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Nicholas Zharkikh

The breakdown of the synodikon into sections was done by me. For it, was used a paragraph breakdown in the publication. I counted 417 such sections. Where there were headings in the manuscript, they were written out as section headings. In other cases, the title of the section was the first name + …; in the headings are noted pages from the publication Golubev; in the synodikon citations, the marginalization provided in italics in brackets (like this) – there are lot of them.

The experience of reading the synodikon showed that the section is too large a unit of text, and sometimes it is advisable to break them down into blocks – smaller parts of the sections, which can be identified on the basis of certain considerations. These blocks in the publication are not specified, but are needed for research.

The orthography of quotations is simplified, with the approach to modern spelling of the Ukrainian or Russian language. Superscripts are entered in the text without reservation; in some cases I could not disassemble them, I put them in square brackets, here and there with question marks. The numbers written in Cyrillic are repeated in Arabic numerals.