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September 1, 2022

The list of liquidated traitors from the traitor Tsarev

More than 10 villas of a Russian oligarch were arrested in Italy

Over 200 occupiers, 12 tanks and 6 ammunition depots were destroyed in a day in the south of the Armed Forces

"He shot 5 people for nothing in the Kyiv region": they announced the suspicion of Kadyrov’s henchman

In Kherson, the People’s Artist of Ukraine sided with the Russian occupiers

Zelensky awarded state awards to another 149 military personnel, 15 of them posthumously

Montenegro blamed hackers associated with the Russian Federation for cyberattacks on government websites

In Energodar, the civilian population has been under fire from the Russian occupiers since five in the morning

Ukraine’s counteroffensive is now underway not only in the Kherson Region – Office of the President

The SBI requests the extradition of one of the "Monaco battalion fighters"

The agent of the Russian Federation was given 9 years in prison: he corrected the attack on the airfield "Kramatorsk"

Russian K-52 helicopters hit the residential quarters of Energodar – GUR

A top manager of the Lukoil company died in Moscow after falling from a hospital window

GUR called on Crimeans to hand over data on the "resting places" of the occupiers

A defender from Poltava region died in the war

A senior soldier from Rivne died in the battles near Kherson

The Russian army killed 380 children in Ukraine – Prosecutor General’s Office

Explosions are heard in Nova Kakhovka

A video of the destroyed base appeared, in which 58 occupiers were destroyed

Serhiy Podolyan, a resident of Kamian, died during a combat mission

Roman Pulyk and Vasyl Tychkovskyi from Rozhnytiv region died in the war

The war with the Russian enemy took the lives of defenders from Kirovohrad Oblast

The Ukrainian military destroyed a helicopter and two enemy drones within a day

201 occupiers, 12 T-72 tanks, the Sontsepok system and five Msta-B howitzers were eliminated: OC "South" spoke about the successes of the Armed Forces in the south of Ukraine

The "cotton" season is in full swing – explosions were heard again in Crimea, there are reports of victims

In Sumy Oblast, the SBU neutralized a Russian agent who was scouting border fortifications

In Energodar, against the backdrop of the IAEA’s visit, the connection disappeared

The US received a warrant for the arrest of the Russian Lukoil plane

WSJ: The West agreed on a blow to the oil revenues of the Russian Federation

The IAEA mission arrived at Zaporizhzhya NPP. What is known?

Southern front. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting positional battles, the names of the liberated settlements are requested not to be named

They fired from tanks, MLRS and artillery, there are dead and wounded: the occupiers struck 14 populated areas of Zaporozhye

The occupiers are taking families out of Crimea

Another supporter of "Russian peace" was exposed in Lviv

Ukrainian military will receive winter uniforms and clothes from Denmark

Half a hundred private houses were damaged in one of the communities of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast due to shelling by the Russians, – Lukashuk (photo)

Stratkom showed the destruction of Russian equipment with the help of "Bayraktars"

The President’s Office called it strange that the IAEA mission stayed at the ZNPP for only 2 hours

The head of the IAEA made the first official statement after visiting the Zaporizhzhia NPP

Finland will hand over a package of military aid to Ukraine in the amount of 8.3 million euros

In Kherson, three school directors and 10 heads of kindergartens became traitors, the city hall

The SBU liquidated an agent network in Lviv that worked for the "L/DNR" militants (photo)

Sweden will provide Ukraine with arms worth 500 million crowns

September 2, 2022

"Cotton" again in Melitopol: the Armed Forces hit the Russian composition

OK "South": the Armed Forces destroyed five Russian warehouses and hit the crossing

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a ferry crossing of the occupiers in the Kherson region – OK "South"

General Staff: the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully repelled the attack of enemy units in the districts of Opytne, Pervomaiske, and Nevelske settlements

"The butchery will seem less terrible." The terrible truth of Kherson from a journalist who only recently left the city

A man was arrested in Lviv Oblast, who led the group "Lviv People’s Republic" on social networks

Another informant was exposed in Kharkiv region

The body of another person tortured by the Russians was discovered in the Kyiv region

In Ukraine, for the first time, the court allowed the confiscation of the property of a citizen of the Russian Federation

FBI agents searched a Russian oligarch

Putin stopped the supply of gas to Germany, which was most afraid of it: what to expect

In Transcarpathia, September 2 is the Day of Mourning for the Fallen Soldiers of the 128th Brigade

A junior sergeant from the Sarnen region fell during the shelling in the Mykolayiv region

Heroes do not die, they remain in our hearts: a soldier from Kryvyi Rih died in the war

Andriy Suprun, a resident of the Kryvorizka district, died fighting for Ukraine

Defending his hometown: "cyborg" Mykola Zhornovy died in the Kryvyi Rih area

Defending Ukraine in the south, tank commander Ihor Predolyak, a native of Vinnytsia, died

Vasyl Goran, a native of Rakhov, died in the war

Oleksandr Nedzelenko, an employee of AMKR, died in the war

Powerful explosions are heard in occupied Kherson, mass media

The state nationalized the business of an oligarch from Putin’s party: how much money will go into the treasury

The Ukrainian army will receive 8 million euros worth of weapons from Finland

Shmyhal will go to Scholz for Leopard 2 tanks – military aid

The Shell concern withdrew from the Sakhalin-2 project in Russia

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a large warehouse with fuel and lubricants near Kupyansk

The Armed Forces destroyed the secret pontoon crossing of the occupiers near the Kakhovskaya HPP: details

Ukraine returned another 14 soldiers from Russian captivity

The government approved new sanctions against the Russian Federation and Belarus, the list of persons headed by Putin’s daughters

Ukrainian defenders worked on the ferry crossing of the Rashists in the Kherson region

Russia is carrying weapons from Syria across the Bosphorus – Ukraine reacted

Recruited people for the Russian special services – a traitor will be tried in Vinnytsia

A resident of the Dnipropetrovsk region worked for the enemy – the SBU

Genocide in Buche: the identities of the two killer invaders have been established

The SBU detained two agents of the Russian Federation, who were "hunting" for the coordinates of the positions of the Armed Forces and the passwords of checkpoints in the Kharkiv region

The Cabinet of Ministers has imposed sanctions against the Rosatom: more than 700 people are on the list

In the Kherson region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed an enemy crossing and hit Russian boats – OK "Pivden"

Almost all EU countries agreed to provide Ukraine with another €5 billion. Only Hungary — Euractiv — opposed it

The Armed Forces of Ukraine showed the work of artillery — the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

"I think there was no check." Where did Bakanov go after his release from the SBU is unknown – people’s deputy Kostenko

The SBU announced the exposure of three more female collaborators in the Luhansk region

Accurate strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on warehouses near Kherson and Energodar: most of the occupiers died of injuries

More than 7,000 civilians have died in Ukraine since the beginning of the war as a result of shelling by the occupiers, the Ministry of Internal Affairs

An enemy drone was shot down over Mykolaiv Oblast. PHOTO

Joe Biden is asking Congress for $13.7 billion in military, economic and energy aid to Ukraine

The United States is planning an agreement within the framework of the "Group of Seven" to limit prices for Russian oil – the White House

Russia’s Gazprom has announced that Nord Stream will not operate tomorrow, allegedly due to malfunctions

September 3, 2022

At night, the Ukrainian military shot down all five missiles that the Russians directed at the Dnipro

Pentagon sets up ’tiger team’ to speed up arms sales to allies – WSJ

Grossi confirmed that the physical integrity of the ZNPP was violated several times

Two Kharkiv residents recruited by the "LNR" agent, who passed data on the armed forces to the enemy, were exposed

Estonia will have its own "Action" – the Ministry of Digital will help with the development of the application

Bayraktar destroyed 26.5 million dollars worth of Russian equipment in three days: Zaluzhny showed a video

On Monday, Lutsk will say goodbye to the fallen hero Oleksandr Kule

Traitor priest: The UOC MP priest who leaked information about the Armed Forces to the enemy will be tried

Russia announced that the USA has not yet issued visas to Lavrov and his delegation to participate in the UN General Assembly

The EU and the USA reacted to the shutdown of the Nord Stream – 1"

Turkey will double the production of "Bayraktars"

In Donetsk region, Ukrainian anti-aircraft fighters shot down a Russian KA-52 "Alligator"

During three days, a pair of Bayraktar TV-2 UAVs destroyed Russian equipment worth about $26.5 million

"The IAEA acts on the side of Russia. A visit to the ZNPP is PR, not work" — ex-minister Kostenko

"We have the most questions for the UN. We see that it practically equates the victim and the attacker", – Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets

Russian army general Chaika, who commanded the operation to seize Kyiv, will be tried in Ukraine

In Kyiv, they detained a proofreader who was handing over the positions of the Armed Forces to the Russians

A pro-Russian bot farm with 5,000 fake Facebook accounts was exposed in Kyiv

Lukashenko announced a quick resolution of the war in Ukraine due to Zelenskyi’s conflict with the military. The President’s Office responded

"No one is afraid of the Russians and their crumbling army." The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine offered an alternative to the word "Russophobia"

Bot farms were covered in Bila Tserkva and Odesa: they "spread destructive content" about the army and leadership of Ukraine

Less than two days have passed since Grossi’s visit: Zaporizhzhia NPP was disconnected from the grid again – IAEA

Antonivsky bridge was hit again. VIDEO

Attacks on Bakhmut and Avdiivka were repulsed, aviation attacked the command posts of the occupiers – the General Staff

Half of the bridge collapsed. New satellite images of the destruction of the crossing near the Kakhovskaya HPP after the strikes of the Armed Forces have appeared

Dnipropetrovsk region: Russians hit from "Hurricanes", a child died, 10 people were injured

The occupiers killed an 8-year-old child due to the shelling of Mykolaiv Oblast

Ukrainians will never forget that Gorbachev supported Poroshenko’s occupation of Crimea and Donbas

September 4, 2022

"Evil!" The US Congress showed the consequences of the atrocities of the Russian army in Buch. Photo

In order to support the ground groups, the aviation of the Defense Forces made 6 strikes against the enemy – the General Staff

South: the Armed Forces eliminated almost 140 invaders and many units of enemy equipment

The occupiers are on the offensive in Donetsk region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled eight attacks – General Staff

Air defense of Ukraine shoots down up to 70% of Russian missiles, – Major General Mykola Zhirnov

The Armed Forces repelled enemy attacks in the areas of eight settlements

The EU is ready to completely stop gas supplies from the Russian Federation

After the "cotton" in Sevastopol, an air alert was announced in the East and South

Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: in 11 hours, Russia attacked Ukraine with 10 missiles

The bridge over the Kakhovsky sluice has half collapsed | Ukrainian Shipping Magazine — Shipping news of Ukraine and the world

Brodivshchyna lost the driver of the reconnaissance platoon of the military unit – the Fourth Studio

A veteran of the ATO, who threatened to blow up the Cabinet of Ministers last year, died in the war

Victor Shiyan from Svalyava died during the fighting for the Kherson region (PHOTO)

44-year-old medic Mykhailo Sak from Silets died in the war with Russia (PHOTO)

Gennadiy Sova, a native of Kremenchuk, died in the battles for the Kherson region

The war took away a faithful son of Ukraine: a defender from Dnipropetrovsk died in the fighting

Both are from the same village: soldiers from the Dolynshchyna died in the war

A 45-year-old defender from the Lviv region died of injuries near Bakhmut

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 138 Russians, their tanks, a howitzer and "Uragan" on the southern front (video)

In the south of Ukraine, the Armed Forces destroyed an ammunition depot and hit a ferry crossing

Evidence for The Hague: Russian occupiers with anti-aircraft missiles fire from the territory of the ZNPP (Video)

The Antoniv bridge is smoking again: reports of "cotton" in the Kherson region, video

9-year-old Sasha from Buchi learns to control her new cyber-hand – video

In the Kyiv region, a farmer directed the fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on his own farm in order to destroy the occupiers

Masking did not help: a unit of hunters of the Armed Forces "hunted down" the occupiers’ equipment

Occupiers destroyed an elevator with thousands of tons of grain in Ochakiv

Almost 600 Ukrainians were returned from Russian captivity

The Armed Forces of Ukraine sent an assault group of invaders with Kadyrov’s detachment to the "Kobzon concert".

Shmyhal: Scholz’s statement on Ukraine’s membership in the EU is an important political manifesto within the framework of the "change of eras" policy

In Cologne, the Russian diaspora protested against sanctions and support for Ukraine

September 5, 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a warehouse with ammunition, a crossing and a hundred occupants in the south

They will serve Ukraine: the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed a video of BMD-2 captured near Visokopylya

In Donetsk, the occupiers found a new source of cannon fodder

Zelenskyy calls for "visa decisions for Russian citizens" to be included in the 8th EU sanctions package

He planned to treat trees: the story of a 22-year-old volunteer who died in Severodonetsk

The people of Kyiv turned in 25 tons of Russian books for waste paper for a car for the Armed Forces

Gunners destroyed the Russian "Hyacinth-B" and a truck with ammunition

They executed and burned. The remains of two more civilians killed by the Russians were discovered in Buchi (photo)

In the south, air defense shot down two Russian drones and one missile

The Armed Forces destroyed the occupiers’ ammunition depot in the Kharkiv region

Serhii Bondarev, the Hero from Vynogradov, died in the war with Russia

Sad news from the front: another hero from Transcarpathia died in the war

Son and wife left behind: Zbarazhchyna lost another Hero (PHOTO)

A native of Kharkiv, the ex-director of "Ukrainian Armor" was killed during the counteroffensive

A resident of the Mykolayiv region died in the fighting in the south

The war with Russia took the life of another Transcarpathian – Mykhailo Bizili (PHOTO)

Heroes do not die: a soldier from Dnipropetrovsk died in battle

A resident of Zaporozhye died in the battle near Donetsk. Photo

Serhiy Bilousov, a defender from the Dnipropetrovsk region, died at the front

The number of refugees has increased in Zaporizhzhia: Chechens, Dagestanis, and Ossetians are brought in together with their families

Explosions are heard in Nova Kakhovka: it is reported that the lock of the Kakhovka HPP was hit

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck the Rashist headquarters in Semenivka and Kupyansk in Kharkiv Oblast

Bayraktar destroyed two Russian anti-aircraft complexes "Tor" – Bayraktar drone

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed Russian military warehouses in Horlovka

A UAV shot a direct hit of a projectile to a BC warehouse in the Kharkiv region

Odeshchyna is not fired upon, the Armed Forces are advancing in the south and Donbass: operational situation on September 5 (VIDEO)

Liz Truss will be the next Prime Minister of Great Britain

GUR special forces destroyed the warehouse of ballots for the "referendum" and the FSB base in Kamianets-Dniprovska

The Armed Forces destroyed almost 400 Russians in Kreminnaya, – Gaidai

Marines hit the enemy cluster – destroyed an attack aircraft and more than 20 pieces of equipment

In the Rivne region, the SBU exposed another supporter of the Russian "special operation"

A propagandist writer from the occupied Horlivka who denied the existence of Ukraine was exposed in Kharkiv

The assets of the company under the control of the pseudo-head of the Kherson region Saldo – SBU were seized

Do not forgive, but teach. Intel Corporation cooperated with the Russian Federation after February 24 and must answer for it

A woman who sent 40 euros to the Russian army was sentenced in Estonia

In Vinnytsia region, the PPO works – the head of the OVA

The Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council confirmed the de-occupation of Visokopill

A children’s football coach died in the battles for Ukraine against the Russian invaders

Civil confiscation – VAKS confiscated 2.3 million UAH and almost 35.5 thousand dollars from the ex-deputy director of the police department Andriy Anosov

Passed information on "Azov": the Russian agent received 16 years in prison

NAZK wants to impose sanctions on the Georgian oligarch and 11 other people

<strong>In the Kherson region, a military man from the Shumsk community, Victor Black-eyed, died

The Armed Forces of the Kharkiv region destroyed two Russian drones in one day

The railway station between Crimea and Kakhovka is on fire in the Kherson region: what is known

The occupiers launched a rocket attack on an oil depot in the Dnipropetrovsk region

In the southern direction, the Armed Forces destroyed 86 Russians, 25 units of equipment and 4 warehouses of the occupiers

​The enemy unsuccessfully advanced near Soledar, Zaytsevo, Shakta Butivka and Spartak in Donetsk region

Biden does not support recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism

Brussels will additionally provide Ukraine with 5 billion euros of aid

The cheapest attack drone: the Ukrainian UAV Punisher took the leading position

In the South, the Armed Forces destroyed an ammunition depot and a pontoon crossing

The Rashist brigade, which was destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Visokopyla, suffered huge losses and got into Wikipedia (video)

"Cotton" in Kreminnaya destroyed almost 400 invaders, – the head of the Luhansk OVA

September 6, 2022

Missile strikes and fires, "cotton" in the Kherson region and an enemy assault in the Luhansk region – the situation in the regions

In Luhansk region, Ukrainian forces partially advanced and gained a foothold – OVA

Corporate rights and property of enterprises worth more than UAH 1 billion, owned by a former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, were seized

The court sentenced an agent of the Russian GRU from Cherkasy to 12 years in prison

A satellite photo of the destroyed Russian pontoon bridge across the Ingulets River appeared

Scholz refused to satisfy Ukraine’s request for the supply of tanks – mass media

A powerful explosion rang out in Energodar: the city was left without electricity and water supply, the mayor said

The occupiers surrendered and decided not to repair the Antoniv bridge

Peskov announced Putin’s trip to Donbas: "When the time comes"

Twelve years for espionage in favor of Russia: the SBU secured a prison sentence for the spy

The head of the Vovchan district court of the Kharkiv region, Ukhaniova, will be tried for treason

The White House explained why the US does not want to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism

Germany handed over the first Cobra counter-battery radar and five more Gepard anti-aircraft guns to the Armed Forces

The Pentagon confirmed the success of Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the south

He cooperated with the occupiers: the SBI completed an investigation into an ex-law enforcement officer from Donetsk region

September 7, 2022

Heavy fighting in Donbas: the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled attempts to attack Russian troops in the area of eight settlements — General Staff

Counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region: the Armed Forces pushed the Russians back to the left bank of the Siverskyi Donets and Serednya Balakliyka rivers, – ISW

The Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south destroyed a Russian attack aircraft Su-25 and more than 80 non-humans

We need transformation, not recovery: Klimkin on ending the war and supporting the event

The organizer of a powerful bot farm in Prykarpattia was suspected

They paid taxes to the budget of the "DPR": the director and chief accountant of the pharmacy chain will be tried

All "Hurricanes" in the fleet of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will eventually be replaced by "Burevestnyk" MLRS – ProstoMob

The new Prime Minister of Britain discussed with Biden the deepening of cooperation in support of Ukraine

The European Commission proposed to completely suspend the Agreement on the simplification of the visa regime with the Russian Federation

The "cotton" in Belgorod is to blame… mice

Ukrainian soldiers in the South landed an enemy Su-25 (video)

The Armed Forces shot down a Russian helicopter in the Kherson region

The IAEA recorded the presence of Russian military personnel, equipment and representatives of Rosatom at the ZNPP

The suspicion of a collaborator who integrates the banks of the occupied Kherson region into the banking system of the Russian Federation has been reported – Prosecutor General’s Office

In "Okhmatdyta", a girl from the Kherson Region who lost her leg is being treated: 6-year-old Marina takes her first steps on a prosthesis

Reuters: The EU and the US have increased their purchases of aluminum and nickel from Russia

The Baltic countries agreed to limit the entry of Russians with Schengen visas

The Armed Forces showed the downing of a Russian helicopter in the Kherson region (video)

The army of drones was replenished with 20 more Warmate drones (video)

The Russian Federation is recruiting Belarusians to participate in the war – Danilov

The EU officially offered 5 billion euros in aid to Ukraine: what is known

The Hague was allowed to buy gas from Gazprom’s subsidiary, despite sanctions, Reuters

In the Kherson region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the artillery division of the enemy – the General Staff

"Goodbye": roskanals write that fighters of the Samara and Bashkir SOBR are surrounded near Balaklia

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a barge with Russian soldiers and military equipment in the Kherson region

Erdogan accused the West of "provocative policy" towards Russia and supplying Ukraine with "scrap instead of weapons"

Spain handed over artillery ammunition and winter uniforms to Ukraine

In Ukraine, the licenses of the 1xBet betting company were canceled

Russians began to be offered to join the fighters of the "Wagner" PMC from billboards on the streets of cities

Russian tankers bypass the ban on entering EU ports – investigation

Paratroopers shot down a Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter (video)

Firtash’s companies were found to be involved in tax evasion amounting to 108 million hryvnias

The headmistress of the school near Kyiv, who surrendered the positions of the Armed Forces to the occupiers, fled abroad

In the Russian Federation, the heads of defense plants were banned from leaving the country