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Nicholas Zharkikh

June 1, 2023

Explosions in Belgorod on June 1

The Russian Federation again attacked Ukraine with "Iskanders", air defense eliminated 10 out of 10

At night, the Russians launched a missile attack on Kyiv: three people died, more than a dozen were injured

The first consequences of the night shelling of Kyiv were made public, children were killed

Missile attack on Kyiv – all targets were shot down by air defense –

Two adults and a child died in Kyiv as a result of a missile attack by the occupiers

The commission of the Kyiv City Council will discuss access to shelters in medical facilities at an urgent meeting, – Maryna Poroshenko

Kyiv – there is no responsibility for the owners of closed shelters – Povoroznyk

Shelling of Kyiv on June 1 – the number of wounded has increased

For the second time since the current day, the Russians attack Ukraine with missiles – an air raid alarm sounds again in Kyiv –

During the day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled 21 enemy attacks, the air force carried out 15 strikes on Russian concentration areas, – General Staff

An FSB Russian agent was detained in Kryvyi Rih

The enemy destroyed everything, Bakhmut is ruins and ashes, the mayor

Norway will provide Ukraine with military, humanitarian and civil aid worth 7 billion euros

The Russian Federation launched a missile attack on Kyiv: there is destruction and casualties (Photo) Latest news and events in Ukraine and the world

The battle continues on the border: Russian mass media report a breakthrough by the DRG in the Belgorod region

The Russian Volunteer Corps and the "Freedom of Russia" Legion carried out a military raid on the territory of the Russian Belgorod region on

Ukraine ordered 300 reconnaissance drones from Germany

They want to be caught off guard. The Air Force explained why the invaders began to actively use "Iskanders"

Military aid to Ukraine – the European Parliament voted to accelerate the production of ammunition –

Shebekino under fire on June 1 – what is known about the RDK raid, what is happening

The two committees convene a joint meeting. They will talk about shelter

Missile attack on Kyiv today, June 1 – photo of destruction in Bereznyaki

Consequences of the Russian missile attack in the Desnyan district of Kyiv: photo, video – Rubrik

The number of victims in the capital due to the attack of the Russian Federation increased to 16

Unexploded "Shakhed" was found in Kyiv region – Nebytov – news on UNN | June 1, 2023, 2:50 p.m

Russian volunteers destroyed enemy fuel tankers at the Monokrystal plant in Shebekino

Russia’s losses in the war are the results of the strikes of the Armed Forces against the occupiers in Mykhailivka in Zaporizhzhia

The heavenly army was joined by Roman Mrychko, a soldier from the Ternopil region

Cherkastian died while performing a combat mission in the Bakhmut direction

Losses in the war – medic Yevhen Beshlyaga died near Bakhmut

A defender from Dobromyl died in the war

Book of memory of Kryvyi Rih – Oleksii Boyarinov from Kryvyi Rih died in Bakhmut on May 20 – news of Kryvyi Rih | KRIVBASS.CITY

Stepan Ilyk – a soldier from Lviv Oblast died fighting for Ukraine – photo

Vitaly Korovyakovsky "Lucky" died while liberating Ukraine

A fighter from Lviv Oblast who was defending Ukrainian skies died in the war

He was considered missing for more than half a year: a soldier from Kryvyi Rih died during the liberation of Kherson Oblast

Serhiy Shanko, a soldier from Dnipropetrovsk region, died in the battle with the occupiers

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the field depot of the occupiers in Zaporizhzhia

Soldiers-radio technicians of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down a Russian kamikaze drone "Lancet" with a pump-action shotgun – video

Explosions in Melitopol on May 30 – it became known where the Armed Forces of Ukraine aimed ZPRZ.CITY

In the Mykolaiv Oblast, the military forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 5 Russian drones, – command – Heading

They retreated with losses. The results of the offensive of the occupiers in the Svatovo area were named in the Luhansk OVA

Strikes on Russian Shebekino: what is happening there and where the fighting is going on

Losses of the Russian Federation – almost two companies were eliminated in the Tavria direction

A strong explosion rang out in Belgorod – the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

The Russians are hitting Kyiv with anti-ship missiles

The Pentagon will purchase Gepard installations for Ukraine for $118 million – Politics – Course of Ukraine

The SBU reported the suspicion to the metropolitan of the Ovrutsk-Korosten diocese of the UOC MP and his secretary

The ex-commander of the Crimean Golden Eagle will be tried for treason

The Cabinet of Ministers instructed to check all shelters in Ukraine and will initiate the strengthening of criminal responsibility in this area

Shelters will be permanently open in Kyiv – KMDA

Canada will introduce sanctions against Russian oligarchs encroaching on Moldova

Russia cannot take billions of dollars worth of oil sales out of India, – Bloomberg

Afraid to leave Russia? Putin will not attend Erdogan’s inauguration

Zelenskyi and Sunak met in Moldova. They talked about long-range missiles, the situation at the front and the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius

There was an explosion in Belgorod, there are victims

Zelenskyi: The actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Transnistria are possible only with the consent of Chisinau

A soldier of the Armed Forces turned out to be an agent of the Russian Federation: he "leaked" data on air defense and weapons to the enemy

In Ukraine, a Belarusian was detained, who was "leaking" information about the Armed Forces

In Transcarpathia, the activity of religious organizations connected with the Russian Federation was banned

The capital authorities call on the public to participate in checking access to shelters – news on UNN | June 1, 2023, 7:40 p.m

The Pentagon and SpaceX signed a contract to supply Starlink to Ukraine

The European Parliament called to prevent Hungary from presiding over the EU

A closed shelter in Kyiv: three officials and a guard of a medical facility were detained – news on UNN | June 1, 2023, 9:17 p.m

The General Staff spoke about Ukrainian strikes on the front during the day

Zelenskyi met with Vučić – has Serbia’s position on sanctions changed?

Battles near Shebekino – Danilov is convinced that this is only the beginning –

Zelensky and Macron met in Chisinau and made a joint statement – TSN, news 1+1

June 2, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 02.06.2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

In the sky above Kyiv and around the capital, air defense destroyed more than 30 air enemy targets – KMVA

At night, the air defense forces destroyed 15 rockets and 18 Shahed of the enemy

The Kremlin’s reaction to the actions of the RDC and the Legion "Freedom of Russia" in Belgorod region shows "heightened anxiety", – ISW

The authorities of the Kursk region announced that they were shot down by drones at night

Video of night explosions in Kursk

A resident of the Kyiv region who justified the armed aggression of the Russian Federation will be tried

In the Dnipropetrovsk region, the SBU detained an enemy informant who worked for the FSB of the Russian Federation. PHOTO

Serhii Kyslytsia commented on the crimes of Russians in Ukraine –

The United States found an opportunity to buy explosives from Japan for the production of shells for Ukraine – Reuters

UAV attack Smolensk region of the Russian Federation on June 2, 2023 – details

"Cotton" on the outskirts of Luhansk Oblast and rats in the cities: the occupation authorities do not care about the temporarily occupied territories – IA "Vchasno"

Macron confirmed plans to train pilots and technicians for fighter jets that Ukraine may receive

"Cotton" in Berdyansk: the occupiers are told of an "arrival" in the seaport area – news on UNN | June 2, 2023, 12:57 p.m

News of Mariupol – Petro Andryushchenko told what the situation is for Russians in Mariupol

Who is responsible for the cultural genocide in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine – research

Orban dissuades Ukraine from counteroffensive with scarecrows about "big change"

The Russian Federation’s daily attacks on peaceful cities indicate its intention to continue, not end, the war: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted to Orban’s statements about negotiations – news on UNN | June 2, 2023, 2:29 p.m

Estonian President Alar Karis arrived in Kyiv Estonian President Alar Karis arrived in Kyiv

A Russian soldier raped a woman in the Kharkiv region

The former head of the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kherson region will be tried for collaboration

Skabeeva panicked because of the breakthrough in the Belgorod region: she complains that there is "no one" in the border guard for protection

RDK and Freedom of Russia in the Belgorod region – what is known about the losses and the progress of the operation

A little son was left without a father: a Hero from Lviv region died in the war

It became known about the death of a military serviceman from the Rivne region

Oleksiy Boyarinov from Kryvyi Rih died defending Ukraine

Bohdan Belashov, a student of the Sumy Pedagogical University, died in the war

He fought for the values he grew up with: Danilo Podybailo, a defender from Mariupol, died near Bakhmut – IA "Vchasno"

The Hero from Zhytomyr Region returned on the shield

Another resident of Cherkasy died in the war

Artillery shelling in the east took the life of a soldier of the National Guard from Poltava Oblast

Returned on the shield: The Defender from Zhytomyr died in the war with the Russian invaders

Another irreparable loss: the death of a Warrior from Volyn was reported

Defender Andriy Bozhko from Ternopil Oblast died in the east of Ukraine – FINE CITY OF TERNOPIL

Drone attack on Russia June 2 – Explosions were heard in five Russian regions

The Armed Forces destroyed the Russian armored group with missiles

A collaborator in a cassock from Bakhmut fled to the Russian Federation and is now collecting money from Russians for a house

The defense forces in the Tavry direction destroyed 34 units of Rashist weapons, the enemy lost almost two companies killed and wounded, – Tarnavskyi

The Armed Forces destroyed 15 rockets and 21 "Shakhed" during the night attack

Battles continue near Russian Shebekino. What is known about the movement of tanks and shelling

Oleksiy Reznikov arrived in Singapore for the Shangri-La Dialogue security forum and held a number of meetings

How the summit in Moldova determined Ukraine’s position regarding the attack on Transnistria

In the French parliament, the "special ties" of the extreme right with Russia were noticed – mass media

Russia closed the port in Taman near the Crimean bridge "due to the threat of drone attacks"

Shelling in Zaporizhzhia: there are dead and wounded – DW – 02.06.2023

The occupiers are fleeing from the Berdyansk port, – Fedorov

The SBU detained a collaborator in the Kyiv region

A resident of Cherkasy region, who worked for the Russian special services, was sentenced to 15 years in prison

A car with collaborators was blown up near occupied Melitopol: a local "businessman" – Fedorov – was killed

Prigozhin stated that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation replaced the ways of the Wagnerites’ departure from Bakhmut

The authorities of the Belgorod region and the army are unable to cope with the evacuation of Shebekyny, — mass media

The special representative of China stated that the Russian Federation and Ukraine have not closed the door to peace negotiations. Danilov replied that they are not going to open them in Kyiv

The SBU detained a Belarusian agent who was spying on the northern border of Ukraine

In Lviv, they will say goodbye to two soldiers who died in the battle with the occupiers

Traffic has been banned in part of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation

June 3, 2023

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made 15 strikes on areas where Russians are concentrated – General Staff – news on UNN | June 3, 2023, 06:27

Russia’s losses in the war as of June 3 — the General Staff updated the data, infographics –

The football player Zhidkov, who played in Poland, died in the war with the Russian invaders

Kuleb in response to Orban’s statements: convince Putin to withdraw troops from Ukraine, and then there will be no counteroffensive

The Hungarian government published a video with a map of Ukraine without Crimea

Danilov: spare parts from the allied countries of Ukraine were found in the downed Shahed

Russian Belgorod was shaking all night from explosions

The situation in Shebekino is worsening – volunteers offer a humanitarian corridor

Commander of the Ground Forces Sirsky visited the Bakhmut direction

How Indonesia sees the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war

China will send another peacekeeping mission regarding the war in Ukraine – Li Hui

Participation in the BRICS summit threatens Putin with arrest

Marauders appeared in Shebekino, which was engulfed in hostilities. VIDEO

Zelensky about Putin: "a driven beast that is afraid of losing its life"

Indonesia offered to hold referendums on the "disputed" territories of Ukraine: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted

Zaporizhzhia region – why shelling has decreased

Minus one way for Russia: there was an explosion on the railway near Melitopol – news on UNN | June 3, 2023, 3:49 p.m

The Armed Forces do not allow the occupiers to rotate in Bakhmut

Tanks in Russia – RDK and Legion used tanks for the first time

"There is no belief that we are being protected." Shelling continues in Russian Shebekino, according to locals

Propagandists of Prigozhin use the situation in the Belgorod region to criticize the Ministry of Defense – ISW

"Hungary must stop provocations": the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted to the video with a map of Ukraine without Crimea

"Offer to kneel": Podoliak commented on Indonesia’s "peace plan".

The property of a well-known Kherson farmer was seized for cooperation with the occupiers IAS "Agrarians Together"

The liberation of Kherson – the SBU detained an official of the Kherson Regional Government who worked for the Russians

They said goodbye to the fallen soldier in Znamyanka (photo)

A drone fell and exploded in the Kaluga region of the Russian Federation (VIDEO)

The Ukrainian air force struck a cluster of occupiers in the Skadovsky district

The combat zone in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation has increased significantly

In occupied Shakhtarsk, Donetsk region, an enemy armored personnel carrier crushed a car with people – video – TSN, news 1+1

Tyachiv was shaken by the sad news, a dead soldier is being taken from the front» Zakarpattia News

Since the beginning of the war, he has received four awards: a platoon commander from Rivne region fell in Luhansk region

Artem Unguryan, a resident of Novaya Kakhovka, died during the hostilities

Anna Zaporozhanova’s son Ostap died in Ukraine’s war with Russia

Ostap Onistrat died in the war – the son of banking expert Andrii Onistrat was 21 years old – photo

A son and a daughter were left without a father: Hero from Volyn, Anton Skarshevskyi, died in the Zaporizhzhia region

Mykola Bomko, a soldier from Bolehov, died in the war

Ihor Dyachuk, a military man from the Delyatyn community, went missing near Bakhmut

Evgeny Satanovskyi died in Marinka – losses of Ukraine in the war

A fighter from Obukhiv Region died heroically near Volnovakha: he was escorted from Kagarlyk to Chernyakhov

A batch of "Privit-82" kamikaze drones arrived in Ukraine

Drones damaged Russian Su-34s and destroyed Pantsir

Enemy columns are moving towards Starobilsk, and defense forces have advanced in the direction of Svativsk

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has begun – how does it happen

SBU counter-intelligence boasted of several destroyed air defense systems "BUK" and "TOR" of the occupiers

There is gunfire in Sevastopol: the occupiers declare "military exercises" – news on UNN | June 3, 2023, 4:05 p.m

Defense forces blew up four air defense systems of the occupiers

During the day, the Armed Forces repelled 16 Russian attacks and destroyed three ammunition depots

Explosions rang out in Berdyansk, the occupiers announced that rockets had been shot down

Another Gauleiter was liquidated in Kherson region: details

Zelenskyy offers Russia a "diplomatic exit" with the least losses: "They should leave without waiting for us to push them out by force"

A judge from the Luhansk region with Russian citizenship received a salary of UAH 2 million

Belgorod region: Russian army does not control Shebekino on

June 4, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 06.04.2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Explosions rang out in the temporarily occupied Crimea – news on UNN | June 4, 2023, 03:38

Dzhankoy explosion on June 4, 2023 – the occupiers announced a downed UAV

Zelensky reacted to the enemy attack on the Dnipro: the Russians will be responsible for everything

Air defense forces destroyed all air targets that were flying towards the capital, even on long approaches, – KMVA

Air defense shot down four Russian cruise missiles and three attack drones at night

Cotton in Melitopol: the warehouse of the occupiers was destroyed – TSN, news, 1+1

Hero of Ukraine Boguslaev traded with the Russian Federation through Turkey

In the Rivne region, they said goodbye to the two fallen defenders

Ukraine opened a humanitarian corridor for residents of Belgorod region (video)

Operation in the Belgorod region – the Legion of Freedom of Russia showed a new video

Night attack on Ukraine: air defenses shot down 4 out of 6 cruise missiles and 3 Shahed drones, — Air Force

Kropyvnytskyi explosions June 4, 2023 – Russian missiles hit the airfield

Vasyl Legach from Bushtyn died in the war with Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Yaroslav Karpyk, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

After 8 months, the death of a soldier from the Rivne region was confirmed

Fighting in Donbas, the Armed Forces repelled 23 attacks – General Staff –

Two cruise missiles and an attack drone destroyed the air defense forces in Dnipropetrovsk region

In the Kherson region, the Armed Forces destroyed the location of the occupiers

Ukrainian aviation struck the places of concentration of the occupiers in the Kakhov district

In Melitopol, Sunday morning began with an explosion – will the Armed Forces cut off bridges?

Ukrainian border guards destroyed a EW station in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation

Our artillery hit the enemy control post and air defense system

The Armed Forces destroyed 6 enemy reconnaissance UAVs and 2 Lancet-type attack UAVs

A defender from Lviv Oblast was killed in battle in Donetsk region

Defender Vyacheslav Kylyushyk from Rafalivka was killed in the battle in Luhansk region

Ukrainian pilots will be sent in groups for training with the F-16 – the spokesman of the Air Force

The rebels entered the suburb of Shebekino

Russian volunteers scheduled a meeting with the governor of Belgorod region Espresso

In the direction of Bakhmut, the Armed Forces of Ukraine neutralized more than 220 soldiers of the Russian Federation –

Almost 23,000 Russians died in Bakhmut, Ukraine’s losses are 7.5 times smaller, Danilov

Russians were warned that the state would not pay for the repair of damaged housing

They want to put Russians on the military register without appearing at the military commissariat

In the direction of Svativsk, the ZSU advanced 400 meters – Syrskyi

Explosions in Dzhankoya – Humenyuk spoke about the targets of the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Shaheds in Sumy region and Chernihiv region – how many were shot down

A strike on the outskirts of Dnipro, where a 2-year-old child died: the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation assures that "a workshop for the assembly of Ukrainian drones was allegedly hit"

Russian missile and drone manufacturers are still not under sanctions – Business

A fighter from Novaya Kakhovka in the Kherson Region died at the front

The commander of the grenade launcher unit from Lviv Oblast was killed in the war

Another Transcarpathian gave his life for Ukraine

On the Kupyan Front, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked Russian tanks and the "Grad" installation

What is the situation in Bakhmut: Cherevaty answered – TSN, news, 1+1

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the Russian colonel Nikilin: what is known

Bakhmut news – the Ukrainian Armed Forces recaptured part of Bakhmut – Prigozhin from the Russian army

Russian volunteers handed over captured soldiers from the Belgorod region to Ukraine

The RDC stated that the governor of the Belgorod region did not come for the prisoners: Rotten and cowardly government

The scandal with Russian Crimea on the map – the Hungarian government deleted the video without explanation

Explosions in Mariupol on June 4 – the Russians announced the work of air defense

Zelensky held a special meeting regarding sanctions against those who help the Russian Federation to circumvent them

June 5, 2023

During the day, the occupiers carried out 14 missile and 40 air strikes, the Defense Forces eliminated four cruise missiles and six UAVs

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made 15 strikes against the Russian invaders during the day

During June 4, aviation and artillery of the Armed Forces hit 12 concentration areas of the occupiers, 2 air defense systems, 2 RET stations and 1 warehouse, – General Staff

The leadership of the Russian Federation has not decided how to respond to the raids of the RDC and the Legion "Freedom of Russia" – ISW

Battles in the Kharkiv Region – Ukrainian military struck the positions of the Rashists

The Armed Forces advanced in the direction of Zaporizhzhia: battle map – TSN, news 1+1

Lithuania announced a new support package for Ukraine

A soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was sentenced for fleeing the battlefield in the Kherson region

In the Russian Federation, two drones fell on the highway leading from Moscow to the border with Ukraine

A fastener factory is on fire in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia – rosZMI – news on UNN | June 5, 2023, 09:43

The GUR spoke about the success of the secret Black Box project

The SBU neutralized a "legendary" group of FSB agents who spied on "decision-making centers" in three regions of Ukraine | faces

Vinnytsia said goodbye to the fallen Heroes Yevhenii Lutsenko and Oleg Bryga

The offensive of the Armed Forces: Putin’s panic address was broadcast on the radio in the Russian Federation

A powerful explosion rang out in occupied Mariupol – news 1+1

The enemy suffered losses in the Lymansk-Kupyansk and Bakhmutsk directions, – Cherevaty – Column

The tragedy with the closed shelter and the dead in Kyiv: the guard of the polyclinic promoted communism and denied the existence of Ukraine

He campaigned subordinates to go over to the side of the enemy: the SBU employee will be tried for treason

An explosion rang out in Mariupol on June 5, 2023 – air defense was working in the Azovstal region

Vitaly Dobrozhan, a soldier and volunteer from Rubizhnye, died 15 kilometers from his hometown

Timur Mateev, a Ukrainian military man from Crimea, died in the war

It became known about the death of Ivan Sabov from Pavlograd

Ihor Dyachuk, a serviceman from the Delyatyn community, died in the war

In the east, a volunteer soldier from the Poltava region was laid to rest: defender forever 26

PMK "Wagner" and the Russian military staged a firefight. The mercenaries allegedly captured a drunk lieutenant colonel

"The Russian lieutenant colonel captured by the Wagnerites showed his meanness and cowardice"

Powerful explosions rang out in Pervomaisk and Kadiivtsi

In occupied Pervomaisk, Molodizhny and Irmin in Luhansk region, arrivals were recorded at night

In the village of Kostogryzovo, a local Gauleiter was blown up

A cache of ammunition was found in Kharkiv Oblast, which was "lost" by the occupying corps from Kaliningrad – DBR

Russia’s losses in the war – explosions rang out in Mykhailivka near Melitopol, and the invaders are taking away destroyed equipment from Myrny

Subversion of the LSR on the territory of the Russian Federation – a fire on the railway near Rostov – video

During the night, the Legion "Freedom of Russia" destroyed two tanks and two armored vehicles in the Belgorod region – press service

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces began on June 5 or not – the answer of the General Staff

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has started or not – Peskov’s statement about the situation at the front – news of the war between Ukraine and Russia

In Russia’s Novaya Tavolzhanka, the senior operative group Belhorod, Colonel Stesev, was killed – Ukrainian intelligence

Blinken: Iran, which helps the Russian Federation to kill Ukrainians, will never get nuclear weapons

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on what is happening in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation: Complication of the domestic political situation is predicted

They attacked with drones: the DPSU showed the successful work of partisans on the territory of Russia (video)

The SBU detained a pseudo-blogger in Zaporizhzhia, who filmed the work of the Air Defense Forces and posted it for free access

On June 6, Lviv will say goodbye to two Heroes who died in the war

News Belgorod, Shebekino: the Russian Federation admitted that they do not control Nova Tavolzhanka, TSN, news 1+1

The "Khortytsia" group advanced on the eastern front, the Ministry of Defense announced – Defense of Ukraine

China’s Hikvision and Dahua Technology finance the war — NAZK

At the summit in Vilnius, Ukraine expects an official response to the application submitted by the president for membership in NATO – Zhovkva – Freedom

A serviceman who was in a medical facility after a combat wound died in Dnipro

The Gostomel military administration entrusted the reconstruction of Gostomel to a resident of Donetsk, who supports the "DPR", – mass media – POLITARENA

May 6, 2023

Kakhovskaya HPP is blown up or not – will there be flooding, map – photos, videos and news of Ukraine

At night, more than 20 air targets were detected and shot down in the airspace around Kyiv, – KMVA

Missile strike Kyiv on June 6 – debris fell on a house – Ukrainian news

Missile attack of Ukraine on June 6 – details. News 1+1

Australia can transfer more than 40 F/A-18 fighters to Ukraine, media reports

Night strikes in Kharkiv: arrivals in the parking lot near the airport and the city center were recorded. The road was damaged, the water main was cut off, Terekhov

Defense forces shot down an enemy Ka-52 helicopter

Blowing up the Kakhovskaya HPP – the occupiers are covering the way to Crimea – a counteroffensive of the Armed Forces

Kakhovskaya HPP blew up the dam – Zelensky called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council

The Kakhovka HPP was blown up by the occupiers, the water level is rising – details, photos and video

The Kakhovskaya HPP is undercut – the water level is falling, the ZNPP may run out of water for cooling

Undermining by the occupiers of the Kakhovskaya HPP: what is known at the moment – news on UNN | June 6, 2023, 10:15 a.m

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Russia probably caused the biggest man-made disaster in Europe in a decade – Rubrik

Ecocide: Kakhovskaya HPP destroyed in Kherson Oblast, evacuation announced in the region – Zelenskyy convenes the National Security and Defense Council – Rubrik

Explosion of Kakhovskaya HPP – evacuation was announced in Kherson region – video

Blowing up the Kakhovskaya HPP — UN congratulates on the Day of the Russian Language — photo

The Kakhovka HPP was blown up – an investigation into ecocide has been launched

As a result of the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP, there is a threat of flooding up to 80 settlements — Prime Minister of Ukraine

"This is not a missile attack": the Southern Defense Forces said that the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP took place from the inside – news on UNN | June 6, 2023, 10:50 a.m

Evacuation of the controlled Kherson region: 8 settlements and part of the regional center have already been flooded – Rubrik

Kakhovskaya HPP — How European and US politicians are reacting to the undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP by the Russians

The conflict between the Wagner PMC and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation — how it will affect Russia’s war against Ukraine — ISW

Enmity between the "Wagnerians" and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has reached an unprecedented level, – intelligence of Great Britain

Russia attacked Ukraine again: air defense shot down all 35 missiles

Kakhovskaya HPP completely went under water – video

Over the past two days, combat operations have significantly intensified in numerous areas of the front – British intelligence

Losses of the Russian Federation – more than three companies of Russians were destroyed in the Taurian direction

Kakhovskaya HPP news – Andriy Yusov announced remote detonation

Blowing up the Kakhovskaya HPP – the NSDC named the purpose of the Russians and announced a counteroffensive of the Armed Forces

Shmygal: Priorities in connection with the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP – evacuation, the situation at the Zaporizhzhya NPP and the provision of drinking water

The EU representative office is already working with partners to help the Kakhovskaya HPP, – Maasikas

In Nova Kakhovka, they started jamming mobile communications. The water reached the center of the city

The occupiers remotely detonated the Kakhovskaya HPP, they declared to the GUR that the Kakhovskaya HPP was blown up

The undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP by the Russians: the reaction of Europe and the world

It has been established which battalion of the Russian Federation blew up the Kakhovskaya HPP

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Malyar spoke about the successful advance in several directions

The case of UOC MP Metropolitan Ionafan began to be considered in court

A UOC priest from the Kharkiv region fled to Russia and publicly supports the war against Ukraine

The son of an ex-SBU employee promoted the creation of the "Lviv People’s Republic"

The monks of the Moscow Patriarchate were obliged to leave part of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra within three days

Blowing up the Kakhovskaya HPP: How world politicians react

Kakhovskaya HPP now – a photo of the destroyed hydroelectric plant

The destruction of the Kakhovskaya HPP will make navigation on the Dnieper impossible in the coming years

The head of the "Belhorod" operational group was killed by Russian volunteers: what is known

The Russian Federation buys back tank and missile components previously sold to India and Myanmar – details (VIDEO) – Freedom

Modernization of Ukrainian T-64 tanks will begin in the Czech Republic

The North Crimean Canal will remain without water as a result of the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP – Ukrhydroenergo

Ukraine calls on the G7 and the EU to consider new sanctions against the Russian Federation due to the undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP

Russia’s losses in the war against Ukraine – the Armed Forces hit the occupiers in the Kherson region, photo

"We turned five enemy vehicles with infantry into a sieve in one battle," — anti-aircraft gunner Valeriy

Shelling of Kharkiv on June 5 – what are the consequences of the Russian missile strike

Fighter pilot Vladyslav Saveliev (NOMAD) died while performing a combat mission. PHOTO

Oleksandr Ivko, a soldier from Poltava Oblast, died at the front

During the fierce battles near Bakhmut, a resident of the Rivne region died

Worked as a teacher: Lanovechchyna meets its Hero who died in the war (PHOTO)

A defender from Sakhnov region died in the war

Died in one settlement: three brothers from Sarn died in the war

Mykhailo Romanyuk from Rakhiv region died in the war with the occupiers

A man from Cherkasy was killed while performing a combat mission in Luhansk region

How artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed three tanks and a fuel warehouse of the occupiers (VIDEO)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a company of the occupiers in Marinka

The Armed Forces of Ukraine succeeded in local counterattacks north of Avdivka – the head of the MBA

The Ukrainian Navy spoke about the capture of the first Iranian Mohajer-6 drone with a bomb

General Staff: 28 combat clashes took place at the front during the day

The city of Oleshki in the Kherson region is completely flooded

The undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP – the intelligence announced its conclusions at Stavka

Kuleba discussed with Borrell the consequences of blowing up the Kakhovskaya HPP

"Colossal humanitarian, economic and environmental catastrophe." The world’s reaction to the destruction of the Kakhovskaya HPP

Consequences of blowing up the Kakhovskaya HPP: Ukraine’s largest steel mill stopped steel production

Zelenskyi: Partners are ready to provide Ukraine with a powerful number of F-16s

Hanna Malyar reported on the successes of the Armed Forces in the Donetsk direction — Donbas News

During the war with the Russians, a soldier from Poltava region, Anatoly Korostilenko, died

Andriy Kyrychyk, a 46-year-old Hero from Volodymyr, died for Ukraine’s independence

Andriy Kyrychyk from Volodymyr fell defending Ukraine

Serhiy Zelinsky, co-founder of the Kherson pizzeria "Sale e Pepe", died during the war with Russia

Serhii Davydchuk, a resident of Luchana, died in Donetsk region

The battle for Bakhmut – fighters of the 3rd OShbr destroyed a formation from the BC of the occupiers – video

War with the Russian Federation: the invaders destroyed harvesters in the field and passed them off as Leopard tanks (video)

"RDK" and "LSR" took control of new territories in Belgorod Oblast

In Ukraine, a former convict, the son of the hero of the Russian Federation, Ruslan Yamadayev, was destroyed

In Mariupol, powerful explosions rang out at the airfield (video) – Business First

The Armed Forces hit 9 Russian control points and 14 artillery units in positions — General Staff

A powerful explosion rang out in the port of Mariupol

Zelensky talked about the transfer of F-16 to Ukraine

Russia: three conscripts from the Sverdlovsk region were killed by shelling in the Belgorod region

The UN Security Council will meet today at the request of Ukraine due to the undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP

Financial aid will be paid to evacuees due to the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP, – the Ministry of Reintegration

"Nibulon" commented on the flooding of its terminal on the Dnieper due to the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP

The name of the "Zaporizhia avenger" was revealed: it shot down 7 Russian planes with the "Igla" MANPADS

Ukrainian developers have created a ground drone against Russian equipment

Finland expelled nine Russian diplomats

June 7, 2023

"We have to stop Russian evil." Zelensky addressed the world about the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP

Biden reacted to the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP

Kakhovskaya HPP: Sunak reacted to the explosion of Kakhovskaya HPP on

Blowing up the dam can be equated to the use of nuclear weapons – InformNapalm – news on UNN | June 7, 2023, 07:12

"Not interested in peace": Kyslytsia at the UN explained the actions of the Russian Federation regarding the undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP

"There are no different versions." Why in Kyiv do not believe that the Kakhovskaya HPP could collapse by itself, explains the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine

Ukraine will receive 20 more Marder BMPs from Germany

Russian volunteers in the Belgorod region appealed to the leadership of the Russian Federation with a tough demand

The Armed Forces destroyed one Su-25 and 14 enemy artillery units – summary of the General Staff –

Undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP: the water in Zaporizhzhia is rapidly flowing

A Ukrainian drone was allegedly shot down in Crimea – details

Undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP: the water will rise another meter in the coming days

In Kherson, the water level rose by 5 meters overnight, the townspeople are evacuating under shelling – Column

Undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP: a bridge on the Ingulets River was destroyed in the Mykolaiv Oblast – news on UNN | June 7, 2023, 09:37

Building a new hydroelectric power plant instead of the blown-up Kakhovskaya may cost about $1 billion, the Ministry of Economy said

Finland is ready to provide assistance to Ukraine in connection with the destruction of the Kakhovskaya dam – the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A traitor from Lyman, who forced detained Ukrainians to collect the bodies of the dead, faces life imprisonment – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

The father of the UOC MP, who received a bribe with his accomplices, was convicted

Another "head of the village council" appointed by the occupiers was tried in Odesa

Two children were left without a father: Lviv will say goodbye to Hero, who died in the war

Serhii Dunai, a soldier from Ternopil Oblast, died as a result of his injuries

A Kharkiv teacher and artist died at the front

He did not allow the enemy to pass further. Dnipropetrovsk lost a brave warrior – Dnipro news

War: Armed Forces liquidated four occupiers on

Marines destroyed a Russian observation post and 3 Espresso BMPs

"Friendly Fire" in Crimea: the Russian military destroyed the Iranian Mohajer-6 drone (photo)

The Russian Federation again shelled the ammonia pipeline in the Kharkiv region

The war in Ukraine – the Armed Forces destroyed the Russian Urals in the forest – video

The Ukrainian air force launched a series of strikes against Russian troops and enemy air defense systems

Bakhmut situation – the Armed Forces advanced 1100 meters – Hanna Malyar

Blowing up the Kakhovskaya HPP — the Russians moved several kilometers away from the Dnipro — Humenyuk

In Ukraine, a traitor who raised the flag of the Russian Federation over Vovchansk was sentenced to 15 years

Deputy Kombat "Svobody" Nazarenko: In the Kyiv region, there were many civilians killed, shot, who were lying right on both sides of the road, in the forest, in plantations

In Oleshki, a woman with children on the roof beg for help (video)

Prigozhin: the Armed Forces entered Novodonetskoe, the front was breached

The Russians fired again at the ammonia pipeline in the Kharkiv region – six hits were recorded – Kharkiv Times

Dnipro news: Artur Yandola died

Forever 31: a military medic from Bukovyna, Oleksiy Chokin, died in Donetsk region» Chernivtsi ray. Bukovyna Chernivtsi

A fighter from the Vasylkiv community died near Bakhmut: the Hero will be buried on the Alley of Glory

Defending Ukraine, a man from Cherkasy died in the war

A soldier from the Zolochiv community died at the front

Dmytro Garan, a native of Frankiv, died defending Ukraine

Mykola Stefanyshyn, a Carpathian, died in the war

Vitaly Shevchenko from Novomoskovsk died – Dnipro Region

Serhiy Doroshenko, a defender from the Rivne district, died in Kharkiv Oblast

Father of three children from Rivne region died at the front (Photo)

Nikopol lost another defender at the front (photo)

27-year-old Volodymyr Kuzuruza from Ternopil Oblast died at the front (PHOTO)

A 23-year-old resident of the Zaporizhia region gave his life for Ukraine

Serhii Karpuk, a defender from the Turiya region, died in the war

He would still live and live. Enemy iron cut short the life of Yevgeny Pelypenko from Dnipropetrovsk region – Dnipro News

In Donetsk region, a Defender from Zhytomyr Region was killed in battles near Rivnopol

The heart of the defender from Kamianskoye – Beloved city stopped

A soldier from Ternopil region died

Soldiers of the Armed Forces captured a large group of Russian invaders

The Armed Forces destroyed the barracks with the occupiers in Zaporizhzhia

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are successful in the Donetsk direction: details — Donbas News

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation defeated the 72nd brigade of the Russian Armed Forces near Bakhmut: the Orenburg motorized riflemen were "set up" by Prigozhin – details

The situation near Bakhmut – Russia is trying to go on the offensive

Danilov refuted statements about the beginning of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces: everyone will know and see about it

The traitor who organized the issuance of Russian passports to the residents of Vovchansk will be tried – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

A 12-year-old son was left an orphan: the young Hero Volodymyr Vavelyuk was buried in Volyn

Russian volunteers in the Belgorod region interrogated the prisoner

The evidence base of the undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP by the Russians is and continues to be collected – intelligence – Rubrik

Zelensky discussed with Macron help in overcoming the consequences of the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP

The Czech Republic will provide Ukraine with the necessary equipment to eliminate the consequences of the explosion of the Kakhova HPP The Czech Republic will provide Ukraine with the necessary equipment for the elimination of the consequences of the explosion of the Kakhova HPP

The UOC MP refused to leave the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra: statement of the Moscow Patriarchate

Mayor of Vasylkova Nataliya Balasynovych informed about the death of two residents of the city at the front (Photo)

An official notification has been received about the death of Viktor Snizhko from Berdychiv from the 139th TRO battalion

Another Hero from Ternopil Oblast joined the heavenly army: the warrior fought his last battle in Kharkiv Oblast

Andriy Rudak, a soldier from Nadvirnya region, died in Donetsk region

A defender from Stryshchyna died in the war

Heroes of Bukovyna: Mykola Pashkovskyi, a military man, died in the battles

Two more defenders from Poltava Oblast died in the war with the Russians

In the war with the Russian occupiers, Zhytomyr Region continues to lose its Defenders

Gave his last battle: In the Luhansk region, a defender from Zhytomyr region died in battles near Novoselivskyi

The community in Kirovohrad Oblast announced the death of a soldier

The General Staff reported on about strikes on Russian warehouses and equipment

Our artillery destroyed 4 enemy control points

Ukrainian artillery destroyed the enemy ACS "Akatia"

GUR destroys the equipment of the Russians with Warmate kamikaze drones: a powerful video – META

Ukrainian intelligence: There is a lot of evidence of the involvement of the military and political leadership of the Russian Federation in the undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP dam

Israeli intelligence indicates that it was Russia, not Ukraine, that destroyed the Kakhovskaya HPP

Almost three companies of occupiers and 47 units of equipment. Tarnavskyi spoke about the losses of the Russian Federation in the Tauriy direction

Flooding of the Kherson region. The mayor of occupied Oleshok reported the first three dead