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What's new in Version 2.4

Version 2.4

Put into operation March 13, 2012

Improvements to the administrator

In the control panel commands for management of and site map and smerecash transferred to AJAX (13 Sep 2011)

Finally started the implementation of the module detecting logical errors in the database. So far it is able to detect only errors in tree structure (30 Sep 2011)

Added command for backup redirect records for current site and all sites (12 Mar 2012)

Improvements for the designer

Enhanced PictLangBar – now it can display an icon of the floating panels (26 May 2011)

Added a new class Index, which provides generation of alphabetical and chronological indexes. For it the appropriate aggregators constructed (26 Sep 2011)

Improvements to the editor

A new dialog "Modification of the attribute" (17 May 2011)

Smerefs for nodes which belong to other sites (ie, create links to external website) currently protected automatically (no need to explicitly specify ProtectText = "1") (26 May 2011)

In the editor function "Search" added possibility to copy to clipboard smeretag for the found fragment (7 Oct 2011)

Too long XML sitemap now broken into pieces no larger than 500 KB (13 Dec 2011)

Added command "Compile news", by which the node of class "News folder" brings together information from all child nodes of the class "News item" in a block of HTML code, then news items are removed. Thus, the archive is simplified (18 Dec 2011)

Added command "Publication of the node" (add-on for command "Modification of the attribute"), which silently set public access level to all nodes of the crown. (25 Jan 2012)

Added possibility to publish news on Facebook (29 Jan 2012)

Improvements to the user

Added module to add URL (10 Sep 2011). Now, the designer of this site can allow users to add their own web address (for a directory of sites or whatever).

Added keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + left, Ctrl + right – in addition to shortcuts Ctrl + up, Ctrl + down – to navigate between pages. (3 Oct 2011).

Technical improvements

The new data type for attribute – External Data (10 May 2011)

Improved the behavior of "Transition" node class. From now on, if access level of basic node updated, all the "Transitions", pointed to that base node, also become the new access level. So if the base node becomes public access level, all the "transition" to it also automatically published. Update performed cascade, and when the "Go B" pointed to "Go A", then they will both be updated. (15 Sep 2011).

Strategy of redirection reviewed, so module of redirects combined with module smerecash, and the table "redirect" canceled, instead it uses a table "smerecash" (16 Sep 2011)

It was possible to send messages of the form "Letter to the site" without a special node of "Mailbox" class – just need to set the attribute EMail for node of the form or for any of its ancestor, even though the root node of this site. Also for error handling it is no longer need to set the template TypingErrorId variable and create an appropriate "Mailbox" node – error message will be sent to that same address given EMail (3.10.2011 City).

MySQL errors no longer sent to the user and are logged, the user is sent an error Page 500 (6 Nov 2011)

Improved processing of tree, which is now stable for very large arrays of sibling nodes (16 Dec 2011)

Rewrote module of node statistics using the new tree processor (16 Dec 2011)

Rewrote module of node counters with new tree processors (16 Dec 2011)

Method SelfLink for Node object now returns the protected text link, if this node is not belong to domain in the context of which calculated reference (in plain language, if this link – external). Similar improvements made in the function NavigatorItem (9 Mar 2012)

Fixed bugs

Fixed bug in logarithmic Navigator in the tree (maximum step was +/-300) (23 May 2011)

Fixed bug in the process of removing nodes (InternalDelete), as a result of which some nodes, marked for deletion, were not deleted (5 Jun 2011)

Fixed formatting of historical dates, for which centuries does not displayed (28 Jun 2011)

Generally record <Smereka Func="Smeref" NodeId="1293"">Test</Smereka> is false (double quotes). In case when the quotes are doubled in the NodeId attribute (or other attribute which indicates the node id) it causes an error at the SQL level. This "error" corrected (ie, increased stability of the algorithm against it), but one should all be careful for doubling the quotes. (14 Sep 2011)

After the insertion of "Transition" the transition to landing node occur (which specifies the "link" attribute). Fixed bug in procedure StdProcessAction (14 Sep 2011)

Fixed function SmerefThumb, through which the image was displayed, to which the current user has no access (not considered accesslevel) (25 Sep 2011)

Fixed function ParametricAddNode, through which in some cases the process of import nodes fails (2 Oct 2011)

Fixed function Page::Add2Smerecach – in the case of doubling the index information page sometimes can not be written to smerecash (29 Nov 2011)

Fixed function Page::Add2Smerecach – through processing of double indices very long pages sometimes can not be written to smerecash (13 Dec 2011)

Fixed bug in function HTMLSelector, for which "0" value could not be set in a list (9 Jan 2012)

Enhanced protection of CheckNumberSign function against false input data (9 Jan 2012)

Fixed function ClearSmerecashe, through which removed redirect entries for this website (12 Mar 2012)