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Period of flowers (1907 – 1940)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Period of flowers came with the publication in 1907 of the 17th volume of "Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles", in which S. L. Ptashitsky and A. A. Shakhmatov carefully collected almost all the texts that have been known at the time. Over the next 110 years added only publication Vit7L (G. Bugoslavsky 1911), and other manuscripts has not yet been published.

Therefore, we can assume that this year the source base of research has been formed, and each author, who became interested in our topic, have the same opportunity to write a comprehensive work, as I do.

Let’s see how the authors of the period benefited from the new features.


1. Evaluation the works of this and subsequent periods must be much stricter, as all the authors could make those correct observation, which I did, and if them did not – they only themselves to blame.

2. The uniqueness of this period was the simultaneous activity of three research centers – in St. Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad, Kiev and Warsaw. The Bolshevik revolution and the subsequent systematic destruction of a culture strongly prevented the interaction of these centers, they worked almost independently.

3. The greatest achievement of this period was the establishment of Simeon and Sophia 1st chronicles as sources of "Epitome Metropolitan Photius."

4. The biggest drawback of this period was a false classification of texts (inherited from predecessors), which disallowed to see the two traditions in the chronicle of the Great Duchy of Lithuania, and put forward question their cooperation.