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Late 16th century

Nicholas Zharkikh

In the reign of King S.Báthory (1576 – 1586 years) came famous reform of the Cossacks, to which later legends tied Terekhtemyriv. This invention discussed in the section "Legends", so here suffice it to say:

Stefan Báthory never provided Terekhtemyriv for Cossacks.

The next mention of "Munster Tserehchymeromsky" contained in the constitution of the Sejm in 1590. Parliament allowed King Sigismund 3rd to assign this monastery for some deserved nobles.

In the April 1596 issue Terekhtemyriv engaged in Warsaw Sejm. It passed to punish the insurrection of the Cossacks and cancel of Zelehimerova and Boryspil. (Name Terekhtemyriv was still unusual for the secretary).

That decision is the first document where pointed out the connection between Terekhtemyriv and Cossacks. In what way the Cossacks earned a town – we do not know, our sources are silent about this.

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