General Staff

Why the president’s office is in no hurry to confiscate assets of Russian oligarchs

Russia’s influence: Zelenskyi on the lack of military aid from Israel

The US promises Russia serious sanctions in response to the pseudo-referendums

"I will tell Kadyrov": an immigrant-collaborator was detained in Cherkasy region

The Ministry of Statistics reported how many Ukrainians transmitted information about the occupiers through the eVorogh chatbot

Russians are offered write-off of loans for death in Ukraine

Erdogan was told how the exchange of "Azov" commanders was coordinated: initially there were 15 names

"Referendum": even dead people "vote" in Luhansk Oblast – OVA

The SBU has identified the Russian commander who ordered the torture of Ukrainians in Kherson

A traitor was arrested in the Kyiv region, who was agitating his neighbors to go over to the side of the Russian Federation

A sailor-traitor from Crimea will be tried for participating in the war against Ukraine

Zelensky presented the "Golden Star" orders to military personnel who were awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine

Roman Dovgysh, a 36-year-old defender from Pereyaslav, died in the war – Pereyaslav.City

22-year-old Vladyslav Stasiv from Stryshchyna died in the war Lviv portal

Ukrainian boxer Stanislav Artemenko died in racist captivity in Olenovka

An officer of the 93rd OMBR "Kholodny Yar" died in Kharkiv Oblast

A soldier from Chernihiv region died while covering his comrades

Ternopil Region lost another defender – Ternopil Lypa

Ihor Roschis, a resident of Chertkiv, died in Donetsk region

49-year-old Ruslan Kutsil from Kalush died in the war

Stryshchyna lost two more patriots – lieutenant colonel Mykola Ozerov and gunner Vladyslav Stasiv

Another loss: a commander from Kremenech region was mortally wounded at the front (photo)

Another heavy loss – Oleksandr Mykytinets, a soldier from Kremenech region, died

A man from Luhansk died in the war

Lubinets will discuss with the leadership of the ICRC the non-fulfillment of the mandate to meet with prisoners of war

In Ukraine, the JIF fund was created, which will pay a reward for information about Russian terrorists

447 bodies were exhumed from the mass burial site in Izyum

The Ukrainian Armed Forces advanced to the north of the Donetsk region

Hiding in the woods: law enforcement officers detained a Russian soldier in the Kharkiv region

Lists of traitors involved in holding a pseudo-referendum in Melitopol and the region leaked online (photo) –

Decision-making by a majority of votes can replace the right of veto in the UN Security Council, – Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu

Last day, 9 enemy air targets were destroyed: 7 drones, a helicopter and an attack aircraft

He did not reach his destination: an occupier who was going to war against Ukraine "self-destructed" in Russia. Photo

The war took the life of another Hero from Volyn. PHOTO.

Iran claimed that a "third country" framed it with drones

The Armed Forces report that there is a high probability of the work of the DRG on the part of Belarus

Personnel purges: Deputy Minister of Defense General Bulgakov was dismissed in Russia

The enemy is cut off from supplies: the Ukrainian Armed Forces establish fire control over the Crimean railway

Polish Foreign Minister: Germany is doing everything to help Ukraine as little as possible and as late as possible

One of the officials of the "people’s militia" of the occupiers was detained in the liberated Kharkiv region

Headed the pseudo-police. A traitor from Izyum was caught in the Kharkiv region

Zelensky awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine (posthumously) to senior soldier Serhii Sova

"Mohilization" in the Russian Federation: in the Omsk region, the "mobilized" fought with the Russian Guards and the police

Today, special forces from Khmelnytskyi landed two racist planes

Two explosions were heard in the Mariupol district

Iran will take measures in response to Ukraine’s decision to revoke the ambassador’s accreditation

Five points. Zelensky told his allies how to respond to the mobilization in the Russian Federation

The UN Security Council will meet through pseudo-referendums on the territory of Ukraine

The property of the organizers of pseudo-referendums and their relatives will be seized

A man was sentenced to 5 years in prison for calling for Kharkiv to join Russia

All men were mobilized in a Russian village near Kemerovo, media reports

Russians will be sent to prison for desertion and surrender

An explosion rang out in the center of occupied Berdyansk, the city council

2 Russian copters were hunted down by Ukrainian drone hunters in the bordering Chernihiv Oblast

A border guard shot down a Russian drone with an anti-drone gun

The business that remained in Russia has now "by law" become an accomplice of the Kremlin – Kuleb

September 25, 2022

Explosions thundered in Odesa – mass media

A powerful explosion rang out in occupied Melitopol, the circumstances are being established, Ivan Fedorov

During the day, 57 invaders, 30 units of military equipment and three ammunition warehouses were destroyed – OK "Pivden"

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled attacks by Russian troops in the areas of 6 settlements, the General Staff

Soldiers of the SSO shot down a Su-34 bomber

In Ukraine, the commander of the reconnaissance of the occupiers was eliminated. Photo

In the territories liberated by the Armed Forces, we record mass cases of sexual violence – Prosecutor General

Almost fifty military units received the award "For courage and bravery" – the president

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made 26 strikes against the enemy, repulsed attacks near Zaitsevo and Soledar – General Staff

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks in six settlements in Donetsk region, General Staff

In the Omsk region, the mobilized Russians staged a mass fight

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed Russian military bases in Alchevsk and Kadiyevka

The Armed Forces of Ukraine increased fire control near Kakhovskaya HPP and attacked the Russian Guard in Kherson

During the liberation of Kherson Oblast, Oleksiy Malenky from Kryvyi Rih died

A soldier from the Rivne region died on the front line

A Carpathian with the call sign Kvitka – PIK died in the war

Reznikov showed how the Armed Forces shoot down the Russian Su-30 with the Stinger, the supply of which was considered "impossible"

The kamikaze drones used against Odesa are controlled and can change the route during attacks – "Piv’d" OK

An explosion rang out in Berdyansk

Pseudo-referendum in Luhansk region: a polling station was set on fire in Shchasta, enemy barracks were blown up in Mankivka

What is happening on the Melitopol and Mariupol directions

Кто такой liquidated in Kherson collaborator Zhuravko

Maryana Mamonova, released from Russian captivity, gave birth to a girl

The Kremlin is in a hurry to introduce a ban on the departure of men from the Russian Federation abroad

Protest actions against Putin’s mobilization began in Russia

The Kremlin does not rule out the possibility of mobilizing residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, rosZMI reports

Air defense forces shot down the Shahed kamikaze drone, which the Russians were trying to use to attack Mykolaiv

The occupiers form a battalion of Ukrainian prisoners and force them to vote – CPD

"Cotton" in the occupied Luhansk region: "polling station" and enemy barracks are on fire

In the Kherson region, two ammunition warehouses and a command post of the Russian military were destroyed

The State Emergency Service spoke about their losses during the war with Russia

Ex-People’s Deputy Yevgeny Muraev escaped to Vienna — SMI

The war does not scare them: 23 thousand Hasidic pilgrims have already arrived in Uman to celebrate Rosh Hashan

In the Cherkasy region, a Hasid beat a Ukrainian woman

TOP-50 most influential Jews: Zelensky took first place in the ranking according to the Jerusalem Post

Ukraine received NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems from the USA — Zelenskyi

The Armed Forces shot down an attack aircraft of the invaders and a Mi-8 helicopter with a team on board

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus blamed NATO and the West for the war in Ukraine

He supported Russia: a collaborator was convicted in Cherkasy region

The arrested policeman, who served the rioters in Izyum, is suspected of treason

Evacuation buses to Mongolia were organized for Buryats fleeing mobilization

Germany does not supply tanks to Ukraine in order to prevent a NATO war with Russia, – Scholz

There will be no stability in Europe if Putin remains in power – Zelensky

September 26, 2022

General Staff: mobilization measures continue in the Russian Federation, the Rostov region is closed for entry and exit

The General Staff says that the Russians are already sending the mobilized to the front line

Russian kamikaze drones again attacked Odesa – Bratchuk

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a powerful blow against the occupiers in Kherson, six enemy control points in Ukraine were hit – General Staff

The occupiers managed to use Iranian drones to destroy their base in the Kherson region, 80 "two hundred", – journalist

Defending Ukraine, the warrior-hero, famous blogger Evgeny "Mali" died (video, photo)

How to become a Gauleiter-2. Five stories about the collaborators of the Kherson region

Border guards of Kazakhstan detain defectors from Russia

In Russia, the number of arsons of military enlistment offices and surrendered administrations is increasing – mass media

Japan has imposed sanctions against 21 Russian organizations – Reuters

60,000 Crimeans were mobilized into the Russian army

Another torture chamber of the occupiers was found in Kharkiv region (photo)

"Cotton" happened near the Kinburn spit: the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation hit the drone control center of the Russian Federation – mass media

In Germany, a Ukrainian woman was attacked at a pro-Russian rally

A Russian man opened fire at the military commissariat in the Irkutsk region, a soldier was seriously injured (video)

"Kadyrovtsy" take the looted in Ukraine from the Buryats

Heroes of Bukovyna: Captain Viktor Moskuchuk died in fierce battles

A soldier from Goshchi died at the front

A military man from the Odesa region died in the battles near Kherson

Lviv Oblast lost two more defenders of Ukraine during the war

Lt. Col. Valery Matviychuk was killed while performing a combat mission in the East

The best and with great scientific prospects: Ostap Mykhailiv from Mogilan died at the front

Oleg Skrypka, a defender from Kremenchuchyna, died

Bohdan Smirnov, a paratrooper from the Dnipropetrovsk region, died in the battle with the Rashists

"The Russians shot a whole family in the house": residents of the liberated village in the Kherson region told about the occupation

"Cossack battalion named after B. Khmelnytskyi" is formed from prisoners in Olenivka

Georgian Legion captured Russian Ural and BMP-3, video

The Armed Forces of Ukraine laid to rest another priest-occupant from the RPC in Ukraine

The commander of PMC "Wagner" was liquidated on the border of the Zaporozhye region (photo)

Two more mass burials were found in Izyum – Zelenskyi

The Armed Forces advanced to the north of the Kherson region

Before fleeing from the northern regions of Kharkiv Oblast, the occupiers burned down the OCU temple

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit enemy targets in Novaya Astrakhan, Severodonetsk, Kadiivka, Nizhnya Duvanka, and Mankivka

In Melitopol, monks of the UOC MP voted in a fake referendum with "joy and tears of happiness in their eyes"

The Russian Federation is increasing the use of kamikaze drones. The Armed Forces talked about the fight against a new "challenge"

In Kharkiv Oblast, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine captured the enemy’s radio-electronic warfare complex

Ukraine has not yet received the NASAMS air defense system from the United States — the president’s speaker

"The fact of patriotism": in Ryazan, a mobilized person set himself on fire in order not to fight in Ukraine

In Tyumen, the airport banned flights to Russians who received a summons

Mobilization collapsed the Russian market

The US government will provide Ukraine with an additional $457.5 million, Blinken said

Luhansk region was recaptured by the first batch of those mobilized from the Russian Federation

Belgium will transfer large-caliber machine guns to Ukraine

Lithuania provided Ukraine with fifty armored personnel carriers

A military officer of the Russian Federation will be tried for the murder of a resident of Kyiv region

He justified the atrocities of the occupiers: in Uzhgorod, the SBU detained a native of the Russian Federation

Iranian kamikaze drones are equipped with processors from the United States — a strategist of the Armed Forces (photo)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine allowed the Russians to advance near Kyiv in order to destroy their convoys of equipment and supply lines in the rear, – Zaluzhny

The Netherlands promised more weapons for Ukraine and more sanctions for Russia in response to the announcement of mobilization

Britain introduced new sanctions against the Russian Federation due to pseudo-referendums

Caucasus against security forces. The mobilization caused mass protests in Dagestan

The Armed Forces repulsed all attacks on the front and destroyed three structures of the occupiers: the establishment of the General Staff

September 27, 2022

Near Kherson, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the barge of the occupiers – OK "Pivden"

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck the occupiers in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia: enemy losses were announced

The occupation authorities and most of the collaborators left Borova, Pisky-Radkivski is already under the control of the ZSU

A Russian missile destroyed the infrastructure of the airport in Kryvyi Rih, its further use is impossible

She went to work for the "administration of the LPR": the police declared a resident of Luhansk region a suspect

Russia will open a military commissar mobilization point on the border with Georgia

Exodus Where are the Russians fleeing from mobilization and how are they being received?

A conscription point was opened in Moscow’s Viktyuk Theater: the banner of the performance "Dead Souls" was on the facade. PHOTO

As a result of shelling in the Kharkiv region, the Russians killed nine people over the past day

10 S-300 missiles hit the center of the city of Zaporizhia, power lines were damaged and fires started

A fan of the "Russian world" was exposed in Cherkasy

Agreed to serve the occupiers – the collaborator will be tried in the Kyiv region

Another torture chamber was discovered in Kharkiv region (photo)

He had his whole life ahead of him. Serhiy Popereka from Dnipropetrovsk region died in the battle

A soldier from Chernihiv region died while defending Ukraine

AMKR employee Volodymyr Mogilovsky died in the war

A defender from the Zhytomyr region died in the battles for Donetsk region

A fighter from Kamiansk died in a battle in Kharkiv region

Three soldiers from the Chernivtsi region were killed in the battle against the Russian invaders

Yuri Buliga, a defender from Kryvyi Rih, died in Kharkiv Oblast

A defender from Odesa died in the Mykolaiv region

Zelenskyi named the statistics of daily losses of the Armed Forces in the war with Russia

The Kraken special unit told how they captured 15 Russian officers

Nataliya Humenyuk on the problem of information leakage: the Armed Forces of Ukraine received fierce battles due to the bravura statements of deputies and bloggers

In Ukraine, an occupier from the Vologda region of the Russian Federation who "prophesied" to himself "Lada" was eliminated. Photo

On September 26, it "flew" to Svativ Oblast again. In social networks, they write about the victims among the occupiers – Svatove.City

Already 395 children have died as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine

Russia wants to create a "Crimean District" headed by Rogozin from the occupied territories, media reports

The Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated the occupiers from another village in the Kharkiv region

In the Luhansk region, the Armed Forces repelled the attacks of the occupiers near 7 settlements, according to OVA data

The Armed Forces liberated Kupyansk-Vuzlovy, which had been under occupation since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, – Synegubov

Border guards revealed new details of the counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region

The Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down a Russian drone in the Kherson region

SBU caught the agent who planned to correct kamikaze drone strikes in Odesa region – Bomok

A video appeared showing how the Ukrainian military raised the flag over the liberated Kupyansk-Vuzlov

The USA will transfer about 16 NASAMS launchers to Ukraine

The National Guard captured two majors of the Russian troops (video)

The Armed Forces shot down a Russian spy drone in the Kherson region

Stoltenberg called on NATO countries to urgently replenish their stockpiles of weapons to support Ukraine

The rest of the EU macro-finance of 3 billion euros for Ukraine will be a grant, not a loan – the German ambassador

Ukraine has completely banned the export of goods to Russia – DW – 09/27/2022

The SBU detained an official who called for the extermination of Ukrainians

In Kharkiv, a man was sentenced to five years in prison for calling for "Ukraine to join the Russian Federation"

The police identified the occupiers who shot cars in Gostomel

September 28, 2022

There was no preparation at all. Mobilized Russians began to arrive at the front in Ukraine — General Staff

Subversion for $300 million. What is known about accidents at Gazprom’s gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea

The United States is preparing a new military aid package for Ukraine worth more than $1 billion, Reuters

The Armed Forces of the Ukrainian SSR "captured" 58 occupiers and shot down an enemy Su-25 in the Southern direction – OK "South"

"Threat to national security": Poland refuses residence permits even to those Russians who openly oppose the war in Ukraine

Turkish Airlines has canceled all flights to Russia and Belarus until the end of 2022

Air defense forces shot down 4 enemy missiles fired at Mykolaiv, Odesa and Kryvyi Rih – OK "South"

The Armed Forces repelled the attacks of the occupiers in the area of eight settlements: the morning summary of the General Staff on September 28

The occupiers hit the center of Gulyaipol with three S300 missiles. A historical monument, OVA, was destroyed

Hungary and Turkey have not yet ratified the NATO expansion

The US Senate approved a bill on the allocation of more than $12 billion for Ukraine

A powerful explosion was heard in occupied Tokmok

During the day, rocket and artillery units completed 250 fire missions — OK "South"

Vinnytsia special forces officer Dmytro Klymenko was killed by Russian shelling

Oleksandr Novosad from Volyn died in the war with Russia

Mykola Margita from Poltava region died in Donetsk region – he volunteered to go to the front in the first days of the full-scale war

Mykola Zinchenko died on the border of Sumy Oblast – Panorama

A heavy loss: Serhiy Ogrebchuk, a Hero from the Kolkiv community, died

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the headquarters of militants of the 7th LPR brigade in Bryantsk, Luhansk region (photo)

The occupiers fired a rocket at a school in Donetsk region, where civilians and children were hiding

0.5% of residents of the occupied part of the Zaporizhia region took part in the pseudo-referendum – Fedorov

The Kremlin announced plans to occupy the entire Donetsk region after the pseudo-referendums

The Russian Federation expects that the annexation procedure of the occupied territories will take 12 days

The SBU identified the Russian military who shot 10 evacuation vehicles

In Ukraine, they arrested a plane that the owner planned to hand over to the occupiers – the DBR

The US Embassy urged its citizens to leave the Russian Federation immediately

In order not to be identified: mobilized Russians are sent to the front without tokens

Bodies of killed civilians were found near the de-occupied Vysokopyll

The ambassador of Russia to the UN said that Zelenskyy tried to "disrupt the mobilization" with his videos in Russian

The SBU announced suspicions against 16 organizers of pseudo-referendums. Among them are the leader of the "DPR", Stremousov and Saldo

Zelensky awarded 144 servicemen of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 27 of them posthumously

Three Nord Stream pipes may become permanently unusable

The confiscated superyacht of oligarch Pumpyansky was sold in Gibraltar for $37.5 million

The European Commission published the eighth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation

Air defense units of Ukraine shot down 22 "Shahed-136" drones out of 32 launched by the Russians

The SBU exposed the agents of the occupiers

Self-proclaimed Lukashenko arrived in unrecognized Abkhazia

Russia: lawyers and colleagues of the Radio Liberty journalist arrested in Makhachkala announced her disappearance

In Prague, tens of thousands of people took to the streets again with pro-Russian slogans

Latvia and Romania urged their citizens to leave the Russian Federation immediately Latvia and Romania recommend that their citizens, who are currently in the territory of the Russian Federation, leave the country immediately.

Pushylin and Stremousov are on the list: the SBU announced suspicions against the organizers of the "referendums"