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October 19, 2023

Operational information as of 06:00 on 10/19/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Loud noises were heard in Sevastopol: the occupiers did not announce the exercises

Marine units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine landed on the eastern bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region

The Ministry of Internal Affairs told how many Ukrainians went missing because of the war

At night, Mykolaiv suffered an enemy rocket attack – OVA

The Russian Armed Forces attacked Ukraine with drones and ballistic "Iskanders" (infographic)

The Russian Federation is concerned about the activity of Ukrainian fighters on the left bank of the Kherson region — ISW

In Vinnytsia, they said goodbye to the dead border guard Serhii Melnyk

The Russian Federation attacked Ukraine with drones and missiles: how many targets did the air defense shoot down and where were the hits

On October 19, Tarnavskyi announced the partial success of the ZSU south-west of Verbovoy

The Rada launched the ban on the UOC-MP. How and when it might work

The SBU reported the suspicion to the former presenter from Medvedchuk Goldarb’s pool

Ukrainian cyber activists hacked the client base of the Russian "Alfa-Bank"

New production of S-400 air defense system launched in Moscow: what is known about the plant in Rudnevo Park

In the Lymano-Kupian direction, the enemy lost 200 occupiers in a day, but is trying to continue attacking the positions of the Armed Forces – Yevlash

During the shelling in Zaporozhye, a young defender from Kolodenka was killed

Hero Yaroslav Vyhopen from Lviv Oblast died in Donetsk region

Nazar Andrushkiv, a soldier from Kozov, died defending Ukraine

Another defender from the Kherson region was killed in the southern direction of hostilities

A transporter from Rivne died at the front

A soldier from Kosiv region died in the war (PHOTO)

Junior sergeant Dmytro Petrenko died in the Kherson region

Ivan Grebenyuk, an employee of the Kryvyi Rih enterprise, died in battle in Donetsk region

A sapper from the Rivne region died at the front near Luhansk

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the Russian militant "Babaya", who participated in the occupation of Crimea and Donbas in 2014

Explosions in the suburb of Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia region on October 19 – at least 2 cotton

Turned to ashes: the National Guardsmen burned a large field warehouse of BC of the occupiers. Video

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the aggravation of the situation in the Avdiiv region, assessing the chances of capturing the city of the Russian Federation

Five enemy armored vehicles are burning on the battlefield near Avdiivka. VIDEO

Torture, mass shootings and beheadings: Ukrainian fighters told about being held captive by the Wagnerites

Ukrainian partisans infiltrated the military airfield in Nizhny Novgorod

The SBU exposed the Russian Orthodox Church for the creation of "Orthodox PMCs" for the war in Ukraine

Battles for Bakhmut: the 3rd OSHbr showed how they eliminated Russian attack aircraft (video)

NAKC found signs of illegal enrichment of the head of the TCC of Odesa for almost UAH 47 million – Letters

Prohibition of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine: the Moscow Patriarchate reacted to the decision of the Verkhovna Rada

The Russian Church is preparing mercenaries for war against Ukraine

Ukrainian fighters use high-explosive missiles against the Stugna-P ATGM. VIDEO

Border guards destroyed a Russian excavator in the Kupyan direction (video)

The Prosecutor General’s Office has documented more than 127,000 crimes against Ukraine

In Ukraine, after the start of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, 30,000 civilians went missing – commission in The Hague

Five Russian tanks and eleven armored personnel carriers destroyed the ZSU in the Lymano-Kupian direction

Senior soldier Volodymyr Gordienko from the village of Prystromy died in the Kupyan region

A sapper from the Rivne region died due to a mine explosion in the Luhansk region

Voyskova from Kirovohrad region, mother of five children, died as a result of an airstrike in Kharkiv region

"The best come from here", Nazar Andrushkiv, a defender from Ternopil Oblast, died at the front

His wife, son, mother and brother were left behind: soldier Andriy Modla, a Hero from Kamiansk, died near Robotyny

Another resident of Cherkasy was killed in battles with the occupiers

Viktor Semenyuk, a military man from the Kherson region, died in the war

Eternal memory: Serhiy Cherny from Prykarpattia died in the war (PHOTO)

Vilkul: The sounds of explosions in Kryvyi Rih are the effective work of air defense

Soldiers of the Armed Forces began using ground drones for road mining

The contract is signed: the Russian Federation will deliver stolen Ukrainian grain to China Business news of Ukraine | Business UA

70 combat clashes, dozens of repulsed attacks and two destroyed Solntsepeka: the General Staff reported the situation at the front

"The enemy does not stop trying to surround the city, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine heroically repulse the attacks" – Zaluzhnyi visited Avdiivka

The GUR fighter headed the press service of the Ministry of Defense

Romania and Bulgaria have started demining the Black Sea

Which of the People’s Deputies was in the Rada and ignored the vote on the ban on religious organizations connected with the Russian Federation: a complete list

A draft law on the confiscation of sovereign assets of the Russian Federation was submitted to the Senate of Canada

Soldier Oleg Mytroha from Ternopil Oblast died of serious injuries

A 36-year-old combat medic from the Rivne region died near Klishchiivka

Volodymr Yarygin, a resident of the Kryvorizka district, died in the Zaporozhye direction

He fought in the Mariinsky direction for more than a year: a defender from the Dnipro died in the war

Heroes of Bukovyna: defender Oleksandr Kushnir died in the war

The lieutenant colonel of the 92nd brigade died in the war

Yuliya Chernyshova and Oleksandr Labunsky from Poltava region died in the war with the invaders

Serhii Chornyi, a Carpathian, died in the war. PHOTO

Police major Anton Ryzhonkov from the Dnipropetrovsk region died of his wounds in the Dnipro hospital

A captured Ukrainian soldier was sentenced in occupied Luhansk

The Armed Forces advanced powerfully in the direction of Bakhmut -

October 20, 2023

Russia’s war against Ukraine: the General Staff released operational data on the morning of October 20

Pushing the Dnipro – The current operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the eastern bank of the Kherson region are the most extensive –

Powerful explosions rang out in Melitopol

The Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced in the Vervovoy district of the Zaporizhia region

Croatia transferred all its Mi-8 helicopters to Ukraine

The President awarded state awards to 175 defenders of Ukraine, most of them posthumously

In Ukraine, AI was developed to collect high-quality intelligence: how it works – META

One ATACMS strike accounted for 10% of total Russian helicopter losses: infographic

Right on target: a video of the downing of the Ukrainian military Su-25 of the occupiers near Avdiivka appeared

Occupiers discuss heavy losses after strikes on airfields in Berdyansk and Luhansk – intelligence

Chronological index of B.-I. Antonych’s works

More than 30 tanks and more than 1,000 occupiers: growing losses of the Russians on the Tavria direction

The Armed Forces successfully deplete Russian reserves during the ISW counteroffensive

China supplies drones to Russia – the Pentagon showed a report

In Melitopol, partisans blew up a car with marauding occupiers

Officially recognized losses of the occupiers in Ukraine

The SBU detained a lover of "Russian peace" in Kupyansk, who held a leadership position during the occupation

Cyber police of Ukraine, together with foreign colleagues, neutralized a transnational hacker group

the country’s energy exchange suffered one of the largest attacks on its online resources

Germany handed over another aid package to Ukraine, including 3 Gepard installations

Israel clarified the data on the dead foreigners – how many Ukrainians died

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed another flamethrower system "Sunsets"

"Will not send "a single bullet" to help in the fight against the Russian Federation": why the new leader of Slovakia hates Ukraine

Lviv OVA financed the purchase of drones and anti-drone equipment for UAH 40 million

In the suburbs of Kharkiv, they said goodbye to the dead mortarman

An exhibition of Russian drones shot down by Ukrainian defenders opened in Kyiv (photo)

"Artist" from the "Ghost" group works: Syrsky showed the liquidation of the occupier from 700 meters. Video

The Russian army hit a cottage cooperative in Kryvyi Rih with a rocket: there is a dead person – Bukvy

The Armed Forces struck the airfield of the occupiers in Chaplinka

Vlad Kovtonyuk, a resident of the Kherson region, died in the war

Considered missing: Ivan Barnych, a Carpathian, died in the war

A senior soldier from the Lviv region died in the war with the Russians

A soldier from Babin died near the city in Kharkiv Oblast

A defender of Ukraine from the Okhtyr region died in the war

Chernihiv region lost another defender

Yevhen Shapoval and Oleksandr Zhukovsky from Nikopol died in the Donetsk direction

Died in the war zone: Nikopol has lost another Defender

Zelensky commented on the battles near Avdiivka: "The losses of the Russians are really impressive"

GUR received two "silent drones" EOS VTOL – video

The only result of the frenzied attacks of the Russian Federation in the Avdiiv direction is a very large loss of personnel and equipment, – Fedorov – Freedom

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed the command post, the ammunition depot, the EW station of the Russian Army — the General Staff building

In the evening, a powerful explosion rang out in occupied Melitopol

Explosions rang out in Sevastopol and Dzhankoya

The Armed Forces of Ukraine broke deep into the enemy’s defenses in the Tokmak direction – details and map

October 21, 2023

The occupiers do not stop trying to encircle Avdiivka, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are on the defensive, the General Staff

Russian troops regrouped and resumed the offensive on Avdiivka, — ISW

The US has imposed sanctions against organizations that help distribute ballistic missiles

Ukrainian soldiers destroyed two enemy strongholds

At night, the Russian occupiers launched another air and missile attack on Ukraine, – General Staff

The under-sanctioned and so-called "minister of health care of the DNR" was convicted – the prosecutor’s office

An official of the Rubizhny City Hall went over to the side of the occupiers

Today, October 21, the Sumy community will say goodbye to two courageous countrymen

More than $1000 per day of shooting military objects. How the Kremlin is recruiting spies in Norway under the guise of the Russian Geographical Society

Battle for Avdiivka, analysis of the causes and consequences of Russian losses

For the first time, the Ukrainian training center trained the tactician of representatives of the NATO country’s army

137 objects were damaged: it became known about the consequences of enemy attacks on Myrhorod

Soldiers of the "Steel Border" and border guards in the Kupyan direction cut off the communication of the occupiers. Video

The battle for Avdiivka: the Russians got into a fiery bag in the lowlands

In Ukraine, the production of electronic devices will increase

Border guards defeated Russian attack aircraft on one of the flanks near Bakhmut

It became known what rockets the occupiers used for the night shelling of Kryvyi Rih

"A multi-level air defense system has been built around the capital": the head of the KMVA Popko on the protection of the sky over Kyiv

Ivan Chernyak, a 23-year-old defender from Ternopil Oblast, died at the front

The driver of the reconnaissance company from the Kremenchug district was killed in the Zaporozhye direction

Dmytro Odinets, a volunteer of the "Solomyan Cats" died in Kharkiv Oblast

In the Kherson region, the Ukrainian military destroyed the Reb station and 6 units of armored vehicles

Three rockets launched by the occupiers in the southern regions of Ukraine detonated in the air, Defense Forces

In Khmelnytskyi region, 168 hectares of land worth 6.5 million UAH were confiscated from Russians and Belarusians

In Buchi, they said goodbye to the soldier Artem Adamenko. VIDEO

In 2011, Russia organized terrorist attacks in Europe – investigation by journalists – photo

The Armed Forces received a batch of the newest Canadian armored vehicles Senator: what is known about it

The Armed Forces are advancing in two directions, exhausting the enemy along the entire front line: the main thing is to build

What the Luhansk airfield looks like after the ATACMS strike: the consequences were shown on video

The Armed Forces destroyed 11 more tanks on the southern front. Most of them are in Donetsk region

Avdiyivka Not everything is so rosy

Border guards destroyed a detachment of Russian attack aircraft on the Bakhmut flank

Orbán continues to dance to Putin’s tune: he says that helping Ukraine is not in the interests of the people of Hungary

"The world needs American leadership": Zelensky thanked Biden and both US parties for supporting Ukraine. Video

The occupiers near Avdiivka began to use "mole" tactics and use robotic transport vehicles

Volodymyr Voloshchenko, a defender from the Selydiv community in Donetsk region, died in the war

Vladyslav Kovtonyuk, a defender from Gornostaevka, died at the front

In the Zaporozhye direction, Andrii Filinskyi from Poltava region died as a result of Russian shelling

The Podvolochysk community has lost a Hero: Volodymyr Bandera died in Donetsk region

Another Hero from Lviv Region died in Kharkiv Region

Denys Danilov from Okhtyr region died in Donetsk region

He spent 200 days in captivity and lost 30 kg: the defender of Mariupol, who was exchanged a few months ago, died at the front

He went to fight only in September: a defender from the Ternopil district died at the front

Artem Artemenko, a soldier and the son of a deputy of the Poltava City Council, died at the front

Fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donetsk received 80 FPV drones, — OVA

An explosion rang out near Berdyansk, a possible hit in the area of the airport

Explosions and shots rang out in Sevastopol

Explosions rang out in Donetsk: a military unit of the occupiers was hit (photo, video)

The "Adam" group and the aerial reconnaissance of the 67th OMBr DUK showed how they use FPV drones to destroy the occupiers in the Serebrian Forest in the Luhansk region

October 22, 2023

Missile attack on "Nova Poshta" in Kharkiv region: six dead

The night attack of the Russian Air Defense Forces destroyed the Kh-59 missile and three UAVs — the General Staff

Yesterday, the occupiers released 36 guided aerial bombs on the territory of the Kherson region

Enemy drones tried to harm Khmelnytskyi

Bakhmut direction: in 10 OGSHBr they told who is fighting against the Armed Forces

"War takes real patriots": a 26-year-old defender from the Kherson region died at the front

Returning home with a shield: three days of mourning were announced in Prykarpattia for the three fallen defenders – Andrii Kavinskyi, Mykhailo Heletii, Ivan Barnych

The Russians launch up to 38 air bombs in the Kherson region every day: before there were 2-3 – OVA

Russia attacked Ukraine at night with rockets and Shaheds: the defenders shot down the Kh-59 and three drones

Kovalenko: Putin made a "Dagger" move and sent Russian interceptors under the knife

The Russians blocked the Crimean bridge again

A volunteer from Ireland talked about his work in the Third Assault Brigade and why he went to defend Ukraine – META

In the offensive on Avdiivka, the Russians rely more on drones than on soldiers – ISW

Oleksandr Cherevatyuk, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine

Russian troops hit Stanislav in the Kherson region. More than 30 houses were damaged. PHOTO reportage

Russia is transferring troops to Avdiyivka due to huge losses – the spokesman – Bukva

The defense forces strike at the enemy’s rear in the Kherson region, – General Staff

The US ambassador to Ukraine on the attack on the Novaya Poshta terminal: The whole world should see the Kremlin’s contempt for life

ATACMS: North Korea reacted to the provision of ATACMS to Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers destroyed the "Zoopark" radar worth more than $10 million in the Tavriysk direction

The number of victims as a result of the shelling of the Novaya Poshta terminal near Kharkiv has increased

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks in seven directions, the counteroffensive continues: the main thing is to gather

Explosions rang out in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol: a serious fire broke out. Video

Identified bodies of all those who died as a result of the attack on the Novaya Poshta terminal near Kharkiv (Video)

For more than a year, his fate was unknown: a defender from Pavlograd, Serhii Akinin, died in the war

In the Kherson region, Zahisnyk from the Zhytomyr region died in the battles for the village of Krynky

The heart of Serhiy Pavlenko, a soldier who worked at the Kryukiv Carriage Works, stopped

Serhii Matyushko "Malyuk" from Poltava Oblast was killed in the Avdiiv region

Vladyslav Bezverkhy, a senior sailor from the Dnipropetrovsk region, died at the front

Forever in the ranks: Cherkasy lost another defender in the war

Three more soldiers from Poltava Oblast died in the war for Ukraine

Blackberry plan: the modernization program of portable MANPADS from the Odessa Technars will be extended to the entire army

We need protection and countermeasures taking into account the increasing use of attack UAVs by the enemy – Yuriy Ignat

An attack on the airfield in Berdyansk – a Russian officer died as a result

In Donetsk, 70 Russian occupiers and the world were destroyed by a rocket

In the Donetsk region, paratroopers eliminated 9 units of Russian equipment in one battle (video)

Minus 10 million dollars from the budget of Russia: the Armed Forces destroyed the "Zoopark" radar

GUR: Russia gave Hamas weapons and shared experience

Friendly fire in Russian: the occupiers shot down their own helicopter

Ukrainian defenders eliminated an enemy assault group near Bakhmut (video)

The occupiers storm Pervomaiske on WWII-era GAZ-AA trucks (Video)

During the enemy assault, the paratroopers burned 5 tanks and 4 armored vehicles of the Russians

October 23, 2023

The Armed Forces of Ukraine expanded their presence on the left bank of the Kherson region: maps of ISW battles

Enemy drones attacked the Khmelnytskyi region at night

The enemy directed a night attack on the port infrastructure: 9 Shaheds were shot down over Odeshchyna

Attack of the Shaheds on Ukraine on October 23 – where explosions were heard, what is known in the morning

Surrendered the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bakhmut to the enemy – a local resident was convicted of treason

Russia fired at a Ukrainian power plant: equipment was damaged, electricity was turned off for consumers

Sounds reminiscent of a chainsaw: what is known about the new drones with which the Russian Federation is attacking Ukraine. Video

Rockets and aerial bombs were aimed at houses: the SBU neutralized the anti-Ukrainian "underground" in Kherson. Photo

He was the commander of the unit of the legendary "Da Vinci Wolves": in the Kyiv region they said goodbye to military Oleg Spasyba

Oleg Spasyba died saving his brothers – he was buried on his birthday

"100% result is not easy": Oleschuk showed how the American HAWK shot down enemy targets at night. Video

The Russian Federation attacked Ukraine at night with drones and an Kh-59 missile: how many were shot down

About 70 parliaments and assemblies will be represented at the summit of the Crimean Platform in Prague

Aid to Ukraine from the EU – the state received another tranche of macrofinance for 1.5 billion euros

The Russians renewed their assault on Avdiyivka: what is the situation in the city

The Russians transfer new forces to Avdiivka despite heavy losses

Barabash on the situation in Avdiivka: the Russians are "climbing like mad", despite the insane losses, they do not stop the assaults

Where did regional Yefremov go: journalists found out

Russia used the war in Israel to renew its offensive in Ukraine, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry said

Ivan Chernyak, a resident of Kremenech region, died in the war

Oleg Tarasenko and Volodymyr Malykh from Poltava region died in the war with the Russians

Kherson region lost two more defenders

Black news: a soldier from Chernihiv region died

A soldier from Chigyrin region died in the war

Junior sergeant Viktor Voytko from Volyn was killed in Zaporozhye

The best die: the war took the life of Mykola Golovey, a native of the Bolgrad district

A defender of Ukraine from Yampil Oblast died in the war

Defender Serhiy Kornienko from the Synivska community died in Kherson region

Leonid Lytvyn, a soldier from the Kherson region, died in the war

The war took the life of another soldier-defender of Ukraine from Odesa region

An explosion rang out in occupied Mariupol

Destruction of enemy electronic warfare station RB-301B "Borysoglebsk-2"

In Ukraine, the Russian commander of the assault battalion, lieutenant colonel Fedoseev, was eliminated

The Russian occupiers "sentenced" a soldier of the 24th OMBr to 14 years in Luhansk Oblast

In the direction of Bakhmut, the Armed Forces forced the enemy to retreat

Sirskyi on the situation in the east: The goal of the Russian Federation is to surround Kupyansk

The army of drones hit 223 units of Russian equipment in a week

Explosions rang out in occupied Sevastopol

The Armed Forces destroyed the location of the occupiers in the Swativ direction – video

Vovchok M. Living soul – III. The surviving martyr

Tore off the tower: GUR scouts destroyed a Russian tank during an enemy assault. Video

The Ukrainian military showed how the wounded are evacuated from the battlefield

Called to support the occupiers: a traitor to Ukraine from Cherkasy region, who collected data on strategic objects, received life imprisonment

The military received from Dnipro 30 Ukrainian-made FPV drones capable of destroying enemy equipment worth millions of dollars

Reinforcements are being brought to the Russian troops, the number of attacks is constantly increasing: Zhorin spoke about the situation at the front. Map

Military commissions in Ukraine found unsubstantiated assets worth over UAH 255 million in half a year: the most high-profile cases

Sub-sanctioned "Unigran" did not stop work in Zhytomyr Oblast: Mayor Malyna can cover the company – media

Racists want to remove all Ukrainians who did not sign a contract with Rosatom from the ZNPP

Oleksandr Kovalenko died in the battles for Ukraine in the Donetsk direction

Myroslav Lyashok from Shostkin died at the front

A sergeant from the Rivne region was killed during the assault in Donetsk region

A National Guardsman, mortarman’s assistant from the Lviv region died in the war with the Russians

Combat medic Mykhailo Kulinyak died in the war – he was an employee in Chernobyl

A marine from the Uman region died in the Kherson region

The Hero is survived by his wife and two daughters: Oleksandr Yashchuk from Ternopil Oblast died in the war

Oleg Tarasenko of Poltava fell near Avdiivka – CONTENTS

A combat medic from the Kharkiv region died in Luhansk region

In Kirovohrad Oblast, communities reported the death of defenders at the front

On the Donetsk direction, 20-year-old Serhiy Sukhorebry from Kamiansky was killed

"Died like a real warrior – in an unequal battle with the enemy": Hero from Volyn forever 28

A captain from the Volodymyr community was killed in Donetsk region

Zelensky announced new successes at the front and in the world

The Russian occupiers advanced slightly near Avdiivka

The Russians do not stop the assault on Avdiyivka with the support of aviation – General Staff

In the Avdiiv direction, Russian armored vehicles ran into their own mines and exploded. VIDEO

The Armed Forces of Ukraine recaptured the forest strip south of Bakhmut and the world from the occupiers

The Armed Forces destroyed the enemy’s pontoon crossing and sent the REB station to scrap: the main thing from the General Staff

The Armed Forces showed how Achilles attack drones destroy Russian equipment near Bakhmut

The PEGAS drone of the Armed Forces tore the Russian T-90 to pieces (Video)

October 24, 2023

The defense forces had success near Robotiny in the Melitopol direction, – General Staff

Cotton in Crimea – the occupiers announced a possible underwater attack in Sevastopol

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces — the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are preparing a breakthrough of the defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation near Oleshok — map

Drone attack: Russia launched six strike drones over Ukraine at night

A new sculpture dedicated to those who defended the city from the Russian invaders was installed in Irpen

ZSU advanced to the south of Bakhmut, ISW

Turned into penalty kicks: British intelligence revealed how Russia uses "Storm-Z" in the war against Ukraine

To win at the front, Moscow is waging a large-scale information war: which countries are involved

The time between taking up a position and firing is two minutes: how the Armed Forces destroy the enemy with the Skif ATGM on the Novator armored personnel carrier. Video

At night, Russia launched six Shaheds over Ukraine: air defense forces shot down all the drones

Ukraine created a joint venture with the Rheinmetall concern

Zelensky spoke on the Crimean platform – the main statements

"The situation is very difficult": the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are trying to cut off the Armed Forces near Kupyansk-Vuzlovoi (video)

The world’s weapons production capacity is not enough to cover the needs of the Armed Forces – Kamyshin

In Kropyvnytskyi, they said goodbye to the fallen soldiers (photo)

The Ukrainian land-based kamikaze robot Ratel S has been put into mass production, Fedorov said. VIDEO+PHOTOS

The representative of Russia in the EU can be a spy – Kyrylo Logvinov can work for intelligence

The occupiers hit Zaporizhzhia with ballistic missiles – what is known

Traitor politicians who fled to Russia after the start of the war – a list

"When the situation requires it": the Navy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces made a statement about the destruction of the Crimean Bridge

Kovalenko: the infinite human resource has become the Achilles heel of the Russian army

Orban criticized the EU’s methods, calling Brussels a "parody" of Moscow

The number of assaults on Avdiyivka decreased, 2,400 occupiers were destroyed there in 5 days

Military intelligence: some of the Russians who surrendered are already fighting on the side of Ukraine

The aviation of the occupiers set a record for the daily use of guided air bombs

NAZK revealed four more corrupt military commissars

Pilots of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces are quickly mastering the F-16: soon there will be the first flights with an instructor. Video

Aid to Ukraine has depleted NATO’s weapons stockpile: they need to be urgently replenished, Stoltenberg said

SBU: UOC minister involved in antiquities smuggling

The Armed Forces destroyed three air defense systems of the occupiers – the General Staff

Russians "hunt" for Abrams tanks near Avdiivka – SBU exposed FSB agents

Kryvyi Rih warrior Dmytro Nos laid his life on the altar of Victory

Oleksandr Vshivkov, a soldier from Volyn, fell defending Ukraine

Two soldiers from Khmelnytskyi were killed at the front

The war took the life of a young assistant grenade launcher from the Rivne region

Oleksandr Yashchuk from Ternopil Oblast died in the war

A 30-year-old defender from Vinnytsia died during the war in Kharkiv region

Viktor Martyniuk, a soldier from Ternopil region, was killed during mortar shelling in Kharkiv region

A defender from the Kharkiv region died in the hospital

The Russian occupiers advanced near the T-0504 road near Bakhmut

The man was only 20 years old: Hero from Dnipropetrovsk Region Serhiy Sukhorebry died near Avdiivka

Transcarpathia received tragic news (PHOTO)

In the communities of Kirovohradshchigy, it was reported that three defenders of Ukraine were killed at the front

The 1st tank brigade of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation smashed the Russian convoy near Novokalynovo (Video)

The defense forces repelled about 20 attacks by the Russian army in the Mariinsky direction – the General Staff

"Round-the-clock assaults": the commander of the Armed Forces reported an escalation in the Kupyansk direction

The Ukrainian aviation carried out 13 strikes on places of concentration of the occupiers during the day

Amnesty granted after the mutiny: fighters of the "Wagner" PMK were seen in the battles for Avdiivka (photo)

The occupiers received "new" T-55 tanks of the 1958 model (Photo)

The Russians withdrew all aircraft from Berdyansk and Luhansk airfields -

October 25, 2023

Shahed’s night attack on Ukraine – air defense forces destroyed 11 drones

In Khmelnytskyi region, there were casualties due to enemy attacks by "shaheds" – the mayor

Russia attacked Khmelnytskyi at night: it is known about significant damage and 16 wounded

Russia reports a series of loud explosions in Bryansk

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled more than 20 attacks by the occupiers near Maryinka — the situation at the front in the summary of the General Staff – Freedom

The Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced to the south of Bakhmut and to the west of the Zaporizhzhia region, holding positions on the left bank of the Dnieper

The President awarded state awards to 141 defenders of Ukraine, 19 of them posthumously

Ukrainian engineers have launched the serial production of "Vidsich" attack UAVs

Australia announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine: what it included

The SBU neutralized an agent-combat group of the FSB: they were preparing explosions at the facilities of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense in the Kyiv region. Photo and video

"Brother, hold on": Ukrainian soldiers showed footage of rescuing a wounded brother on the front line. Video

They arranged a "flammatory" week: soldiers of the SSO destroyed USD 25 million worth of Russian equipment in the Zaporozhye region. Video

An explosive device was planted under a seat: a Russian soldier was blown up in occupied Berdyansk

The occupiers attacked the Kherson region at night, there are reports: there may be people under the rubble

We must act quickly, otherwise we will not get out: an interview with General Romanenko about a serious problem at the front

The OVA explained why the Russian army is attacking Khmelnytskyi for the fourth day in a row

The Armed Forces formed the "Siberia" battalion from representatives of Russian national minorities – Bloomberg

The EU continues to import a considerable amount of raw materials, including aluminum, titanium and nickel, from the aggressor country

The Russian oil and gas industry is in crisis: Plachkov depicted the real situation

After the ATACMS strikes, the occupiers are frantically looking for an "even deeper rear" and are building a base between Mariupol and Berdyansk, – Fedorov

The Armed Forces spoke about the successes in the south and the heavy losses of the Russians

By the end of the year, we will produce tens of thousands of drones per month, – Kamyshin

After setting the flags on Avdiiv Terikon, the enemy was liquidated: ZSU

It became known what drones are used by the soldiers of the Armed Forces

Hospital, enterprises, educational institutions: the mayor of Slavuta spoke about the destruction after the BpLA-Bukva attacks

The territory near the Khmelnytskyi NPP was shelled at night

Attack on Ukraine on October 25: the Ministry of Energy was informed of a hit on the territory of the Khmelnytsky NPP

They were looking for a year: Andriy Hrushetskyi, who died from Odesa and Azov, will return home "on a shield" (photo)

A defender from the Zaporizhzhia region died as a result of enemy fire on the eve of his 26th birthday

A volunteer from Romania died in Ukraine

Ivan Mordovin, a soldier from Kremenchuk, died in the war

Hero from Ternopil Oblast Vasyl Lyashchuk returns to his home on the shield

Dmytro Odynets, the winner of the Run Ukraine Running League, died defending Ukraine

Another loss: a warrior from Chernihiv region returns on the shield

The Yuzhne community lost another Defender – Maksym Vareshkin

The occupiers want to appoint "their" director of the Popov Estate, which was damaged during the defense of Vasylivka: what is known about it

How Ukrainian fighters destroyed the location point of the occupiers in the Swativ direction (VIDEO)

Disguise did not help: the National Guardsmen destroyed the enemy’s BK warehouse and BMR-3M "Vepr" in the Zaporizhzhia direction. Video

The Ukrainian military exposed the occupiers who pretended to be dead on the battlefield (Video)

The Armed Forces showed the combat operation of the British Stormer HVM air defense system – video

An opponent of aid to Ukraine was elected speaker of the US House of Representatives

Holodomor: The Parliament of Wales recognized the genocide of Ukrainians

GUR destroyed the ammunition warehouse of the occupiers in Donetsk

Gave his life for Ukraine: a volunteer from Romania, Rudolph Wittman, died at the front. Photo

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed the base of the Russian special forces in Sevastopol, the dead are counted in dozens, – social networks

The USA has confirmed the start of flight training for Ukrainians on the F-16

Even more drones. The Ministry of Defense has put new models of UAVs into operation

"Next time we may not be so lucky" – IAEA about windows broken as a result of the Russian attack at the Khmelnytskyi NPP

A Russian soldier was accused of raping a civilian Ukrainian woman in Mariupol for refusing to go to the Russian Federation

The Russian military satellite Kosmos-2542 burned down

Putin ordered the mobilization of another 100,000 Russians into the army

In Khmelnytskyi region, 1760 objects were damaged as a result of the attack, Tyurin

The occupiers got a new problem near Avdiivka

Viktor Berdnyk, a soldier from Kremenchuchyna, died during the Russian-Ukrainian war

Bohdan Chervinskyi from Ternopil died at the front

A father of two children from the Lviv region died in the war

In the Kherson region, a defender from the Zhytomyr region died in the battles for Krynky

A defender of Ukraine from the Lipovodolinska community died in the war

Forever in the ranks: two defenders from Khmelnytskyi region died at the front

Volodymyr Omelchuk from Ternopil Oblast died in the war

In Kharkiv Oblast, a soldier from Poltava Oblast was killed as a result of shelling by the occupiers

A machine gunner from Shepetiv region was killed in Donetsk region

BlackSeaNews | Russia is trying to hide the consequences of the explosions at the Crimean air base "Gvardiyske"

Collaborator Alla Barkhatnova became "Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Kherson Region"

"The nuclear station also shook": this is what is being said in the satellite city of Khmelnytskyi NPP about the Russian attack by "Shahedas"

Practically all objects of the social sphere were damaged, – the mayor of Slavuta about the consequences of the attack by the Russians

The Ukrainian aviation carried out seven strikes on places of concentration of the occupiers during the day