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Battle on the Vorskla river in 1399

Nicholas Zharkikh

"Tale the Battle on the Vorskla river" in the "Belarusian" chronicle is derived from the S1LSI. Analysis of it – very simple but instructive.


1. This tale in the "Belarusian" and "Lithuanian" chronicles entirely dependent on the Sophia 1st chronicles older recension and can not be any historical source. At separate essay dedicated to the history of the tale text, it will be shown that even the ancient text as part Bil0L severely damaged.

2. When copying the "Belarusian" and "Lithuanian" chronicles this story has continued to deteriorate, so I strongly recommend that historians use to study the text S1LSI rather than these chronicles. Especially characteristic appearance of a literary hero Promcheslov, which has spread to a number of copies.

3. The scribes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania had no idea about the battle of the Vorskla river. All they knew about it – borrowed from the Moscow chronicles.