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September 15, 2022

The Armed Forces in the south destroyed a Russian Su-24M and more than 30 invaders

Air defense in the Kirovohrad region worked effectively

The EU imposed sanctions against 1,200 people and 108 companies: the European Union decided to extend the punishment due to the attack on Ukraine

A commercial plane took off from Ukraine for the first time since the beginning of the war

In Crimea, the participants of a wedding where they performed the song "Red viburnum" were detained

In Zaporizhzhia, the judge of the economic appeals court turned out to be an ardent rabble-rouser

The network published a list of collaborators from the city of Tokmak – Informational resistance

Putin refused military aid to Armenia – nothing

The head of the European Commission arrived on a visit to Kyiv

The enemy hit Bakhmut with aircraft – people may remain under the rubble, active hostilities continue in the Kherson region, – OVA

Zelenskyi on the missile attack on Kryvyi Rih: The scoundrels, having fled the battlefield, are trying to harm from afar. You are weaklings fighting civilians

The SBU is asking for help from the residents of the liberated territories

Shmyhal announced Ukraine’s transition to the Israeli security model

Oleg Dranenko, a native of the village of Verguny, died near Ocheretino in Donetsk region

A 39-year-old soldier from Poltava Oblast died fighting for Ukraine

The invaders attacked Dnipropetrovsk region with Dagger missiles and a kamikaze drone

Tashkent sent a note to Ukraine regarding the alleged capture of Uzbek citizens

Fastov will say goodbye to the defender of Ukraine today

Hero of Bukovyna: Hero from Bukovyna Andrii Palahniuk died in fierce battles against the invaders

Tragedy in the Rivne region: six servicemen died in battles with the Russians

A 27-year-old defender from the Zhmeryn community died at the front

Yury Grebelyuk, a resident of Kamianech region, died in Kherson region

Lviv Oblast lost four more defenders in the war with Russia

Petro Galchun from Volhynia was killed during the counteroffensive in the south of Ukraine – VSN

A student of Kharkiv National University went to the front as a volunteer

Oleksandr Lysytsia, a 47-year-old soldier from the Dnipropetrovsk region, passed away

27 years forever: fighter Volodymyr Gerasym died fighting for Ukraine

Novomoskovsk once again lost a soldier in the war with Russia

US senators presented a bill on recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck new blows on the Kakhovsky Bridge – Khlan

Lithuania will send two batches of armored personnel carriers to Ukraine – the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

​Owners of the "passports" of the pseudo-republics of Donetsk and Luhansk regions are not allowed to enter Russia, the GUR of the Ministry of Defense

The DPSU reported the release of five teenagers who were held by the Russian military in a basement in Kupyansk

The destroyed landing party and the riot of the "mobilized": in Luhansk OVA they told about the situation in the region

The first 500 million euros from the EIB have already arrived in Ukraine’s account

In de-occupied Izyum and Kupyansk, the DBR detained collaborators, including former law enforcement officers

They supported Putin and the occupation. Spouses of collaborators were detained in Dnipropetrovsk region

Two traitors who voluntarily cooperated with representatives of the Russian aggressor were detained in Izyum, liberated from the occupiers

Deputies of the Volyn Regional Council appealed to the VRU with a demand to ban the UOC MP

The Prosecutor’s Office transferred to ARMA more than 500 hectares of land in the Kyiv region belonging to citizens of the Russian Federation

Putin is furious about the drunkenness of Russia’s top leadership

Russia suffered hundreds of billions of dollars in "direct losses" from sanctions — Bloomberg

The USA and the EU put pressure on Turkey due to work with Russian maps "Mir"

TOneTO | Military facilities of the Russian Federation will remain in Belarus for another 25 years – mass media

Strike on Kryvyi Rih: a rocket hit an industrial enterprise

The European Parliament approved the allocation of 5 billion euros of macroeconomic aid to Ukraine

Cells for prisoners, and next to it – a room with icons. The Armed Forces showed a den of Russians in the liberated Kharkiv Oblast. VIDEO

Two explosions rang out in occupied Melitopol – the mayor

Air forces of the Armed Forces shot down a Russian Su-25 in the eastern direction and three Su-24s in the south of Ukraine

The Russian Federation has declared that it will consider long-range missiles from the USA for Ukraine to enter the war

The PACE president denied espionage ties with the Russian Federation in response to the investigation

In the occupied Crimea, the anti-aircraft system worked

"They drove to our positions": a car of Russian propagandists exploded near Zaporizhzhia (video)

The "DNR" group announced a mass evacuation from the occupied territories of Donetsk region

The IAEA Council voted for the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of the ZNPP, Russia and China – against

Tyra told the Helsinki Commission in the US about the horrors of captivity

The USA announced new sanctions against Kadyrov, "Rusych", involved in the deportation of Ukrainian children, torture and financial support of the Kremlin

It became known how high-speed AGM-88 HARM missiles are integrated into MIG-29 aircraft in Ukraine

A checkpoint broke out in the Belgorod region on the border with Ukraine

September 16, 2022

In Melitopol, thick black smoke rose above the airfield with the occupiers’ base

The Armed Forces hit the logistics centers and pontoon crossings of the occupiers and repelled Russian attacks near six populated areas – General Staff

The Russian Federation has used more than 3,800 missiles against Ukraine – Zelensky

The State Department reacted to Russia’s threats regarding the supply of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine

The prosecutor’s office in the appeals court defended the sentence of the DPR terrorist "Baghiri"

Men who photographed critical infrastructure and the airport were convicted in Bukovina

The authorities of the Belgorod region reported the shelling of the city of Valuyka, there are victims and "destruction on the ground"

The Air Force shot down an enemy Su-25 attack aircraft in the Kherson region

NABU announced that People’s Deputy Derkach was wanted

An explosion rang out in the building of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the People’s Republic of China – rosZMI

Explosions rang out in Kherson: the occupiers "flew" into the pseudo-administration

Belgium will provide Ukraine with a new package of military aid, which will include machine guns and ammunition – Minister of Defense

Biden announced a new $600 million military aid package to Ukraine

The Russian army covered the town of Valuyki with friendly fire

Technofront. The bankruptcy of Google in Russia and the successes of the Ukrainian IT army

The US imposed sanctions against the main manufacturers of microcircuits in Russia

The Ministry of Internal Affairs did not confirm the information about the detention of Russian teachers in the Kharkiv region

Corpses were taken away by trucks: the enemy is trying to hide its losses, the General Staff

The occupiers hit Kryvyi Rih once again

The Armed Forces confirmed the use of Iranian drones by the Russians against Ukraine

The State Department detailed new US sanctions against Russia

Provided the occupiers with food and housing: a collaborator from the Kupyan district was informed of suspicion (Photo)

Zelensky awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine to three Ukrainian defenders

Kadyrov’s statement about "self-mobilization" was supported by the heads of three regions of Russia

In Melitopol, a powerful explosion was heard near the airfield – the mayor

In Kharkiv Oblast, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated 421 settlements – OP

Mass burials near Izyum: killed soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with their hands tied, and civilians with entire families (photo evidence)

Two more residents of Kirovohrad region died in the war with Russia (photo)

"Monopolized the sky and robbed the Dnipro people": Kolomoisky was banned from operating the Dnipro airport

10 and 12 years in prison were given to the correctors of the shelling in Cherkassy and Lysychanska

Two prison inmates from Toretsk, who surrendered positions of the Armed Forces, were punished by the court with a probationary period instead of imprisonment

In Cherkasy region, the court sent to prison a traitor who cooperated with the FSB

The Russian "mole" was calculated in the state structure of the Czech Republic

The US will hand over two NASAMS systems to Ukraine within two months, the Pentagon said

The de-occupied Visokopilya in the Kherson region was destroyed by 80% — OVA

A bridge was demined in Balaklia – the Russians did not have time to detonate 400 kg of hexane – demining of Ukraine

The deputy head of the SBU Department in the Kyiv region was suspended for interfering in the process of the transition of communities from the UOC MP to the OCU

The SBU exposed a Russian spy who tried to infiltrate Azov

Two more fire adjusters were convicted in Ukraine. One of them is a supporter of the banned Sharia Party

September 17, 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit nine areas of concentration of the enemy’s manpower and military equipment in one day

"There will be consequences": Biden warned Putin against using nuclear weapons in Ukraine (video)

The atrocities of the Russians in Izyum should be considered as war crimes, Blinken

Russia repeated in Izyum what it did in Buch: Zelensky called on the world to react to the crimes of the occupiers

More than a thousand Ukrainians were massacred and killed in populated areas of the Kharkiv region that were under occupation

The Russian military base burned down near Melitopol – the mayor

Espionage scandal at KB "Southern". Russia could "merge" the secret developments of the Kilchen air defense system and the Sapsan OTRK

In Cherkasy region, a man who agreed to adjust the fire of the occupiers was sentenced to 10 years in prison

In Artsyza, Odesa region, a monument to Karl Marx was removed, it was standing in front of the city council

As a historian professor, he and his son defended Kyiv from the invaders

Kuleba is a mystery to us, why Germany does not give Ukraine Leopard tanks

The Hungarian government said that Russia could declare victory in Ukraine "at any moment"

Three SBU officers will be tried for kidnapping a foreigner and extorting money

A native of the Ukrainian community died in the fighting in the Kherson region

Ukrainian defenders showed how they raise state flags in Donbas. Video

The Russian Federation continues to "supply" equipment to the Armed Forces: trophies from the Kharkiv region were shown at the General Staff. Photo

The tragedy in Kharkiv Oblast is at least several times larger than in Buchi, the prosecutor’s office – UATV

The last interview. Volunteer special officer Roman Kosenko, call sign Yashka: "How can I live without ending the war with victory?"

The occupiers killed two and injured 11 residents of Donetsk region

Kyiv volunteer Antonov was searched. The network accuses the SBU of "fulfilling an order"

The Danish meat producer Goodvalley got rid of the Russian business"

Duda on the anniversary of the USSR attack on Poland: Russia now wants the same as in 1939

Rocket attack on Chuguiv: a child was injured, infrastructure was damaged

The state budget received a grant from the USA in the amount of $1.5 billion from the SB Trust Fund

The Armed Forces of Ukraine liberate villages in Donbas, battles are underway: updated map of the war

In Melitopol, 118 collaborating law enforcement officers were discovered – the mayor

Spain sent a plane with ammunition for large-caliber artillery to Ukraine

She glorified the actions of the occupiers: a 53-year-old resident will be tried in the Mykolayiv region

The suspicion of the pseudo-head of the Oleshki "pension fund" in the Kherson region was reported, – Prosecutor General’s Office

More than 20 alleged accomplices of the occupiers were found in one of the villages in Zaporozhye, the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Spain sent five transport planes with ammunition to Ukraine

The Russian Guard detained 52 Ukrainians allegedly because of connections with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine, media reports

5 more explosions were heard near Melitopol at the base of the occupiers – the mayor

The Russians forbade men of conscription age to leave Crimea through the Kerch bridge

A torture chamber was discovered in the liberated Kozachia Lopan. The police inspected the premises

Cars were set on fire at the villa of Russian propagandist Kiselyov in Crimea (photo)

Ukrainian military personnel were withdrawn from the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Zelensky thanked Nike for their decision to leave the Russian market

Denied the war. In Pervomaysk, a supporter of "Russian peace" will go to trial

The Pope’s representative came under fire in Ukraine

Powerful explosions were heard in occupied Kherson: black smoke is coming from the base of the Russian occupiers, media

Germany approved the sale of 18 RCH-155 self-propelled guns to Ukraine

Germany will provide Ukraine with 18 RCH-155 self-propelled howitzers, but not soon – in the spring of 2025

An ex-policeman from Vovchansk is suspected of defecting to the enemy and collaborating with the occupiers

A 20-year-old "grenade thrower" from the "DNR" was detained in the de-occupied territory of the Kharkiv region

September 18, 2022

Russian troops shelled the infrastructure of more than 30 settlements in a day

In the south, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a Russian barge and prevented the occupiers from repairing the Antoniv bridge in Kherson

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks in the Mariinka area, the air force struck 13 areas where the occupiers were concentrated – General Staff

The Armed Forces inflict significant losses on the enemy in the Avdiyiv direction, – General Staff

Law enforcement officers exhumed 59 bodies at the mass burial site near Izyum, most with signs of violent death

Hackers hacked the Mosoblenergo website: a photo of the burning Kremlin appeared on the main page. PHOTO

Lukashenko said that Ukraine is forming military units to overthrow the government in Belarus

"Cotton": 180 occupiers died at the Kherson plant

"Bavovna": 5 explosions were heard in the south of the Zaporizhzhia region

The Russians fired at the Ochaks, there are wounded and destruction

As a result of Russian aggression, 390 children have already died

The former Romanian minister believes that Ukraine has "unnatural borders" and should be divided

241 war crimes of the Russian army have already been registered in the liberated territories of Kharkiv region, the police

Kadyrivites against Wagnerites: a shooting occurred in the center of Kherson. VIDEO

Orban "predicts" an even greater loss of territory by Ukraine and the disintegration of the EU, media reports

This is unacceptable: The embassy reacted to the statement of the Romanian ex-minister about the division of Ukraine

The exhumation of the bodies in Izyum will be carried out for almost two more weeks – the mayor

The enemy attacked Olenivka and again blamed Ukraine for this – the colony in Olenivka

Gaidai: In Svatovo, "cotton" is in the hotel building at the old bus station, where the occupiers lived

Bulgaria will hand over medical kits for 35,000 Ukrainian soldiers

At Bankova, it was kept secret for what merits the actors of Quarter 95 were awarded

The enemy’s field warehouse of ammunition in the Blagodatny area was destroyed – OK "Pivden"

Again, tragic news: a Hero from Volyn died in the war

Photo, video: occupied Kherson shuddered from powerful explosions

Eight civilians were killed and another 33 were injured due to Russian shelling yesterday.

NABU detectives searched Kolomoiskyi

Russia attacked the Nikopol district, dropping 60 shells: there are dead and wounded

Gaidai: The broken cities of Luhansk region will not survive the winter

Another scandal. The vicar of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra expelled the monk for criticizing Putin

At a closed meeting with supporters, Orban announced the collapse of the EU in the near future – mass media

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repulsed the Russians near Kupyansk and 7 more settlements – summary of the General Staff

An explosion rang out in the center of Melitopol, – Fedorov

Almost 60 bodies were exhumed in the Kharkiv region

In Kyiv, they said goodbye to the national hero Roman Kosenko

September 19, 2022

The Russian army hit Zaporizhzhia with missiles. There were eight arrivals

The Russians set fire to Nikopol: the first details and photos

The Armed Forces repelled Russian attacks near three populated areas – the General Staff

Fired mortars at houses in Mariupol: a history teacher from Crimea who fought against Ukraine was convicted

In the temporarily occupied Melitopol, unknown persons blew up the car of traitor-policeman Denys Stefankov

A Russian Su-25 attack aircraft was shot down in the Kherson region

A powerful explosion in Melitopol is the likely result of an FSB sweep, Mayor Fedorov said

For the first time, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation won a trophy for the T-90M "Proryv" tank of the Russian Armed Forces with the "Nakydka" complex (photo)

Russians shot and killed a person in Sumy Oblast, six civilians were blown up by enemy mines in Kharkiv Oblast, – OVA

The Russian Federation sent 400 prisoners to the war in Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks near Bakhmut, aviation hit 16 areas where Russian troops are concentrated – General Staff

Anton Kaminsky, a resident of Dunaivtsi, died in the fighting in Donetsk region

A military man from the Rivne region died near Mykolaiv

Lviv Oblast lost three more defenders in the war with Russia

Daughter left behind: Maksym Bogachev, a fighter from Dnipropetrovsk region, died in battles in Donbass

A fighter from Blyzniukiv region died back in July, but was considered missing

The Armed Forces destroyed two warehouses with ammunition of the occupiers

The Armed Forces hit enemy warehouses on the territory of the occupied Mykolaiv Oblast, control points in the Kherson Oblast

"I kept fainting": the occupiers tortured a pensioner in Izyum for 12 days

A Russian drone was shot down over Dnipropetrovsk region

During the occupation of Kharkiv Oblast, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation tortured students from Sri Lanka, Office of the Prosecutor General

Aggression, genocide and torture: the atrocities of the Russian Federation in Ukraine will be investigated by international tribunals

Atrocities of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Putin and Russian military should be held accountable for war crimes — Trudeau

The SBU prevented the "leaking" of secret technologies for the production of aircraft engines for fighter jets abroad

The Russian drone "Kartograph" was destroyed in the Mykolayiv region. PHOTO

Belogorivka in the Luhansk region has been cleared and is completely under the control of the Armed Forces, – Gaidai

Problems with "cannon fodder": the Russian Federation will send an Ossetian volunteer unit to Ukraine

A resident of occupied Luhansk, who worked as a translator for the OSCE, was sentenced to 13 years for "treason"

The Russian Federation planned a "referendum" in Kharkiv Oblast in November: 75% were to be "for" – mass media

A communal worker-collaborator was detained in Kupyansk

In the Kharkiv region, a collaborator who headed a communal enterprise during the occupation of Kupyansk was detained

146 bodies of the dead have already been exhumed in Izyum: the hands of the victims of the invaders were tied, there were traces of torture and injuries

Zelensky promised a terrible retribution to the Russian Federation for the mass murders in Izyum

Germany will transfer four more Panzerhaubitze 2000 to Ukraine

The USA added 3 Iranian planes to the list of sanctions violators against Russia

The largest Turkish bank stopped working with Russian cards "Mir"

Slovenia will hand over dozens of tanks to Ukraine in exchange for trucks from Germany

The Supreme Court started collecting signatures for the dismissal of the Lviv judge, in whom journalists found a Russian passport

The bodies of two more victims of the Russian occupation were found near Bucha

September 20, 2022

Ukrainian aviation struck 24 areas of concentration of Russian manpower and equipment, — General Staff of the Armed Forces

"This is what grief looks like": a hand with a Ukrainian bracelet from Izyum – belongs to a warrior. Who is he?

The Russians carried out 10 missile and 15 air strikes, carried out more than 56 shellings with anti-aircraft missiles, – General Staff

F-16, Patriot and Gray Eagle to Ukraine: War-Breaking Weapons Talks Continue, Politico

In the USA, the conditions and terms of delivery of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine were named

Explosions rang out in Melitopol

The Ukrainian military showed the liberated ghost village of Bogorodichne in Donetsk region

Germany and Slovenia agreed to transfer M-55S tanks to Ukraine

The Kremlin’s lingucidal strategy: in Russia they want to "regulate the norms of the Ukrainian language" until the merger

Passed enemy data on the movement of the Armed Forces: a Russian agent was detained in Chernihiv Oblast

Attacks on the occupiers in Novoaidar and Svatovo: the ZSU counted the enemy’s losses

The Armed Forces keep under fire control all the logistical routes of the invaders in the south – Humenyuk

In Donetsk region, Russian saboteurs tried to force Siversky Donets: they were eliminated

Explosions and shooting were heard in Sevastopol: what is known about it

Ukraine returned the bodies of 25 dead soldiers

The prosecutor’s office handed over the traitor farmer’s millions to the Armed Forces

The man from Odessa, who scouted the positions of the rocket artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Bomok, will be tried

The largest processor of oil crops left the Russian market

"LPR", "DPR" and the occupiers of the Kherson region named the dates of the "referendum". What is known

The Russians began to entrench themselves on the administrative border of Crimea

PepsiCo stopped production of carbonated drinks in the Russian Federation

The SBU exposed eight collaborators in Luhansk region

Kyyanin will be tried for calls to support "Russian peace"

The enemy is trying to disrupt the heating season: the SBU detained a Russian correctional agent

Traitors who helped the Russians build dugouts and patrol cities were exposed in Kharkiv Oblast – SBI

The Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down an Iranian kamikaze drone Shahed-136 for the first time, — Ukrainian Air Force Command (photo)

Summary of the General Staff. The Russian Federation tried to destroy the dam of the Pecheneg reservoir and wants to transfer paratroopers from Syria to Ukraine

"At the station and in the store": two more Russian torture chambers were discovered in the Kharkiv region

In Kozachya Lopan, the police discovered torture chambers of Russian soldiers in the basements of the station and a store

Ukraine is building a factory for the production of ammunition with a NATO member country

Irpin was visited by a delegation of the European Parliament headed by its General Secretary Klaus Welle (photo)

Reaction to the Russian "referendums": Ukraine calls for the introduction of new sanctions, the USA offers to return seized Russian funds to Kyiv

Another burial site of civilians tortured by riot police was discovered in Kyiv region

September 21, 2022

Shelling of Kharkiv: authorities reported strikes on high-rise buildings

OK "Pivden" informed about the liquidation of equipment that was being prepared for crossing the Dnipro

The Armed Forces managed to level the front line: the updated map of the war

The Armed Forces repelled attacks in the areas of 9 settlements and inflicted fire damage on 40 enemy objects, – General Staff

The Russians fired at the ZNPP: the communication equipment of one of the power units was damaged

The Armed Forces of Ukraine targeted the military command post in Svatovo and "minus" half a hundred occupiers with equipment in Zaporozhye

The SBU exposed the mayor of Lysychansk for collaborating with the enemy

How the world reacts to Russia’s announcement of "referendums" in the occupied territories of Ukraine

The US ambassador on "referendums" and Russian mobilization: signs of weakness and failure of the Russian Federation

China reacted to Putin’s statement about "referendums" in Ukraine and called for a ceasefire

"Ukraine is winning this war." After announcing mobilization in Russia, Putin admitted that his invasion had failed – British defense minister

The SBU exposed FSB agents who leaked information about the capital’s thermal power plant

After Putin’s statement about the "partial" mobilization, the website of the Kremlin "fell".

Russians bought up all direct tickets to Istanbul and Yerevan a few minutes after Putin’s speech, media reports

Mother’s only son: The defender of Ukraine from Kirovohrad Oblast died

Oleksandr Stetsyuk, an anti-aircraft gunner from the Rivne region, died in Donbas

Ivan Savko, a driver of an engineering and sapper platoon from the Kryvorizka district, died in the war

A grenade launcher from Dergachyv region died in the battles for Donbas

Explosions continue to ring out in Melitopol (VIDEO)

There are a total of seven cemeteries in Izyum with the bodies of those who died from the actions of the occupiers – Lubynets

263 bodies were exhumed from the mass burial in Izyum, among the dead were 120 women and two children – Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Ukrainian military showed how they entered Bilogorivka

During the day, the Russians killed six civilians and injured 20 in Donetsk region

How HIMARS hits: consequences of strikes on the Shevchenkovo oil base

The consequences of the Russian missile attack on the village of Hryhorivka in Zaporozhye became known, PHOTO

The State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a law on mobilization and martial law

On the Moscow Stock Exchange, the collapse of shares began again against the background of the announcement of mobilization – mass media

In Kryvyi Rih, an employee of the district council was found guilty of collaborationism

The soldier of the Russian Federation, who shot the car with his family, was informed of the suspicion

In Cherkasy, they said goodbye to the fallen soldier

The villa of the Russian oligarch Usmanov is being searched in Germany

The defenders of Ukraine struck the Russian control points – the General Staff

The EU is preparing new sanctions against Russia. Consultations to begin on Friday – Politico

Explosions in Kherson: the Armed Forces hit a cluster of Russian equipment — mass media — Russia’s war against Ukraine

The "Crimean ministers" collaborators received reports of suspicion – details

Traitors who worked for Russia’s FSB were exposed in Kyiv. "They wanted to interrupt the heating season"

The Luhansk prosecutor will be fired for treason