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What's new in version 2.0

Version 2.0

Put into operation July 15, 2010

The main new component

The main new feature in Smereka 2.0 – a system of reference management for smeresites (sites managed by CMS Smereka). The principle of this system is simple and familiar to anyone who saw the links exchangers:

1. Create a new campaign, for it sets the URL of the page we're going to promote, the number of links to this page to be placed on one smeresite, the duration of the campaign and text of links.

2. Then click the link to "re-plan"… and that is all. Smereka places the needed links to all sites involved in the promotion of pages.

To make this we had to add a new table and change the sitemap management system.

Improved sitemap manager is now indexing all available pages on the sites and stored collected data in a separate table. Then already on the basis of this table generated XML, HTML site map and link exchange.

Link exchanger provides the ability to re-plan all campaigns at once. For the campaigns were decided to stop, are disabled, new campaigns, which recently added – are activated. Re-plan of all campaigns are especially important in situations where in the system are present sites with a small number of pages (and therefore the places) – these scarce places are distributed equally among all campaigns.

Link exchanger have a tool for tracking page rank for all pages of all sites.

Improvements for user

Improved procedures Subscribe: the confirmation of inclusion / exclusion of his address for delivery is now sent to subscriber.

Improvements for editor

Improved automatic publication of news: the text of news filled not with smeretags of target node, but with their value.

Added indicator of used memory and the ability to release some memory by freeing buffered nodes.

Improved generation of site map: data collection operation is established as a separate operation (reindexing of the site).

Added interface of Recycle bin in English and Russian.

Improvement for the administrator

Now one can control the level of detail during registration user behavior on site:

$UserLogLevel = 0 – Did not register;

$UserLogLevel = 1 – record the login / logout;

$UserLogLevel = 2 + record import;

$UserLogLevel = 3 + record export;

$UserLogLevel = 4 + record add / delete node;

$UserLogLevel = 5 + record modify node (the most detailed log).

Now one can control the level of smerecashing:

$UseSmerecashe = 0 – Do not use smerecashe;

$UseSmerecashe = 1 – The main mode (try to give the cached page if there is no command addressed to it);

$UseSmerecashe = 2 – Advanced mode (if the command is addressed to the page – try to give a cached page after processing command);

$UseSmerecashe = 3 – Ahead mode (if the user still has no PHP session – to try to give the cached page without creating a session. As a session creation takes some time, this caching is the fastest, but it does not apply where a user (even anonymous) must to have a session, as in online stores).

Technical improvements

Improved node buffering (introduced single node buffer for all classes; improved LRU procedure of node releasing).

Introduced load-on-demand node attributes. Now only basic set of attributes (from the table "nodes") loaded when node created. Attributes stored in "attrs" table loaded only when program require them.

Improved transmission parameters for AJAX procedures: now Lang and NodeId parameters always append to the query.

Simplified form of user registration.

Simplified form of feedback (with AJAX).

Sitemap is now stored in the table instead of array.

Removed class subdomain. From now on for service subdomains ( one should create a separate smeresite which does not associate with primary domain ( This greatly simplifies the working of Smereka and sites support.

Rewrite some procedures in order to save memory (or rather, more economical node buffering).

Bugs fixed

Fixed generation of short addresses to Twitter, which led to doubling of address (25.06.2010).

Fixed translation procedure according to the translated text format changes (21.06.2010).

Fixed: one could create new groups / users by clicking "new node" in the editor (which is wrong), now this can not be done.

The error in procedure RelativeId: while using youngerlineage the id sometimes defined incorrectly.

Fixed: if a node attribute containing XML text, then after exporting it sometimes can not be imported back.

Finally fixed all the bugs associated with a registration of user messages and typing error.