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July 13, 2023

General Staff: the Armed Forces of Ukraine advance on Berdyansk and Melitopol, the Russian Federation attacks near Svatovo and Donetsk — map

The NATO summit and the Kremlin’s reaction – ISW analyzed the key points in the Russian information space

The decision on the final text of the NATO communique was made by the US president –

Zelensky made important conclusions based on the results of the NATO summit

As a result of the night attack on Kyiv, the body of the deceased was found in the Podilsky district

Drone attack on Kyiv: debris damaged houses, 4 injured

Night terror. Russia attacked Kyiv with drones, four people were injured, residential buildings were damaged

Explosions in Kyiv: the Russian Federation attacked a UAV, there are injuries and destruction (Photo) Latest news and events in Ukraine and the world

The defense forces destroyed the Buk-M2 anti-aircraft missile complex – news on UNN | July 13, 2023, 07:00

Soldiers of the Armed Forces hit 16 enemy artillery pieces

The suspicion was reported to the Russian admiral, who ordered missiles to be fired at the center of Vinnytsia

Drone attack on July 13 – the occupiers attacked Kyiv with shahedes, there are victims and dead – photo

Volker: For Putin, the decision of the summit is a lack of determination regarding Ukraine’s membership in NATO

Roman Borushchak – a defender from Lviv Oblast died fighting for Ukraine, photo

British intelligence: Russian use of APC as a battering ram with explosives – probably a Chechen invention

Night attack on Kyiv: rescuers made an important clarification

Photo: as a result of the night attack in Kyiv, high-rise buildings were damaged

SCALP missiles: technical characteristics and how they will help Ukraine

In Novooleksiivka, there was cotton in a warehouse with Russian ammunition

Two fighters from the Lviv region died in the battles for Ukraine

A bitter loss: a soldier from Shpola died in the war

A fighter from Kagarlyk died near Bakhmut: he received mortal wounds incompatible with life

Soldier Ruslan Tokar died: 13:07:2023 – 20 minutes Vinnytsia

The Russian Federation fought at night with "Iskander", 2 "Kalibras" and 20 "Shahedas" – DW – 13.07.2023

In the Zaporozhye direction, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two gas stations of the occupiers (video)

Biletsky published a new video from the Bakhmut direction: the Russians lost another BC squad

In Russia, they have not been able to find General Surovikin for almost three weeks

A batch of tactical first-aid kits for Ukrainian defenders arrived in Kyiv from Austria

Zaporizhzhia City Council voted to end relations with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate

The European Union allocates more than 4.6 million euros to Ukraine for projects in the field of health care within the framework of the "EU4Health" program – – media portal about debts and bankruptcy

Ukraine’s counteroffensive: Malyar told about the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are advancing in the Bakhmut area

Electric shocks to the chest, water torture, beatings: how Russians abused women in occupied Kherson

Ukraine has already received cluster munitions from the USA, — Tarnavskyi

The Russian army attacked Snake Island at dawn

Arrivals in temporarily occupied Donetsk: details

Destruction of the equipment of the Russian Federation – the defenders liquidated the Borysoglebsk Reservoir – video

The Armed Forces destroyed the armored group of the occupiers in Luhansk region

With drones and explosives: GUR fighters immediately destroyed four Murom complexes of the Russian Armed Forces (video)

Mykola Tikhomirov, a native of Rakhiv Oblast, died in the war with the Russian invaders (PHOTO)

Three more Carpathians died at the front – Ivan Moskalyk, Oleg Salamakha and Roman Draganchuk

Disengagement from the front – heavy fighting continues in five directions

The occupiers torture workers and force them to obtain Russian passports, — Malashko on the situation at the ZANP – Freedom

Zelensky held a meeting on the results of the NATO summit: the president announced ambitious plans

Biden: "No one can join NATO while the war is going on, because that would mean the third world war"

I was looking for information about the Armed Forces: the SBU exposed another enemy agent

In Kyiv, it was forbidden to play Russian songs, as well as to hold concerts in the language of the aggressor

"Cotton" visited Tokmak: hundreds of occupiers and commandants were liquidated

Battles for Bakhmut – the ZSU destroyed a group of Russians in a building

They destroyed the commandant of the city: the ZSU successfully hit the factory in Tokmok

In Tokmok, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed about 200 occupiers along with the commandant of the city

The Armed Forces liberated new territories near Velika Novosilka

A powerful explosion rang out in occupied Melitopol, the occupiers announced the work of air defense

Mykhailo Gladky from Ternopil died while performing a combat mission

A defender from Lviv Oblast died in the war

Two soldiers from Kharkiv Region were killed near Bakhmut

Two children were returned from the occupied territory – a photo of the meeting with their mother

A soldier from Berdyansk died – Zaporizhzhia news ZPRZ.CITY

He defended Ukraine from the first days: a Volyn soldier died in the war

Another Hero from Ternopil Oblast joined the heavenly army: the warrior fought his last battle in Zaporozhye

July 14, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 14.07.2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

The Russian Federation began to hide the names of the occupiers fighting in Ukraine

He will be 36 forever: a defender from Ivano-Frankivsk died fighting for Ukraine. Photo

Defense forces succeeded in counteroffensive in the west of Zaporizhzhia region and advanced around Bakhmut, – ISW

Spain will hand over a mobile hospital and medical vehicles to Ukrainian defenders

In Ukraine, the ideologue of "Russian peace" Dugin, who called for genocide, will be tried

Assessment of Russia’s war in Ukraine based on the results of the day of July 13 from ISW

The SBU detained an FSB informant who turned his own home into an "observation point"

Another victory over the UOC MP — the court ordered them to vacate the church in Khmelnytskyi region – META

The Verkhovna Rada legislated the celebration of Christmas on December 25, Defender’s Day on October 1, and Statehood Day on July 15

In the Rivne region, six Heroes were taken on their last journey

Russia’s losses in Zaporizhzhia – a soldier from the 810th Marine Brigade was eliminated

Battles near Kreminna – National Guardsmen burned the warehouse, trenches and dugouts of the occupiers in the forest

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a very rare armored personnel carrier that was supposed to help the Russians hold back the offensive

The storm choked before it started: Syrsky showed the grandiose defeat of the Russians near Bakhmut

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces – the military advanced 1,700 m in the Melitopol direction in a week

Battles in Luhansk region – the Armed Forces destroyed the Russian ammunition warehouse

The National Guard is preparing a bridgehead for the expansion and continuation of the offensive in the Avdiyiv direction – news on UNN | July 14, 2023, 11:53 am

A soldier from the Tarutyn community died on the battlefield Internet newspaper "Topor"

They gave the most precious thing – life: defenders from the Shepetiv region replenished the Heavenly army

The life of the military sergeant Seri Shmalka was cut short

Roman Prokofiev, a defender from Zboriv region, died at the hands of the occupiers

Anatoly Tymoshenko from Poltava district died while defending Ukraine

In the war with the Russian occupiers, another Defender from Zhytomyr region died

Volodymyr Yelenyuk, a grenade launcher of the "tens" from Prykarpattia, died in the war

The war took the life of the Defender from Chernihiv Oblast

In Zaporizhzhia, the commander of the reconnaissance battalion of the Russian Armed Forces was eliminated: he could have been involved in the seizure of Crimea. Photo

8 attack drones were shot down over Odeshchyna at night:: Intent:: Regional network of quality journalism

On the Melitopol and Berdyansk directions, the ZSU continues to advance – Hornets

Air defense forces destroyed 16 out of 17 "shaheed" and 7 reconnaissance UAVs

Russian T-90M tank blown to pieces after Ukrainian drones – Wheel News

Ten countries joined the G7 declaration in support of Ukraine – OP

The military commander named the reason for the skidding of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces

An owl sat nearby. Intelligence saw "Moor" and "killed" him with a drone sniper strike – video

Exchange of military personnel – Ukraine returned the bodies of 62 dead soldiers

Budanov: We have our own people in the offices closest to Putin

Ukraine’s entry into NATO – Dmytro Kuleba said that they did not want to invite us

Johnson said that there can be "no excuse" for delaying Ukraine’s membership in NATO

The saboteur of the game received a prison term in court

A Putin supporter was detained in Prykarpattia – Prykarpattia news

Detention of an agent of the Russian special services – a saboteur of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces prepared a series of detonations on the transport infrastructure of the Rivne region

"Hawk’s eyes": an innovative aerial reconnaissance unit of the TRO Forces was presented in the capital

Loss. NOT: The Ministry of Internal Affairs has created a site where information about the dead occupiers is collected faces

The partners are afraid to give weapons – we will use our own, – Zaluzhny about striking the enemy on his land

Reznikov showed the operation of innovative demining drones provided by Denmark

During July 14, the Russians carried out 43 airstrikes, launched 17 Shahed missiles, carried out 17 shellings with anti-aircraft missiles, – General Staff

Russian drones destroyed the Ukrainian military in the Kherson region on July 14 – 3 UAVs were shot down

Danilov said that the West needs to prepare for the imminent collapse of Russia – 1+1, TSN news

"The world is waiting with great interest that Ukraine will give the world victories" – Zelenskyi

In Vovchansk, a collaborator was exposed who headed a lyceum under the occupiers and was going to introduce educational standards of the Russian Federation

Putin "removed" 28 high-ranking officers after Prigozhin’s mutiny, Estonian intelligence

There was a radiation leak at the nuclear plant near Yekaterinburg, one person died

July 15, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 07/15/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Powerful explosions in Mykolayiv region, Kherson region and Dnipropetrovsk region: reports of air defense operations

In Kryvyi Rih, the consequences of the drone attack were assessed: 127 apartment buildings were damaged

The dismissal of Major General Popov outraged the Russian military command, – ISW

"The generals are trying to take responsibility for the failures in Ukraine." Yuri Fedorov – about what is happening in the command of the Russian army

The prosecutor’s office convicted a personnel officer of the FSB of the Russian Federation who recruited a citizen of Ukraine

In the Russian Federation, two people in military uniform were found shot dead – social networks. RIA-South

In the Russian Federation, an ex-colonel of the FSB was detained, who "drained" the backstage life of the Kremlin on social networks

The Air Force destroyed four Shaheds at night

In memory of shooter Andrii Chernitskyi (call sign "Apostol")

Night attack of "Shakheds": there is a hit in Zaporizhzhia region – Humenyuk – Politics – Course of Ukraine

Night attack by Shaheds – air defense shot down four UAVs

Blinken: Strengthening Ukrainian defense is the best way to rid Putin of illusions that he can "over-sit" Ukraine

The court arrested Metropolitan Pavlo of the UOC MP

HOVA revoked the certificate of honor to the director of the theater from Kharkiv, who moved to the Russian Federation Gwara Media

Patriarch Kirill seized another Ukrainian diocese. The head of the UOC MP is silent

Ivan Popov – why was the Russian general released, the reason is British intelligence

Defender from Chernihiv region died in the war

Vitaliy Astafurov, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, a bright memory

Went as a volunteer: Serhii Zhulinsky, a Carpathian, died in the war

Dynamo fan Mykola Kuznetsov died near Bakhmut (July 15, 2023) — Dynamo Kyiv from Shurik

Volyn lost three more defenders

Breakthrough to Crimea: the Russians fall into a trap at the Oleshka – Armyansk bridgehead

Under the mask of a victim: the Russian occupier, who committed atrocities in Melitopol, fled to the USA (photo). RIA-South

A Russian propagandist published a fake about the crucified Father

The House of Representatives approved the US 2024 defense budget project with $300 million for Ukraine

The president of South Korea arrived in Kyiv – the visit was not previously reported

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian S-400 "Triumph" air defense system from which a missile was fired at a pizzeria in Kramatorsk. Photo

The return of Crimea is not enough — Biden spoke about the end of the war in Ukraine

In Poland, fans of the "Russian world" attacked a Ukrainian woman with three children: they shouted "Glory to Putin"

Despite receiving payment: the Russian Federation has still not sent the promised Su-35 to Iran, – mass media

Media: Kadyrov could have been poisoned according to the "Lytvynenko scheme"

The Republic of Korea will increase military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, – President of the Republic of Korea Yun

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – the battles in the Zaporizhzhia region are shown – video from the first person

Crimean who fought against Ukraine and was captured faces life imprisonment

Serbia has decided to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine – Rubrik

He fought in the Kherson region on the side of the enemy: the traitor was sentenced to life imprisonment

The court sentenced the "rector" of the pseudo-university in Mariupol, who works for the occupiers

Western sanctions — the media reported how German companies supply components for Russian missiles

Two Russian attack drones were shot down over the Kherson region – PC "Pivden"

In Kherson Oblast, ATESH partisans blew up two trucks with occupiers – photo – TSN, news 1+1

The President of the Republic of Korea came to Kyiv: the results of the visit

Ukrainian courts have already found more than 50 Russians guilty of war crimes

In Vinnytsia region, the fallen Hero-border guard was taken on his last journey

Patriarch Kirill accuses the authorities of intimidating the faithful. "Large-scale persecution has begun"

In Russia, another 147,000 people were drafted into the army

In the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, another general was removed from his post – 1+1, TSN news

July 16, 2023

Explosions rang out in temporarily occupied Sevastopol – news on UNN | July 16, 2023, 04:55

Explosions in Crimea July 16, 2023 – Humenyuk commented on cotton in Sevastopol

Dozens of soldiers of the Russian Federation received sentences in Ukrainian courts. News 1+1

"arrivals" of S-300 missiles were previously recorded in the central part of Kharkiv

Air strikes on Ukraine – on July 14, the Russians used four missiles and 2 drones –

Our aviation made 9 strikes on areas where the enemy’s manpower was concentrated

We don’t need them – OP about the "assassination" on Simonyan and Sobchak

Drone attack in Sevastopol on July 16 – the occupiers announced new UAVs and their destruction

Russia claims a series of drone attacks – DW – 16.07.2023

The President of Bulgaria stated that Ukraine "insists" on waging war against the Russian Federation at the expense of Europe. The prime minister and the embassy of Ukraine answered him

After his death in Olenivka, 21-year-old Yaroslav Otrok returns to Poltava Oblast

A soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Buchi was awarded for storming enemy positions near Bakhmut

Russian paratroopers threatened to mutiny against the backdrop of mass purges

More than 98,000 war crimes were documented by the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine

The Armed Forces eliminated the commander of the Russian intelligence brigade

Serhii Zhulinskyi from Rohatyn region died in the war

Vitaly Sleziuk, a Carpathian citizen, died in the battle with the invaders

Military soldier Oleg Smirnov died in the war: 16:07:2023 – 20 minutes Vinnytsia

A man of steel: while saving his brothers, Anatoliy "Barbarian" Tegza died near Bakhmut. Photo

Oleksii Dyagovets died in the war – he was the head of the National Police Department of Chernihiv Oblast

The occupiers killed a defender of Ukraine from Odesa, who even at the front collected a herbarium and painted watercolors

Yury Antoniuk from Ternopil Oblast died near Bakhmut

Another loss: Vasyl Kurnitsky from Kopychynets, Ternopil, died at the front TV-4

Betrothed a month before his death: 22-year-old hero Roman "Khimik" Ilyuk died in the war

The war took the life of 38-year-old soldier from Prykarpattia Serhiy Zhulinskyi. The brother is wounded

Ivan Zyuhan from Kryvyi Rih died in the war – news Kryvyi Rih | KRIVBASS.CITY

Night shelling of the center of Kharkiv. Where the rockets hit

The Armed Forces made a breakthrough on the Southern Front and liberated Staromayorske

The explosion in Luhansk occurred on the territory of the "Mashchynska" mine

They beat him in the stomach, kidneys, legs and head. How the occupiers tortured women in Kherson – hrivna

We have an advance in the Berdyansk direction — Valery Shershen

Russia is entrenching itself in Bakhmut so that the Armed Forces do not repulse it – Cherevaty

The Ukrainian military destroyed the enemy EW "Layer-2"

The Armed Forces destroyed the occupiers’ communication hub with a "smart" bomb

A video of the moment of a powerful landing in Oleshki appeared on the network

In the East, the situation worsened – Malyar

"He left us under the rain and artillery fire": a 19-year-old defender from Vinnytsia died – Vinnytsia 24

In the direction of Berdyansk, the Armed Forces advanced by more than one kilometer: map

A 22-year-old Hero from a village near Rivne died in the war

Near Bakhmut, Ukrainian soldiers destroyed the dugout together with the invaders

Photos and satellite images with the results of "cotton" in occupied Novooleksiivka and Berdyansk have appeared (photo). RIA-South

The US confirmed the training of Ukrainian pilots on the F-16

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine — Ukraine partially controls Staromayorsk — map

War in Ukraine — a series of explosions rang out in Kharkiv

The Defense Forces of Ukraine are fighting the artillery and logistics of the Russian occupiers — an analysis of the situation at the front – Freedom

In the Bakhmut region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine "firmly hold the initiative" for several weeks in a row – Cherevaty

Since the beginning of the year, Ukraine has received more than $23 billion from international partners to cover the budget deficit

Metropolitan Onufriy of the "Kyiv and All Ukraine" UOC MP does not recognize the high treason of Metropolitan Pavel

Denys Prokopenko, released from captivity, met with the staff of "Azov"

A soldier tortured by the Russians will be reburied in Buchi

Pillars of smoke in Bryansk: the military hospital is on fire for the second time in a month. RosZMI cites various reasons

The hero should have turned 22 years old: a soldier from Ternopil Oblast died near Bakhmut

Maxim Sukhina, a military man from Vinnytsia, died in Donbas

Another defender from the Zhytomyr region was killed in the battles near Kreminnaya

Four daughters were left without a father: Oleg Kayumov from Kamiansky died defending Ukraine

Defender Yury Antonyuk from Ternopil Oblast died at the front

Grief has come to Ternopil Oblast: Oleg Omelchuk died in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

A Hero from the Novorozdil community died in the Bakhmut direction

A defender from Sumy was killed in Donetsk region

The Armed Forces confirmed the attack on the missile weapons warehouse in Luhansk

In Donetsk, it "flew" in the "Galaxy" district at the railway station

The aviation of the defense forces per day carried out 15 strikes on the areas of concentration of personnel, weapons and military equipment of the occupiers

Ukraine conducted a combined drone attack on Sevastopol for the first time, – sources

The Russian T-72B3 tank was pulled out of Desna to be restored for the Armed Forces – Wheel News

July 17, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 10707.2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

The Crimean bridge suffered from an extraordinary event, explosions were heard – what is known

The ICC investigation is an important step towards justice for Ukrainian children – the head of the German Foreign Ministry

The finance ministers of the G7 countries confirmed their unwavering support for Ukraine

The SBU detained a "Putin fan" in Prykarpattia

"Is it over the red line or not?" Russians are in hysterics because of the "cotton" on the Crimean bridge: exactly a year ago, Medvedev promised "doomsday"

The Security Service of Ukraine on the detonation of the Crimean bridge: details about the "cotton" will be revealed after the victory

Surface drones attacked the Crimean bridge, one of the spans collapsed: chronology of events (updated)

The attack on the Crimean bridge – a special operation of the SBU and the Navy: exclusive details

Moscow said that the Crimean bridge was attacked by unmanned surface vehicles

Gave the location of the Ukrainian troops to the Russians: a resident of Kramatorsk was detained – META

The war in Ukraine — British intelligence called a new problem for the Russian Armed Forces at the front

Battles in the Donbass – the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding back the Russian offensive in the Luhansk Region

Maxim Pospelov, a soldier from the Zaporizhia region, died in Luhansk region» Panopticon of Zaporizhia and Zaporizhia region

Junior sergeant Serhii Smilyanets died in Uman Oblast – Hromadske Uman

The deputy battalion commander of the 92nd brigade died in the war

A combat medic from Shepetivka died in the war

Covered his brothers: a 23-year-old resident of the Zaporizhzhia region died in battle

A scout of a volunteer battalion from Khmelnytskyi was killed in the war

Carpathian soldier Roman Lompas died of numerous wounds in the hospital. PHOTO

A senior rifleman from the Lviv region died in the war

A fighter from Kagarlyk died near Bakhmut: he turned 24 in June

Serhiy Zhulinsky, a defender from Rohatyn Oblast, died in the war

Kryvyi Rih resident Stanislav Benko died in the war – what is known about the hero – news of Kryvyi Rih | KRIVBASS.CITY

Ivan Gramchuk, a soldier from Bukovyna, died in the war with Russia – Bukovyna Online

The war took the life of a 22-year-old soldier from a village near Rivne

Oleg Yarmolyuk died heroically in the fierce battles for Ukraine in Donetsk region

Oleksiy Komarov, a resident of the Odesa region, died of mortal wounds in the battle for Ukraine

Teroborona destroyed the camouflaged video surveillance system of the Russians "Murom-M" (VIDEO)

Before the explosions on the Crimean bridge, Sevastopol was attacked three times by drones

The Armed Forces neutralized the combat formation of the occupiers in the Luhansk region — Donbas News

Britain has expanded the list of sanctions against the Russian Federation: it concerns the ministers of culture and education

Ferries carry only cargo through the Kerch Strait, media reports

Battles for Vugledar: how black Zaporizhia defend the city – TSN, news, 1+1

The case against Yanukovych was referred to the court – the SBI disclosed the details – Ukrainian news

A militant of the Russian "self-defense of Crimea" was detained in Odesa – Politics – Course of Ukraine

Sirsky showed a video of the battle near Kreminnaya (video)

On the Zaporozhye Front, the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian EW complex -

Nikopol lost another defender at the front (photo)

The heart of Vasyl Shevchyk, a defender warrior from the Voznesensk district, stopped beating – Voznesensk Info

A resident of the Kalyniv community died at the front

Two more defenders from Cherkasy died in the war

Parents lost their son: a 24-year-old defender from the Kyiv region died near Bakhmut Around

A volunteer from the Lviv region died of a heart attack at the front

Under Bakhmut, the life of a Hero from Ternopil Region was cut short

The Defender from Zhytomyr region died in the war

Serhii Pidgura, a soldier from the Kherson region, died in the war

Eight soldiers from Khmelnytskyi region died on the front of Khmelnytskyi "E" |

Maksym Shovenko, a fighter from the Kherson region, died defending Ukraine

The Warrior from Maly Birok died

He celebrated his birthday on the front line: 44-year-old Mykola Blyznyuk from Luchan was killed near Pyatikhatok

In the Zaporozhye region, a grenade launcher from the Zhytomyr region was killed in battles near Pryutny

Undermining the ammunition depot of the occupiers: cotton blossomed in the Berdyansk direction

How the Armed Forces of Ukraine with HIMARS destroyed the enemy mortar 2C4 "Tulip" near Bakhmut (VIDEO)

Syrskyi visited Ukrainian fighters in the Bakhmut direction – news on UNN | July 17, 2023, 6:17 p.m

During the day, the Russians advanced in four directions, 29 combat clashes took place, — General Staff

Kuleba at the UN headquarters: all 123 member states of the ISS must strictly comply with the demand for Putin’s arrest – news on UNN | July 17, 2023, 7:58 p.m

Zelenskyi honored the memory of the victims of the MH17 plane crash

Tomorrow, Lviv will say goodbye to three Heroes. Who were they?

A 2-kilometer column of "Wagnerians" was discovered in Belarus – satellite images. PHOTO

In the Tavriysk direction, the Armed Forces are advancing despite the mined areas, – Tarnavskyi

Kuleba at the UN started urgent consultations due to Russia’s exit from the "grain agreement"

A native of Ternopil joined the militants and fought against the Armed Forces of Ukraine – photo, TSN, news 1+1

The network showed how the damaged Crimean bridge looks from a satellite

Typical cotton wool – what is known about the Kulyk family, which died during the explosion on the Crimean Bridge

The Crimean bridge will not be restored until November: Russia has revealed its plans

The aggressors admitted that one span of the Crimean bridge cannot be restored – EUROPEAN UKRAINE – Portal of honest news – One Country – | Ukrainian news | Today

Feodosia collaborator and blogger Oleksandr Talipov says that an attempt was made on him

During the day, our gunners hit 2 Solntsepoks, an ammunition depot and the enemy’s EW station

Russians constantly use cluster munitions – Cherevaty

July 18, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 07/18/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Explosions in Odesa and fire in Mykolaiv on July 18, 2023 — the consequences of the night attack — Ukrainian news

Prigozhin’s military mutiny – purges of the army command continue in the Russian Federation, – ISW

During the night of July 18, 2023, 32 UAVs and 6 Kalibr cruise missiles were destroyed

The number of people killed as a result of shelling in Bilopol’, Sumy region, has increased to three – the mayor

Tavria’s post office made life easier for marauding occupiers

The occupiers announced the launch of reverse traffic on the Crimean Bridge

DP World received the status of an international war sponsor on

More than 21 Soviet monuments were dismantled in the Lviv region Big city magazine

Tomorrow in the Volodymyr Cathedral they will say goodbye to the fallen defender Vadym Prokopenko

Volodymyr Vudmaska, a young doctor from Transcarpathia, died in the war (PHOTO)

It recently turned 30: a young Hero from the Lutsk district Yuriy Kovalchuk died near Bakhmut

Vasyl Stefansky, a soldier from Prykarpattia, died in the war

A 29-year-old defender from the Lviv region died in the war

Detonation of the Crimean bridge. The occupiers will urgently build a temporary crossing

In Ukraine, the combat brigade of the "Tashkent" occupiers, praised by Skabeeva, was liquidated: video

In the South, the Defense Forces destroyed a truck with Russian ammunition (video)

The enemy continues to conduct fruitless assaults near Maryinka and Avdiivka, — Hornets

Photo: M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle burned two enemy tanks in one battle

The European Parliament is asking the court in The Hague to issue a warrant for Lukashenka’s arrest

Peskov called the strikes on Odesa "retribution for the Crimean bridge".

Kherson region news: a traitor who leaked information about Ukrainian drones was arrested – photo on

The SBU announced a second suspicion against the ex-director of Russia Today, who called for the killing of Ukrainian children

A military medic from Kirovohrad Region was posthumously awarded the III degree "For Courage" Order

Petrivka: almost half of the village was destroyed

Volodymyr Nikrasevich came under enemy fire and died: 18:07:2023 – 20 minutes Vinnytsia

A soldier from the Rivne region died in the Zaporizhzhia region

A 31-year-old soldier from Dubna died in the Bakhmut district

Vladyslav Usyk from Khorolshchyna died defending Ukraine

A soldier from Chernihiv Oblast died at the front

A one-and-a-half-year-old daughter was left without her father: 30-year-old Hero from Volyn, Serhiy Kosko, died in Kharkiv Oblast

In the Bakhmut district, a resident of the Romaniv community, Serhii Saganovskyi – Tvii Romaniv, died

An explosion rang out near occupied Mariupol, – Andryushchenko

The enemy is attacking with large forces: the situation in the Kupyansk direction – ГХ

Ukrainian defenders in the Luhansk region destroyed the logistics point of the occupiers from a drone

A unique drone reconnaissance system was launched in Ukraine: how "Hawk’s eyes" harm the Russian Federation

The offensive of the occupiers in the Kupyansk direction is currently unsuccessful – Malyar

Military aid to Ukraine – the Armed Forces will receive a batch of M113 armored vehicles from three European Union countries

Russia uses Irish engines in its kamikaze drones

Russia gets parts for weapons against Ukraine from the USA and the EU: why and how to stop it

The Ukrainian aviation made 11 strikes during the day on the places where the occupiers gathered

The US court spoils Trump’s presidential campaign: no American president has been accused of this

Retired GRU colonel Vladimir Kvachkov was accused of "discrediting" the Russian army

Malyar: In the Kupyan direction, the initiative is on the side of the Armed Forces – DW – 18.07.2023

The Armed Forces destroyed the cars of the occupiers in the direction of Bakhmut

The SBU has established the identities of 30 collaborators in the occupied territories

Five Rashist deputies were convicted in absentia in Ivano-Frankivsk

"List 31". How Russia abducted Ukrainian children and which of the occupiers is involved in this

"Cotton" in occupied Yasynuvatiya: the journalist suggests the destruction of the enemy’s military facility

How Gepard anti-aircraft guns shoot down Iranian kamikaze drones (photo) –

The Armed Forces are successful, the enemy is retreating: General Tarnavskyi spoke about the losses of the occupiers in the Tavria direction

Volhynian Anton Krylov died in Zaporizhzhia

Heroes of Bukovyna: military officer Viktor Sabo died in battles with the invaders

Ruslan Pryimak, a soldier from Prykarpattia, died

Explosions rang out in Feodosia near the airfield

July 19, 2023

Operational information regarding the Russian invasion on the morning of July 19, 2023 – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Russia massively shelled Ukraine on the night of July 19

In Kyiv and the region, air defense has shot down all enemy drones – KMVA – news on UNN | July 19, 2023, 05:54

An ammunition warehouse detonates in occupied Crimea. VIDEO

The ECtHR rejected Russia’s lawsuit against Ukraine and put Putin in his place

The identities of another 30 collaborators who carry out repressions in the temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine have been identified

The President of Ukraine awarded 337 defenders, 215 of them posthumously

In Moscow, a man threw a Molotov cocktail at Lenin’s mausoleum

The sixth column of mercenaries of the "Wagner" PMC has already arrived in Belarus

Air defense forces destroyed 37 air targets in the sky of Ukraine at night

Explosions in Odesa on the night of July 19: the Armed Forces disclosed the details of the massive attack on the region

The Kirovohrad region was subjected to a night attack by the enemy, without casualties or destruction

Air defense destroyed all "shahedy" on the approaches to Kyiv – KMVA

"Cotton" in Crimea – a series of explosions rang out in Sevastopol

The main targets of enemy attacks in Odesa were the port and critical infrastructure, there were no casualties – Kiper

The Armed Forces will receive the latest VAMPIRE anti-aircraft missile systems

Serhii Marchenko: Ukraine has received more than $22 billion through the World Bank mechanism since the beginning of the full-scale invasion

Enemy "shahedis" caused damage to the infrastructure of Zhytomyr Oblast

It was preparing a new air attack on "decision-making centers": the SBU detained a Russian agent

Two rescuers from the Kyiv region will be tried for treason – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

A Warrior from Volyn died in Luhansk region

Serhii Yakovenko, a resident of Olevshchyna, died in the east of Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense said that the Russian offensive on Kupyansk was unsuccessful, the initiative is already on the side of the Armed Forces

The US is preparing sanctions against Kyrgyzstan for selling equipment to Russia for the war against Ukraine – The Washington Post

Russia used a new tactic during the night attack on Odesa region: the details were disclosed in OK "Pivden"

The detonation of ammunition depots in Crimea continues: 2,000 people have been evacuated. The mass media found out what the occupiers kept in the warehouse

The Prime Minister of Ireland arrived in Ukraine

Odesa strike – Russia damaged grain terminals | BIZAGRO

In Severodonetsk, the owners of the alcohol plant were exposed for collaborationism

An agent of the GRU of the Russian Federation who helped prepare an attack on "decision-making centers" was detained in Mykolaiv Oblast

Poland’s special services revealed agents of the Russian Federation who were planning to blow up trains with weapons for Ukraine

Yaroslav Matiyash, a 43-year-old soldier from Velika Berezovytsa, died at the front

A 36-year-old sergeant from the Zolochiv community died in Luhansk region

A heavy loss: a soldier from Chernihiv Oblast died

Zhytomyr Region lost a Hero again

Forever 20: a sailor from Prykarpattia died in Donetsk region (PHOTO)

A gunner from the Kharkiv region was killed in Donetsk region

Transcarpathia lost Hero Yuri Hvusta from Hlybokoy in the war

He gave his life for the freedom of Ukraine: a soldier from the village of Mohyliv in the Dnipropetrovsk region has died

Syrskyi showed how the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy Russian armored vehicles near Bakhmut – video – Ukrainian news

Night attack by drones in Kherson: The enemy targeted residential areas, the cultural center burned down – Kavun.Sity

The defense forces crushed the artillery batteries of the invaders

Confession: The Red Cross of Belarus admitted to taking children from the occupied territories

Battles in Donetsk region – the Armed Forces dropped hail on a BC warehouse near Vugledar – video

In Cherkasy at night, aviation shot down enemy "shahedis" – OVA – news on UNN | July 19, 2023, 09:14

Trump will demand compensation for the cost of weapons provided to Ukraine

The President of Brazil demands negotiations between Ukraine and Russia

Field hospital, "Leopards" and armored personnel carriers. Spain announced new aid to Ukraine

The SBU detained collaborators who collaborated with the occupiers in the occupied Luhansk region and were hiding in Kyiv

22 Ukrainian women released from captivity will receive 90,000 hryvnias each from the Sheptytsky Foundation

Ukraine’s counteroffensive — the Armed Forces eliminated the enemy in the Tavria direction

Zelensky’s address based on the results of July 19 – what the president talked about

Russia once again used cluster munitions

Defense forces advanced more than 1 km along the front line in the Melitopol direction

In Poltava, they said goodbye to two defenders who died near Krasnohorivka

On July 20, Lviv will say goodbye to two Heroes who died for Ukraine