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Nicholas Zharkikh

July 20, 2023

General Staff: The Russian Federation is focused on 5 directions, 30 clashes took place there

BpLA attack on Crimea on July 20. News 1+1

The Russian Federation struck Odesa and Mykolaiv again at night: there is destruction and 20 victims, including children

The occupiers shelled Odesa on the night of July 20. News 1+1

The Russians shelled Mykolaiv at night on July 20.

Rocket attack on Mykolaiv on July 20 – one person died, 19 were injured

Attack on Mykolaiv: the body of the first victim was pulled out from under the rubble, 19 wounded

Russia may attack civilian vessels in the Black Sea – White House – news on UNN | July 20, 2023, 07:09

"Don’t dare": OP responded to Russian threats to attack ships in the grain corridor (video)

The traitor worked for the FSB to "get" an apartment in Crimea

Minus 8 BC warehouses and 35 units of equipment: the losses of the Russian Federation for the day in the Tavria direction were announced

"Russia has finally lost its authority": the USA commented on Putin’s refusal to go to the BRICS summit

In the Rozhyshchensk community, they said goodbye to the fallen Hero Vitaly Matviychuk Rozhishche | Society | Loss |

The Sumy health care facility was hit by the Shahed-136 drone

The enemy targeted an unmanned aerial vehicle of the "Shakhed" type at a children’s camp in Sumy

Night attack on Chernihiv region: drones damaged residential buildings

Australia introduced a new package of sanctions against the Russian Federation: who got into it – – media portal about debts and bankruptcy

Explosions occurred in Sevastopol and Feodosia on July 20

As a result of the night attack on Odesa, the building of the Consulate General of China in Odesa was damaged – the head of the OVA

In Kherson, as a result of an attack by Russian troops, humanitarian aid distribution points were damaged – Rubrik

Pictures of the consequences of the explosions at the Crimean training ground were made public

The 79th brigade destroyed Mykhailo Luchyn, whose drones were replaced with dildos in the spring

War in Ukraine – photographer Kostyantyn Hnitetskyi died – photo

The Security Service of Ukraine announced suspicion against two generals of the Russian Federation, who suppressed the Kherson protests

An official of "Ukrzaliznytsia" was detained in Dnipro, who was preparing a hostile attack on the logistics routes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A blogger who was Stremousov’s "right hand" was detained in Odesa

They said goodbye to the Ukrainian defender Oleksandr Ignatenko in Gayshyn: at the exit from the church, people were kneeling

The pilot who crashed in the Krasnodar Territory on the Su-25 has been identified

"Good news." Lubinets said that 15 Ukrainian children who were deported to the Russian Federation are already "safe"

From July 21, Ukraine will consider all vessels of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea as carrying military cargo

The Ministry of Culture called on UNESCO to respond to the destruction of monuments in Odesa and Mykolaiv as a result of the Russian attack

In Mariupol, the occupiers have already arrested more than 10,000 civilians

Air defense shot down three Russian drones over the Sumy region

The USA, the EU and Canada imposed sanctions against dozens of Russian companies and citizens of the Russian Federation. Among them are Alexey Kudrin, Nikita Mikhalkov and Phillip Kirkorov

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine calls for expanding the ways for grain export

Suspicion was reported to an ex-law enforcement officer who is torturing Ukrainians in Melitopol region in agreement with the occupiers – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

In Ukraine, a pseudo-official of the so-called "Ministry of Internal Affairs" "LNR" from Bilovodsk will be tried

An airfield was attacked in the Ryazan region – the first details of the event

The enemy has accumulated a large amount of strength: the situation in the Bakhmut, Lyman and Kupyan directions was assessed by Yagun – Freedom

Russians shelled Zhytomyr region, 17 injured

General Staff: on three "hot" areas of the front, Ukrainian defenders repelled enemy attacks, heavy battles are taking place – Column

An air strike on the Crimean Bridge on July 20, 2023 is a cause for alarm

The USA introduces new sanctions against Russian banks and enterprises

China’s reaction: in the Celestial Empire, they reacted to the damage to their consulate in Odesa during the attack of the Russian Federation – Rubrik

The EU has adopted a new sanctions regime to counter Iran’s drone program

UAH 1.8 million in cash was found in the UOC MP temple in Khmelnytskyi region during the inventory of property

Kyrgyzstan came under US sanctions for helping Russia

The EU introduced new sanctions against Iran for helping Russia

July 21, 2023

Massive air attack on Ukraine – the Russians used 19 missiles of various types and the same number of attack drones –

The Armed Forces repelled the attacks of the occupiers in the Kupyansk direction, two REB stations and four more important enemy objects were destroyed – the General Staff

Shelling of Odesa on July 21 – the Russians shelled the city for the fourth night in a row

An Odesa resident had fun recording a Russian missile strike for social networks: the visit of the SBU spoiled his mood

A resident of Moldova was fined almost $1,500 for a TikTok video

Selling stolen grain and bargaining with the West: ISW on the purpose of Russian attacks on Ukrainian ports

A well-known Russian z-soldier was eliminated in Donetsk region

The Pentagon named the number of Bradley fighting vehicles lost by the Armed Forces in combat

The Russian Federation shelled Odesa region at night: 2 wounded, 120 tons of agricultural products destroyed

In the direction of Odeshchyna, repeated launches of "Onyx" were recorded – PS ZSU – news on UNN | July 21, 2023, 11:23 am

The Russians hit an infrastructure object near Pologami, there are casualties

Chernihiv explosions on July 21 – the cultural center in the district center was destroyed, reported in OK Pivnich

Explosions in Chernihiv Oblast – the building of the cultural center was damaged by a rocket attack

Hungary opposes the creation of a €20 billion fund to support the Armed Forces

France stated that China is helping the Russian Federation in the war against Ukraine on

He led fellow villagers to "shootings": a collaborator was detained in the Mykolayiv region

Rush the resorts of the Sea of Azov to a huge military base

Russia kidnaps Ukrainian children – More than 100 children were taken to Smolensk – Who is to blame

Kostyantyn Kruchok, a soldier from the Orzhytsk community, died during the war with the Russians

The war took the life of the Carpathian Yuriy Paliychuk

Serhii Deyneko, a native of Volhynia, died in Zaporozhye

Rostyslav Zyaya, a 26-year-old resident of Carpathia, died in the war. PHOTO

Mykolaiv patrol officers Serhiy Svitlyk and Serhiy Golimbievskyi were killed in Donbass – News of Mykolaiv today

Returned from Lithuania to defend Ukraine: a native of Ternopil region, Petro Hlova, died at the front – "Nash Den" newspaper

A fighter from the Kharkiv region died of serious injuries

A low bow to the parents for the decent education of their son. Dnipropetrovsk says goodbye to a soldier who gave his life at the front

Kirovohrad region lost its sons in the war with the invaders

Andriy Kirichenko, a resident of Kamian, died in battle in Donetsk region – Close View

Volodymyr Romanyshin from Ternopil Oblast died in the war

Vasyl Holovach, a defender from Bukovyna, was killed during mortar shelling in Luhansk Oblast

Ostap Pitchuk, a graduate of Prykarpattia University, died in the war

The Hero from Dnipropetrovsk returned home on the shield. Vitaly Lysiak fought at the front until his last breath

Hero from Lviv Oblast was killed during sniper fire

Battles for Staromayorsk continue in Donetsk region

In the rear of the occupiers in the Luhansk region, there was a powerful "cotton"

The Armed Forces hit the occupiers with cluster shells near Avdiivka

Zelenskyy held a meeting of the Stavka: they talked about the protection of ports, the grain corridor and the situation on the battlefield

The occupiers struck Odesa once again: seven rockets were fired at the infrastructure object

Terrorist Girkin was detained in Russia, who called Putin "nothing" and called for the transfer of power

Russian DRG tried to break into Sumy region and Chernihiv region: Russia is looking for weak points in the defense of Ukraine

"The main thing is not to stop": the occupier was happy about the strikes of the Russian Federation on Odesa and dreamed of a new Holodomor in Ukraine

Strikes at 30 km with sniper accuracy: the defender of Ukraine talked about the advantages of the "Bohdan" ACS. Video

Vladyslav Nesterov – a 26-year-old defender from the Kharkiv region died fighting for Ukraine – photo

We were all suicide bombers in less than five minutes, – wounded under Bakhmut stormtrooper Lado Gegechkori – Home

The Kremlin called the statements of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine about the threat to civilian vessels in the Black Sea "dangerous".

Self-propelled guns "Bohdan" were officially adopted by the Ukrainian army

Partisans in Mariupol destroyed the Russian ammunition warehouse on July 21

What is the current situation at the front on July 21

Zelensky promised Russia’s response to its latest missile attacks and shelling

Terrorist Gubarev was detained in Moscow: he protested in support of Girkin

The wife and son did not wait to get home: Pavlo Postolaka from Kamiansky died defending Ukraine

Military chaplain Mark Kupchenenko from Dnipropetrovsk region died. He was only 27 years old

Artem Korovka, a resident of Kryvorizhzhia, died in the war – what is known about the Hero | KRIVBASS.CITY

During the war with the Russian Federation, defenders from Kirovohrad Oblast died

A hero from Luhansk died in the battles for Ukraine

The head of the Velikohaiv community announced the sad news on Facebook: a brave soldier from Dychkov died

The soldier Vitaly Savchenko died in battle in Kharkiv Oblast two months after the death of his son Yaroslav

Two soldiers from the Malin community died in the war

A soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Kushugum was killed in Zaporizhzhya region

Mind journalist Dmytro Rybakov died at the front

Explosions in Crimea: a fire in occupied Simferopol

Fire and explosions in Simferopol on July 21, 2023 – what happened in occupied Crimea

July 22, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 07/22/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Lithuania reacted to Putin’s accusations of plans to occupy Ukraine

Ukraine’s counteroffensive: the Ukrainian Armed Forces counterattack near Bakhmut, the Russian Federation transfers forces near Avdiyivka – ISW

The arrest of the terrorist Girkin may be a public manifestation of the change in the balance of power between the Kremlin factions, – ISW

The court sent the terrorist Girkin to the SIZO. He faces up to five years in prison

In Britain, a street was named after President Zelensky

Air defense destroyed five attack and nine reconnaissance drones of the Russian Federation

Girkin detained – lists of Russian patriots against whom repression is being prepared – Girkin, Tsarev, Montyan, Prilepin, Kashevarova, Fedorov, Gurulev, Delyagin

The government of South Africa has officially applied for an arrest warrant for Putin

Explosions in the Crimea – the movement of motor vehicles is stopped on the Crimean bridge

Putin is preparing the Russian Guard for internal defense

Shells, anti-aircraft missiles and armored vehicles – the USA is preparing a 400 million aid package for Ukraine

Mass production of ammunition for drones begins in Ukraine

In Veliky Burluk, a special investigation has been completed regarding a collaborator who headed an illegal government body during the occupation

Russian broadcaster RIA Novosti died in Ukraine – 4 more propagandists were injured – the latest news

The Strategic Committee of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the strikes on the oil depot and the Russian army in Crimea

The SBU showed how special forces destroy the manpower and equipment of the Russian army

A 31-year-old soldier from Brovary died in the war: he was survived by a small daughter

28 models of UAVs and self-propelled guns "Bohdan": what the Ukrainian military-industrial complex is working on in conditions of war (VIDEO) – Freedom

The defense forces destroyed the occupiers’ communication hub near Bakhmut

The Armed Forces seized the initiative along the entire front line

Ammunition warehouses were destroyed in the settlements of Oleshki and Nova Zburyivka on the left bank of the Kherson region

The Armed Forces destroyed the command post of the Russian army near Bakhmut with a JDAM-ER "smart bomb".

A resident of the Gornostaev community died in the fighting for Ukraine\

A resident of the Kushugum community died heroically at the front in the Zaporizhzhia region

Three servicemen of the 7th separate battalion "AREY" died in the war – what is known – news of Kryvyi Rih | KRIVBASS.CITY

The battle near Avdiivka ended the life of a young soldier from Poltava region – CONTENTS

Vyacheslav Kazakov, a native of the Bolgrad district, died in the war

The Yuzhne community lost another Defender of Ukraine – Artur Pomerantsev YUZHNY.INFO

David Yakushin, a young violinist and soldier of the Armed Forces, died at the front

A soldier from Alexandria died in the war with Russia

A native of Kremenech region, a resident of Lithuania, he died in the Russian-Ukrainian war

During the shooting battle, a young defender from the Duben region was killed

27-year-old Rostyslav Lazoryshyn, the first soldier from the village of Kadobna, died in the war

The champion of Ukraine with the call sign "Kerya" died in the battle with the Russian invaders. He left three children

Vitaliy Dronevych, a defender from the Dnipropetrovsk region, died in the Zaporozhye direction

A gunner of a machine gun platoon from Ternopil Oblast was killed in Donetsk region

On the Svativ section of the front, there are hellish combats, – Deepstate

The Armed Forces liberated new territories in Zaporozhye

The Armed Forces confirmed the strikes on an oil depot and an ammunition depot in Crimea

In Kyiv, the SBU exposed a former teacher – a supporter of "Russian peace" who was spreading hostile propaganda

Live people were boiled in boiling water in Moscow’s Seasons shopping center

In the suburbs of Moscow, a man in camouflage took over a house and shouted that he was going to the Kremlin – the latest news

A grenade thrower from Poltava region returns home forever on a shield: the warrior’s daughter was left without a father – CONTENTS

Vyacheslav Chupak, a Carpathian, died in the war

A soldier from the Rivne region died in the fighting in the east.

Prykarpattia lost 44-year-old Vitaly Slyvka in the war

Information about the death of a fighter from the Rivne region, Andriy Trofymchuk, has been confirmed

Yuri Andreyko from Rivne died at the front

A resident of Zaporizhzhya district died in the battle for Ukraine

Denys Goncharov, a native of May Day, died in a battle with Russian invaders in Donetsk region

The Armed Forces destroyed the logistics point of the occupiers in the Bakhmut direction — Donbas News

The Armed Forces struck the occupiers in the Kherson region: they destroyed the S-300 air defense system and a warehouse of drones

The Russians sank the Ukrainian corvette "Ternopil" captured in 2014

The military told what was happening in the Kupyansk direction

SBU soldiers destroyed the enemy complex "Murom-P" and more than 20 units of enemy equipment (VIDEO)

The Russian army suspects the workers of the Kerch bridge in assisting the organization of explosions – CNS

In Donbas, the occupiers mobilized workers from Uzbekistan into the Russian army – the General Staff

State Duma deputy Oleksandr Borodai came under artillery fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Britain will hand over Malloy drones to Ukraine

Ukraine has its own medium-range air defense systems, they are similar to HAWK – People’s Deputy

Ukraine is working on the production of its own NATO-caliber projectiles

Three Air Force pilots were awarded the title of Heroes of Ukraine

The Armed Forces let the occupiers smoke: enemy warehouses, S-300 air defense systems and manpower were destroyed

Vasyl Krasavin, a soldier from the Kherson region, died near Bakhmut

Defender Ivan Dedyo from Ternopil Oblast died in the war

In the communities of Kirovohrad Oblast, it was reported about the death of heroes-compatriots Access point

Vitaly Slyvka, a Carpathian soldier, died in the war

Serhii Riznychenko from Poltava region died in the war with the invaders.

He was considered missing for a long time: Another defender from Zhytomyr region died in the battles for Donetsk region

Oleg Tkachuk, an assistant judge in Vinnytsia region, died at the front

A machine gunner from Murovanokurilovetskyi died at the front

The Ukrainian Armed Forces won a trophy for a unique combat vehicle of the Russians

July 23, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 07/23/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Rocket attack on Odesa on July 23 – one person died, 19 were injured, the cathedral was damaged, photo

Map of military operations in Ukraine 07/23 – the Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing on at least three sections of the front

A sanctioned oligarch died suddenly in Russia. He cooperated with the FSB. RIA-South

The Russian Federation staged another attack on Odesa: there were dead and injured, residential buildings and the cathedral were damaged. Photo and video

Danilov on the shelling of Odessa: Putin wants to become a "grain super-empire" and bring the world to its knees

He was the universe for his children: Serhiy Zelenyuk, a machine gunner from Irpen, died near Bakhmut

Zelensky: there will definitely be an answer for Odesa, there can be no excuse for evil

What does the Transfiguration Cathedral in Odesa look like now, which was destroyed by the "Soviets" and now attacked by Russia. Photo

In Poland, a Leopard tank repair plant was opened – repair of the equipment of the Armed Forces

Rescuers from the Kyiv region will be tried for treason

Lviv region bids farewell to Hero who died in the war

The Armed Forces crushed three artillery batteries of the occupiers

Our compatriot, junior sergeant Yevhen Tsaberyabiy, died in Luhansk region

23-year-old Slavko Golyanich died in Odesa

Two soldiers from Prykarpattia died in the war (PHOTO)

Ostrohchyna lost a 51-year-old soldier on the front of the Russian-Ukrainian war

Occupiers have success near Svatovoy, – DeepState

The Armed Forces advanced in the direction of Berdyansk

In the Kharkiv region, border guards destroyed a Russian kamikaze drone

Russian troops tried to find a loophole in the defense of the Armed Forces in the Nadia district of Luhansk region — Donbas News

Eternal glory to heroes: in Bukovina they will say goodbye to five soldiers who died in fierce battles

A resident of Dnipropetrovsk region launched Russian strikes on units of the Armed Forces: what the court decided

Britain has specially developed ground platforms for Brimstone missiles for Ukraine

Attack on Odesa – 40 buildings were damaged, including kindergartens — Ukraine News

"So, this is the will of God," the Lavra commented on the shelling of the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa

The SBU exposed 31 collaborators of the occupying Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kherson region

War in Ukraine – the Russians bombed the Palace of Culture in Chasovoy Yar

A soldier from Novaya Kakhovka died in the war

The Armed Forces struck the enemy’s concentration in the Skadovsky district

The Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated the enemy’s artillery on firing positions, the Reb station and Russian air defense equipment

Two daughters were left without a father: Lviv will say goodbye to Hero on Monday

Onufriy reacted ambiguously to the destruction of the cathedral in Odessa

Sanctions against the Russian Federation — the Maldives supplied $53 million worth of semiconductors to Russia

A sapper from Odesa was killed in Donetsk region

28-year-old Yevhenii Tsaberyaby from Kamiansky was killed while defending Ukraine

In June, he celebrated his 24th anniversary: a young soldier from Dnipropetrovsk region died in a battle with the occupiers

Vlad-Volodymyr, a resident of the village of Chertezh Pastelyak, died in the war zone –

Yevhen Velyanyk, a resident of the Frankiv community, died at the front

Zahidny Hryhoriy, a resident of the village of Ternovitsa, Novoyavorivsk community, died in a battle with the Russian occupier

Ihor Radchenko from Poltava Region was killed in the war with the occupiers.

I-VIN | Five more heroes of Vinnytsia died fighting for Ukraine

An enemy tank, 6 self-propelled guns, 3 air defense systems and 5 ammunition warehouses were destroyed in a day in the Bakhmut direction

The Armed Forces destroyed the command post of the Russian occupiers

The Armed Forces repulsed the invaders near Bakhmut

July 24, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 07/24/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Sounds similar to explosions were heard in Moscow

Explosions in Moscow: how local authorities reacted, TSN news, 1+1

Explosions are heard in Crimea, TSN news, 1+1

Attack on Odesa on July 24

Air defense forces shot down a UAV over Sumy Oblast during a night attack

He will forever be 28: the commander of a combat vehicle from Dnipropetrovsk died in the battles for Ukraine. Photo

Odesa — Russia attacked the city of Shahedam on July 24 — Odesa news

The Russians attacked the port infrastructure of the Danube in Odesa, six people were injured, OVA

Another active helper of Russia in circumventing sanctions was found: what kind of country is helping to kill Ukrainians

Two drones crashed into buildings in Moscow

Pipe burst in Moscow shopping center: four dead, 70 scalded

In the Limansky direction, the occupiers tried to attack the positions of the National Guard – video, TSN, news 1+1

Metropolitan Epiphany commented on Russia’s shelling of Odesa

The last battle on the eastern front was fought by a young soldier from Poltava region – CONTENTS

Andriy Kirichenko – sportsman died in Ukraine’s war against Russia

During the war with Russia, soldiers from the Svitlovodsk community died

A soldier from Kosiv region died at the front (PHOTO)

Former candidate for People’s Deputies from Ivano-Frankivsk region Marusya Zvirobiy was wounded at the front

Oleg Yarush from Ternopil Oblast died in the war

Hero from Lviv Oblast died from a shrapnel wound

Two soldiers from Poltava Oblast were killed in the battles for Ukraine

Ukrainian Humvee withstands hits from ATGMs and fire from BM-21 "Grad" MLRS. VIDEO

A resident of Donetsk fought against the Armed Forces, but was captured: what is happening to him now?

Putin signed a law on raising the age limit for being in the reserve of the Russian army by five years

Not only villas. People close to Putin are losing property in the Czech Republic

China secretly sold drones to Russia for more than $100 million – Politico

The drone army destroyed 101 units of Russian equipment worth millions of dollars in a week (infographics)

The SBI detained the former Odesa military commissar Yevhen Borysov: what is he suspected of?

Suspicions were announced against 11 Russian occupiers for the shooting of Ukrainians

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces – the situation in the Berdyansk direction

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation threatened to "take tough measures in response" after the UAV attack in Crimea and Moscow

Soldiers of the National Guard destroyed three Russian tanks Breakthrough near Liman – video

The occupiers damaged more architectural monuments in Odessa

Lithuanian Foreign Ministry: After the NATO summit in Vilnius, Putin cheered up and went for escalation

In Kharkiv Oblast, a traitorous cop who "surrendered" to the occupiers acquaintances from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine will be tried in absentia

Border guards destroyed enemy dugouts near Bakhmut (VIDEO)

In Simferopol, the occupiers dismantled a memorial sign to the victims of the deportation of the Crimean Tatar people

As a result of the Russian attack on July 23, 61 buildings were damaged in Odesa, including 28 architectural monuments, the city council

The GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine commented on the morning UAV attack on Krym

Explosions rang out in Tokmak on July 24

It would have been 38 years: Pokrov lost another Defender in the war with Russia

Soldier Yaroslav Markiv returns to Vinnytsia on the shield

Soldiers from Kirovohrad region died defending the country from the enemy

A Carpathian man died during mortar shelling in Luhansk region (PHOTO)

Yuriy Redka, a resident of Kryvyi Rih, died in the Donetsk region

Oleksandr Luchko, a soldier from the Lutsk district, died in the war

A 48-year-old resident of Ternopil died in Zaporizhzhia

The life of a soldier from Rivne region ended in Luhansk region

Forever 26. Machine gunner Ivan Dyakov from Prykarpattia was killed in Luhansk Oblast

Bolgrad district lost one more defender during the war – Serhiy Klimov

The Russian occupiers entered Serhiyivka in the Kupian direction

Columns of smoke are rising over Donetsk

The defense forces were able to advance on the southern flank of Bakhmut — Donbas News

In Ukraine, one of the leaders of the occupation forces was liquidated – 1+1, TSN news

Six Russian air defense systems were destroyed in southern Ukraine

The details of the UAV attack on Moscow became known

July 25, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 07/25/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

The enemy used Iranian barrage ammunition of the "Shahed" type around Kyiv, TSN news, 1+1

Summary of the General Staff – the aviation of the Armed Forces continues to attack the enemies –

General Staff: the Russian Federation is trying to repulse the Vremivsky Salient, attacks near Bakhmut and Donetsk — map

Cherkasy was attacked by enemy drones at night, there were three hits – OVA – news on UNN | July 25, 2023, 08:20

He did not live to see his birthday for 10 days: a young defender from Vinnytsia died fighting for Ukraine. Photo

In the Bakhmut direction, the Defense Forces forced the Russians to withdraw from their positions in the Andriivka area

Evgeny Muraev – the SBU has raised suspicions against the ex-deputy

In the Rivne region, they said goodbye to the two fallen defenders

The Armed Forces advanced in the direction of Berdyansk

Soldiers of the Armed Forces destroyed the stronghold of the Russian occupiers

In Zhytomyr Oblast, an infrastructure object was damaged due to an attack by "shaheds".

Yuriy Senchuk, a soldier from Bugayivka, died in the war

On the shield, Oleg Yarush, Hero from the Skorikyv community, returned to his native village

Taras Shevchenko Kyiv University announced the death of political science student Kyryl Krotov from injuries

A man with a capital letter, a talented artist: Ivan Murdak from Ternopil Oblast died at the front – "Nash Den" newspaper

A 46-year-old defender from Goshchan region died in Donetsk region

In Novomoskovsk, Vadim Babak was killed in the war

A Hero from Lviv Oblast died while performing a combat mission

Sad news from the front: 5 more Heroes of Volyn died in the war

The enemy is trying to break through the defense line in certain places of Luhansk region — Lysohor

Gunners destroyed Russian S-300 installations – Zaporizhzhia news ZPRZ.CITY

"They burned the column completely": about the combat work of the Ukrainian "Grads" in the Bakhmut direction

The trial of 18 soldiers of the Aidar battalion has begun in Russia. VIDEO

Attack on the corvette Serhiy Kotov — the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to strike a Russian ship in the Black Sea with drones

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Malyar named two miracles that will be included in textbooks

Zelenskyy had a conversation with the Prime Minister of Britain: they discussed the strengthening of air defense

Priests of the UOC MP appealed to Metropolitan Onufriy with an unexpected request – – media portal about debts and bankruptcy

The Ukrainian drone Sirko began to be mass-produced

"Pantsir-S1" on the roof of the Ministry of Defense of Russia in Moscow was unable to shoot down a drone that flew 300 meters away from it

Explosions rang out in occupied Donetsk and smoke rose: reports of "arrivals" in two districts

Explosions rang out in occupied Crimea. RIA-South

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the hidden warehouse of BC and 4 howitzers of the occupiers

The Russians carried out mass murders of miners in Donbas

In the morning, a series of explosions rang out in the occupied Kakhovka, the Russians suffered significant losses, – Andryushchenko

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces – near Melitopol, Ukrainian defenders blew up a composition with BC of the occupiers

Irreparable loss: 30-year-old Hero from Kremenech region died in Zaporizhzhia region

A defender from Odesa was killed in Donetsk region

Ihor Olkhovych, a resident of Kalush, died in the war

Gave his life for Ukraine: Oleksandr Bardakov from Kramatori died in the war – IA "Vchasno"

Volodymyr Khiro, a soldier from Sumy Oblast, fell on the front line

A 22-year-old commander from the Rivne region died in the war.

Defenders from Prykarpattia — Ruslan Yukhnenko and Ihor Olkhovych — died in the war

Nikopol lost another defender at the front (photo)

Vasyl Koval, a serviceman from Volyn, died

A 22-year-old soldier from the Rivne region died at the front

Colonel Yuriy Voinalovich from Korosten was killed in the war

Returned on the shield: Two more Defenders from Zhytomyr died at the front

The occupiers additionally mined the approaches to Ukrainian ports — Britain’s ambassador to the UN

The MH17 case – the Hague judge, who said that the plane was not shot down by Russia, resigned

He offered to meet: people’s deputy Ponomaryev was found to have correspondence with FSB employees

The Shahed plant in Russia – how Iranian drones will affect the war against Ukraine

The Armed Forces expanded the liberated territory near Bakhmut

Andriy Semchuk, a defender from Chervonograd, died

Again sadness, again mourning: the war cut short the life of Andrii Protsanin from Ternopil Oblast – "Nash Den" newspaper

Soldier Dmytro Petrov from Ternopil died at the front

Dnipro news: Yevhen Siroshtan died

Roman Karpluk, a soldier from Rivne, died at the front

A scout from the Kharkiv region was killed in the southern direction

I-VIN | Vinnytsia lost eight heroes in the battles for Ukraine

Vadym Babak, a fighter from Novomoskovsk, died in the battle with the occupiers

In Donetsk region, a 23-year-old soldier from Kostopol died as a result of an explosive injury

Bohdan Murdak, a resident of the Pidgayets community, died while performing a combat mission in the Zaporizhzhia region

The Russian command is desperate: they are already looking for ammunition in North Korea

"Cotton" again: explosions rang out in the temporarily occupied Yevpatoria and the lights went out

The new Ukrainian STING A drone, which carries 3 kg of explosives, was sent to the front: what makes it special

July 26, 2023

Russia attacked the Kharkiv region with rockets: industrial facilities were hit

The defense forces repulse the blows of the occupiers in the Kupyan, Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiiv and Marin directions

The aviation of the defense forces struck 9 strikes on the enemy in the past day – General Staff – news on UNN | July 26, 2023, 06:44

Rabinovych was informed of the suspicion of treason to the former deputy of the People’s Republic of Ukraine from OPZZ: details

"People of Donbass" found itself at the broken trough: what will happen to the ORDLO mines?

The SBU and the SBU searched the "servant" of Aristov, who was vacationing in the Maldives under the guise of a "business trip." Photo

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit Storm Shadow on the repair battalion of the occupiers in Crimea, there are wounded – rosZMI

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated a Russian lieutenant colonel near Liman: he was retired, but he was eager to kill Ukrainians. Photo

The occupiers attacked the Kharkiv region with "Shakheds": there are flights, a fire broke out

A Romanian ship was damaged during the Russian attack on the Reni port: details have emerged

The occupiers tried to restore the lost position in the Robotyny region, said the spokesman of the General Staff

"They are in shock," – Bakhmutsky Demon told about the defeat of the Russian army in Andreevka – | Dialog.UA

Breakthrough near Bakhmut: the Ukrainian Armed Forces staged a real rout of the Russian Federation in Andreevka and Klescheevka

In Kropyvnytskyi, they will say goodbye to the fallen soldier

Dmytro Boichuk and Mykola Kotnyukh from Carpathians died in the war

31-year-old Transcarpathian Stepan Bilkei gave his life for Ukraine

A fighter from Vasylkov died in Kharkiv Oblast: he stood up for the defense of Ukraine from the first days of the invasion

Died in battle in Donetsk region: Oleksandr Skrypnyk from Kryvyi Rih laid down his life in the Russian-Ukrainian war – news of Kryvyi Rih | KRIVBASS.CITY

Went as a volunteer: a 45-year-old defender from Drohobychchyna died in the war

A gunner from the Kharkiv region died at the front

A native of the village of Stanislavchyk died in the war

Heroes of Bukovyna: Dmytro Tokar died in the war against the Russian invaders

In the Zaporozhye direction, wounded soldiers were rescued with the help of a drone

The Armed Forces showed powerful Canadian Super Bison armored personnel carriers at the front

Russia began to use Shahed, collected on its territory, for attacks against Ukraine – Humenyuk

The occupiers captured four villages in the Swativ direction

The Armed Forces of Ukraine attack in the area of Klishchiivka, Andriivka and Kurdyumivka in the direction of Bakhmut — DeepState

An agent of the Russian GRU was detained in Kyiv: under the guise of a student, he was spying on the defense of the Kyiv region. Photo

The battle for Bakhmut – attack aircraft and paratroopers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a group of invaders – video

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces received a kamikaze robot that can drive and blow up Russians

A 22-year-old man from Cherkasy died in the Russian-Ukrainian war

Roman Filichkovskyi, a soldier from Kostopol, died

Oleksandr Vodyanitsky, a soldier of the 17th battalion of the 57th separate motorized infantry brigade, died in the hospital. PHOTO Source:

The war took the life of a soldier from the Sarnen region

Irreparable losses in the war: farewell to six soldiers in Ternopil region

The nephew of the former people’s deputy from Rivne died at the front

A 22-year-old commander of a branch from Bratslavka died at the front

In Zaporizhzhia, a combat medic from Dubno died during the evacuation of a wounded man

Social networks are once again reporting on "arrivals" in Kreminnaya

In Ukraine, the nephew of a member of the CPRF faction who fought against the Armed Forces was liquidated

The Armed Forces successfully stormed the positions of the occupiers with a large convoy of armored vehicles

Cases of shooting down of enemy missiles were recorded in the Kyiv and Kharkiv regions and the Dnipro – Rubrik

We repelled this attack – Air Force Commander Oleschuk

The reasons for the alarm – Ignat told where the Russian occupiers tried to hit during the alarm

The Armed Forces broke through the defense of the occupiers near Robotyny

The Armed Forces did not confirm the loss of three settlements in the Kupyan direction

Air defense forces were shot down in the sky above Vinnytsia

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 10 units of enemy vehicles in the Tavria direction

Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov showed the Ukrainian Drone Army – video

The solution to victory: the Magura V5 marine drone was developed in Ukraine – Rubryka

Russia launched missiles at Lviv region – Russia massively attacked Ukraine on July 26

During the day, the Ukrainian aviation made 13 strikes against enemy positions and air defense systems

Explosions in the Ternopil region on July 26, 2023 – air defense is working

An officer from the Kharkiv region died near Volnovakha

Volodymyr Semchuk, a resident of the Ivano-Frankivsk community, died in the war

Yesterday, a soldier from Khmelnytskyi was killed as a result of enemy artillery fire

He is survived by his wife and son: Oleg Maksimov from the Kamian district died defending Ukraine