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Nicholas Zharkikh

September 28, 2023

Ukrainian air defense destroyed more than 30 enemy drones this night, – Humenyuk

Today, the record of the most beaten Shaheds – Kim can be updated

"Azov" replenished the exchange fund with the commander of the occupiers

Three teachers from Mariupol will be tried for collaborationism

A German manufacturer of machine tools supplies products for the Russian military industry – investigation

The occupiers attacked the Kirovohrad region with "Shaheds": there were hits, all services are working on the spot

NATO will increase the production of ammunition for Ukraine and the members of the Alliance that provided assistance to the Armed Forces: details

Russia attacked Ukraine with 44 Shaheds at night: air defense forces shot down 34 drones

"I didn’t hesitate for a minute and went to chase the enemy": Andriy Sorokovy, a 24-year-old soldier from Poltava Oblast, died fighting for Ukraine

The southern and central regions of Ukraine were under attack: what is known about the attack by "Shakhed" on September 28

The USA froze Russian assets worth 8 billion dollars, most of them in the EU and Japan

The Minister of the Armed Forces of France arrived in Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine found out details about the production of Orlan-10 drones in Russia on

The so-called supreme court of the "DNR" sentenced a Ukrainian soldier from the "Azov" regiment to 22 years in prison

The "Kadyrivet" who tortured Ukrainian prisoners and demanded money from their families for stopping the torture was found

Sanctions, wear and tear and loss of aircraft: opportunities for combat aviation of the Russian Federation are decreasing

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg arrived in Kyiv for a visit

Zelensky discussed with Stoltenberg new deliveries of air defense systems by NATO countries

Ammunition for Ukraine: NATO concluded framework contracts for 2.4 billion euros, Stoltenberg

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed an enemy artillery division in Donbas

Germany allowed to create a joint defense enterprise with Ukraine: It will be based in Kyiv

They killed 26 people in the Kyiv region and burned their bodies: three more occupiers were charged with shooting civilians

The manufacturer of Russian UAVs receives satellite services from the American company Iridium, Trap Aggressor

The Legion of Freedom of Russia conducts a sweep in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are using guns that were handed over by Finland at the front

In the fight for Ukraine’s independence, Izmailian Leonid Shahray died tragically

Andriy Malovichko, a 36-year-old Hero from Kamiansk, died defending Ukraine

The commander of the anti-aircraft missile unit from the Rivne region died in the Kharkiv medical center

It became known about the death in the war of a Transcarpathian who was considered missing for almost a year

Oleg Chugaevskyi, a soldier from Berdychiv Oblast, died in the Bakhmut region

A resident of the village of Zabara died heroically in the battles for Ukraine

Vitaly Kovalenko, a graduate of Kharkiv University, died in Donbas

A 35-year-old defender from the Duben region was killed in the Zaporozhye direction

An employee of the Communist Party of Ukraine from Kagarlyk died in Donetsk region

Another loss: a soldier from Chernihiv region died

An artilleryman from Zhytomyr Oblast died near Chasovoy Yar during a combat mission

And again a loss: Nizhin will say goodbye to the soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Oleksandr Parkhomenko

Danylo Kozinchuk from Kryvyi Rih died in the war for Ukraine

During the war, the Russians took the life of another Transcarpathian, Mykola Andrashuk from Rakhiv Oblast

Forever 34: a soldier from Prykarpattia died in Donetsk region (PHOTO)

They were in the uniform of the Armed Forces. In the Zaporozhye direction, Russians were captured by the DRG (video)

Partisans set fire to the warehouses of the invaders near Mariupol

There is "cotton" again in the occupied Crimea: reports of a powerful explosion in the Krasnoperekopsk region

He did not have time to work: the drone destroyed the Strela-10 air defense system of the occupiers with one blow (video)

The defense forces destroyed the Terminator BMPT and BREM of the occupiers

In the Kherson region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the occupiers with a "Volynyak" hexacopter (Video)

Gunners destroyed the occupiers’ ammunition depot near Bakhmut

The General Staff of the Armed Forces continues to advance in two directions, the air force struck 13 strikes

Ukraine prefers to jointly produce weapons with France

Mykhailo Babulchak, a soldier from Ivano-Frankivsk region, died in the war

An officer from the Kharkiv region died in a battle with the occupiers in Donbas

During the war with Russia, an Azov resident from the Lviv region died

Yesterday, a soldier from Korets died in a battle with the invaders

Four more soldiers from Poltava Oblast died in the war with the invaders

Yaroslav Mysak, a resident of the Sokal community from Ravshchyna, died in Kherson Oblast

Volodymyr Garanin, a soldier from Kosovo, died in the war

A 20-year-old fighter of "Azov" died during the task: he was an athlete and a fan of "Metalist"

Forever 34: Roman Petrusenyak from Prykarpattia died in the war

Volodymyr Vylyuk, a loyal son of Ukraine from Ternopil Oblast, gave his life in the war

Maksym Androsovich will return to Ovruchchyna on the shield

A military man from the Rivne region died in the Zaporozhye direction

Journalists made public the data of 1,579 Ukrainians who became Russian collaborators

Powerful "cotton" visited the base of the occupiers in Lysychansk

September 29, 2023

General Staff: The Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting assault operations in the direction of Bakhmut

On September 29, the occupiers talk about a drone attack and the blackout of populated areas in the Kursk region

Russia is trying to establish the mass production of Shaheds – General Staff

"Tried to see further than others": the network talked about the commander of a group of snipers, who stopped the GRU assault, but died. Video

Dreamed of "Kyiv in three days"? In Ukraine, the occupier who posed for a photo with white gloves was liquidated

The Legion of Freedom of Russia announced that it is fighting in the Belgorod region

Putin’s friend suggested scaring the West by detonating a nuclear bomb

The explosions at the warehouses of the BC – SBU and DBR proved the involvement of the Russian special services in the explosions in the Czech Republic and Ukraine

Orban on Ukraine’s accession to the EU: We do not know what the territory of this country is

In Russia, they announced the use of "combat" balloons: how they will make it difficult for the Armed Forces to launch drones

A dispatcher has disappeared at a military airfield in Crimea, the occupiers suspect saboteurs

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the start of military conscription from October 1: it covers the occupied territory of Ukraine

He will forever be 30: a defender from Khmelnytskyi region died fighting for Ukraine

A 19-year-old senior sergeant of the SSO special purpose group from Khmelnytskyi region died at the front

Another Hero from Ternopil region joined the heavenly army: the warrior fought his last battle in Donetsk region

Oleg Cheban, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

Yaroslav Senyk, a defender from Berezhan, was killed during mortar shelling in the Bakhmut district

Forever 23 years: the war took the life of a defender from the Pokrovsk community – IA "Vchasno"

A military medic from Berdyansk died in the southern direction

Serhii Stryzheus from the Varas community died at the front

Another Defender from Zhytomyr region died at the front

A soldier from Prykarpattia died defending Ukraine (PHOTO)

A defender from Lviv Oblast died near Bakhmut

A defender of Ukraine from Vorozhba died in the war

A shooter from the Kharkiv region died in Donbas

Britain has announced new sanctions for Russian pseudo-elections in the occupied territories of Ukraine

The EU has already provided €81 billion in aid to Ukraine – Ursula von der Leyen

War: The Russians shot down their fighter jet for $100 million – journalist

An explosion rang out in occupied Berdyansk, power cuts in some areas, Fedorov

Defense forces destroyed 20 units of military equipment and more than 10 warehouses with Russian ammunition in the Tavry direction – Shtupun

Sabotage at military warehouses: Ukraine identified those involved

Sources reported that Azerbaijan detained the ex-commander of the Nagorno-Karabakh army Mnatsakanyan and the head of the "security service" Haramyan

Switzerland tightens sanctions over Iran’s supply of drones to Russia – Bukva

ZSU: near four populated areas, Russian troops tried to restore lost positions, without success

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Ukrainian aviation struck the enemy 11 times during the day, rocket launchers hit 13 Russian artillery systems and a Reb station

Bakanov’s "right-hand man" Andriy Naumov was put behind bars in Serbia – details

An ex-policewoman from Kupyansk is suspected of treason for cooperating with the occupiers

Lviv will say goodbye to three Heroes who died fighting for Ukraine

The Russians are jamming GPS communications in the territorial waters of Romania

He stood up for the defense of Ukraine in 2016: soldier-intelligencer Denys Yankovets died in Donetsk region. Photo

Poltava Region lost four more defenders in the war

The Zdolbuniv community lost another defender at the front

Oleksandr Yurov, a graduate of Kherson State University, died in the war

Communities of the Kirovohrad region reported the death of soldiers in the war

A shooter from the Kharkiv region was killed in Donetsk region

The brutal war claimed the life of a volunteer of the "Lyut" assault brigade from Ternopil Oblast

They reported the death of a lieutenant colonel from Volyn, who died in Azovstal

He managed to work for only two weeks: combat medic Oleksandr Barsukov died at the front. Photo

A defender of Ukraine from Nedryhailiv region died in the war

Volodymyr Garanin, a soldier from Ivano-Frankivsk region, died in the war

Ukraine had an agent among the special forces of the Russian Federation, he helped expose a number of crimes

It was loud and spectacular at night in Melitopol region – the Rashistov air defense system shot down its own plane (photo, video)

Artillerymen of the 77th brigade destroyed a Russian composition with BC in the direction of Bakhmut (Video)

In Horlivka, shells smashed the house of the "mayor" Pryhodko

September 30, 2023

The Ukrainian Armed Forces advanced near Klishchiivka in the Bakhmut direction: maps of ISW battles

Seven countries have already ordered ammunition under the new EU procurement scheme, Reuters

They flew difficult routes: the occupiers launched more than 20 attack drones in the south of Ukraine – Rubrik

The rioters targeted residential quarters, a factory building and a public catering establishment in Kherson

Today, Lviv says goodbye to three Heroes

The First Kyiv Forum of Veterans took place in Kyiv

France is investigating transactions of Europe’s richest man with a Russian multimillionaire for money laundering

The capture of Kharkov was fundamental: Syrskyi and Budanov reminded of the large-scale failure of the occupiers

Explosions were heard in Zaporizhzhia: a ballistic threat was announced

"Arms manufacturers will have exceptional conditions": a defense forum was held in Kyiv with the participation of companies from dozens of countries around the world. All details

"We give others a successful strategy": Zelensky pointed out the key challenges of the military industry and Ukraine’s successes

Russia massively attacked Ukraine with "Shaheds": 30 UAVs were shot down, there are arrivals in Vinnytsia

A strong explosion rang out in Odesa: the first details

The occupiers hit Kramatorsk with rockets: one person was injured, a dormitory was damaged

Ukrainian defenders defend in the east and south and continue the offensive in the Melitopol and Bakhmut directions – General Staff

I was taking my last photo: Hero-photographer Volodymyr Myronyuk died on the front line

Zelensky met with the Minister of Defense of Slovakia

In Vinnytsia, the Russians hit an infrastructure object

The war took away three more heroes from the Rivne region

The Armed Forces destroyed a large concentration of occupiers in Zaporozhye

Borrell in Odessa: Ukraine has every right to defend itself from Russian aggression and regain full control over its territory

Construction has begun: Baykar is investing $100 million in the production of drones in Ukraine

Ukraine v. Russia is a genocide case at the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague

Special operation "Barinya". The GUR successfully recruited a Russian soldier, he convinced 11 more Russian soldiers to surrender to Ukraine. Photo

A powerful explosion occurred near Ivano-Frankivsk at

A traitor was detained in Mykolaiv. She was the editor of a Russian social network: a traitor was detained in Mykolaiv

Ukraine can get more Caesar self-propelled guns: France has tripled production, – vice president of the defense industry association Shamussy

Our state can and will definitely become a donor of global security — the President of Ukraine

Hungary does not plan to unblock aid to Ukraine due to the temporary exclusion of OTP Bank from the list of war sponsors

The mass media named possible successors to the dismissed Deputy Minister of Defense Malyar

"Drone War": How China is using its influence to disrupt Ukraine

Ukraine received a license for the production of Czech assault rifles

Ternopil Oblast lost the soldiers of Vadym Petrov and Oleksandr Markovtsii

A soldier from Lviv Oblast died in the war

Bohdan Nemyrka from the Lopatyna community died in the battles for the freedom of Ukraine

Oleksandr Boyko, a defender from Sloviansk, died during the shelling of Mykolaiv

The heart of soldier Pavel Skoptsev from the Dnipropetrovsk region stopped in the hospital

Two soldiers from Kirovohrad Oblast died in the war with the Russians

Russian troops killed a nurse in Kherson: three children were left without a mother. Photo

Hrytsyk Roman from Chervonograd died in Donetsk region

Dozens of fried equipment: "VORON 100" from the Volyn brigade terrifies the occupiers (video)

The largest number of cases of sexual violence perpetrated by the Russian military was recorded in the Kherson region – Lubinets

A loud explosion rang out in occupied Makiivka — Donbas News

Today, an unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down in the sky over Dnipropetrovsk region

The Russian reconnaissance UAV "Merlin-VR" was destroyed in the Kherson region, PC "Pivden"

During the day, the Ukrainian aviation made 14 strikes on enemy concentration areas -

Heroines of the front: the story of Irina "Commander", a soldier and operator of the BpLA

The Uragan anti-aircraft missile system of the Russian occupiers in Donetsk region was destroyed

The Armed Forces hit the base of the occupiers in the Kherson region

October 1, 2023

Artillery work in the Tauri direction – 20 units of Russian military equipment and three ammunition warehouses were destroyed –

In the Russian Federation, the commander of the occupier brigade involved in the undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP was released: the ISW named the reason

At night, the "shahedy" attacked Odeshchyna from at least three directions – Bratchuk – news on UNN | October 1, 2023, 06:39

The enemy tried to restore the lost position in the area of Klishchiivka, Avdiivka, Novodarivka, without success, – General Staff

Under no circumstances can we allow American support for Ukraine to be interrupted, – Biden

US senators will work on continued support for Ukraine

The US Senate does not refuse aid to Ukraine

There was a drone attack of a mixed type, how many were destroyed by air defense forces – Humenyuk about the hot night in the South

In Kryvyi Rih there are hits on civil infrastructure

Enemy UAVs attacked Uman, a person was injured

A series of explosions rang out in Kharkiv – the mayor

Explosions in Cherkasy region on October 1: industrial infrastructure was hit

They hit with ballistics: the sounds of explosions were heard in Zaporizhzhia

The support of our partners is the Secretary General of NATO and the defense ministers of France, Great Britain and Slovakia in Ukraine

In Zaporizhzhia, a man was killed and eight others were injured as a result of a night attack by the Russian Federation

He was always with a sincere smile: Yevhen Korzh, a hero from Chernihiv Oblast, died in the war

In Kharkiv, three enemy S-300 missiles hit the territory of the enterprise: a fire broke out

At night, 16 enemy drones were shot down over Ukraine – PS of the ZSU

In Kryvyi Rih, after the drone was hit, there is destruction, a fire broke out – OVA

In Cherkasy region, a flight arrived after the night attack of the Russian Federation: warehouses with grain caught fire. Photo

Due to the degradation of the Russian army, the Russian Federation is recruiting Cubans and mobilizing Ukrainians with Russian passports — ISW

Enemy drones "attacked" a warehouse in Mykolaiv Oblast

The superhumans who hold our sky, land and sea: Zaluzhny and the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine congratulated the Day of defenders

Zelensky congratulated the defenders on the holiday

The solution to victory: the combat robot "Rage" was tested in Ukraine – Rubrik

A pro-Russian party is likely to win the elections in Slovakia

The positions were defended: the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the night attacks of the occupiers along the entire front — Donbas News

In Uman, the enemy attacked grain warehouses – a fire broke out

"Cotton" in Crimea: the Russian occupiers claim that their anti-aircraft defense shot down a missile

A bullet that passed near the heart and a long rehabilitation: the story of a fighter from the Mykolaiv region – Letters

What does the adoption of a temporary budget in the USA mean for Ukraine – explanation of Oksana Markarova

Biden signed the law on the US temporary budget: military aid to Ukraine was not included there

A pro-Russian politician won an election in Slovakia after promising to end support for Ukraine

Scouts attacked the parking lot of Russian helicopters in Sochi – mass media

In Smolensk, UAVs attacked an aircraft factory filled with orders for the war: video

The Russian Federation announced the shelling of the market in the Belgorod region and an attack in three other regions

The Russian 25th Army was fully equipped and took up positions near Kreminnaya – Yevlash

The war took the life of a soldier from a village in the Sarnen region

Russia began to paint the Tu-95 at the base in Engels due to the attacks of Ukraine – satellite photos

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the Tor-M air defense system of the occupiers in Zaporozhye

Soldiers of the Armed Forces tracked down and destroyed two enemy BMPs in a forest plantation. VIDEO

A soldier from Odesa was killed in a fierce battle near Klishchiivka

About a thousand ZNPP employees have already passed through the torture chambers: testimony of the victims

3-month-old son left at home: tank company commander Roman Hrytsyk tragically died at the front

The battle of the TrO brigade lasted almost ten hours: we did not have a single soldier who was even scratched — Oleksandr Zavadskyi

The pilots of the "Bulava" unit set fire to the enemy BC with the help of an FPV drone from the "Wild Hornets". VIDEO

The Druzhki community said goodbye to the 22-year-old fallen defender of Ukraine

In Kyiv, they said goodbye to photographer Volodymyr Myronyuk, who died in Donbas – Bukva

Four more memorial plaques to fallen Heroes were opened in Bucha (photo)

A pro-Russian party won early elections in Slovakia

Ukraine will no longer pay with sovereignty for illusory promises of peace, – the President – Column

"Harvest Day": the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the command post and a large amount of Russian artillery

The war took the life of a sapper from the Rivne region

Oleg Fotiadi, a resident of Velika Oleksandrivka, died in the war

Vasyl Martyniv, a Carpathian, died in the war

A soldier from Chernihiv Oblast died

A sapper-grenade thrower from Polissia died in Luhansk region.

A senior gunner-operator from Uman died in the war

In occupied Crimea, a man killed a couple from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast because of "bad words about Russia"

"Cotton" visited the military equipment parking lots in Severodonetsk

Explosions rang out in Dzhankoya, the invaders announced "missiles shot down"

The Armed Forces took control of new positions under Ugledar

October 2, 2023

Biden announced a new separate bill on aid to Ukraine

An Estonian citizen with the call sign "Stinger" died in the war in Ukraine – Tanel Kriggul

"He confidently went into every battle and led his unit": the company commander of the rifle battalion from Khmelnytskyi region was killed. Photo

The judge released the killer of Gongadze, and now he receives 1 million every year

The shelling of Crimea on October 1 – cotton happened near Dzhankoy

At night, Russia launched seven Shaheds over Ukraine: air defense forces shot down four drones

During the day, 38 combat clashes took place at the front, the Armed Forces hit the control post, the composition of the BC and the enemy’s air defense system – the General Staff

While the UN is silent: Iran and Russia agree on new long-range missiles to terrorize Ukrainian cities

"They poured it on the occupiers!" Soldiers of the Armed Forces showed how they destroyed the enemy’s BK warehouse. Video

The head of the Foreign Ministry of France: the ministers of foreign affairs of the European Union have arrived in Kyiv for a meeting

Drone attack on Ukraine – Ignat named the targets of the Russians

Dmytro Dyriv, a Carpathian, died in the war

How much pain: 22-year-old Oleksandr Markovtsii, an attack fighter from Ternopil Oblast, died in the war (PHOTO)

Roman Shapoval, a soldier from the Kherson region, died in the war

Oleksandr Markovets, a defender from Shumshchyna, died in the war

Dnipro news: sailor Andriy Malovichko died of wounds in the hospital

Roman Shapoval died at the front – the story of a volunteer’s struggle

Ukraine hit the factory in Smolensk, where the Kh-59 missiles were made, with drones. Three drones hit – GUR

The EU in Kyiv confirmed its long-term support for Ukraine

The army of drones is a record number of destroyed Russian equipment in a week

Special operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Bryansk region – Ukrainian pilots flew behind the enemy and struck an oil depot

Investigates criminal "cases" in the ruins of Mariupol destroyed by the Russians: ex-policewoman will be tried in absentia

The FSB agent wanted to enter the Drone Army school. He was exposed "red handed" by the SBU

The Garrison Church of St. Nicholas was opened in the capital

The Moscow authorities leaked the addresses of classified objects of the Russian Federation to the Internet

"Al-Jarida": Moscow promised to help with the transportation of Iranian weapons for "Hezballah" through Syria

Poland handed over the first refurbished Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Ukraine will receive a Slinger from Australia – what kind of system is this

Cables and transformers were damaged: the Russians attacked a large energy facility

The Russian army attacked the materials warehouse of DTEK in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast – Rubrik

The "stormtroopers" of the occupying forces from Crimea and Mariupol will be tried in Ukraine

Scientist Bizhan Sharopov, who died near Izyum, was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine

Microsoft will not extend licenses to Russian companies

In Russia, three civilian planes broke down in a day. Probably because of the sanctions

Vadym Petrov from Ternopil Oblast died at the front

A 33-year-old defender from Skala-Podilska died on the front line

After three months of searching, and thanks to a DNA test, they managed to find the body of a soldier from the Ternopil region

Two soldiers from Poltava region died in the battles for Ukraine

A military man from Rivne region died in Kherson region

Defenders from Kirovohrad Oblast died in the war with the Russians

A young gunner from the Lviv region died in the war with the Russians

Chernihiv region lost another defender

The son and daughter did not wait: the 39-year-old Hero from Kamiansk Oleksandr Zadoya died

He fulfilled his duty with honor: a soldier from Khmelnytskyi died at the front

C4 – The war took the life of another Bukovinian: what is known about the fallen Vitaly Savytskyi

I-VIN | Four defenders from Vinnytsia died while defending Ukraine

The body was identified two months after the death: the death of the Hero from Volyn Oleksandr Svys was reported

They fell in the same settlement: during the liberation of the Zaporizhzhia region, two soldiers from the Rivne region died

A 25-year-old grenade thrower from the Rivne region, who was considered missing, died near Robotiny

Yuriy Sochka, a stormtrooper commander and Kremenchug railwayman, died in the war

26-year-old Artur Novosad from Volyn was killed in Donetsk region

Recalled from vacation for assignment. Maksym Dzendzura from Kryvyi Rih died in Donetsk region

24-year-old Samborskyi Roman from Radekhov died in Donetsk region

Volodymyr Barannik, a warrior from Kryvyi Rih, died in the village of Berkhivka near Bakhmut

Kyrylo Hryhorenko, a serviceman from Yuzhny, died in the battle for Ukraine

Oleksandr Yanul, the Hero from Volyn, died in Luhansk Oblast as a result of artillery shelling

Vasko Stepan, a military serviceman from the Belz community, was identified as the deceased

Turkey delivered 600 large-caliber Canik M2 machine guns to Ukraine

During September, the Russian Federation used 246 missiles, 538 Shahed drones and 1,159 guided aerial bombs against Ukraine – Zelensky

The occupiers in the "DPR" sentenced a captured Ukrainian border guard to 28 years in a colony

The Mi-8 helicopter flew to Ukraine: the Russians said that the special forces of the Russian Federation received an order to eliminate the pilot

The process of missile production was disrupted: what was told in the GUR about the attack on the aircraft factory in Smolensk – the story

Details of the battle near Urozhany, in which six tanks and three armored personnel carriers of the Russians were burned, have appeared

October 3, 2023

ZSU took more advantageous positions near Andriivka: maps of ISW battles

Defense forces of Ukraine continue their offensive in the Melitopol and Bakhmut directions

He will forever be 31: a "Zyablik" volunteer who took revenge on the occupiers for his native Kherson region died in the battles in Donetsk region. Photo

The Russian army launched eight missile and 47 airstrikes on Ukraine over the past day

A Russian military pilot surrendered to the Americans while on vacation in the Emirates

Slovakia accused Russia of interfering in the parliamentary elections

The agency network of the Russian Federation was exposed in Mykolaiv – missiles were being pointed – photos, details

In Donbas, a train crushed a Strela-10 air defense system: three occupants were killed, some were injured

The first UAVs from Cosmolot Airlines are already working effectively at the front

Russia attacked Ukraine with dozens of Shaheds and an Iskander-K missile: air defense forces shot down 30 targets

Norway has joined the latest package of EU sanctions against Russia

Oleksandr Kulichevskyi, a resident of Pereyaslavshchyna, died in the war with Russia

Stepan Yatsyakh, a defender from Bolehov, died in the war

Two defenders from Zhytomyr Oblast died at the front

My heart couldn’t stand it: Alexander Shavykin, a soldier from Kamiansk, died while on vacation

A forester from Cherkassy died in the war

Another loss at the front: the senior soldier from Ternopil Oblast, Artem Chervonooky, died

Dmytro Botan, a fighter of the Lutsk detachment "Lubart", died in the war

They waited nine months for the Hero: Defender Serhiy Aloshkin returned home on the shield

Sadness and pain: a resident of Vynohradiv region died near Bakhmut

Oleksandr Svys from Volhynia died in Zaporozhye

A military man from Varash died in the Zaporizhzhia region

A soldier from Zaporozhye died in Bakhmut (photo)

Mykola Panayotov, a football player from the Artsysk community, died at the front

The war took the life of another soldier from Khmelnytskyi

Maksym Shtylyk, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

Oleg Kochan from the Ternopil community died at the front

A 22-year-old soldier from the Rivne region died in the battle with the occupier

Defending Ukraine, Kremenchug patriot Volodymyr Ivasenko, commander of Terrodefense, died in the war

"The most terrible protection for the family": Hero from Volyn Serhiy Melnyk died in the war

MediaStar news agency – Russians attacked Dnipropetrovsk region with rockets and "Shakheds", there was a hit in Pavlograd – OVA

Ukraine’s counteroffensive — the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the Gvozdyk self-propelled guns with an FPV drone — video

The occupiers are so afraid of losing Tokmak that they fill trenches with concrete around the city – Fedorov

Chemical weapons, burnt forest and shrapnel: what is happening in the direction of Kreminnaya

The solution to victory: the French company signed a contract with Ukraine on the joint production of the Rubryka unmanned aerial vehicle

In September, monetary aid from the United States provided a third of the revenues of the Ukrainian budget

Suspicion of Rosneft top managers announced in Ukraine

After seven years, Russia published footage of the moment when the Su-33 fighter jet fell into the Mediterranean Sea (VIDEO)

Putin’s arrest warrant: the Armenian parliament ratified the ICC treaty

The European Union will create a special Ukrainian fund of €50 billion

Finland will hand over a new batch of weapons to the Armed Forces

The occupiers in Zaporozhye built a complex system of trenches-tunnels and two-story underground dugouts, – Fedorov

The president of Mexico criticized the US for helping Ukraine and called for money to be given to Latin America instead

During the trip to the front, Zelensky inspected Leopard 2 tanks and CV-90 BMPs that participated in the battles

NAZK included the three largest Chinese oil and gas companies in the list of war sponsors

The Armed Forces advanced in the direction of Melitopol

Biden held talks with allies – they talked about helping Ukraine

Air alert in Crimea – explosions in Sevastopol Air alert in Crimea: reports of explosions in Sevastopol

A sniper from the "Ghost" group eliminated two invaders from a distance of more than a kilometer. VIDEO

Soldiers of the Armed Forces blew up an enemy car together with the occupiers

In his address, Zelensky revealed the details of his visit to the Kharkiv region

The SBU exposed a female collaborator who worked for the Russian Federation during the occupation of Kherson

"Antonov" signed a contract with the French company Turgis & Gaillard for the production of military drones

A large-scale fire broke out in a warehouse in Russia’s Rostov-on-Don (video)

Several volunteers from Belarus recently died in the war in Ukraine

October 4, 2023

There was noise again in Russia: explosions rang out in Belgorod and Bryansk

During the day, the Ukrainian aviation made 14 strikes against the concentration of the enemy’s forces

A volunteer from Latvia died in the war – he was killed by a Russian drone

In Krasnoyarsk, there is a fire on the territory of the plant: eyewitnesses heard an explosion

In the Crimea, Roza heard the sounds of explosions during an air raid: the details appeared

Three children did not wait for dad from the front: a 25-year-old soldier from the Kherson region died fighting for Ukraine. Photo

During the day, 43 clashes took place at the front, the enemy is trying to restore the lost position in the Andriivka area – General Staff

It is considered the most modern fighter of the Russian Federation: British intelligence pointed to a nuance with the downing of its own Su-35 by the occupiers near Tokmak

Putin’s friends will get rid of the ice arena in Helsinki

GUR: Ukrainian special forces have once again conducted a landing operation on the territory of Crimea – Rubrik

Ukrainian drones hit the "Triumph" of the Russian Federation in the Belgorod region – mass media

The people of Vinnytsia see off the Hero Pavlo Bevs on his last journey

Shoigu was informed about the landing of the landing force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Crimea and the attack of more than 30 unmanned aerial vehicles

The Ukrainian military called Uralvagonzavod and complained about Russian tanks

Oleksandr Teryanyk from Poltava Oblast fell near Kreminna

Voluntarily went to fight: Oleksandr Kozhukh from the Volyn brigade, forever 26

A 21-year-old soldier from the Kurakhiv community died at the front

Kamianske lost a defender

Ukrainian journalist Viktoriya Roschyna went missing in the occupied territory

The wounded soldier from Polissia died in the hospital

22-year-old Hero from Chortkivshchyna died in the hospital after being seriously wounded

Yuriy Sochka, a soldier from Kremenchuk, died in the war

Three more heroes from the Kherson region died in battles with the enemy

A Hero from the Orativ community died at the front

Sviatoslav Gembarivskyi, a defender from Ternopil Oblast, died after being seriously wounded

Volodymyr Trokhymchuk, a soldier from Rivne region, died in Donetsk region

A shooter from the Kharkiv region died under mortar fire in Zaporizhzhia

Again losses in the Rivne region. Two Heroes returned on the shield

Military Oleksandr Boyko from Sloviansk died in Mykolaiv

Vadym Zylinsky, a 26-year-old resident of Volhynia, died in Zaporozhye

A soldier from the Ostroh community died on the Zaporizhzhia direction

The war took the life of defender Vasyl Stratulat from the Bolgrad district

"Cotton" visited the barracks of the "Kadyrovtsi" in the Luhansk region

In the Berdyansk district, on the "tip-off" of scouts, the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a column of tanks

Explosions in Crimea – an explosion rang out in the village of Lhovskoe and a mushroom formed in the sky – photo

In Tokmak, the occupiers have closed shops and are evacuating educational institutions

The Crimean bridge is guarded by four enemy ships and five boats — Dmytro Pletenchuk

The Armed Forces destroyed three boats with Russian DRGs in the south of the country

Explosions rang out again in Tokmak

Norway will increase the defense budget with the support of Ukraine

Military aid to Ukraine – the United States will transfer Iranian weapons and ammunition to the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The UN rejected the Russian version of the tragedy in Olenivka. The Ukrainian military was not attacked with HIMARS

Bloomberg: Germany will give Ukraine additional air defense equipment to cover grain shipments

Minus 7 units of equipment and a field store of ammunition: SSO soldiers destroyed the position of the Russians near the village of Svitle in Zaporozhye. Video

The father of two children, an assistant shooter of a grenade launcher from Lviv Oblast, died in the war

Taras Polny from Ternopil died in the war

A commander from a village in the north of Rivne region was killed in Kharkiv region

Losses of the Armed Forces – three soldiers of the 710th assault company of the BrO were killed at the front – photo

A resident of Berdyansk, who was about to turn 28 on October 3, died in the war

Oleksandr Pchola from Ternopil Oblast gave his life for Ukraine

Musician Andrii Chepil died in the war in Ukraine

A volunteer of the "Offensive Guard" from Kharkiv Oblast died in the war

Defenders from Kirovohrad Oblast died in the war with the invaders

Mykhailo Yegorushkov, a Hero from Transcarpathia, died in the war (PHOTO)

Losses again: Vinnytsia mourns five defenders

A Hero from the Kolkiv community died

Sergei Cherkasov from Kryvyi Rih died near Andriivka

A powerful explosion rang out again in captured Luhansk region — Donbas News

The Russian prosecutor requested 19 years for the journalist from Novaya Kakhovka Sergey Tsygyp – SMI

Explosions and automatic rounds rang out in occupied Sevastopol: what is happening

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the premium and rare PRP-4A "Argus" at the front: Oryx confirms

There was a powerful "cotton" in Nova Kakhovka

Ukrainian aviation made 13 strikes on areas where enemy personnel were concentrated

The Armed Forces liberated new territories in Zaporozhye