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What's new in version 2.2

Version 2.2

Put into operation October December 24, 2010

Improvements to the administrator

For database reservations now used Sypex Dumper 2 (29/10/2010). This excellent program allows reserve bases of unlimited size that we already need.

Introduced a data type "historical date" (25/11/2010). So far it only supports two systems of dating – Gregorian and Julian of Christmas. It provide the correct processing of vague dates (eg, 1 quarter 20 cent.) and date intervals (eg, 8 – 11 cent.), sorting dates, conversion between systems, flexible format.

Improvements to the editor

Improved procedure for publication of news in the Live Journal – possibility to add keywords in LJ (10/17/2010). Also added command for automatic generation of keywords list for news. After its application one can view the generated list and edit it manually, and publish news.

Added editor of historical dates (25/11/2010). The editor allows you to enter any historical dates of those which now support by data type "historical date".

Added smeretag formatting historical dates (03/12/2010). Once historical dates entered into the database using the editor, you can use them. This smeretag formats historical date according to the given format string.

Added smeretag for pages navigation (it breaks a long list of child nodes to fixed blocks) + smerecash these navigation pages (12/13/2010). Why?

If the list of child nodes is very long (eg more than 50), a page that should reflect the whole list formed a long time, and besides, not every user needs the entire list at once. Using the page navigator this list can be divided into blocks of PageSize and output sequentially, and to the URL of the page is added element ?Skip=[number of the first node of the block]. We lived 1.5 years longer without such opportunities, but finally it added.

Statistics of data volume reflects the number of public / protected nodes (12/15/2010). When a site has several projects published in part, if is easy to forget that in one section are nodes intended for publication but not yet published. Now, these statistics will remind about them.

Server counters show the 20 most visited pages in each language version (12/15/2010). This complements the previously introduced server counters reports, which display the data for nodes according to their sequence in the database.

Statistics of data volume shows the volume of linked files (24/12/2010). It calculate the volume of files that are contained in an attribute of "File" type, and those are linked in the HTML source code. Also shown in the final volume digital sheets by the simplified scheme:

Digital sheets = [number of nodes] / 1000 + [number of attributes] / 10000 + [Total volume of all attributes in bytes] / 40000 + [Total volume of files in MB] / 2.5

Technical improvements

A new aggregator – tree includes protection from too long a list of sibling nodes in the tree (+ corresponding navigator) (10/06/2010).

Improved procedure for the generation of static maps of the site (10/15/2010).

Limited cascade update the document tree after operations "Updating XML Sitemap" and "Add / Remove address to receive news by e-mail" (09/11/2010).

Bug fixes

Fixed error in the procedure of typing errors processing (one can send long text) (11/18/2010).

The error in procedure SmerecashPage::PageURLInfo() fixed (sometimes this error cause the contents of the node to cash with the wrong URL) (14.12.2010).