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What's new in Version 2.5

Version 2.5

Put into operation September 10, 2012

Improvements to the editor

Added automatic page redirection. It is used in the following cases:

1. When the node with public access level changes its symbolic name or a parent node (and hence, URL) – installed a permanent redirect from the old URL to the new one. If this node has child nodes – for them also performed redirect to the new URLs.

2. When the node with public access level changes its access level to protected – for it and for child nodes is established permanent redirect to the parent node. This redirection is canceled if this node again changing the access level to the public.

3. Automatic redirection not performed: when one remove the node to recycle bin, during import of nodes, modifying the attributes (including such attributes as accesslevel and symbname, affecting the URLs).

(2 May 2012)

Added automatic formatting of additional text. It works only if the site have for ReformatText setting enabled.

1. It is used for field HTMLCode.

2. It applies to pure text added to the end of the field after the existing HTML code (or just pure text if there was no HTML code).

3. Each line of text converted to paragraph with a class BT.

4. If a line begins with a space – used class BT3.

5. If the text contains an empty line – it is removed, while the next line becomes class BF / BF3 (vertical interval from from text above).

6. If the string begins with } (curly closing brace) – used class BQ (quote).

7. Simple apostrophe ' is replaced by the beautiful one ’; simple quotes "text" – in smart quotes «text».

8. URL-address in the text formatted as a protected link that opens in a new window.

(27 Aug 2012)

Technical improvements

In Node object added method MapStatus. It is necessary, if not all nodes of the site should been included to site map, but only some. (29 Mar 2012)

Reorganized internal links exchange and site maps management system. Henceforth they are based on tables smerecash (23 Apr 2012)

Fixed bugs

Fixed client javascript code through which Firefox and Chrome could correctly display background color of text options in the management of the text variants system. (24 Apr 2012)

Fixed function RenewNode, through which new node sometime have attribute "invisible". (29 Apr 2012)

Fixed function InternalSave, through which sometimes changes was not saved (old and new values were compared by default, not as strings). (24 Jun 2012)

During the execution of Logout command in error log is no longer stored misleading error 600 (600 in this situation – it is typical and not an error) (19 Sep 2012)