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What's new in version 2.1

Version 2.1

Put into operation October 7, 2010

Improvements for the administrator

Added Google page rank analyzer (18.08.2010). Smereka may collect information about PR for all the public pages. This tool allows you to select the site you want to accomplish analysis, start and end dates (among the dates for which the PR were recorded). Information is displayed in a table where for each value PR displayed number of pages on the start date, number of pages on the end date and the difference. The table contains additional links that allow obtain a full list of pages that have given PR.

Option for processing canonical URLs (27.09.2010). The problem is that Smereka demonstrate very liberal attitude toward the different (non-canonical) forms of writing addresses. For example, if a canonical address –, then this page can also be accessed due to alternative addresses: (you can even so).

Canonical addressing option allows to block alternative addresses (typically Smereka carries a permanent redirect to the canonical address).

Improvements for the editor

Class icons added to the tree editor. The class icon is the gif file 16:16 pixel size, which is located in a certain public directory of site (typically files/common/images/classes). If the name of the icon the same as the Smereka node class (case sensitive!), the nodes tree in editor will contain these icons for the nodes of the class, which facilitates visual orientation in the tree.

Added command "Generate table of contents" (15.08.2010). Typically TOC for structured publication can be displayed through smeretag TableOfContent. This command allows to get table of contents as a "raw code" – as list of smeretags-links (Smeref) for documents from the publication.

New smeretag <Smereka Module="aggregators/tablemaker.php" Func="ChildImages" /> – to build hierarchical gallery. It displays a small image gallery of the child nodes. (16.08.2010).

New smeretag <Smereka Module="aggregators/navigators.php" Func="OneLineNavigator" /> – lists the links to nodes (by default – children) as one line (5.09.2010).

Document variants management system introduced (26.09.2010). To enable users to manage document look the browser one should place special smeretag CreateFPanel to the page. This smeretag creates a floating control panel which is always on the screen as you scroll the page. The contents of this panel is determined by smeretag content: it can be switches that enable / disable parts of the document, or change the appearance (style modifying), or determine the sort order of elements – generally arbitrary controls. User can move the panel in any corner of the screen or hide it at all (and again show when needed). Handling user actions in the control panel can be carried out in any way: either in browser (pure client processing), or sending AJAX requests, or redirect the client to another URL.

Added ability to search nodes with a given attribute value (30.09.2010).

Added ability to view all the attributes of the node (30.09.2010).

Added ability to view statistics of the nodes (30.09.2010).

Added ability to view the number of downloads for the nodes (1.10.2010).

Technical improvements

The feature "Publication of news in Twitter" is brought into compliance with the requirements of the OAuth protocol (10.09.2010). Due to the fact that Twitter from 01.09.2010 was completely switched to using authentication protocol OAuth, our old procedure stopped working. Improvement is its redesigned to work with the OAuth protocol.

Improved "Used memory" informant in the editor (13.09.2010). Now in most cases information about memory usage inserted to page that is sent to the user. Of course, this arrangement is only performed if the user has the right to review such information. Now separate AJAX request for using memory is sent significantly rare.

The system of mutual references of objects in memory is optimized (30.09.2010). Known issue with memory management in PHP is that objects, linked by mutual cross-references, is very difficult to be removed. Now objects of class "Node" (and its descendants) does not contain links to other such objects – they are used the id-s of the nodes instead, and access to related objects is carried through methods that generate the required object on the fly.

Bug fixes

Fixed import of image files – path of the file was recorded incorrectly (25.07.2010).

Fixed generation of site maps (it was created not for those languages, which operates a web site) (25.08.2010).

Fixed saving of user personal data (10.09.2010).

Fixed a bug in Exchange links in the procedure "Re-plan all the campaigns" – the number of links that should be placed computed not quite correctly (11.09.2010).

The error in procedure ScrollURL fixed, which cause keyboards shortcuts "cursor up / down" for navigate not always worked well (20.09.2010).

The error in procedure PostProcess fixed, which sometimes leads to loops (). (21.09.2010)