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Nicholas Zharkikh

September 14, 2023

Explosions rang out in occupied Yevpatoria: the Russian Federation announced a drone attack

Drone attacks on Russia – UAVs attacked the Bryansk region three times – the governor

The Russians do not consider the bases as safe as before. The naval group is being deployed in the Black Sea, – OK "Pivden"

Explosions in Dnipro and Kryvyi Rih – at night Dnipropetrovsk region was attacked by Shaheds September 14, 2023

Explosions in the Dnipro on September 14, 2023 – what is known about the explosions in the Dnipro

Zelensky congratulated the Ukrainian tankers on the holiday and noted their contribution during the Kharkiv offensive operation

Chernovetsky took the side of the Russian Federation: his family owns an entire empire in Ukraine, which can be confiscated by law

The attack on Sevastopol caused hysteria among propagandists: the ISW assessed the consequences of the attack

At night, the occupiers launched 22 Shaheda missiles over Ukraine, 17 drones were shot down by air defense forces

Explosions in Crimea – the Russians said that they shot down 11 drones over Crimea, and also repelled an attack on a patrol ship

Maksym Stepanov, former head of the Ministry of Health, was taken into custody in absentia in the case of possession of more than UAH 450 million

Miller: Putin dreamed of the glory of the Russian Empire, and now he is begging the leader of the DPRK for help – Column

Map of hostilities: on the left bank of the Dnieper, the Armed Forces of Ukraine clear a 10-15 km strip from the occupiers on

The explosions on September 14 — the Ukrainian military killed 17 Shaheds

The United States will allocate $1.25 billion in non-refundable aid to Ukraine

Yevpatoria explosions today – the Armed Forces confirmed the strike on the location of the Russian air defense systems

Deportation of Ukrainians from Crimea: the autonomous prosecutor’s office reported suspicions to 4 occupation judges

A defender from the Zaporizhzhia region died in the fighting

Two defenders from the Konotop community died on the front line

Iryna Kazmina – a military medic died in Dnipro

A military man from the Rivne region died during enemy shelling in Zaporozhye

A combat medic from the Konotop district died in the Zaporizhzhya region

When a shell flew nearby, he continued to defend himself: a fighter from Kostyantynivka died at the front – IA "Vchasno"

Yaroslav Pasichnyk from Poltava Region was killed in Zaporozhye Oblast as a result of Russian shelling

Two defenders from the suburbs of Kharkiv died at the front

A defender from the Lviv region died in the battle in Zaporizhzhia Lviv portal

Kremenchug defender Oleksandr Bardakovsky died in the war Kremenchuk Today

Tepnopilshchyna was shaken by the tragic news about the death of a warrior from Skalat

Borznianschyna lost another Hero

Anton Buchko, a defender from Lutsk who was wounded in the war, died in the hospital

A truck from the BC occupied by the occupiers in Donetsk region was destroyed

Roman Oliinychuk, Dinaz’s security officer, died on the front line

Ukrainian pilots tested the Gripen fighter – news on UNN | September 14, 2023, 2:55 p.m

HUR employees received kamikaze drones from the "Ukrainian team" – Palatny

Russian soldiers who shot a security guard in Buch in February 2022 were found – Prosecutor General’s Office

Oligarchs, Shoigu’s deputy and military-industrial complex enterprises: the USA updated the sanctions list with new names

Did Kim Jong-un really visit Russia and why is Putin carefully hiding the details of the visit – AP analysis. RIA-South

Zelenskyi met with the minister and businessmen of South Korea – Rubryka

Great Britain handed over Malloy T400 heavy UAVs to Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced an attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack the Samum missile carrier

SuperCam UAVs destroyed the Armed Forces in the Zaporizhzhia region on September 14

Ukraine destroyed air defense systems in Yevpatoria worth $1.2 billion with Neptunes, sources

Ukrainian forces attacked two patrol ships of the Russian fleet in the southwestern part of the Black Sea

Ukrainian fighters with the "Stugna-P" ATGM destroyed the BMP of the occupiers. VIDEO

The Ukrainian government has found a new source of funding for the production of its own weapons. Where will the funds be taken?

An official of the Ministry of Education was fired for insulting the Ukrainian language and citizens

Tomorrow, Konotop will see two defenders of Ukraine on their last journey

Volodymyr Litovka, a soldier from Zdvizhivka, died at the front

In the center of Vasylkov, an alley of Heroes – defenders of the Motherland appeared

Four more defenders from Poltava Oblast died in the war with the Russians

The communities of Kirovohrad Oblast reported their losses in the war

A soldier from the Dykan community died of his wounds

An employee of the Court Security Service from Kyiv died during the war

Stryshchyna lost two more Heroes

A black shawl wrapped the mother’s head: a young Volhynian died in the war

The Armed Forces again decapitated the Russian 247th Airborne Regiment – the second time during the war

The painter commented on the false statement about Andriivka’s dismissal

Attacks on the Russian fleet continue: video of the combat operation of the GUR naval drone on "Sergiy Kotov"

New explosions in Sevastopol. The occupiers write that they are carrying out "preventive grenade throwing"

The Armed Forces showed the moment of blowing up the ship "Vasily Bykov"

The situation at the front: the enemy attacked in the areas of Mala Tokmachka and Verbovoy

The Russian amphibious assault ship "Minsk" was captured on video on after the attack

Air defense units of the National Guard destroyed six enemy drones

September 15, 2023

The General Staff told how and how many times the occupiers shelled Ukraine during the day

Explosions were heard in the Khmelnytsky region at night on September 15

An explosion rang out in Vinnytsia – mass media – news on UNN | September 15, 2023, 06:38

Night attack of the Russian Federation: air defense forces destroyed all 17 drones

Will the occupiers be able to restore the ships damaged in Sevastopol: the forecast of the British Ministry of Defense

The 72nd brigade of the Russian Federation was completely destroyed: the 3rd OSHbr told the details of the liberation of Andriyivka and the destruction of the enemy

The priorities of the occupiers have changed: the Russians are actively mining the border in the Belgorod region

An explosion rang out in Melitopol

Kolomoisky was handed a third suspicion in the detention center

SBU detained People’s Deputy Shufrych – journalist Butusov told the details

On the shield: the fallen soldier Serhiy Shikula was carried on his last journey to Transcarpathia

In the Kyiv region, today they are saying goodbye to the dead marine Volodymyr Lytovka

Romania is ready to shoot down Russian drones in the event of a threat – the defense headquarters

Kadyrov has been in a very serious condition for the past few days — GUR

The Armed Forces use British and French cruise missiles to attack the Russian fleet

The defenders spoke about the partial success near Klishchiivka in Donetsk region – details

Belgium has prepared the first batch of modernized M113 armored vehicles for Ukraine, media reports

Andriy Verkhoglyad – honorary citizen of the city of Boryspil (posthumously): the legendary commander of the 72nd OMBR was honored in the Kyiv region

Ukrainian developers have created an artificial intelligence that effectively fights Russian propaganda and IPSO

Powerful explosions rang out in Berdyansk

The DPSU destroyed the enemy’s field arsenal near Bakhmut – video of the destruction of the occupiers

Oleksandr Sokolov, a serviceman from the Kherson region, died in the war

Rivne region lost another defender – 7 days

A marine from the Rivne region died at the front

He was a rifleman of the rifle battalion: Vasyl Dokuchaev, a native of Bukovyna, died in the war

Ivan Omelyuta, a Hero from Ternopil Oblast, died as a result of mortar shelling

The sea drone "Sea Baby" attacked the ship "Samum" of the Russian Navy

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the "Smerch" anti-aircraft missile defense system in the rear of the occupiers (photo) –

Legion "Freedom of Russia" showed a video of the destruction of the occupiers in Horlivka – META

Fighters of the 3rd OShBr destroyed a car with Russian officers who were fleeing from positions near Andriivka with an FPV drone. VIDEO

Somewhere to set a flag: Andreevka near Bakhmut was completely destroyed during the hostilities News of Odessa

The liberation of Klishchiivka in the Donetsk region — Belarusian volunteers denied their own statement

September 16, 2023

The Armed Forces of Ukraine were successful in Zaporozhye and in the area of Klishchiivka near Bakhmut — General Staff

The SSO revealed new details of the destruction of a Russian ship and submarine in Sevastopol

"On all Russian banks, oligarchs and manufacturers": Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA Markarova spoke about sanctions and weapons

Pentagon: the USA handed Ukraine 3D printers that print spare parts for equipment on the battlefield

A graduate student who volunteered in the Armed Forces was accused of correcting a missile attack on the Kyiv Armored Plant – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

A memorial book about the heroes of the Russian-Ukrainian war was presented in Kyiv

The Russians reported shooting down drones in the Kaluga and Tver regions

Large-scale fire in St. Petersburg: a large shopping center burned to the ground

Explosions in Kharkiv September 16, 2023 – what is known about the explosions in Kharkiv

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south: Humenyuk said how far they managed to advance

Poroshenko handed over a batch of equipment to several brigades of the Defense Forces

This is how the echelon defense of the Russian Armed Forces is destroyed: Ukrainian troops brilliantly defeated the Russians in the battle for Andriivka

The occupiers created an emergency situation at the ZNPP: "enchanted" IAEA experts help to hide

How Ukraine will use ATACMS is its business – Blinken

"The scariest days of my life." A book with journalistic reports on high-profile war crimes committed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine was presented in Kyiv

Minus T-72: a kamikaze drone destroyed a Russian tank for $3 million – Wheel News

Shots of heavy battles in the Tokmak direction, taken by a female stormtrooper of the 47th OMBr "Magura". VIDEO

In the Bakhmut direction, 6 field warehouses with ammunition were destroyed – Ilya Yevlash

The occupiers struck Kharkiv with four ballistic missiles

The experiment was successful: the network showed a photo of a Russian missile ship shot down in the Black Sea by a new Ukrainian drone

Transcarpathia lost another Hero: Mykhailo Kozak died in the war

A defender of Ukraine from Boromli died in the war

Up to 30% of houses in occupied Severodonetsk are destroyed and cannot be restored – RVA

The defense forces are having success in the districts of Klishchiivka, Andriivka and Kurdyumivka. The enemy retorts, – the Eastern group of troops

Another destruction of the "Smerch" anti-aircraft missile system: Ukrainian defenders "minus" the equipment of the occupiers – Wheel News

Atesh destroyed two trucks with Russians in Henichesk – photo

Defense forces of the Tavria direction have partial success near Verbovoy and Novoprokopivka

In the south, the Armed Forces are pushing the occupiers deeper into the positions — Humenyuk

Five people were injured as a result of a missile attack by the Russian Air Force on Kharkiv

Putin wanted the glory of the Russian Empire, and now he is asking Kim for help – the US State Department

Attacks on Russian ships in Crimea – the Samum ship will lose speed – photo

Russians shelled Kharkiv with "Iskander-K" missiles, the police said

Offensive on the Left Bank of the Kherson region: the Armed Forces forced the Dnipro – ISW

The USA began to liquidate the largest hubs for the supply of electronics to Russia

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are successful in the Klishchiivka region, the enemy is trying to break through our defenses in the Yagidny and Bohdanivka regions – Ministry of Defense – news on UNN | September 16, 2023, 5:54 p.m

The Russian frigate "Admiral Makarov" was being towed to the harbor of Sevastopol

The hottest thing near Bakhmut: the Ministry of Defense spoke about the situation at the front

47th OMBR – The command was changed in the brigade

A small daughter remained: Vasyl Perig, a soldier from Poltava, died in an artillery duel. Photo

"arrivals" in temporarily occupied Donetsk

Returned home on a shield: a defender from Dnipropetrovsk died in the war

Russia used the rare Vena self-propelled guns in the East – what is known about it

An enemy drone could have caused a fire in Zaporizhzhia, information about the victims is being clarified

The Security Service of Ukraine published a video of the destruction of Russian equipment with the help of drones

The most active fighting is taking place in the Bakhmut direction

Kyiv will receive 100 tactical drones of the new generation

Macedonia expels three more Russian diplomats – the latest news

86 foreign companies will take part in the Forum of Defense Industries – Zelenskyi

The defense forces repelled all attacks in the area of Klishchiivka and Maryinka: the main thing from the summary of the General Staff

A powerful "arrival": in Tokmak, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the location of enemy equipment

Taras Leshchuk, the company commander from Berezhan, died in the war

Thoughts of his daughters saved him: in Zaporozhye, a soldier went to his brothers for two days with a bullet in his heart

Another Hero from Ternopil Oblast joined the heavenly army: the warrior fought his last battle in Zaporozhye

Danylyuk Oleksandr, a young man from Ternopil, died at the front

A senior rifleman from Berezny was killed in Zaporozhye

From every 100 mobilized in the fall of 2022, 10-20 people remain, — the head of the Poltava TCC

"Recently three cannons blew the enemy headquarters to smithereens," said the 23-year-old cannon commander of the Ternopil artillery brigade.

"True democracy": the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed the combat work of the "Bureviy" and "Uragan" tandem anti-aircraft missile defense systems (video)

Media: The head of Sputnik expelled from Moldova is an officer of the GRU

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the success of the Defense Forces in the Klishchiivka region of Donetsk region

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the invaders hard: three Buk-M1 air defense systems were hit

September 17, 2023

Defense Forces of Ukraine immediately destroyed two Buk-M3 air defense systems in Donetsk region – news on UNN | September 17, 2023, 00:01

19 units of military equipment were eliminated and 196 occupants were neutralized in the Tavri direction

Explosions rang out in Odesa: the city has anti-aircraft defense

This is a mixed attack, we predicted a similar development, OK "South"

"Leaked" information about the situation in Mykolaiv and the region to the special services of the Russian Federation – the blogger was informed of the suspicion

Explosions in Russia on September 17 — a fire at an oil depot in Oryol after a UAV attack, map, video

A powerful fire continues in the occupied Khartsyzk: the sounds of detonation can be heard

The morning attack on Odeshchyna: the consequences became known – news on UNN | September 17, 2023, 10:33 am

Night attack: Air defense destroyed 12 targets

Explosions in Kharkiv on September 17

The occupiers attacked an agricultural enterprise in Odesa region: rescuers were working on the spot. Photo

The Air Force showed how Russian missiles were shot down over Odesa. Video

Artem Cherevatenko – a young soldier from the Kherson region died in the war – photo

The Russians bombarded Kharkiv with S-300 missiles, there was an airstrike on the enterprise: a fire broke out

Russia launched 10 missiles and six drones over Ukraine at night: air defense forces shot down 12 targets

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks in the areas of Klishchiivka and Maryinka, three Russian Buk-M1 air defense systems were hit – General Staff

The bride did not wait for him: in Odesa, they said goodbye to the soldier who died in the battles near Kurdyumivka. Photo

"We hear drones approaching." Romania is building bomb shelters on the border with Ukraine due to Russian shelling

In Oryol, Russia, a downed UAV fell on an oil depot: a fire broke out

Burbok calls for reforms in the UN: "The UN Security Council, which still represents the world of the 20th century, is no longer relevant"

The ICRC confirmed that the kidnapped mayor of Kherson Kolykhayev is in Russian captivity

Ex-head of Kherson OVA Laguta committed suicide – deputy

Ramzan Kadyrov died on September 17 – Ibrahim Yangulbaev

The Shaykovka airfield of the Russian Federation was allegedly attacked by drones on September 17

The exchange fund was replenished: soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces captured three occupiers in the Zaporizhzhia direction. VIDEO

A group of six Russian invaders was captured

Artem Cherevatenko, a soldier from the Kherson region, died defending Ukraine

A resident of Zaporozhye village died in the battles for Ukraine

Defender from Zhytomyr Oblast died in the battles near Kreminnaya

Taras Semenyuk, a Carpathian, died in the war. PHOTO

A 19-year-old defender from Pereyaslavshchyna Valentyn Golub died near Bakhmut

A man from Sumy died in battle in Donetsk region

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the occupiers’ brigadier near Bakhmut

Loud explosions and bright fire: Russia is worried about the night attack of "Ukrainian" drones

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the liberated village of Klishchiivka in Donetsk region (Photo)

The scorched earth of Novotoshkivskyi: what the settlement looks like now

11 Russian soldiers died in Mariupol under strange circumstances

Putin persuaded the DPRK to open its representative offices and bring its workers to the TOT of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Armed Forces raised the Ukrainian flag over Klescheevka

Russian missiles hit a granary in Odesa

The explosions in Feodosia, Crimea, occurred on September 17

Russia has concentrated 52,000 occupiers, the Defense Forces, in the Bakhmut direction. RIA-South

Heavy explosions rang out in occupied Sevastopol: photo

An explosion occurred in the Crimea near Cape Fiolent. There are parts of radio reconnaissance and air defense

Klischiivka was released – the Fury brigade

The occupiers launched several groups of attack drones in the direction of Ukraine

Zelensky is in the US — the president is expected in the Senate, when Congress will consider the allocation of an additional 24 billion dollars. Ukraine

A fallen soldier was laid to rest in the Hayvoronivska community (photo)

Took the last fight: a 31-year-old sailor from Poltava region died in Donbas

He was considered missing for more than a year: Yaroslav Danylik, a soldier of the Volyn brigade, died in the war

The Armed Forces destroyed the Russian S-300B4 "Antey" anti-aircraft missile complex, which can shoot down ballistic missiles

Prykarpattia lost two more soldiers in the war – Taras Semenyuk and Volodymyr Tabaka

Forever 23: Nazarii Shumik from Volhynia died in Luhansk region

September 18, 2023

On September 18, the UN International Court of Justice will begin consideration of Ukraine’s claim against the Russian Federation under the Genocide Convention

The Armed Forces advanced in several directions in the Donetsk region: maps of ISW battles

The European Union will support Ukraine at the UN General Assembly and call for the reform of the Security Council – Borrell

General Staff: Russians hit civilian infrastructure with missiles and drones

Ukrainians were urged to turn in the organizers of the "elections": how to do it

A teacher-collaborator from Kakhovka fled to Europe without hindrance

The Armed Forces liquidated the commander of the 31st Airborne Assault Brigade of the Russian Federation: he fought in Ilovaisk, Crimea, Mariupol and Gostomel

Humenyuk commented on the explosions in Sevastopol – details of cotton TSN news 1+1

Explosions in the Khmelnytsky region on September 18, 2023 during the air alert, what is known

Attack on Ukraine on September 18 – air defense forces shot down 17 missiles and 18 out of 24 kamikaze drones

Attack on the Izmail district – the recreational infrastructure was damaged in Vilkovo

A drone with a mine fell on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria

He organized the export of aviation parts to the Russian Federation: an official of the Ministry of Defense was detained in the Netherlands

The German company Quantum Systems will hand over 100 tactical drones of the new generation to Kyiv, which the capital will send to Ukrainian defenders – – media portal about debts and bankruptcy

In Kropyvnytskyi, they will say goodbye to the fallen soldiers

The Rashists keep up to a hundred energy donors, including ZNPP workers, in torture chambers

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces in the south has already liberated 260 square kilometers

Exploded by a mine: a soldier from the Ternopil district died – Svoboda newspaper

They gave their lives for free and cathedral Ukraine: last week it became known about the death of 21 defenders from Vinnytsia

The Armed Forces raised the state flag over the liberated Andriivka

Photos of the Russian Rostov-on-Don submarine hit in Sevastopol appeared

Bakhmut direction: the enemy made 576 strikes on the positions of the Armed Forces during the day

Explosions are heard in occupied Donetsk: smoke rises above the city – Headline

South Korea will hand over K600 "Rhino" machines to Ukraine for breaching mine barriers, — mass media

Sirsky awarded the border guards with decorations for the liberation of Klishchiivka in Donetsk region

A drone attacked the Rosneft oil depot in the Ryazan region – details – Russian news

The drone army in action: a record number of guns were hit in a week

Held the defense for three hours and died: Nikopol lost another Hero at the front (photo)

A defender from Bolhrad Oblast died in the battles for Bakhmut

Frankish soldier Oleksandr Radionov died in the war

A 30-year-old defender from the Rivne region died near Novomykhailivka

Oleksandr Sinyakov, a combat medic from Dnipropetrovsk region, died at the front – HUBZ – news agency

A defender of Ukraine from Romain died at the front

Hero, who died in the war on April 24 last year, returned to Zhytomyr on a shield

A defender from Cherkasy died in the war

"I survived for the sake of the little one": the story of the "Baton" scout who passed through the "Pturiv" alley

A military man from Khrystynivshchyna – VIKKA – died at the front

Major General Sokolov on the defense of the south, mining Chongara, Crimea, defenseless Melitopol and lonely Kherson

Did not protect the headquarters of the occupiers: how the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian Buk-M3 air defense system, and then the headquarters of the division – Wheel News

A war criminal from the Russian army who committed crimes during the occupation of Izyum Oblast was exposed by prosecutors | Comments. Kharkiv

The Armed Forces began using German Vulcano BER ammunition

At night, the Ukrainian air defense complex shot down three targets at once (Video)

The Ukrainian army occupied the commanding heights near Bakhmut after the liberation of Andriyivka and Klishchiivka, — Eastern Group of Forces – Freedom

Ukraine, together with NATO countries, is preparing to demine the Black Sea – General Staff of the Armed Forces

The ZSU defeated three Russian brigades and broke through the defense line near Bakhmut

They surrender in groups and with equipment: for the first time, the number of Russians who voluntarily surrendered as prisoners has been announced. Infographics

The US has imposed sanctions against Russian companies that produce drones and missiles: a list

An official of the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands was arrested for circumventing sanctions against Russia

In the Black Sea, the Ukrainian Armed Forces hit the ship "Sergei Kotov". Budanov was told about the damage

A soldier from Uzhhorod Oblast died in the Zaporozhye direction – uzhgorod24

Vasyl Makukh, a soldier from the Zbaraz community, died at the front in the Donetsk region

Ivan Khudyna, a sapper scout from Volyn, died in the war

Andriy Ogorodnyk, a graduate of the Volyn Military Lyceum, died in the war

He was performing a combat mission: the war took the life of a Ternopil defender

Vinohradiv is in mourning: a local resident died in the war – uzhgorod24

A defender from Odesa was killed near Bakhmut

The Armed Forces of Ukraine with HIMARS destroyed two Russian self-propelled guns "Nona-S"

How the 3rd OShBr captured the command of the 72nd brigade during the liberation of Andriivka

The Russian Federation is launching new batches of drones in Odesa — Humenyuk

The Russians have increased their losses in the Tavry direction — news of Ukraine

"I want to live." The GUR conducted 21 operations across the front line, taking away Russian military personnel who had surrendered

Danilov commented on Shufrych’s arrest and announced problems for all people’s deputies from OPZZH

Ukrainian developers have designed a high-power radar station 112L4 for the Armed Forces

Latvia is deporting almost 4,000 Russians – the reason given

"The city that was there is no longer there," said Oleksiy Yemets, former deputy of the Rubizhny City Council

Hero from Transcarpathia, Stepan Oliynyk, died in the war

Black news: a soldier from Volyn died

The commander of the Georgian Legion, Zakro Shubitidze, was killed in battle in Donetsk region

Six Belarusian volunteers were wounded in the fighting in Ukraine

A defender from the Glukhiv community died in the war

Dnipro news: Andriy Koromyslo died

A serviceman from Ternopil region died – FIRST online

Volodymyr Tabak from Ivano-Frankivsk died in the war – he returned to Ukraine to protect it

A sergeant from a village in the Rivne district was killed in Donetsk region

Oleksandr Sinyakov, a combat medic from Zhovty Vody, died at the front

The price of one assault: the story of a fighter with the call sign Kapa, who died while liberating Klishchiivka. Video

Eternal memory: Cherkasy lost another defender

Transcarpathia lost defender Yosyp Budoi in the war

For missile strikes on Ukraine, the Russian Federation began to use the military airfield "Sovietsky" in Vorkut

Photos of the consequences of the explosion in the "administrative building" of Pushylin’s militants appeared

Crimean partisans confirmed the deployment of the Belarusian Reb on the peninsula

There are 200,000 military personnel of the Russian Federation – Militia – in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

September 19, 2023

Assembly of the General Staff on September 19 – the occupiers attacked Andriivka, Klishchiivka and Robotina

Shelling of Ukraine on September 19 – explosions rang out in several regions – photo

At night, the occupiers attacked Lviv with drones: they got two people out of the rubble…

The occupiers shelled Kherson and aimed at the trolleybus: there is a dead and wounded. Photo and video

Zelensky arrived in the USA and will speak at the UN General Assembly: what issues will be key and what to expect in Ukraine

Fires broke out in Lviv as a result of the Shahed attack: three warehouses were hit, a man died. Photo and video

Warehouses with windows, household chemicals and humanitarian aid were targeted: new details of the Russian attack on Lviv, as a result of which a man died

Russia launched 30 drones and "Iskander-M" over Ukraine at night: air defense forces shot down 27 targets

The occupiers attacked Kryvyi Rih at night: a fire broke out

He will forever be 23: a young defender from Volyn died fighting for Ukraine. Photo

Russia transferred troops from the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic to Crimea – the General Staff

Zelensky in the US called for the exclusion of Russia from the Council of Europe

She spied from her own apartment: a Russian informant was detained in Slovyansk, who "bleached" the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – IA "Vchasno"

A Russian man was arrested in the USA, who was transporting dual-use microelectronics to the Russian Federation

They lost a Hero: Mykhailo Zaruchinsky from Bukovyna died in the war

Yehor Donenko from Horishniy Plavni died in Donetsk region while defending Ukraine

A 19-year-old defender from the Tulchyn community died of his injuries in the hospital

The occupiers raised a smoke screen on the Crimean bridge: what is happening there – photo

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed almost 300 Russians and 47 pieces of equipment in the Tavria direction in a day

Meeting in the format of Rammstein – Lloyd Austin said that the allies formed a new coalition –

Morning shelling of Kherson: the death toll has increased

In Lviv, the Russians shelled a well-known Polish company. Production burned to the ground

Zelensky called for Russia to be expelled from the UN Security Council

Aid to Ukraine – Norway announced the supply of 50 tracked transporters

During the liberation of the Zaporizhzhia region, a commander from the Rivne region died

Serhii Drach, a soldier, died: 19:09:2023 – 20 minutes Vinnytsia

Mykola Ustimov from Pavlograd died fighting for Ukraine

Two defenders were killed in a community in Chernihiv Oblast

This night, the occupiers launched 30 attack drones over Ukraine — Yuriy Ignat

The New York Times’ investigation into the strikes on Kostyantynivka – the SBU and the President’s Office reacted – news on UNN | September 19, 2023, 2:54 p.m

The SBU confirmed that on September 6, Russia struck Kostyantynivka with an S-300 missile – Headline

Great Britain will supply Ukraine with "tens of thousands" more shells – Bukva

Ukraine has already liberated more than 54% of the territory occupied by Russia, – Milli

Estonia, Luxembourg and Ukraine created an IT coalition on the fields of Ramstein. Three more countries signed the declaration of intent

"They did not escape": the Armed Forces showed the destruction of three boats of the Russian Armed Forces in the Kherson region (video)

The Armed Forces relentlessly and resolutely continue the offensive: Zaluzhny spoke about the meeting with the commanders in the South

Germany has published a list of weapons that will be transferred to the Armed Forces

Denmark, together with Norway, will supply Ukraine with even more tanks and other equipment – Bukva

Heroes of Bukovyna: military serviceman Valery Smutniak died

Bohdan Nikolaychuk, a soldier from Kryvyi Rih, died of serious injuries

Valery Druz, a senior mechanic-driver of the battalion, died near Robotyn in the Zaporizhzhia region

Poltava region lost two more soldiers in the war with the Russians

The community of Kirovohrad Oblast reported a loss in the war

He changed his office to a trench: a resident of Zaporozhye died in the battles for Ukraine

He was considered missing for almost a month – the news of the death of a 40-year-old paratrooper came to one of the communities of Khmelnytskyi

The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the headquarters of the 7th Division of the VAT Division near Kherson: many officers of the Russian Army were eliminated. audio

Many officers of the Russian Federation were liquidated: the network reports about an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the headquarters of the occupiers near Kherson

The Armed Forces hit the headquarters of the occupiers near the occupied Melitopol (video)

TrO fighters began to use the "Tarantul" turret, which allows remote control of the machine gun (Video)

The Armed Forces destroyed the leadership of the Russian division

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two enemy "Nona-S" mortars with the help of HIMARS (video) – Wheel News

The General Staff of the Armed Forces specified the number of Russian kamikaze drones shot down over Ukraine at night

Russia’s Grom-E1 bomb – technical characteristics, range, radius, which areas are threatened

September 20, 2023

At night, the occupiers attacked Ukraine with 24 kamikaze drones, 17 were destroyed

summary of the General Staff: the Armed Forces are advancing in two directions, repulsed a number of Russian attacks during the day

Weapons for Ukraine – Lithuania will provide new military aid –

Latvia announced a new aid package for Ukraine: what it will include

The war in Ukraine – the Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced in the Zaporizhzhia region in the Verbovoy region, – ISW

Today, Lviv says goodbye to Hero Artur Golovin

Media: SE "Antonov" is launching a center for working with drones

Machine gun complexes "Khyzhak" and RBPP-500 received approval from the Ministry of Defense

In Sochi, Russia, a tank with tons of kerosene is on fire near the airport

The SBU exposed an agent network of the Russian GRU that operated at a defense plant in the Mykolayiv region. Photo

Ukraine made its debut with the FIRST DAY VR project at the Venice Film Festival

"We are on the finish line": Zelensky spoke about ATACMS for Ukraine and the chances of a major breakthrough in the counteroffensive

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting an offensive in the Melitopol and Bakhmut directions: the General Staff spoke about the successes

The occupiers attacked Poltava Oblast at night, there is an attack on the oil refinery in Kremenchuk: details

A monument to three soldiers of the 92nd Brigade, who were among the first to defend Kharkiv, was erected on the Kupyanskyi direction:

In Kupyansk, the occupiers shot a volunteer car – 6 people died

British intelligence reports significant progress by Ukrainian troops near Bakhmut

The GUR commented on the information about the "involvement" of the Ukrainian special services in the attacks on the "Wagner" forces in Sudan – news on UNN | September 20, 2023, 11:42 am

Shahed’s night attack. The work of the Air Defense Forces was heard in the Chernihiv region

Volodymyr Tsypenda, a sergeant from Ternopil Region, was killed in Sumy Oblast

Oleg Andrusiv, a defender from Kalush, died in the war

Another Defender from Zhytomyr region died at the front

Oleksandr Puzovikov from Kherson died in the battles in the Zaporozhye direction

Leonid Serdyuk, a soldier from Kremenchuchyna, died during the Russian-Ukrainian war

Died during mortar shelling: 20-year-old Hero Ivan Periy returns to Volyn "on a shield"

A defender from the Kharkiv region died near Klishchiivka

Oleksandr Maksymenko, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine

Two defenders from the East died at the front – IA "Vchasno"

The Carpathian Rustam Shahvalad Ogli Mamedov died in the war

Andriy Kelya, a defender from Bukovyna, died in the fighting

Powerful explosions rang out in Feodosia

The Russian T-90M "Breakthrough" tank was destroyed near Kreminnaya

Baba Yaga’s drone: how it works against the invaders and why the Russians are afraid of it

The United States imposed sanctions against an international drone production network in Iran

He will forever be 32: the commander of the aeromobile branch of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died in the battles for Ukraine. Photo

Near Sevastopol "arrival" on the military part of the Russian Federation (photo, video)

Shelling of Kupyansk: the number of dead increased to 8

The Neptune rocket did not have time to pass the test. It was tested on real targets, Neizhpapa

Attack on Crimea on September 20 – GUR confirmed the attack

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed over 300 occupiers and 48 units of Russian military equipment in the Tavria direction in a day

Albania transferred the first batch of military aid to Ukraine: what is included in it

The court against the Russian Federation in The Hague: 32 countries on the third day of hearings come out in support of Ukraine

Shufrych was dismissed from the post of chairman of the Committee on Freedom of Speech

Great Britain will transfer tens of thousands of artillery shells to Ukraine, — Shepps

The Russian Federation struck Kremenchug with drones: what is known about the attack

Ukrainian "Neptun" completed tests with strikes on "Admiral Essen" and "Moscow", – Navy

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian missile defense system "Strila-10" – News of the war

VAKS chose a preventive measure for the People’s Deputy "servant" Marchenko, who threw the bribe over the fence

Two snipers of the "DNR" were captured near Bakhmut, suspicions were announced to them

The Czech Republic, Denmark and the Netherlands signed an agreement on the supply of arms to Ukraine – Bukva

The result of the HIMARS landing on the enemy stronghold in Tokmak. VIDEO

Air defense shot down two enemy UAVs in the Dnipropetrovsk region

The border guards destroyed two enemy surveillance complexes "Murom-M" in the Kupyansk direction. VIDEO

At the UN Security Council, Zelensky announced the conditions for the cessation of hostilities

In New York, Zelensky met with the newly appointed special representative of the United States for economic recovery of Ukraine

Ukrainian developers presented the high-tech kamikaze drone "Medoid", which is in service with the Armed Forces

In the USA, a Moscow priest was caught recruiting spies for the Russian special services