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What's new in version 2.3

Version 2.3

Put into operation April 25, 2011

Improvements to the editor

While export a file name composed of id and a symbolic name of the node (17/02/2011)

At the finishing of the session smerecashed versions of modified pages automatically cleaned (if the editor have the right CPL_RESET_SMERECACH) (7.03.2011)

Improved algorithm for removing nodes: before deleting each node it's method BeforeDelete is called (if defined) (03/10/2011)

Improved algorithm for removing the nodes: when removing delete related data from tables "smarketplaces", "counters", "marks".

Technical improvements

The attributes of data types "file" and "histdate" now loaded as objects, not as arrays (02/14/2011)

Introduced internal attribute "visible" instead of external one "Hidden". Improved functioning of trees and other navigators and aggregators, which are filter invisible nodes (02/16/2011)

Enhanced CrownCount function (now protected from crashes on very large arrays) (16/02/2011)

Added table "marks" and basic features for working with marked nodes (02/17/2011).

Added protection against multiple errors sending via Ctrl+Enter (24.02.2011)

Improved algorithm of smerecashing (smerecashing now forbidden with parameters Node, Cmd, the Path parameter excluded from view modifiers) (02/28/2011)

Improved algorithm of smerecash treatment (with the use of marked nodes are not afraid of a lengthy list of nodes) (07/03/2011)

Zones: (completed 07/03/2011)

1. Visibility:

1.1. To review:

- user must have no lower access level;

- if the access level <= DEFAULT_NEW_NODE_LEVEL – zone ignored, all seen;

p class = "BT3"\u003e - if the access level > DEFAULT_NEW_NODE_LEVEL – only a compatible zone.

1.2. To edit:

- user must be no lower access level;

- only a compatible zone.

2. Transactions with nodes:

- add new – gets root node zone;

- cloning – gets root node zone;

- move, including removal to Recycle Bin – zones preserved;

- export – zones preserved;

- import – zones ignored; the root node zone assign to imported one;

3. Zone assignment operation (set attribute):

- user can set only compatible zone;

- hierarchically applied to all nodes of the domain;

- if met the zone which is not compatible with the user – this node and its crown is not modified (by the way, this is so for all attributes, not only zones).

Improved algorithms for Node::ExternalURL, Page::CreateDataset, TrackBar to reduce dependence of smerekcashed page on nodes, which clearly do not give a contribution to its content (9.03.2011).

Improved algorithm for converting XML sitemap, but now this is done much faster (03/17/2011)

In function InternalSave inserted additional protection against overwriting the ancestor to the root node (such overwrite warrants breaking of tree structure) (04/04/2011)

Bug fixes

Fixed adding nodes bug associated with possible unstable function mysql_insert_id operation – no longer rely on it (1/26/2011, 04/04/2011)

Fixed an error of metaclass remove (29/01/2011)

Fixed bug of adding groups / users, through which they begin to function only in the next session (02/17/2011)

The error in procedure ProcessMarksGroup() fixed – sometimes processed an empty list (28/02/2011)

Fixed handling of canonical addresses through which performed unnecessary redirects to address in a different case (ie when the canonical address was Abc.html, a request of abc.html led to redirect; theoretically this is correct, but we have to loosen the human and the server weakness…) (5.03.2011)

The generation of error messages pages fixed (instead of those pages were always performed redirect to the root page , which is not correct) (03/06/2011)

Fixed bug handling non-existent language version of the site (09/03/2011)

Fixed bug in DisplayErrPage() function, through which smerecashed page template was not used (09/03/2011)

Fixed bug in DisplayErrPage() function, through which the error page template could smerecash with the wrong URL (9.03.2011)

Fixed bug saving the node: when changing the node class new class not immediately applied (11/03/2011)

Fixed loops in AIsDescentOfB() function in the case of breaked tree structure (04/04/2011)