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Nicholas Zharkikh

August 31, 2023

The NATO Secretary General noted that the success of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces exceeded expectations

The EU intends to allocate 5 billion euros to Ukraine each year for arms and training

Drone attack on the airfield near Pskov on August 30 – journalists released the first satellite images

RDK took responsibility for the attack on the airfield in the Kursk region

The week did not live up to its 24th anniversary: a defender from Volyn, who was seriously wounded at the front, died in the hospital. Photo

A million shells from the EU — Ukraine received less than a quarter — Ministry of Defense of Estonia

Two residents of the Donetsk region "surrendered" the positions of the Armed Forces to the occupiers. They were sent to prison

Russian soldiers who raped a girl last year during the occupation of Kharkiv region will be tried

Carpet regime in Moscow on August 31 – three airports are closed, more than 40 flights are delayed

In occupied Crimea, explosions rang out near the training ground and the airfield

Right on target: SSO soldiers hit the enemy’s command and observation post in the Bakhmut direction. Video

The General Staff spoke about the successful strikes of the Armed Forces against the enemy during the day

Landing: the Armed Forces disclosed the details of the plane crash in Donbas involving two Ukrainian Mi-8s

The ex-assistant of the Kherson People’s Deputies switched sides with the Russian Federation and is running in pseudo-elections from Putin’s party: details

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting an offensive south of Bakhmut: the General Staff spoke about the advance on the front. Map

"Fixed at the achieved borders": the Armed Forces of Ukraine advance near Bakhmut and Melitopol, — General Staff

The "best" air defense in business: Russia cannot cope with drone attacks

In Kharkiv Oblast, an offended ex-serviceman of the SBU went over to the side of the enemy: the first court decision

Syrsky announced success in the Bakhmut direction

Bryansk is attacked by drones for the second day in a row – DW – 31.08.2023

"The target was hit 700 kilometers away" – Zelenskyi on the successful use of Ukrainian long-range weapons – Letters

The new British Defense Minister Grant Shepps on Vladimir Putin and Ukraine

The SBU has already established thousands of organizers of pseudo-elections in the occupied territories

An employee of the FSB of the Russian Federation is suspected of rape in the Kherson region – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

The drone army received 1,000 UAVs and 25 automatic turrets

The National Guardsmen destroyed the Russian BUK and Solntsepok in the Kupyansk direction

A. L. Perkovskiy – To the question of the people’s colonization of the right-bank Ukraine in the 1st half. 18th century

Near Bakhmut, fighters destroyed more than $5 million worth of enemy equipment with one drone

Explosions occurred in Feodosia on August 31

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces and strikes on the enemy: updated data of the General Staff

A 22-year-old volunteer from Britain died in Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyi thanked the soldiers of the 80th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for their success on the front line

Volodymyr Zelenskyi reacted to the explosions in Russia

A spy detained in Sweden helped with the export of sanctioned goods to the Russian Federation

A series of explosions occurred in Crimea

On the Melitopol direction, there is an advance deep into the enemy’s defense – the National Guard

Russia transferred S-300B systems from the Kuril Islands to Ukraine

Six Russian soldiers shot a family in the Kyiv region: the police identified the killers

A young soldier from the Rivne region died in the battle with the Rashists.

David Egorov, a soldier from Ternopil, died at the front

A soldier from a village near Rivne died at the front

The commander of the anti-aircraft unit from Khmelnytskyi was killed in the war

Chernihiv region sent five defenders to the last trip

A graduate of Lutsk University died at the front

The son of a priest from Ternopil Oblast died in the war

A serviceman from the Kramatorsk district died as a result of his injuries

Mykhailo Makhankov, a defender from Kryvyi Rih, died in the war for Ukraine

During the war with Russia, soldiers from Kirovohrad region died

Serhii Khorun from the Machuhiv community died while defending Ukraine from the Russians

I-VIN | Five more defenders from Vinnytsia gave their lives for Ukraine

During the war, the senior sergeant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Anatoly Svystun Khmelnytskyi "E" died

A military man from Varash, who worked as a carpenter, died

"The work continues": the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed an attack on the composition of BC and armored vehicles of the Russian Federation near Oleshka (video)

There was a powerful "cotton" in Tokmak

September 1, 2023

AMRAAM missiles for Ukraine – the Pentagon ordered them from Raytheon –

The occupiers carried out 44 airstrikes and 70 shellings with multiple rocket launchers on Ukraine per day

It is difficult for the Russians to replenish the stocks of destroyed anti-aircraft weapons — Yusov

The SBU has identified another occupier involved in mass murders of Ukrainians during the occupation of Kyiv region

The innovative reconnaissance drone Gekata from Ukrainian developers passed the first successful tests

The Ukrainian army was reinforced with YRP-765 BMPs with Oerlikon guns

A former university teacher who justified the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine will be tried in Kyiv, news 1+1

As a result of the Russian attack on Vinnytsia region, three people were injured: new details of the attack

Manufacturers of Pepsi, Sandora, Snickers, M&M’s have been announced as international sponsors of the war

"In the near future, someone will have a ward": Danilov made a hint to the occupiers with a statement about Ukraine’s long-range weapons

Alkhim called Ukrainian-speaking people "Nazis": Ukrainian is spoken only in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk!

He worked under the call sign "Phantom": the SBU detained an FSB sniper agent who was preparing an attack on the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Zaporozhye. Photo

The Armed Forces of Ukraine achieved success in the direction of Novoprokopivka on the southern front – General Staff

The Ukrainian Armed Forces advanced on two sections of the front – ISW

The airport in Pskov was attacked from the territory of Russia: the mass media showed the moment of the attack

The military officer of the Russian Federation, who during the occupation of a village in the Sumy region robbed locals, was sentenced to 11 years in prison – Letters

Six Russian tanks were destroyed near Novoyehorivka, Luhansk Region, – Eastern Group of Forces

Attack on the airfield in Pskov: Ignat spoke about the importance of destroying Il-76 planes

Ukraine will receive Slinger anti-drone systems capable of shooting down helicopters and Shaheds: details

In Poltava Oblast, they said goodbye to the soldiers who died on August 29 due to a plane crash in Donetsk Oblast

In Mykhailivskyi Zolotoverkhi, they said goodbye to scout Maksym Nikitin

Summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces: more than 30 combat clashes took place during the day

Thanks to SSO snipers, 19 occupiers were captured

Under Horlivka, the occupiers had a powerful explosion, burning and smoke. Irta-Fax

20 Ukrainians passed through the torture chamber in the village of Belyaevka

A 4-year-old daughter was left without a father: Hero from Lviv died in the war

Poltava Region lost two more defenders in the war with the invaders

In the Rivne region, they said goodbye to nine fallen Heroes

A scout from Ternopil Oblast died in Zaporizhzhia

Ivan Pokoivoy, a 20-year-old soldier of the NSU, died at the front

Two soldiers from Frankiv region died in the battle with the occupiers

A defender from Kropyvnytskyi died in the war

Rick was considered missing: soldier Andrii Khovansky died on the front line

Andrii Dron, a soldier from Ivano-Frankivsk region, died in the war

I-VIN | Five residents of Vinnytsia died on the front line

Vadym Andrievskyi, a soldier from Vinnytsia, died: 01:09:2023 – 20 minutes Vinnytsia

Mykola Rurak, 29, from Prykarpattia, died in the war

The Russian occupiers failed the attack in five directions on

The Armed Forces destroyed 10 artillery systems, 1 ammunition depot and 1 radar of the Russian Army

"The boys burned alive." In the Svatovo ZSU, they destroyed a dozen gasoline trucks along with the occupants

Russia is not interested in its prisoners of war, in Ukraine there are problems with the exchange fund – the ombudsman

"Incredible machine": the Armed Forces showed the operation of the German self-propelled gun PZH-2000 in the direction of Bakhmut – video

September 2, 2023

Losses of the Armed Forces: the Western press named the figures of Ukrainian losses since the beginning of the war

The Armed Forces achieved new successes in the southern direction: what is the situation at the front

Ukrainian aviation made 11 strikes on the enemy – General Staff – news on UNN | September 2, 2023, 07:13

Aid to Ukraine – Denmark allocates additional money –

The Armed Forces destroyed 18 units of military equipment and almost 200 occupiers in the Tavria direction

The occupiers reported that Ukrainian naval drones allegedly attacked the Crimean Bridge

Kolomoisky received suspicion on September 2, 2023 – SBU

In Russia, "there will be chambers": Ukrainian missiles have reached a new level. Interview with General Romanenko

The army of the Russian Federation is conducting unsuccessful offensive operations under the cover of airstrikes on populated areas – General Staff

He will forever be 39: a soldier from Volyn died fighting for Ukraine

The most dangerous flight: Colonel Svitan named the reason for the death of pilots near Bakhmut and in Zhytomyr region

Russia’s losses in the war – the Armed Forces destroyed 7 boats of the Russian DRG in a day

An explosion occurred in Berdyansk on September 2

In Zhytomyr Oblast, it was reported that a cleric of the UOC MP was suspected of distributing Kremlin "propaganda" to believers

The collapse of the drone market due to the ban on the export of Chinese components

The mayor of Vorzel, Andriy Lypovetsky, got into a scandal because of his words about Russians and the war – video and the network’s reaction

In Pereyaslav and Yerkivtsy, they said goodbye to the young soldier Viktor Hayvoronsky: he was originally from Volnovakha

Shelling of Belgorod region – the governor announced a victim

A champion football player died near Bakhmut – Biathlon news

Eternal memory of a Hero: junior sergeant from Ternopil Oblast Yevhenii Kazyuk died in Kharkiv Oblast

Adam Kostyukevich, a defender from the Boratyn community, died in Donetsk region

In the hospital named after Yury Baiduzh, a defender from Kamiansk, died in Mechnikov Sobitie

Oleksandr Strelets died

Serhiy Kovturman, a defender from the Voznesensk community, died in Donetsk region – Voznesensk Info

Anti-aircraft defense worked: a Russian drone was shot down in the sky of Kryvyi Rih

The Ukrainian Armed Forces defeated a large concentration of Russian troops near Bakhmut

Russian martyrs were shot down with a gun in Odeshchyna: video — TSN, news 1+1

Ukrainian air defense destroyed more than 150 enemy drones in a month

The occupiers dreamed of an attack on the Crimean Bridge

A 32-year-old policeman died as a result of enemy shelling in Sumy Oblast – Rubryka

Destruction of Russian rocket from MANPADS Stinger: Naev awarded Ukrainian heroes

The Russian Federation handed over 2 Yak-130 light attack aircraft to Iran – what are they capable of?

The court took Kolomoisky into custody with a bail of more than 509 million hryvnias

Russia’s war against Ukraine — What is the situation at the front on September 2

The priest of Medvedchuk and Marchenko still lives in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, "Schemy"

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy posthumously awarded the order "For Courage" to four Buchanans

Budanov explained why the GUR still hasn’t liquidated Putin

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a large depot of the occupiers in Zaporozhye

Hero from Lviv Oblast died in Zaporizhzhya Oblast

My heart couldn’t stand it: Yury Baiduzh, a senior soldier from Kamiansk, died in the Dnipro hospital

The war took the life of Vitalii Marchuk, a 43-year-old native of Carpathia

The body was not found, they were declared dead: 21-year-old Maksym Chikyda is forever a Hero from Volyn

It became known about the death of a defender from Bukovyna, who was considered missing from the spring of 2022

A defender from Lviv Oblast died in Donetsk region Lviv portal

Soldiers from Kirovohrad Region died in the war with Russia

In Zaporozhye, a soldier from the Hadyak community was killed in a battle with the occupiers

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation burned to the ground 5 ammunition depots of the Russian Federation and liquidated 77 occupiers

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have significantly expanded their bridgehead in Zaporozhye

The artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the base with fuel trucks of the Russian occupiers

In Crimea, after explosions in warehouses, 18 occupiers cannot be found. Parents take a DNA test

A group of Russian soldiers was drowned in occupied Mariupol

A reconnaissance and strike drone was destroyed in Odesa

Minus three lieutenant colonels and four majors: the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated another batch of invaders. Photo

The traitorous "troopers" of Donetsk were accepted into the Union of Journalists of Russia

September 3, 2023

Drone attack: 22 drones were destroyed: the Armed Forces informed about the night attack of the Russian Federation on

The occupiers again attacked the port infrastructure of the Odesa region with mortars

Tomov in captivity – how a Russian major was captured by the Ukrainian military

Ukrainian troops successfully broke through the first line of Russian defense near Zaporizhzhia

A rare Iranian Mohajer-6 drone was destroyed by air defense forces over Odesa

Ukrainian missiles can hit enemy targets at a distance of up to 1,500 kilometers – the secretary of the NSDC

Ukrainian Leopard 2A4 received dynamic protection "Knives"

Kyiv station in Moscow was evacuated due to the threat of an explosion

Attack on Reni on September 3

The explosion occurred in Zaporizhzhia on September 3

In the Luhansk region, Ukrainian soldiers destroyed the Russian "Solntsepek" along with its crew. Video

He celebrated his 23rd birthday on the front line: a defender from Ternopil Oblast died fighting for Ukraine. Photo

During the day, 30 combat clashes took place at the front, two enemy BC warehouses and control points – the General Staff were destroyed

Last day, Navy units destroyed 14 occupiers, 20 quadcopters, and a cache of ammunition. INFOGRAPHICS

Kolomoisky sat in the pretrial detention center, but did not post bail

A priest of the UOC (MP) in Zhytomyr Oblast is suspected of inciting religious enmity

Ukraine created a new version of the Neptune missile with a range of up to 400 km – T4

Soldiers of the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine destroyed the Russian "outpost" complex, video

Vasyl Simora, a 44-year-old scout from Ternopil Oblast, died at the front

A 21-year-old serviceman from Netishyn Khmelnytskyi "E" died in the war

While stopping the Russians in the Kharkiv region, an artilleryman from the Rivne region died.

Fought for his native land: soldier Denys Pavlov from Kramatorsk fell in battle with the occupiers – IA "Vchasno"

APU takes Tokmak in a semi-encirclement from the east

Ukraine’s counteroffensive: what opportunities opened up for the Armed Forces after the breakthrough of the first line of Russian defense in the south

During the day, the troops of the Russian Federation conducted offensive actions in three directions, without success – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russia’s losses in the war – the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy boat Tunets in the Black Sea – there are eliminated occupiers – video In the Black Sea, during the landing attempt, the enemy boat "Tunets" was destroyed: there are eliminated occupiers. Video

In the Kursk region, a drone hit the FSB building, media reports

"Army of drones": the military has already undergone combat training on robotic platforms "Lynx"

Reznikov promised a breakthrough in the production of Ukrainian drones

Video: the Armed Forces covered an enemy convoy with infantry with cluster shells

Battles in the Bakhmut direction – Ukrainian military attacked Russian infantry from Grad – video

Soldiers of the National Guard destroy three Russian tanks with drones. VIDEO

Serhii Kozak, a soldier from the Ternopil community, died in Donetsk region

48-year-old Serhiy Galuzin from Kamyansky died defending Ukraine

In Zaporizhzhia, the life of the commander of the air mobile unit from the Rivne region was cut short

Ivan Grigoriev, a defender from Prykarpattia, was blown up and killed in Donetsk region

Two defenders from Prykarpattia were killed at the front

A volunteer from Odesa died near Avdiivka (photo)

Indescribable pain of loss: Petro Kozaruk from Kosiv region died in the war

Two more soldiers from Poltava Oblast died fighting for Ukraine

A direct hit by an enemy artillery projectile into a car: a soldier from Khmelnytskyi was killed at the front

The heart stopped: Cherkasy lost another Hero

A chief sergeant from the Rivne region died during the battle

Powerful explosions rang out in Tokmak

The Armed Forces of Ukraine knocked out the occupiers from the village near Bakhmut

Soldiers of the GUR destroyed the Russian observation complex Avanpost

The Russian "Sontsepok" was destroyed near Svatovo ZSU

Ukrainian scouts destroyed the rare "Kupol" target detection station of the occupiers

The UOC MP priest fled from Ukraine to Russia, and was imprisoned there

In the Lymansk-Kupyansk direction, the enemy is trying to break through the "corridor", heavy battles are taking place

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a Russian boat with the help of a Bayraktar UAV — Oleksandr Kovalenko pointed out two nuances

In Zaporizhzhia, an explosion rang out in the favorite cafe of the occupiers, where they had set up warehouses: it detonated for over an hour and a half

September 4, 2023

Ukrainian aviation made 14 strikes on the enemy – General Staff – news on UNN | September 4, 2023, 07:03

The Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced in the Bakhmut area and in the west of Zaporizhzhia, are conducting operations on the left bank of the Kherson region – ISW

New explosions in Kurchatov – what is known – Russian news

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported a new "drone attack"

Drone attack in Odesa region – Russians bombarded the Izmail district for several hours TSN News 1+1

Donetsk region is attacked by Russian attack drones –

The Ministry of Defense will be headed by Rustem Umerov: what is known about him

The US has seized a billion dollars worth of Russian assets subject to sanctions in other countries

Drone attack on September 4 – explosives exploded on the territory of Romania

Romania denied information about the fall of Russian drones on its territory

Lysohor on the situation near Novoyehorivka: dozens of Russian attacks are repulsed per day, the enemy is unable to advance – news on UNN | September 4, 2023, 11:57 am

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – near Bakhmut, the military liberated another 3 square kilometers

In the Kherson direction, the Defense Forces destroyed 67 occupiers and the video surveillance complex "Murom-M"

40-year-old Hero Mykola Khariy returned to Volyn "on the shield". Video

A man from Cherkasy was killed while performing a combat mission

Gave their lives for Ukraine: last week it became known about the death of the 21st defender from Vinnytsia

On August 30, 44-year-old Kryvyi Rih soldier Kostyantyn Hrytsenko died in the hospital

He was considered missing for more than half a year. A soldier of the 17th OTBr Roman Linnyk died

A 24-year-old soldier from the Mashiv community died in the war with the occupiers.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a convoy of trucks with occupants in Zaporozhye

Counteroffensive in Zaporozhye – artillerymen destroyed a Russian warehouse ZPRZ.CITY

Erdogan arrived in Sochi for a meeting with the President of the Russian Federation – Rubrik

Ukrainian border guards recorded the detonation of two "martyrs" and informed their Romanian colleagues

What attacked Diaghilev and Engels airfields in 2022. Explanation of GUR

Ukraine needs a missile with a range of 1,500-2,000 km — Reznikov

Spying on the Defense Forces in Sumy Oblast: an agent of the FSB of the Russian Federation was detained

The Ukrainian army will receive a UAV with artificial intelligence

The Russian Federation stopped the assaults on the section in the Lymano-Kupian direction

The explosions in the center of Donetsk took place on September 4 – what is known

The UN Commission in Ukraine stated that there is a lack of evidence regarding genocide by the Russian Federation

All logistical routes and the rear of the Russian army near Bakhmut are under the fire control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Yevlash

Suspicion reported: a Russian soldier raped girls in the occupied Kherson region – META

The logistics of the Russians in the south became more complicated due to blown up bridges

Ukraine has photographic evidence of the fall of Shahed drones on the territory of Romania

Russia’s war against Ukraine — Defense forces repelled Russian attacks in the Klishchiivka area — General Staff

The army of drones destroyed 189 units of Russian equipment worth millions of dollars

The official reaction of Ukraine to Erdogan’s meeting with Putin appeared on

The share of Russian oil in the EU has decreased almost 15 times in two years, and coal trade has stopped

In Russia, air defense systems were installed near Putin’s residence

One of the largest US banks will close its ATM network in Russia

The conditions of the soldiers who have to fight with the occupiers near Kreminna are difficult. VIDEO

The head of state visited the combat brigades that protect Ukraine in the Donetsk direction

Belgium will hand over eight Sea Sparrow missiles to Ukraine

Umerov’s appointment is Ukraine’s signal to allies and enemies that there will be no concessions in Crimea. Review of international mass media

Reznikov: one day of war costs Ukraine 100 million dollars – Column

Two collaborators who humiliated Ukrainians and supported the Russian Federation were discovered in Dnipro and the region

Another Defender from Zhytomyr region died at the front

Three soldiers from the Lviv region died in the war with the Russians

A 32-year-old soldier from Kremenech region died in the war

The life of 31-year-old Ternopil Sviatoslav Tsebrynsky was cut short at the front

Ivan Pasternak, a resident of the village of Kalne, died at the hands of the occupiers in Luhansk region

Two soldiers from Kirovohrad Oblast died in the war with Russia

In Novomoskovsk, another loss in the war – Serhiy Urzhenko died

Vasyl Simora, a 44-year-old soldier from Ternopil Oblast, died at the front

"Cotton" in Donetsk: Russian mass media report a blow to the occupation administration

Ukrainian aviation made 13 strikes against the enemy

The artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit four control points of the Rosarmy

The Russian "Alligator" crashed and sank in the Sea of Azov

The St. George Church in the village of Aleksandro-Shultine was gutted by a Russian rocket

There is smoke over the occupied Oleshka: local residents inform about the detonation of an enemy BC in the industrial zone (photo)

The Internet showed a video of the moment of the HIMARS strike of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation against the Grad anti-aircraft missile system of the Russian Armed Forces: what is left of the Russian equipment

The Armed Forces pushed back the Russian military in Luhansk Region

During the attack on the Mezhivsk community, the occupiers hit a farm: 1,500 tons of grain were damaged (PHOTOS) | Mezhiv Meridian

September 5, 2023

In Zaporizhzhia, the Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced to positions behind anti-tank ditches and "dragon’s teeth" – ISW

RDK raid in Bryansk region on August 22 – two FSB officers were killed – photo

Air attacks on September 4 – the Russians hit Ukraine six times with missiles –

The French Foreign Ministry condemned the Russian strikes on grain infrastructure: These actions are war crimes and will not go unpunished

Zelensky signed the law on streamlining the administrative and territorial system of Crimea

The President awarded the servicemen of the operational group "Donetsk"

The Russian Federation announced an attack by drones in the suburbs of Moscow and other regions: what is known

Shoigu signed an order on a new wave of mobilization in the Russian Federation: how many are planned to be recruited. RIA-South

UAVs attacked Moscow: there is destruction due to falling debris, — Sobyanin (video)

Erdogan did not agree with Putin: what will happen to Ukrainian corn and wheat

The occupying "judge" from Crimea received a term for treason – details

UAV attack on Moscow on September 5 – powerful explosions thundered – photo and video

In the direction of Zaporozhye, border guards shot down the FPV drone of the occupiers. PHOTO

Border guards destroyed the enemy video surveillance complex "Murom" in Kharkiv region (VIDEO)

In the Zaporozhye direction, the defenders "trapped" enemy equipment

Operational information as of 06.00 on 05.09.2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Kamianske lost two soldiers – Beloved city

Serhii Vozniuk and Ruslan Medvid from Volhynia were killed in Zaporozhye

Mykhailo Galaguz, a soldier from the Zagvizdian community, died in the war

The terrorist country took away the father from the children: a defender from Shepetiv region died in the war

A resident of Lviv Oblast died during the war with Russia

The defender from the Popilnya community died in the war

A soldier from Ternopil gave his life for Ukraine near Bakhmut (PHOTO)

A tragic loss at the front: a 32-year-old soldier from Ternopil region, Roman Yatskiv, died

Petro Ratushnyak, a soldier from Terebovla, died in Donetsk region

Germany delivered to Ukraine the first batch of newly produced projectiles for Gepard

Malyar confirmed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine overcame the first line of defense of the Rashists

The meeting between Erdogan and Putin: the Turkish president made a declaration of war

Milton Group, which has been repeatedly exposed in fraudulent schemes worth tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, continues to work in Ukraine

Directed Russian missiles at residential quarters of Kharkiv. The enemy informer was sentenced to 11 years in prison

"Infusion" of 2 billion rubles: Russian businessman Friedman was accused of supporting the war against Ukraine

A fire broke out at a petrochemical plant in the Russian city of Dzerzhinsk. RIA-South

The Russian Federation complained about the UAV strike in three regions: the Ministry of Defense and Sobyanin commented on the attack

The Russians closed the party headquarters in Nova Kakhovka after partisans blew up the headquarters of "United Russia", – Central News Agency

The draft resolution on the appointment of Umerov as Minister of Defense is already in the Council

In the Klishchiivka area of Donbas, Ukrainian soldiers are advancing: the Armed Forces of Ukraine gave details

The Russian warehouse was destroyed by the Armed Forces near Horlivka on September 5

Operation "Sinitsa": the Russian pilot told new details of the Mi-8 helicopter race

Britain will send Scimitar reconnaissance vehicles to Ukraine

An explosion occurred in the courtyard of the Military Commissariat in the Russian city of St. Petersburg – rosZMI

The occupiers attacked Nikopol region with UAVs: the infrastructure was destroyed – Rubrik

The Ukrainian aviation made 13 strikes on the enemy during the day

Bakhmut is under the fire control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the head of the press service of the Eastern Group of Forces – Freedom

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned Putin’s anti-Semitic statement regarding Zelensky

New ZU-23-2CP anti-aircraft guns arrived in Ukraine

The Ukrainian crew of the British Challenger 2 tank survived a direct enemy hit – Sky News – Letters

During the day, the Armed Forces hit 12 artillery pieces and the enemy’s ammunition depot

A volunteer from Colombia died fighting for Ukraine. He was in the ranks of the ZSU since December 2022

Military aid from Germany – what was transferred this week –

Ukraine nationalized the assets of the Russian Ministry of Defense and a group of Russian companies

Ukrainian engineers talked about the "Bastion-02" anti-aircraft missile system, which is in service with the Armed Forces

September 6, 2023

The Russians fired cruise missiles of the Kh-101/555/55 type, as well as ballistic missiles, at Kyiv. All targets were destroyed by air defense

Ukrainian troops have advanced in several directions: maps of ISW battles

At night, the Russians attacked with kamikaze drones: Odesa: one person died

Counteroffensive: "elite" units of the occupiers fell into the trap of the Armed Forces on

Forcibly drank alcohol and raped Ukrainian girls: Suspicion of a military soldier of the Russian Federation was announced in the Kherson region

The Russian Federation announced the creation of FAB-1500 glide bombs: what is known about the new threat to the Armed Forces

Explosions in Kyiv – the first details of the Russian attack on September 6 – UNIAN

Zelenskyy held a meeting of the Headquarters: they talked about preparing the power system for winter and protecting it from attacks by the Russian Federation

Blinken arrived on a visit to Kyiv: negotiations with Zelenskyi are planned

Pointing Russian missiles at the Ukrzaliznytsia facility: the SBU caught an FSB agent red-handed installing a GPS beacon. Photo

He will forever be 31: a defender from the Kharkiv region died fighting for Ukraine. Photo

The EU signed the first agreements on joint procurement of ammunition for Ukraine

Kyiv was attacked by Russia on September 6 – Nebytov spoke about the consequences in the region – photo

Shelling of Kyiv and Odesa regions on September 6 – Ignat told the details of the attack –

Odeshchyna news: an art teacher tried to raise a pro-Russian generation – photo on

National Guardsmen Vadym Ilyk and Roman Bevza died in the Zaporozhye region – SichNews | SichNews – Main news in Ukraine

Putin’s residence could have been attacked by drones. One of them was shot down nearby

In Zhytomyr Oblast, the Gepard crew destroyed all air targets during two attacks

Counterattack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: the defenders have success in the direction of Robotino – Novoprokopivka

Overnight, 15 Russian attack UAVs were shot down in Odesa

The Yuzhne community lost another Warrior – Maksym Parilyak YUZHNY.INFO

The Vysotsk community again received sad news about the death of Hero

The Verkhovna Rada appointed Pavlo Kyrylenka as the head of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine –

The Council appointed Rustem Umerov as the Minister of Defense

Blinken arrived in Kyiv on September 6 – the first details of the US Secretary of State’s visit

The State Government cannot confirm Prigozhina’s death at the moment

Almost 3,000 people are helping the occupiers to organize "elections" in the occupied territories, Fedorov said

The Prime Minister of Denmark visited Buch and spoke in the Verkhovna Rada

In Bila Tserkva, they said goodbye to defender Oleksandr Mashchenko

The Armed Forces destroyed the truck with the occupiers’ ballots

Five "Shaheds" in two raids – the Armed Forces showed the night work of the German "Cheetahs" ZU

Blinken noted the progress of the counteroffensive and promised long-term support

Drone wreckage in Romania – the country confirmed that it fell on the territory of Romania

Leaders of the US Senate declared their support for aid to Ukraine

In the Kyiv region, they will say goodbye to the rescuer Ruslan Koshov, who was killed by the shelling of the occupiers

"A particular pain is that you doubt who the Pope is with": Francis met with the bishops of the UGCC synod [We in Ukraine have no doubt that the pope is on the side of Russia]

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces – the Armed Forces gained an advantage over the enemy in artillery

A member of the Shostky District Council, who was defending Ukraine, died in Donbas

Fought for independent Ukraine: three soldiers from Odesa died at the front (photo)

Defending Ukraine from the Russian invaders in

A 22-year-old National Guardsman from Krolevets died near Bakhmut

Ivan Ignatov from Okhtyr region died in Donetsk region

Vladyslav Bezdudny, an employee of Poltavaoblenergo, died in the war

Lieutenant Serhiy Chursin died – Dnipro Region

Forever 45: a soldier from the Volnovasky district died in the war – IA "Vchasno"

Enemy artillery in Donetsk region cut short the life of Hero from Ternopil region Roman Yatskov (PHOTO)

Ruslan Roschyk from Sumy Oblast died on the front line

The Defender from Zdolbunov fell on the front

Oleg Goncharenko, a 23-year-old soldier from the Dolyna region, died in the war

Ihor Khariv, a Carpathian soldier, died at the front

The Ukrainian Armed Forces clamped down on the occupiers’ landing division on the Zaporozhye Front. RIA-South

The Russian army killed 16 people and wounded 31 at the market in Kostyantynivka — an investigation has been launched

Fighters of the 59th OMPBr captured the enemy position without even using heavy equipment. VIDEO

Battles in the Melitopol direction — the Armed Forces destroyed a T-90 tank and a BMD-4M

RDK announced that they killed an FSB employee and injured 10 more during the raid

The US announced a new military aid package with depleted uranium munitions

Battles for Bakhmut, urban battles in Klishchiivka: the Armed Forces told details, news 1+1

Aid to Ukraine – the French company Delair will transfer more than 150 drones

During the war with Russia, Carpathian fan Andriy Garasym died

Hero of Ukraine Andriy Orlov died on

The SSO destroyed the occupiers’ warehouse in the Bakhmut direction

The President of Romania commented on the alleged crash of a Russian drone on the territory of his country

The shooter of the "army of the People’s Republic of Ukraine" who fought against the armed forces in Kherson region and Donetsk region will be tried

Ukrainian developers talked about the high-precision Vilha missile complex, which is in service with the Armed Forces