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Sections 1401 – 1435

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

1401. The genus of the monk Sergei,
novice Pechersky (p. 112)

1402. Year [1691]. The genus of Peter Ilarionovich, the factor of his mercy Mr. Grigory Dmitrievich Stroganov from Moscow (pp. 112)

1403. The genus of hieromonk Athanasius Mislavsky,
the elder of the Pechersk Cathedral (112)

1404. The genus of Fedor, ataman of the oxes yard of Pechersky Monastery (p. 112)

1405. From Priluki. The genus of Philon,
Tarasishin’s son-in-law Mikhailovich (pp. 112)

1406. From Poltava.
The genus of Ivan Subotovsky (p. 112)

1407. From Stryj.
The genus of Vasily Vigonovich (pp. 112)

1408. The genus of Andrei Shakhray
from Krichev (pp. 112)

1409. The genus of Priest Peter,
Protopop from Lokhvitsa (p. 112)

1410. The genus of Eutichius Shklyarenko,
Cossack from Kiev (pp. 112)

1411. The genus of Yakov Kuchmenko
from Romny (pp. 112)

1412. The genus of Priest Peter,
Protopop from Kharkov (pp. 112)