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Nicholas Zharkikh

August 24, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 08/24/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said that three drones tried to attack Moscow this night – 1+1, TSN news

He will forever be 37: a soldier from Khmelnytskyi died during an assault on enemy positions in Donetsk region. Photo

She "drained" the enemy’s position: a resident of Sumy Oblast is suspected of helping the Russian DRG

The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces told how and from where Russia attacked Ukraine at night

Russia attacked the Dnipro on August 24 — seven were wounded, and there was considerable destruction

Independence Day of Ukraine during the war. Zelensky’s address

European leaders congratulate Ukraine on Independence Day

The President and the First Lady honored the memory of the fallen defenders of Ukraine

Kyrylo Budanov: the Ukrainian army is capable of striking Russia’s positions in Crimea

The Armed Forces continue the offensive operation in two directions – the General Staff

In France, they saw "reasonable doubts" in the circumstances of the plane crash with Prigozhin

Zelensky: Ukraine was not involved in the downing of Prigozhin’s plane

Portugal will train Ukrainian pilots on the F-16 — Zelenskyi

Norway transfers missiles for IRIS-T air defense systems to Ukraine

The President of Lithuania spoke in Ukrainian on the occasion of Independence Day in Sofia Square

In Moscow, Red Square was closed to visitors

Independence Day of Ukraine: the Baykar company presented Bayraktar UAV reconnaissance

In Kropyvnytskyi, they will say goodbye to the fallen soldiers

An agent of the Russian Federation was detained in the Kyiv region: he was "preparing" an attack on a thermal power plant during the heating season

An employee of one of the educational institutions in Kramatorsk gave the Russians information about the Armed Forces

Explosions are recorded near Mariupol – Andryushchenko

Ukrainian intelligence officers raised the flag of Ukraine in Crimea: video of the special operation

A soldier from Chernihiv Oblast died

The warrior returns to Dubrovychchyna on a shield.

Hero from Berezhan Nazarii Adamchuk died in the war (PHOTO)

Andriy Aksamytny, a 41-year-old warrior from Kryvyi Rih, laid down his life for Ukraine

Petro Yusyp, a Carpathian, died in the war

In Zaporozhye, 38-year-old Hero from Drohobych died from a shrapnel wound

Mykola Poglod, a 31-year-old soldier from the Saranchukiv community, has died

A soldier from Ternopil Oblast died of his wounds

Battles in the Kherson region – the Armed Forces destroyed three Russian S-300s – video

Explosions rang out in Sevastopol

Hits and explosions in occupied Tokmak (VIDEO)

The US agreed to train Ukrainian pilots on the F-16, — NYT

Sponsors of the war – Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco were included in the list of NACP

S-400 in Crimea was destroyed by the Neptune missile – the defense of Ukraine

Norway transfers two F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine for training – military aid

The family of the fallen defender of the Lviv brigade handed over 20 kamikaze drones to the front

Zelensky awarded a doctor from Dnipro, who performed more than 700 operations on military personnel – META

In Crimea, the GUR destroyed an entire division of the occupiers

Ukrainian fighters struck the enemy on the occupied Crimean peninsula

The artillery of the Armed Forces destroyed the command post of the Russian occupiers

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a column of tanks belonging to the Russian invaders

Ukrainian fighters shot down an enemy air defense system "Tunguska" on the left bank of the Kherson region (video)

Soldier Yurii Bereznyak died in the hospital half a year after being seriously wounded

Soldiers from Kirovohrad Region died in the war with Russia

A soldier from a village in Sarnen region died in Luhansk region

An enemy aerial bomb killed a combat medic from Melitopol

The war took the life of a serviceman from Netishyn Khmelnytskyi "E" |

Dnipro news: Oleg Mykolayovych Kabak died

War takes away the best: Mykola Poglod, a hero from Ternopil region, died at the front

In the war for Ukraine, a resident of Halytsynivsk community, Ivan Korotoshyn, died – News of Mykolaiv today

He went to defend Ukraine with his son: the Defender from the Dnipropetrovsk region, Mykhailo Kolomoyets, has passed away

A senior lieutenant from the Kaliniv community died in the war

August 25, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 08/25/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Explosions rang out in several districts of the temporarily occupied Crimea

"Swarm" of drones: Russia announced a new attack on Crimea

The invaders attacked Odesa at night: what type of rockets did the Russians use?

Military units received state awards and battle flags from the hands of the president

Explosions in Russia on August 25 in the Shaikivka area – what is known – photos, video

Explosions in Crimea today, April 25 – what is reported on the network, video

Ukraine will receive F-16 from the Netherlands in six to eight months, when several conditions will be met, the Minister of Defense

A new package of military aid from Finland has already been approved, it is about 94 million euros

Explosions in Tokmok – the command of the Russian Armed Forces fled the city

Media: Prigozhin’s plane broke into pieces while still in the air

In Crimea, the military base of the 126th Guards Brigade of the Black Sea Front of the Russian Federation could be destroyed

Counteroffensive in the Zaporizhzhia region – Ukrainian military entrenched near Verbovoi | ZPRZ.CITY

"Squad with BC instead of fireworks": the National Guard threw a "party" for the occupiers with a precise strike. Video

Russia launched four missiles and "Shakhed" at Ukraine at night: air defense forces shot down all targets

In the east of Ukraine, a soldier Maksym Kostetskyi from Andrushiv Oblast was killed

Mykhailo Andraschuk, a young Transcarpathian, died in the war (PHOTO)

Sniper Volodymyr Horuk from Prykarpattia died in the war

Another Hero of Cherkasy died in the war

Grief again: the Russians killed a defender from the Vynohrad region – uzhgorod24

On Independence Day, a senior soldier from Dubrovichi region died

A soldier from Burina died in the war

The war took the life of a medical marksman from Kostopol

A brave resident of Chernyatin died on the front line

Yuriy Pushkin, lieutenant colonel from Ternopil Oblast, died of a heart attack

Considered missing: a young Hero from Volyn, Roman Dudar, died near Bakhmut

Battles for Ukraine – Volodymyr Golovetsky died in the Zaporizhzhia region, what is known about him

A military medic from the Zaporizhia region was killed in an airstrike

In the Kherson region, Artem Zhuravel from Kamiansk died in the battle for the Independence of Ukraine

A former employee of the Court Security Service died in the war

A policeman from the Kharkiv region who was wounded in a fight with the occupiers died

Latvia transferred another Mi-17 to Ukraine

The head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry arrived in Kyiv and met with Zelenskyi

Guard drones helped destroy more than a hundred enemy targets

TCC — Military Committee of Odesa Oblast illegally enriched itself by 14 million hryvnias — details

In Zaporizhzhia, they said goodbye to the soldier Oleksiy Lastovych, who died fighting for "Azovstal"

Ukraine returned 11 children from the Russian Federation and temporarily occupied territories

The property of the odious collaborator Saldo and his family was handed over to the state – Rubryka

Finland imprisoned the commander of militants from the Russian Federation at the request of Kyiv – DW – 25.08.2023

The strike on the 126th brigade of the Russian Federation in Crimea was a special operation of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine: sources revealed the details

"Cotton" happened in Crimea at one of the largest air bases of the Russians (Photo) – First business

The Armed Forces are advancing in the direction of the city of Tokmak – mass media

Fighters of the "Offensive Guard" destroyed a Russian warehouse with ammunition – Video

They smoke again, where it shouldn’t: a photo of the powerful "cotton" in Nova Kakhovka

The Ukrainian aviation made 10 strikes on areas where enemy personnel were concentrated

The occupiers are panicking due to the repeated landing of Ukrainian troops in Crimea – GUR – video – news 1+1

Oleksandr Grevtsov, a 32-year-old soldier of the ZSU, died in the battle with the Russian invaders

Awarded the Order "For Courage" of the 3rd degree: Artem Zhuravel from Kamiansky died

A gunner from the Lviv region died in the war with the Russians

August 26, 2023

Explosions were heard in Tokmak, Zaporizhia region this morning, August 26

The National Police announced suspicions against 30 pseudo-law enforcement officers of the occupation militia

The SBI announced the suspicion of an ex-military woman from Crimea who is fighting on the side of the occupiers

In Ukraine, a woman was convicted for supporting the Russian Federation — Ukrainian news

A major general of the Russian intelligence service is suspected of Prigozhin’s murder, media reports. RIA-South

Russian troops hit a cafe in the Kupyan district: there are casualties

Two "Shahedas" were destroyed: the Air Force announced a new attack by the occupiers on Ukraine

In the morning, the enemy’s offensive was already repelled: the stormtroopers told about the battles on one of the hottest directions. Video

He pulled his comrades out of a burning tank: a 20-year-old Ukrainian commander died near Bakhmut

The Naval Forces of Ukraine created a brigade of naval drones

The Armed Forces destroyed a column of Russian tanks

It became known about the death of Kalush commander Viktor Dulyanovsky on July 10

The life of a young fighter from Sarnen region ended in Kharkiv region

Volodymyr Osidach, a soldier from Lviv Oblast, died in the war

Sad news from the front: a resident of the village of Kvasy died – uzhgorod24

A lieutenant colonel from Terebovla died in the war – Svoboda newspaper

Explosions rang out in Luhansk in the morning and at night

The occupiers have stepped up near Beilohorivka and have been storming the positions of the Armed Forces south of Svatovo for the third day

The Armed Forces liberated new territories east of Robotyny

The Armed Forces shot down a Russian plane

For the second day, there are explosions in the Tokmak area, – Fedorov

"Msta-S" was destroyed by Ukrainian soldiers from HIMARS

Ignat on drone attacks on Moscow: This is just the beginning

Secret meeting on the border: Zaluzhny discussed the military strategy of Ukraine with the NATO command – Guardian – news on UNN | August 26, 2023, 6:36 p.m

Last day, Navy units destroyed 15 occupiers, 26 quadcopters and 2 ammunition caches. INFOGRAPHICS

The pilot of "Jus" died as a result of a plane crash: what is known about him on

The Air Force Command asks to be careful about the timing of the release of information about the plane crash in Zhytomyr Oblast

The fire in Sevastopol happened on August 26

In the south, Ukrainian soldiers destroyed 93 Russians and 5 ammunition depots — the commander

True strength is found only in those states that know how to protect their own skies and respect their own aviation — the President of Ukraine

The ex-commander of Aidaru criticized Western experts for their assessments of the counteroffensive – news 1+1

Ukrainian special forces finish off the third tank regiment of the Russians

Ruslan Barvinko, a 30-year-old defender from the Dnipropetrovsk region, died during a combat mission

Pustomytivshchyna lost a 26-year-old Hero

The commander of a mortar platoon from Ivano-Frankivsk region, Viktor Dulyanovskyi, died in the war

Dnipro news: Konstantin Manzheliy died

Nineteen-year-old Valery Saveliev from Hola Prystan died defending Ukraine

During the war with Russia, soldiers from the communities of the Kirovohrad region died

Transcarpathia lost another Hero: Mykola Brovchuk died in the war

The Ukrainian Armed Forces liquidated the "Wagnerian" "Biber" with whom Prigozhin recorded the video

In Donetsk, there is a strong fire near the train station

"Cotton" came to Horlivka

There were one and a half thousand mines for every square kilometer: Hetman about the successes of the Armed Forces near Melitopol (photo). RIA-South

The Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted a merciless attack on Russian infantry and equipment near Novoprokopivka (VIDEO)

August 27, 2023

Missile attack on August 27 – Natalia Gumenyuk explained the maneuvers of the Russians

At night, air defense shot down all enemy missiles flying in the direction of Kyiv – the head of the KMVA

The Security Service of Ukraine detained military officials who made money from evasion

In Kharkiv Oblast, a policeman who died from an injury was euthanized

Air defense forces destroyed 4 cruise missiles at night – Air Force. INFOGRAPHICS

Zelensky reacted to the plane crash in Zhytomyr region: all circumstances will be clarified

"Minka, Prokazin, Jus": brothers honored the memory of the pilots who died in the plane crash in Zhytomyr Oblast (video)

The KMVA reported information about an enemy attack on Kyiv

Explosions in the Bryansk and Kursk regions of Russia on August 27 – Russians repelled drone attacks – video

Ukraine and Russia are fighting for the "Boyk towers" in the Black Sea – British intelligence – Letters

The war in Ukraine – the Russians concentrated more than 100,000 occupiers in the Lyman-Kupian direction

In southern Ukraine, the Russian army is starving for ammunition

Drone attack – Air Defense Forces shot down two drones in the Zaporizhzhia region

A defender from Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi died of serious injuries in the hospital

The war took the life of a warrior from Kamianechchyna Eduard Yaroshevskyi Khmelnytskyi "E" |

Missile attack on the center of Chernigov: who and how made the decision – TSN, news 1+1

Died on Independence Day: the death of Dmytro Marchuk, a young hero from the Lutsk district, was reported

The Ukrainian drone dropped ammunition directly into the hatch of the enemy BMP-3. VIDEO

Active hostilities continue in the Bakhmut direction, 165 occupiers were eliminated during the day, – Eastern Group of Troops

A resident of Balabyny, Zaporizhzhia region, died in the battles for Ukraine

Ivan Hudyak, a Carpathian, died in the battle

Losses of the enemy in the South – how many Russians and equipment were destroyed by the Armed Forces

Bakhmut – the Ukrainian military destroyed another assault group of invaders

The defense forces are advancing in the direction of Novoprokopivka near Robotyny – spokesman – news on UNN | August 27, 2023, 1:54 p.m

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation officially confirmed the death of Prigozhin

Fire in Berdyansk on August 27 – military equipment of the occupants is on fire

Ukrainian soldiers destroyed the command post of the occupiers in southern Ukraine. Video

In the Zaporozhye direction, the Armed Forces advanced in the area of three settlements

Explosions in Kursk on August 27: drone attack on the airfield – TSN, news 1+1

Media: As a result of a drone attack in the Belgorod region, a police lieutenant colonel died

Behind Tokmak, the defense lines of the Russian Armed Forces are interrupted and roadblocks begin, — Hetman — Freedom

The destruction by kamikaze drones of the Rashist manpower was shown by the Strategic Committee of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Defense of Ukraine

Ukraine has significantly increased the production of such weapons as "Stugna", "Corsair" and "Neptune", – Zelensky

Lieutenant Solodanyuk died in the war, defending Ukraine

Vasyl Shkvarok, a Carpathian soldier, died fighting for Ukraine

A military man from Ivano-Frankivsk died in the battle

In Squirre, they will say goodbye to the fallen soldier Andrii Venglinsky

The war took the lives of two soldiers from Rivne

Forever in memory: the war took the lives of two Cherkasy residents

Deliberately went to the front to defend Ukraine: Konstantin Manzheliy, a soldier from Dnipropetrovsk Region, died in the war

He was attacked by an enemy drone: junior lieutenant Oleksiy Shevchuk from Netishyn died at the front. Photo

His daughter and son were waiting for him at home: the war took the life of the defender from Izmail Serhiy Baikov | BessarabiЯ.UA

Dmytro Yanchuk died in the war: 27:08:2023 – 20 minutes Vinnytsia

Battles near Bakhmut – the Armed Forces prevent the enemy from digging into the ground

Explosions in Tokmok and Melitopol: Fedorov reported on which facilities of the occupiers "cotton was blooming" for several days

In Berdyansk, there was a fire in the shop where the occupiers kept equipment

Black smoke in Berdyansk: the occupiers’ equipment was on fire

A column of occupiers, who were probably involved in undermining the hydroelectric power station, was liquidated near Kakhovka

At the Russian military base near Yevpatoria, 14 occupants were killed right in the barracks

52 Russians beat the commander and surrendered with him to the APU

Explosions rang out in temporarily occupied Horlivka

August 28, 2023

Report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the morning of August 28

Moscow authorities announced the downing of a drone over Moscow, airports were closed

Luhansk undergrounds eliminated enemy military patrols, ATESH

The Armed Forces continue their offensive in the Melitopol direction, – General Staff Source:

Probable launches of Kalibr missiles from the Black Sea on August 28 – OK South spoke about the threat

President Zelensky proposed a way to liberate Crimea

Explosions in Kryvyi Rih on the night of August 28: details of the enemy attack

The war in Ukraine – the SBU detained a Russian agent who was directing Russian Grads and Shaheds to Kherson – photo

A memorial dedicated to pilot Andriy "Jus" Pilshchikov has appeared near the "Ghost of Kyiv" mural in the capital. Photo

Russia attacked Ukraine at night with Calibers and X-59s: air defense forces shot down four missiles

They kissed each other: the details of the Russian missile attack on Poltava Oblast became known

Russia launched missile strikes on Poltava Oblast and Kryvyi Rih: there is destruction and deaths. Photo

The Armed Forces of Ukraine on the southern flank of Bakhmut released another 1 square meter. km, fighting continues, – Malyar

Moscow announced a missile and drone attack on Crimea

In the direction of Bakhmut, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing with heavy fighting

The war in Ukraine – the Armed Forces destroyed the enemy BTR-82 – video

Ukrainian companies remove "Russian traces" – Opendatabot

Russia produces drones from foreign components – which countries help

The Velykiy Banderik UAV, approved for operation, is successfully used at the front – Ministry of Defense

Night attack on Poltava region: the number of victims has increased

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed five ammunition depots and dozens of pieces of Russian equipment in the Tavria direction

A member of the "X-Factor" who traveled to the front line with concerts died at the front

Enemy artillery killed a young soldier from Ternopil region (photo)

In Glukhiv region, four soldiers were killed during the battle with the DRG

A soldier from the Rivne region died while performing a combat mission in Donetsk region

Defended the country from the first days of the war: a defender from the city of Izmail died in battles with the enemy

Dmytro Ostashuk, a Carpathian, died in the war

The life of Ivan Shevchenko, a Hero from Ternopil Oblast, was cut short during the war

On the shield, two defenders from Kamianechchyna Khmelnytskyi "E" return from the war

"This is a heavy loss for everyone": a defender from Lviv died at the front, the comrades promised to take revenge. Photo

They defended to the last: last week it became known about the death of 22 defenders from Vinnytsia

Oleksandr Margita, the Hero from Volyn, has passed away

The marines destroyed the BC warehouse of the occupiers in Urozhany

How a JDAM aerial bomb blew up a concrete fortification with 100 occupants in the Southern direction (VIDEO)

Explosions in Energodar on August 23 – the intelligence department disclosed the details ZPRZ.CITY

The situation at the front – the Armed Forces neutralized almost 300 Russians in the Tavria direction

Tokmak is already under fire control of the Ukrainian military: Fedorov predicts good news from the Zaporizhia Front – Freedom

Minus the Msta-S howitzer and ammunition: Ukrainian gunners worked on the invaders with HIMARS – Wheel News

Ukraine can receive 100 Leopard tanks from Greece: details – Heading

A photo of the air defense training ground in Crimea appeared after the S-400 was destroyed there: the consequences are significant – news 1+1

Robotyne – What is the situation in the liberated village and what will happen next – OSUV spokesman Tavria

Imperialist propaganda and "spiritual bonds": the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine responded to the Pope’s statements about the "greatness" of Russia – news on UNN | August 28, 2023, 8:21 p.m

"Ukraine is Europe" – an official of the Ministry of Education and Culture published a post in Russian, mocking the exit from the USSR – Letters

In Kyiv, a farewell ceremony was held for Serhiy Ilnytskyi, a member of the Kyiv City Council who died in the war – Bukva

Defense forces in the Kherson region destroyed the Russian radar "Pryedel-E"

Battles in the Luhansk region – the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the Svet-KU EW complex of the Russians – video

Powerful explosions rang out at the airfield in Tokmok

Explosions are heard near occupied Berdyansk – Fedorov – news 1+1

The drone attacked the barracks of "Kadyrivets" in occupied Energodar. GUR published a video of the impact

The Armed Forces of Ukraine "double-hunted" a Russian lieutenant colonel and four officers

The occupiers of Luhansk region sentenced a Ukrainian to 20 years in prison

A Ukrainian man died in fierce battles for Ukraine

A native of the Artsysk community died at the front Internet newspaper "Topor"

Volodymyr Poglyad, a military man from the Dolyna region, died in the battle with the occupier

During the war with the Russians, an assistant grenade launcher from the Lviv region died

August 29, 2023

Ukrainian military personnel completed a NATO-standard course in Poland – headquarters

The Ukrainian aviation made eight strikes on the places where the personnel were concentrated and three on the air defense systems of the occupiers

8 missile and 47 air strikes were carried out by Rashisti during the past 24 hours

The enemy attacked the administrative building in Nikopol with a drone, there are wounded – an investigation has been launched

"Edelweiss" fighter Serhiy Demchuk received the Order "For Courage" from the head of state

A new UAV "Hor" has been developed in Ukraine

Putin is betting on the settlement of ORDLO by migrants from the Russian Federation: the local residents will be destroyed

"We are waiting for an explanation": the head of the UGCC reacted to the Pope’s statement about "great Russia" and issued a warning

Pilots who died in Zhytomyr region are presented for state awards: why the disaster happened and what eyewitnesses said

He did not live two months before the end of his service: a soldier from Prykarpattia who went to the front as a volunteer died in the battles for Ukraine. Photo

The Russian army retreats against the background of a breakthrough in the defense line in the Zaporizhzhia direction

Polish border guards report an attack by a group of illegal migrants on the border with Belarus

"Belarusian Gayun": several mines exploded on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border at night – Column

The bodies of 84 fallen defenders were returned to Ukraine

A farewell ceremony is held in the capital for the pilot "Jus", who died in a plane crash in Zhytomyr Oblast – Column

Rocket attack on Chernihiv: the number of victims has increased

Successes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Zaporozhye: the occupying "power" flees from Tokmak

The "HIMARS" anti-aircraft missile system destroys the Russian R-330Zh "Zhitel" anti-aircraft missile system. VIDEO

During the counteroffensive, Ukraine lost only 5 Leopard-2s. Forbes denied Russian propaganda

In Crimea, all retired security forces are being mobilized into the Russian army

Would Sullivan agree with Ribbentrop? Why is the USA trying to create a new Munich for Ukraine?

The Defense Procurement Agency is already working successfully, and we expect the first contract of the Resource Supply Agency by October — Oleksiy Reznikov

Transferred more than 50 million rubles to the budget of the Russian Federation: the SBU reported the suspicion to a Kyiv businessman

The scandal surrounding Pope Francis. He praised the imperial heritage of "great mother Russia"

On average, the Defense and Security Forces lose 40-45 reconnaissance drones per day – State Special Forces of Ukraine

Near Moscow, due to drone attacks, GPS is jammed: it is dangerous for airplanes

Russia manufactures Shaheds – Ukrainian intelligence is looking for exactly where the enemy manufactures drones

The shelling of Semenivka took place on August 29 – the hospital was damaged

Commander of the "Tavria" group: There is an advance in the direction, we are pushing back the enemy

Kuleba explained why Ukraine will not negotiate with the Kremlin — the latest news

An associate of the "people’s governor" of the occupied Donetsk region was detained in Vinnytsia: he tried to cross the border

Scandal with a blogger from Poltava – a military man told who should deal with Roman Zavoloka – TSN news, 1+1

A large-scale fire broke out in the center of Moscow – photos and video

Prigozhin was buried at the cemetery in St. Petersburg

In Russia, two men were arrested on suspicion of preparing sabotage at the request of the Ukrainian special services

Missiles for HIMARS, Javelin and more: the USA announced a new package of military aid on

The Defense Forces confirmed the raising of the Ukrainian flag on the left bank of the Kherson Region

A Russian was detained in Germany for supplying spare parts for Russian drones

The enemy can neither leave Bakhmut nor move freely in it, – Painter

The words of Pope Francis "were heard in Russia as a call for further expansion": the head of the State Service of Ukraine for Freedom of Conscience

Ukrainian hackers gained access to the Russian base "Children of Donbas" and learned new details of the abduction of children from Mariupol – MediaSapiens.

Ukrainian developers have constructed an impact UAV from mounting foam and foam plastic

In Kreminnaya, a flight was registered according to the local prosecutor’s office: details | News in "Chas Peak"

Oleksandr Korytnyuk, a military man from Verkhovynshchyna, died in Donetsk region

Forever 20 – the war took the life of another soldier from Khmelnytskyi

Mykola Boychun, a young Hero from Volyn, died in the war

In Cherkasy region, the last journey of the military will be held

Communities in Kirovohrad region reported the loss of defenders

Defender Dmytro Lashin from Romny died in the war

The General Staff told about the last battle of the Mykolaiv paratroopers

The enemy uses chemical weapons: the defenders have to use gas masks – GOAL

New explosions rang out at Cape Tarkhankut in Crimea: satellites detected a fire

The ACHILLES 92 UAV company of the OSHBR impressed Russian equipment for $6 million [video]

A rare target. Ukrainian soldiers burned the radar station of the Buk-M3 air defense system of the Russians – video

The Armed Forces killed a Russian hockey player who served in the Air Force

August 30, 2023

From Pskov to the occupied Crimea – at night the air defense forces of the Russian Federation had to repel one of the largest UAV attacks

Pskov was attacked by drones: five planes burned down

The explosions in Sevastopol on August 30 rang out at night

Attack on Kyiv: Air defense destroyed more than 20 enemy targets at night

The night attack on Kyiv was called one of the largest. There are dead and injured

During the day, there were 35 combat clashes with the enemy – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Night attack on Kyiv: KMVA told about the dead

Ukraine will receive Hydra-70 missiles

Shelling on August 30 – private houses were destroyed in Kyiv region

The racists attacked Zhytomyr region with kamikaze drones: infrastructure and a railway line were damaged

"You have no idea what his contribution was": the story of the fallen pilot "Jus"

Southern Front: the General Staff reported on the success of the Armed Forces near Robotyny

Attack on the Pskov airfield: Ukrainian intelligence confirmed the destruction of 4 Il-76 aircraft – Column

In the Odesa region, border guards shot down a Russian rocket over the sea

Orban: Saving the lives of Ukrainians is more important than the country’s independence

The Svitlovodsk community bid farewell to the fallen soldier (photo)

The Armed Forces break deep: what is happening in the combat zone in Zaporizhzhia

Romania and the Netherlands agreed to create a training center for F-16 pilots

Russia wants to reach Oskol – near which village the most intense fighting is going on

Due to drone attacks, the Russians are forced to hide and disperse their aviation, – Ignat – Freedom

Ukrainian troops breached the "Surovikin Line" in one section

Artillerymen of the Armed Forces hit two armored personnel carriers of the occupants

All documentation for the "elections" was burned, the occupiers were liquidated: "cotton" visited the headquarters of "United Russia" in Nova Kakhovka

"Pion" of the occupiers was destroyed by the Armed Forces near Tokmak (Video)

Hunger eats mice: the 205th brigade of the Russian Federation was trapped on the islands near Kherson

In Kreminnaya, an explosion rang out at a meeting of the occupiers regarding the "elections". Published photos of the consequences of "cotton"

The Armed Forces repulsed the invaders in the Kupyansk direction

The attack on Odesa region on the night of August 30 – the missiles were destroyed over the sea

The 56-year-old senior soldier Viktor Kostyuk from Voynilov died

A defender of Ukraine from Buryna died in the war

Another hero from Bukovyna fell during a combat mission in Kharkiv Oblast

A fighter from Myronivka was killed in the battles in Serebryansk forest in Luhansk region

A defender from the Shepetivsk community died near Bakhmut

Ruslan Mykhaylenko, a resident of Berdychiv Oblast, died at the front

A soldier from Reshetyliv region died in the battle for Ukraine

Another Defender from Zhytomyr Oblast died in the battles for Ukraine

Nizhin lost a Hero – Oleksandr Shikovets

A courageous volunteer hero from Bershadi died at the front

The bodies of Heroes who died in the war were brought to Lutsk "on a shield". Video

Unspeakable pain and loss: Hero from Lutsk district died in the hospital

Oleg Shcherbyna, a defender from Vinnytsia, died in the war for Ukraine

Oleg Zakharkiv, a 21-year-old resident of Ternopil, died at the front

Sad news once again shook the Lymansk community in the Belgorod-Dniester region: Andriy Khaborsky died in the war

Another Defender from Zhytomyr region died at the front

Viktor Kostyuk, a soldier from Prykarpattia, died

Denys Bazilev from Pershotravensk died – Dnipro Region

Izmail district lost two soldiers at once: the war took the lives of Roman Borshch and Artem Makhortov

Verbove in Zaporizhzhia. A sniper from Poltava was killed near the village

A defender from the Kharkiv region died in Zaporizhzhia

Yehorov Davyd, a 22-year-old soldier from Ternopil, gave his life on the front line

The European Union has already concluded three framework agreements with the industry for the production of 155 mm projectiles, – Borrell

Germany handed over another package of military aid to Ukraine

Seven more types of foreign weapons have been adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine: howitzers and mortars are on the list – news on UNN | August 30, 2023, 9:22 p.m

Our pilots can already start flight training, – Zaluzhnyi held a conversation with the Chief of the Defense Staff of Denmark Lentfer

In the Lviv region, a woman in a minibus thanked Moscow and shouted that "Ukraine will not exist": how did it all end

The Russian commander involved in the shooting of civilian cars near Kyiv will be tried

The satellite captured Russian barges near the Crimean bridge: the occupiers hope to protect it from sea drones

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the "Predel-E" increased stealth radar, which was unprofessionally hidden by the occupiers – Wheel News

The Armed Forces liberated new territories in Kharkiv Oblast

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the "Buk" air defense system and the "Zhitel" anti-aircraft missile system together with the occupiers (video) –

A military court in Russia sentenced a Ukrainian citizen to 12 years in prison in the case of "terrorism": he was accused of preparing an explosion in the Bryansk region

The traitor, who became the deputy "mayor" of Severodonetsk under the occupiers, will receive a million rubles from the Russian Federation

A defender from the Rivne region died in the battle with the occupiers

Defender from Zhytomyr region died in Donetsk region

A soldier from the Lviv region died in the war with the Russians

An officer from Ternopil who defended Ukraine died — Ternopil events

Three soldiers from Kirovohrad Oblast were killed in the war with Russia

Heroes of Bukovyna: military soldier Oleksandr Kucheryavy died of severe injuries in the hospital

Died near Avdiivka: the community in the Rivne region lost a military man OHO

6 pilots from the 18th separate brigade of army aviation named after Igor Sikorsky died in the Bakhmut direction

A serviceman from Khmelnytskyi died in the hospital from injuries received on the battlefield

Oleksandr Kubai, the Hero from Volyn, died near Avdiivka

A military man from Vilniansk died – Roman Zemlyanyi died in the war ZPRZ.CITY

In the Odesa region, the soldier who liberated Zmeiny Island is being seen on his last journey News of Odessa

A cleric of the Chernivtsi-Kytsman Diocese of the OCU died in the battles for Verbove – Pravyi bereg

Senior Lieutenant Andriy Komarov from the Dnipropetrovsk region died after being seriously wounded

Dynamo ultras died heroically under Bakhmut: "Forever in the ranks" — Sport 24

A defender from the Roma community was killed in Donetsk region

A famous artist who died in the war was posthumously awarded the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise