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Nicholas Zharkikh

August 18, 2022

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy radio electronic warfare station

The mayor of Melitopol reported about the explosions in Kyrylivka, occupied by the Russians

The Russian Federation tried to advance in the area of Siversk, Bakhmut and Donetsk. The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled all attacks — a map

Crimean platform: dozens of countries have confirmed their participation in the summit

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, 1,075 children have been affected

OK Pivden denied statements regarding the repair of the bridge at the Kakhovskaya HPP

"Prime Minister" Aksyonov and Speaker of "Parliament" Kostiantynov left Crimea: there is no talk of returning

In occupied Amvrosiivka, explosions rang out all night: reports of ammunition detonation

Ukraine has many opportunities to create surprise for the Russian Federation

The USA "quietly" transferred AGM-88 HARM missiles to Ukraine: what makes them special

The meeting between Zelenskyi and Erdogan in Lviv has begun

The Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south destroyed the Russian "Legend-2" and an anti-tank complex

Artillerymen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the "Hyacinth" of the occupiers – the destruction of Russian equipment

They attacked the convoy: National Guard fighters showed the coordinated destruction of Russian tanks – video

The court sentenced the adjuster of rocket attacks in Odesa region

The first helicopter purchased with the funds of UNITED24 has been sent to the front —

Zelensky named the corvette being built for Ukraine "Hetman Ivan Mazepa"

Ukraine reports 1,600 cyberattacks since the beginning of the year, Estonia says it has repelled the biggest cyberattack since 2007

Zelensky held a meeting with the UN Secretary General

The number of victims as a result of the attack of the Russian Federation on Kharkiv has increased to 12 people, – DSNS

Reznikov met with the Minister of Defense of Turkey

The "Minister of Education" of Mariupol and four "directors" of schools are suspected of treason, the Office of the Prosecutor General

Brought Russian equipment near Kyiv. The SBU detained an enemy agent

"Sputnyk Prytula": the Armed Forces explained what space advantage they had over the enemy

Will spend 5.5 billion dollars: Denmark will renew its navy against the background of Russian aggression

Poroshenko on the situation at the ZNPP: Putin’s nuclear terrorism has no borders

Aid to Ukraine: why Politico never gets tired of lying in favor of the Russian Federation

What Zelensky, Erdogan and Guterres agreed on at the summit in Lviv

In Ukraine, the assets and property of a company linked to the Russian Federation, which owns a large network of gas stations, were seized

Counter-intelligence of the SBU caught a resident of Sumy Oblast who was escorting the enemy along safe roads to Kyiv

August 19, 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled attacks near Slovyansk and Bakhmut, Russia is advancing in the Donetsk region — map

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made four strikes on the enemy concentration in the south

The Russians repeatedly shelled the university in Mykolaiv

A supporter of the "Russian Peace" was exposed in Vinnytsia

The "Return Alive" fund purchased equipment for the river division of the Navy for 1.5 million hryvnias

Blinken sent to NATO the protocols on the ratification of the accession of Finland and Sweden to the alliance

Video: explosions occurred near the Kerch bridge, Russian air defense systems were activated

The USA is preparing a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth $800 million

The Armed Forces struck the occupiers in Nova Kakhovka

The Armed Forces repelled the offensive of the occupiers in eight directions, and battles are still ongoing in two directions – the General Staff

The Russians are trying to break through to Bakhmut, the Armed Forces repelled eight enemy attacks, Heyday

Grain and nuclear materials. The State Department fears recognizing the Russian Federation as a sponsor of terrorism — Politico

Russia: Medvedev said that because of the sanctions, EU citizens are "forced to wipe the toilet paper"

A series of explosions at military facilities in Crimea, Belgorod and Kherson region. What is known

It cost 50 million dollars: the Armed Forces shot down the newest Russian Su-30 SM aircraft near Kharkov

NATO Secretary General will take part in the "Crimean Platform" summit

Russia’s FSB wanted to set up wiretapping in the halls and sidelines of the Council. But the agent did not complete the task

The SBU detained a Russian who was collecting intelligence for the FSB near Kramatorsk: photo

Russian soldiers raped three girls aged 14, 15 and 17 in Belgorod, intercepted conversation

They tried to cross the river: the border guards eliminated the saboteurs

Before the invasion of Ukraine, the FSB actively furnished apartments in Kyiv

Reznikov stated that Estonia is joining the Ukrainian military training program

More than 200 cartridges and shells: a cache of weapons of the occupiers was discovered in Chernihiv Oblast. Photo

Law enforcement officers exposed the developer of pro-Russian web resources: 100 terabytes of propaganda information were seized

In a village in the Luhansk region, the repair base of the invaders with a large amount of equipment was destroyed – Gaidai

Estonia will propose to the European Commission to introduce the eighth package of sanctions against Russia

The Armed Forces disabled more than half of all combat aircraft of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in Crimea – Reuters

In four days, Ukrainian anti-aircraft fighters destroyed five Russian UAVs and one Ka-52

In Mariupol, the invaders began to cut the metallurgical plant named after Ilyich to scrap

In the Zhytomyr region, the suspicion was reported to a collaborator who called for support for the actions of the occupiers

A resident of Odesa region who spread information about the deployment of the Armed Forces received 5 years of imprisonment

What kind of satellite did Prytula buy and how will it help the Armed Forces

Klimkin spoke about the secret conversation between Zelenskyi and Erdogan, which took place behind closed doors in Lviv

NASAMS air defense system and not only: the USA will allocate $775 million in military aid to Ukraine

On the agenda is the demilitarization of Crimea with its subsequent de-occupation – the secretary of the NSDC

The SBU exposed Russian agents in the penitentiary system of Ukraine

Border guards awarded a medal to a pensioner who shot down a Russian Su-34 with a rifle

Explosions rang out in Yevpatoria in the occupied Crimea – mass media

Germany will transfer high-precision Vulcano projectiles to Ukraine

The SBI is investigating the border crossing by the "Monaco battalion": more than 80 people are on the list

"Even walls are not an obstacle for him": the Finnish company will provide Ukraine with high-quality satellite images

August 20, 2022

Fighting continues in three directions in the east of Ukraine – General Staff

"Air defense "worked" so much that the smoke is still coming." The mayor of occupied Melitopol reported about powerful explosions in the city

At night, the enemy shelled the Nemyshlyanskyi district of Kharkiv with rockets, the mayor of the city said

The USA will support Ukraine "as long as necessary" – Blinken

Estonia has already provided €250 million in military aid to Ukraine

He drew up a plan for the occupiers to attack Khmelnytskyi: they would try the traitor

In the Kharkiv region, another admirer of the "Russian peace" was exposed, who was blaming the enemy for the position of the Ukrainian military

A traitor to Ukraine from Crimea, who fought against the Armed Forces of Ukraine and was captured, has been identified

The pseudo-head of Kakhovsky Vodokanal was suspected of collaborationism, the prosecutor’s office said

Air defense worked: 4 enemy Kalibr missiles were shot down over Dnipropetrovsk region

The Lviv producer changed the name of "Moskovska" sausage

The default is cancelled: the S&P agency raised Ukraine’s credit rating

The Russian diplomat in Vienna publicly called for the extermination of Ukrainians

Ukrainian defenders destroyed the enemy’s radar complex and 4 units of Rashist equipment, GUR MO. VIDEO

Ihor Shportyuk from Kramatorsk died in the battle with the Russian occupiers

After the attack of the Armed Forces on the military base in Melitopol, the occupiers shelled the residential quarter of the city

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the stronghold of the occupiers near Horlovka

ZNPP employees who starred in pro-Russian video productions will be fired

In Mariupol, Russians looted Kuindzhi Gallery (video)

Belarusian specialists restore Russian combat aircraft – intelligence

Russian attack on Voznesensk: the number of victims has increased to 9, four children are seriously injured

Lithuania is preparing to send the 30th package of military aid to Ukraine, – Minister Anusauskas

He left the city defenseless: the prosecutor’s office took on the mayor of Kostyantynivka

The SBU exposed 8 more collaborators in the Zaporizhzhia region (photo)

A "parade" of destroyed Russian equipment was held on Khreschatyk

The Ukrainian aviation in the south attacked the stronghold of the Russians

Rocket attack on a dormitory in Kharkiv: three more dead bodies were discovered

The number of victims in Voznesensk has increased to 12 people, including three children – Prosecutor General’s Office

In Crimea, hackers hacked local television and included Zelensky’s address

Ukrainian aviation attacked a Russian stronghold in the south

Tons of scrap metal on Khreshchatyk instead of a parade: Reznikov on plans of the Russian Federation to capture Kyiv

The US Treasury announced Russia’s efforts to circumvent Western sanctions with the help of Turkey

The US admitted for the first time that it had provided HARM anti-radar missiles to Ukraine

In Sumy Oblast, a landmine blew up a local deputy and a farmer

Media: Virtual training on American attack aircraft in Ukraine. The Armed Forces need fighters

ScanEagle drones going to Ukraine can change the course of the war –

In the west of the Crimea, the anti-aircraft defense was activated – the occupiers

Explosions are heard near Chornobayivka in the Kherson region

Guerrillas detonated a bomb on the path of the Gauleiter of Mariupol

Counterintelligence of the SBU detained Russian agents trying to get a job in the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Reznikov was given a complete list of Russian vehicles that will take part in the "parade" on Khreshchatyk

Ukraine has already received 100 drones as part of the "Army of Drones" project – Fedorov

August 21, 2022

Putin knows what he’s doing, so his trial will be quick – Prosecutor of the International Tribunal from Yugoslavia

In the Kyiv region, the SBU detained Russian agents who tortured a child and tried to get into the Armed Forces

A car carrying the daughter of the ideologue of the "Russian World" Alexander Dugin exploded in the Moscow region

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed something much more important than airplanes in Crimea

The Ukrainian military repelled 13 Russian attacks on the border of Luhansk region and Donetsk region within a day

The number of deaths in evacuation convoys in the Zaporizhzhia region exceeded a dozen – the mayor of Melitopol

A young soldier from Volyn died in the war for Ukraine

The head of the regional SBU department was found dead in Kirovohrad Oblast

Residents of occupied Sevastopol once again report explosions

A rocket attack on Mykolaiv and explosions in the Kherson region – the main thing in the regions overnight

Retribution arrived: the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed part of the equipment used by the enemy to shell Nikopol and Marganets

The Armed Forces hit the position of the Russians in Donbas: "Hyacinth-S" and many occupiers were destroyed

Maksym Martynov from Luchan was killed in battle in Kharkiv Oblast

Serhiy Marchuk, defender of Ukraine from Derazhnyan Oblast, died

Yuriy Shevchuk, a native of Volhynia, died in the battles with the Russian occupiers

A real hero died: enemy iron stopped the heart of a Dnipro resident

The musician Roman Barvinok died in the war: the story of a warrior with the soul of a violinist. PHOTOS, VIDEOS

They determined who was in charge: in occupied Zaporozhye, the Kadyrovs and Buryats tried to "demilitarize" each other

Time: the Americans are training the Ukrainian military on A-10 attack aircraft

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the command post of the Stavropol paratroopers

The Russians confirmed the July liquidation of their lieutenant colonel in Kherson

Explosions rang out in occupied Crimea: what is known

In Kharkiv Oblast, an accomplice of the occupiers organized the looting of a military unit of the National Guard, warehouses of a meat processing plant and a sugar factory, the prosecutor’s office

Chornobayivka is back: the Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated a warehouse of Russian equipment, – Deputy Khlan

New air warning signals are being introduced in Ukraine, depending on the type of danger

Andriivka, not only Irpin and Bucha. New investigations testify to the crimes of the Russian army during the occupation

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Operational information regarding the Russian invasion as of 6:00 p.m. 08/21/2022

On the evening of July 20, explosions were heard in occupied Novaya Kakhovka. VIDEO

Details of the construction of the factory for the production of "Bayraktars" in Ukraine: an exclusive with the owner of the factory

The Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General’s Office denied reports that Smeshko was suspected of treason

"Bureviy" – the newest 220-mm rocket artillery installation of Ukrainian production – Ukrainian telecommunications portal

Russia has partially closed the air in three regions near Ukraine since August 22

August 22, 2022

The Ukrainian military strengthened fire control and adjusted the carrying capacity of the Kakhov bridge, OK "Pivden"

General Staff: The Russians advance towards Mykolaiv, have partial success – map

The Russians "lit up" on the network the exact location of their S-400 air defense system in Crimea

Residents of Crimea reported explosions near Belbek

"Alarm clock" in Donetsk: half of the city was awakened by powerful explosions, video

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck the strongholds of the occupiers near Burhanivka and Oleksandrivka

Flash mob in Crimea: holidaymakers en masse "hand over" the coordinates of the occupiers’ air defense systems

Who may be involved in Russia’s purchase of Iranian reconnaissance and strike drones

The Russian Federation said that air defense was operating near the Belbek airfield in Crimea at night

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the NSDC, called the Russian attack from Belarus a "knife in the back"

"Soon they will be": Scholz announced the transfer of modern IRIS-T air defense systems and Cobra radars to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The spokesman of the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces denies that Ukrainian pilots are trained in the USA on A-10 attack aircraft

Scouts of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were detained in Donetsk region

Two residents of the Vyshgorod district are suspected of treason

Flying mine: Australia will transfer 300 unique kamikaze drones to Ukraine – what is known about them

Military ships of the Russian Federation tried to prevent the movement of the US aircraft carrier

HIMARS position scouts were "packed" in Cherkasy region

The troops of the Russian Federation launched a missile attack on Odesa region – OK "South"

Molested children: Ukrainian partisans cut the throat of the occupier in Melitopol (video)

The explosions in Kherson led to a fire on the Antonivskyi Bridge — the occupied territory

About 60 countries and organizations have already confirmed their participation in the Crimean Platform, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said

Ukraine’s statement on genocide in the UN International Court of Justice

The assistant of the "LPR" grenade launcher was sentenced to eleven years behind bars – Prosecutor General’s Office

In Kharkov, an Internet agitator was exposed, who lost his business because of the occupiers, but campaigned for Russia

Ukraine received another 5,000 Starlink terminals

The FSB of the Russian Federation announced the disclosure of Dugina’s murder and blamed it on the Ukrainian special services

About 9,000 Ukrainian defenders have already died in the war, – Zaluzhny

Fighters of the 30th Mechanized Brigade named after Prince Ostrozhsky captured a Russian T-80 tank (photo)

The agent group of the Russian GRU in Zaporozhye was neutralized

The dead are reported: the occupiers fired at the TPP in Zaporizhzhia

The SBI has exposed two officials of the criminal executive service for treason

Social autocracy. Why are Meta moderators so demanding of Ukrainian users

A powerful explosion rang out in Sevastopol, — rosZMI

Russian troops tried to advance near Novomykhailivka, suffered losses and retreated – General Staff

Special operations fighters stopped the enemy and blew up the bridge – exclusive footage of the work of the SSO

The US Army is preparing a contract for the supply of long-range Switchblade drones for Ukraine, – the Pentagon

Documentary confirmation of the activities of collaborators in Mariupol

Zelensky presented the "Golden Star" orders to military personnel and families of fallen Heroes of Ukraine. PHOTO

August 23, 2022

The occupiers in 5 directions tried to conduct reconnaissance by fighting and launching anti-aircraft missiles, — General Staff

The Netherlands named the number of instructors who will be sent to train the Armed Forces

How many billions has Ukraine already lost because of the war

Review of high-precision Vulcano projectiles with a range of up to 100 km – Ukrainian telecommunications portal

Bakhmut and Avdiivka were covered with rockets, "Hurricanes" and artillery: photos of the consequences

Turkey handed over 50 Kirpi armored vehicles to Ukraine, media reports

The Security Service of Ukraine has started blocking the virtual wallets of Russians who collect money for the war in Ukraine

De-Russification: in the rear there are monuments reminiscent of the occupiers

Ukrainian soldiers landed and captured a Russian drone

Zinova Zazherey, a soldier from Frankiv region, died in the war

Defenders Yevhen Loputsko and Ihor Andrushchenko from Poltava region were killed in the fighting in eastern Ukraine

Vadim Zelenyuk and Andriy Kasyan from Khmelnytskyi region died in the war

Another resident of Nemirov died heroically at the front

Soldiers of the K2 group showed the occupiers that the desire to imitate Kadyrov’s TikTok troops is harmful to health – video of the attack

The Armed Forces destroyed more than a dozen enemy radar systems in a week: the new US missiles helped

In the south, the Armed Forces destroyed the "Buk", the "Sani" mortar complex and an enemy warehouse

Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft struck the positions of the occupiers

The Armed Forces destroyed the new satellite communication station of the occupiers "Auriga"

SSO fighters showed impressive footage of the undermining of a bridge in Sviatohirsk in Donetsk region. Video

DBR: the court declared Tupytsky wanted in another case

The occupiers reported that a projectile hit Pushylin’s headquarters in Donetsk

Kim explained what the "success" of the Russians on the outskirts of Blagodatny actually means

The Russian occupiers are creating an artificial famine in the Zaporizhzhia region in order to speed up passporting

Ukrainian fighters destroyed an enemy Ka-52 helicopter

Explosions are heard again in occupied Sevastopol

A defender from Kirovohrad region died in the war with Russia

Ukraine terminated the agreement with the Russian Federation on the parallel operation of energy systems

For fundraising for Bayraktar, Lithuanian media workers received medals "For services to the Armed Forces of Ukraine"

RQ-7B Shadow drones want to be replaced by JUMP 20 tactical UAVs: what is known (video)

The USA has decided to provide Ukraine with a $3 billion military aid package

In Kherson, Saldo’s assistant who was responsible for "internal policy" was blown up

A Russian soldier who kept people in a basement without food or water will be tried

The SBU exposed a network of pro-Russian propagandists

Smoking is no longer relevant: in the Belgorod region, an ammunition warehouse caught fire "because of the heat" (video)

Sberbank of Russia left Kazakhstan for "geopolitical reasons": what is known

Canada announced sanctions against 62 Russian citizens and new aid to the government of Ukraine

August 24, 2022

In the USA, they showed how they are preparing a new batch of weapons to be sent to Ukraine

The occupiers tried to conduct reconnaissance in the Slavic direction: the Armed Forces forced them to flee — General Staff

​The enemy advanced in the Bakhmut and Avdiiv directions, without success

The Prime Minister of Ukraine presented the basic concept of restoration of Crimea after deoccupation

Russia considers the idea of creating a demilitarized zone at the Zaporizhia NPP to be irresponsible

The Security Service of Ukraine exposed a network of supporters of Kremlin narratives in two regions of Ukraine

Weapons of independence

Russia staged an attack on Pushylin’s "administration", – ISW

Ukrainian soldiers destroyed two command posts and a warehouse with ammunition in the Kherson region

Anti-aircraft defense shot down a missile over Cherkasy

Russia attacked Avdiyivka with rockets, "Hrads" and aircraft: footage of the deadly shelling

Russians shell Dergachi in Kharkiv Oblast with artillery

Russia hit Myrhorod with missiles – four "arrivals"

Norway and Great Britain will buy Black Hornet micro-drones and the Nightfighter anti-drone system for Ukraine

On the Independence Day of Ukraine, Zelenskyi and the first lady honored the memory of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred

A gift for the Independence Day of Ukraine: the Armed Forces shot down the Ka-52 helicopter of the Russian occupiers

Ivan Sushka was killed: the occupation head of the village near Zaporizhzhia was blown up in his car

The occupiers hit Zaporizhzhia with 9 rockets: details (photo)

The occupiers shelled Novy Bug in the Mykolaiv region, nine were injured

The Armed Forces shot down a secret Russian Kartograf drone with 12 cameras: what is known about it

Ukrainian soldiers eliminated 10 sergeants of the Russian Federation and an officer right during the formation: the moment was caught on video

The Armed Forces destroyed an enemy warehouse with ammunition in the occupied city of Tokmak

Poltava lost a soldier of the Armed Forces – volunteer Dmytro But died in battle

2 bases of the occupiers were hit in Zaporozhye: which objects were still hit on August 23 (MAP, VIDEO)

Air defense forces shot down a Russian missile over Cherkasy – OVA

The command post was destroyed. The occupiers complain about the strikes of the Armed Forces in the south

In Donetsk region, marines eliminated 30 occupiers and knocked out an enemy tank, the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

"Public clowning". The President’s Office responded to Lukashenka’s wish for a "peaceful sky" to Ukraine

The court seized Russian hotels in Lviv and Kyiv for over UAH 1 billion

The SBU detained a girl who was rejoicing over the rocket attacks on Zaporizhzhia – photo

Near Kyiv, the first in Ukraine commemorative sign to the Teroborona Forces was opened

Ukraine will receive ScanEagle, Puma and Banshee Jet 80 combat drones: how they will help the Armed Forces (video)

Fantastic pocket drone: the network showed an unusual UAV that will be received by the Armed Forces

One after another, alarms sound in Kyiv. You can hear the sounds of air defense from Cherkasy region

Johnson came to Kyiv for the third time since the beginning of the invasion of the Russian Federation

Britain has completely stopped importing Russian oil

Powerful explosions rang out in Nova Kakhovka

The Ukrainian military shot down a Russian drone "Orlan" in the Chernihiv region

Defenders from Kirovohrad Oblast died in the war with the Rashists

The occupiers are shelling Energodar

Kuleba named two EU countries that do not give weapons to Ukraine

Washington Post: On February 24, the Kremlin called Zelensky demanding his surrender

The SBU detained an agent of the Russian Federation who was "hunting" the positions of Ukrainian "HIMARS" in Mykolaiv Oblast

Russia is on fire: the fire in the Ryazan region moved towards the suburbs of Moscow (photo, video)

In the capital of Latvia, the monument "Motherland" was demolished: the monument will be destroyed

Russians hit Dnipropetrovsk region with missiles, 15 people died – Zelensky

Air defense forces destroyed the second drone over Chernihiv region

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal came to meet with Zelenskyi: what was discussed

HIMARS positions were scouted: an agent of the General Staff of the Russian Federation was detained in Mykolaiv Oblast

The SBU thwarted provocations planned by the Russian special services in several regions

In Crimea, Donetsk and some Russian cities, cyber activists hacked cameras with built-in speakers and turned on the national anthem of Ukraine

A Russian businessman’s $50 million yacht sank off the coast of Italy (video)

The capital of Russia is on fire: there is a large-scale fire in the north of Moscow

Burnt passenger cars and cars: creepy photos from the site of a rocket attack in Dnipropetrovsk region

Pentagon: the new package of aid to Ukraine from the USA included 6 NASAMS air defense systems and hundreds of thousands of projectiles

They tried to conduct reconnaissance. Ukrainian military shot down four enemy drones

The occupiers launched two rocket attacks on the critical infrastructure of the Shepetiv district

Hiding Russian soldiers: a collaborator will be tried in Chernihiv Oblast

The SBU has already detained three HIMARS "hunters" in the Donetsk and Mykolaiv regions

The police established the identity of the soldier who shot people near Kyiv

Yevhen Moysiuk and Oleksandr Syrskyi awarded servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with departmental awards

The Ukrainian ambassador to the Vatican criticized Francis for expressing condolences to the Russian propagandist Dugyna