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June 29, 2023

Operational information as of 06:00 on 05/29/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Switzerland joined the 11th package of EU anti-Russian sanctions

Zelenskyi met with Markus, chief sergeant of the 47th OMBr. They discussed changes in the Armed Forces: photo

The traitor who helped the occupiers build checkpoints in the Kharkiv region faces 5 years in prison

The prosecutor who "surrendered" the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Mykolaiv Region to the enemy received a life sentence

The deputy commander of Russian troops in Ukraine was arrested

How the loss of the Il-22M aircraft will affect the Russian military in Ukraine – British intelligence

Switchblade 300 is being cloned: Russia is preparing a new attack drone "Vektor-120"

A Russian agent was detained who was preparing a new attack by snipers on airfields in the Kirovohrad region – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

Russian missile attack on Kramatorsk on June 27 – 12 people were killed

The war in Ukraine – the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed an enemy mortar and ammunition depot near Bakhmut

Will Putin release Shoigu and Gerasimov – ISW announced the name of the Kremlin’s new favorite

ISW: It was decided to make Surovykin a "scapegoat" in the case of Prigozhin’s rebellion

Ukrainian troops achieved success in the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia regions

The Armed Forces destroyed the barracks with the occupiers in Donetsk with guided bombs

The Ivano-Frankivsk community lost four defenders at once during the war

A combat medic from Cherkasy died in the war

A 20-year-old signalman from Poltava region died during an enemy assault in Donetsk region – CONTENTS

Summary of the IS group on the situation in the south

Counteroffensive in the Zaporizhzhia direction – the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out a successful assault on enemy positions ZPRZ.CITY

The Russians struck Nevsky, when volunteers were handing out "humanitarian paper" to people – IA "Vchasno"

Marines destroyed the occupiers’ ammunition storage (VIDEO)

Decree of the Presidium of the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR dated May 21, 1945 "On preservation of historical names and clarification of… names of… Kirovohrad region" – Wikisource

France condemned the missile attack on Kramatorsk — the latest news

Moscow claims that it killed "two generals and up to 50 officers of the Armed Forces" in Kramatorsk with a missile strike

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces: Russian troops are trying to hinder Ukraine’s advance

Financial Times on Surovikin’s arrest: He is the first, but not the only one. Putin is restoring order in power

The rapid detention of the SBU agent of the GRU of the Russian Federation in Kramatorsk made it possible to avoid new victims

Edem Aliyev, a Ukrainian military man from Crimea, died in the war

Ihor Galagan, a defender from Romania, died in the war

Vladyslav Bykanov – a defender from Cherkasy, who was two days short of his 23rd birthday, died fighting for Ukraine – photo

In the fierce battles for Ukraine, one more Ukrainian died

A 34-year-old military man from Ostrozhchyna died near Kreminnaya

Two defenders from the Ivano-Frankivsk community died in the war

A defender from Lviv Oblast died near Bakhmut Lviv portal

Konstantin Gunchenko from Krasnopil died in the war

His heart stopped in a front-line hospital. A warrior from Volyn died

The master of sports of Ukraine died in Bakhmut

Two soldiers from Cherkasy were killed in Donetsk region

A defender from the Shepetiv region died in the Russian-Ukrainian war

Bohdan Bratanov, a soldier from the Novosanzhar community, died in the war with the occupiers.

A resident of the Zaporozhye region died in a battle with Russian Nazis. Photo

Ruslan Braslavskyi, a soldier from Khmelnytskyi, died: 29:06:2023 – 20 minutes Vinnytsia

The Ukrainian military destroyed with JDAM/GLSDB bombs the command post of the 238th OSB of the Russian Federation in Verkhnyotoretske in Donetsk region – war in Ukraine – video

Battles for Bakhmut – the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the composition of BC and the mortar of the Russians

The Armed Forces actually took Klishchiivka near Bakhmut under control – the commander of the Armed Forces unit

Soldiers of the Armed Forces destroyed the control point of the UAV of the Russian occupiers

Counteroffensive – the Armed Forces spoke about the successes in the Taurian direction – map – Russia’s losses in the war

Battles for Bakhmut – the Armed Forces advanced towards Soledar

40-year-old Artem Vasevych from Synelnikovo died near Bakhmut

Two soldiers from Ivano-Frankivsk died in the war — Mykola Budzanovych and Dmytro Skirin

A military man from Rivne region died during artillery shelling in Luhansk region

Mykola Petrovych – Tviy Romaniv, a native of Kolodyazhnoy Datsyuk, died while defending Ukraine

Oleksandr Yalovy, a senior driver of one of the combat brigades of the Armed Forces of Ternopil Oblast, died at the front

Ihor Lazarev from Ternopil Oblast died fighting for Ukraine

During the terrorist attack in Olenivka in July 2022, the deputy commander of the Azov regiment, Dmytro Bukaryov, died

While protecting others, he could not protect himself: Volodymyr Savyuk from Ternopil Oblast died at the front – "Nash Den" newspaper

Three residents of Kharkiv region died in the war

He did not live to see his 23rd birthday for two days: the only son of a Cherkasy teacher died in the war

A soldier from the Dubrovytsk community died in the Zaporizhzhia region

The war took the lives of three more defenders from Prykarpattia

Two soldiers from Lutsk – Serhii Semenyuk and Oleksandr Tsvyd – died defending Ukraine

Prykarpattia lost fighters Mykola Budzanovich, Dmytro Demchuk and Mykhailo Tzuper

A 42-year-old gunner from Ternopil Oblast died on the front line (photo)

Two defenders from Lutsk were killed in Donetsk region: Serhiy Semenyuk and Oleksandr Tsvyd

A military man from Kovel died in Donetsk region – Volyn Online

Vasyl Virstyuk, a Carpathian, died in the war

Forever in line: five communities of Kirovohrad region reported the death of soldiers (PHOTO) — Information portal of Kirovohrad region – Buckwheat – News Kropyvnytskyi

Yury Kozhushko, a patriot defender from Ternopil Oblast, died at the front

The hero from Energodar, Platon Shpak, died in the battle with the Russian invaders – Zaporizhzhia news | ZPRZ.CITY

It became known about the death of a soldier from the Ternopil region: he died two weeks ago

The Armed Forces repulsed the invaders near Berkhivka

Counteroffensive of Ukraine – SBU destroyed 75 units of Russian equipment

The Armed Forces advanced south of Orikhov

Ex-National Deputy Balytskyi was sentenced to 15 years in prison

"Kadyrivtsi" turned the church in Melitopol into a military base – General Staff

The General Staff of the Armed Forces reported on the situation at the fronts as of the 491st day of the war

June 30, 2023

News of Ukraine June 30, 2023: the situation at the front

BBC: Wagner’s PMK continues to recruit mercenaries despite Prigozhin’s mutiny

The night attack on Ukraine on June 30 – what weapons did the enemy use?

The Armed Forces destroyed 13 Russian artillery units in a day, — General Staff

The underground printing house, which produced fake passports for the "legalization" of Russians in Ukraine and the EU, was liquidated

Iran is increasing arms supplies to Russia

Surovikin was arrested – American intelligence confirms the detention of Russian General Surovikin

In the sky over Ukraine at night, 10 out of 13 "shaheeds" were shot down – news on UNN | June 30, 2023, 08:18

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Malyar about the situation at the front on June 30 in the east and south

A DPR militant tried to settle in Azov — the court announced the verdict — photo — Ukrainian news

Bohdan Kostyuchyk, a Hero from Volyn, died in the war

Chortkivshchyna lost its Hero: Volodymyr Savyuk died at the front

A soldier from the Skala-Podilska community died

Losses again – three soldiers from Khmelnytskyi were killed in battles with the Russian invaders

The best savior. During heavy hostilities, medic Yuriy Pluzhnyk from Dnipropetrovsk region died

Dmitry Solonenko, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, a bright memory

A Hero from the Lviv region died in the battle with the occupiers

A carpenter from the Rivne region died near Zaporizhzhia

Bitter sadness: Ternopil Region lost a young Hero during a tank attack

In the Luhansk region, the occupiers are attacking Bilogorivka

The strike on Kramatorsk was probably carried out by an Iskander-M-Ignat ballistic missile

UAV Manyachelo for the Armed Forces — what is known about the drone, photo

GUR: The occupiers are reducing their presence at the ZNPP

Atrocities of Russian invaders: three stories about abuse and inhumane conditions for Ukrainian captives – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

Belgium also participates in the training of Ukrainian pilots on the F-16, – Prime Minister de Croo

Explosions rumbled in occupied Berdyansk. The strategic command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced the defeat of the headquarters and fuel storage warehouse of the Russian troops

Our troops are advancing in the direction of Bakhmut — Hanna Malyar

Detention of agents of the special services of the Russian Federation – SBU neutralized the agent network of the FSB in Kharkiv

In the east of Libya, unknown drones destroyed the camp of the PMK "Wagner"

A Russian hockey player was arrested in Poland on charges of espionage for the Russian Federation

The enemy keeps more than 300 tanks and up to 50,000 people in the Bakhmut direction, – Cherevaty – Rubrik

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces — Defense forces are advancing in several directions

OP responded to Trump’s words about territories for peace

The Russian Federation is ready to cause a man-made disaster at the ZNPP, – Budanov

Frozen Russian assets can be used for the benefit of Ukraine: the EU agrees – 1+1, TSN news — Money

ZSU: There were no major advances in the south during the day, the Russian Federation mines every landing and every trail

Artillery destroyed the composition of the occupiers

Denmark will provide Ukraine with a military aid package worth 1.3 billion Danish kroner

In Cherkasy, they said goodbye to the soldiers who died in the war

Jump 20 tactical drone armed with ammunition – Ukrainian telecommunications portal

"Wagner" continues to actively recruit mercenaries throughout Russia, – BBC

The Transitional Government of Mali paid PVK "Wagner" more than $200 million – USA

"A weak Putin is a big danger." The rebellion in Russia changed the agenda of the European Union summit

The troops of the Russian Federation, with the support of aviation, conducted an unsuccessful offensive near Avdiyivka and Pervomaisky – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The police completed the investigation into the state traitor from Crimea, involved in the murder of 7 civilians in the Kherson region

Does the Israeli notification system work in Kyiv — Kyiv news

Denmark allocates another €175 million military aid package to Ukraine

July 1, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 01.07.2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

The head of the CIA was in Ukraine secretly – plans for de-occupation were revealed to him

An attempt to break through to the Antonivsky bridge

Counteroffensive – Armed Forces continue to advance in eastern and southern Ukraine – ISW combat analysis and map

"There are several Putins with different surnames", – Zelenskyi about the failed Prigozhin mutiny – news on UNN | July 1, 2023, 07:43

The newest drone "Maniacello" has successfully completed its first combat mission

The troops of the Russian Federation struck the Antoniv bridge on the left bank of the Dnieper with an "Iskander" missile – Rubrik

Volodymyr Zelenskyi introduced sanctions against Russian individuals and legal entities and the Georgian airline

The colossal losses of PVK "Wagner" demonstrate what enormous forces the Russian Federation is engaging against Ukraine – Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelenskyy awarded the defenders for personal courage and dedication

The war in Ukraine – the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the enemy DRG on a motor boat – video

Volodymyr Sydlyar, a Hero from the Lutsk district, died in the war

Hearts are clenched with pain due to losses: the war cut short the life of Oleksandr Maiboroda from Ternopil Oblast – "Nash Den" newspaper

Dmytro Dzebchuk, a 29-year-old defender from Prykarpattia, died in the war

The Russians clumsily blew up their tank near Marinkoya

The Frankiv National Guardsmen repulsed the enemy’s assault in the Luhansk region

The Defense Forces are fighting the occupiers in Luhansk region — Donbas News

Gaidai on the offensive in Luhansk region: "The advance of our defense forces is going very hard"

There were 15 combat clashes in the Mariinsky direction during the day, the most heated here is the spokesman

The bodies of two more volunteers who died in the ranks of the Armed Forces were brought to Georgia

A collaborator who dreamed of a high position in the event of the occupation of the city will be tried in Odesa (photo)

The Security Service of Ukraine notified the suspicion of Russian propagandist Mardan – DW – 01.07.2023

A Russian colonel was killed in Ukraine

Aerial scouts are hunted by everyone, they are as desirable a target as snipers – the drone operator of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – the war of the Russian Federation

The Russians have dramatically changed their rhetoric about Bakhmut: now the city is "absolutely strategically unimportant"

The high price of victory: Andriy Kuletskyi from Ternopil Oblast died on the Zaporizhzhia direction – "Nash Den" newspaper

Book of memory of the Kryvorizka district – Vasyl Shchegel died in Donetsk region on June 25, 2023 | KRIVBASS.CITY

Hero, a prop operator of the Odesa film studio, died in the Kherson region

In the fierce battles for Ukraine, a man from Uman died – Hromadske Uman

Rostislav Parkhomenko died in the war – the hero was left with a small son and a pregnant wife

Yuriy Dzendzia, a soldier from Prykarpattia, died in the war

The war took the life of a 39-year-old sapper from Kremenets (PHOTO)

The Armed Forces took control of new territories in the Berdyansk direction

The Air Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian SSR destroyed the field composition of the BC of the occupiers

The Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated the 291st regiment of the Russian Federation near Rabotino

The Armed Forces powerfully attacked the location of the occupiers

The enemy transferred the airborne regiment to the Bakhmut direction — Serhiy Cherevaty

Meeting of the Stavka on July 1 – Zelensky held a meeting at the Rivne NPP – reported by Zaluzhny and Budanov

The situation in Bakhmut is changing dynamically: the Armed Forces told about the enemy’s plans – TSN, news 1+1

The defense forces in the Tavry direction are having success and moving forward, – Tarnavskyi

A "political expert" who took part in the Kremlin’s propaganda shows was removed from his post at the Ministry of Defense

In the Kherson region, a Rashist marine will be tried for the murder of Ukrainian civilians

Poroshenko handed over a large batch of military aid to the front and announced a new contract for 55 powerful tractors

Lviv Oblast has immortalized defender Zoryana Kovalchuk

Volodymyr Zelenskyy awarded 109 defenders of Ukraine — posthumously

UOC MP – Ministry of Culture demands the UOC MP to vacate the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra by July 4 – document

The Kremlin financed PMK Wagner: now Ukraine will open a window of unlimited opportunities

Support for Ukraine – Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez arrived and Ukraine – photo and video

The West sees Putin’s weakness and prepares scenarios for the collapse of Russia, Yuriy Gudymenko politics | OBOZREVATEL

Mykola Brus, a military man from Kamiansk, died in Luhansk region

Serhiy Suprun from Chornobay in Cherkasy region died near Bakhmut

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a platoon of Russian howitzers, self-propelled guns and two anti-aircraft fire stations

Map of combat operations: the Armed Forces destroyed the enemy’s control post on

After the explosions near Melitopol, clouds of black smoke rose into the sky (photo). RIA-South

Explosions rang out in Melitopol

Battles on the Taurian Front – the Armed Forces are making progress

"Minusnuli" composition from BC: the Armed Forces showed the work of gunners (video)

The defense forces struck the Russian command post — the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces

July 2, 2023

The attack by Shahedam on Kyiv on July 2 – the first details about the consequences from the KMVA – News of Kyiv

Explosions rang out in Mykolaiv Oblast – news on UNN | July 2, 2023, 01:24

The situation near Bakhmut – the Russian Federation may begin withdrawing troops from the south of Ukraine in order to hold Bakhmut

Ukrainian aircraft struck ten times in the areas where the enemy’s forces were concentrated

Suspicion was reported to the captain of a sea vessel that was transporting military equipment for the needs of the Soviet Union

In the Russian Federation, they could not find Putin, so they used Lukashenka for negotiations with Prigozhin, – mass media. RIA-South

The occupation ex-prosecutor of Crimea drowned in the Volga

During the day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit 2 anti-aircraft missiles and struck 10 strikes on Russian concentration areas

The enemy is concentrating its efforts in three directions, heavy fighting is going on. 46 skirmishes per day, General Staff

Russia cancels major MAKS international air show over possible drone attack – British intelligence

Night attack on Ukraine: air defense forces shot down 11 aerial targets

Shahed attack in Kyiv region on July 2 – debris damaged houses – one injured

Kuleba on Orban’s scandalous statements: "Tired of refuting ridiculous arguments"

In the Hayvoron community, they said goodbye to the fallen soldier (photo)

Anton Klitny, a graduate of KPI, died

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Strela air defense system and Msta-S self-propelled guns of the occupiers – video – 36 OBrMP named after Bilinsky

155-mm self-propelled guns based on Eva – Ukraine and Slovakia will create a new weapon

Dmytro Dzebchuk – a soldier from Ivano-Frankivsk region who died in the war – photo

The Armed Forces hit the enemy powerfully: personnel, weapons, anti-aircraft defense and electronic warfare stations were destroyed

Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine – the OSCE supported the creation of a tribunal

Macron supported pro-Russian separatism in Karabakh, according to the media

"Wagner" is cleared: the PMC base in Libya was burned down by strike drones

A former policeman from Crimea will be tried for treason and organization of a spy network

Night attack of drones: a house fire was extinguished in Kyiv region (PHOTO)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced in the direction of Bakhmut, combat work continues on the flanks, Cherevaty

Despite mutinies, PMK "Wagner" continues to recruit mercenaries for the war in Ukraine – BBC

In the Zaporizhzhia region, the supply chain for Russians is bursting at the seams

Ukrainian military partially liberated the territory near Bakhmut, — Cherevaty

Heavy fighting continues in the Kherson direction in the area of the Antonivsky Bridge – Gumenyuk

Evgeny Balytskyi has the mandate of a deputy – the network is calling for him to be deprived of his mandate

Zelensky came to Odesa on

The man who called Uzhhorod his native Russian city will be tried

In Chernihiv Oblast, two soldiers of the Soviet Union will be tried for the murder of Ukrainian civilians

Poltava will say goodbye to the sniper who died near Avdiivka

Shell continues to trade Russian gas despite the promise to leave the market

"Is the hottest." Intense fighting is taking place in the Avdiiv district – the spokesperson of the United Press Center of the Tavri district

The supply chain for Russians in Zaporozhye "is bursting at the seams"

Artillerymen of the 77th OAeMBr destroyed the field squad from the BC of the occupiers in the Bakhmut direction. VIDEO

Defense forces are advancing on the flanks of Bakhmut, some units are operating in the city itself – Cherevaty

A supporter of "Russian peace" who publicly accused the Ukrainian Armed Forces of shelling and supporting the occupation of Crimea is on trial – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

The occupiers came to fight in Ukraine with a Mosin rifle – video 3 OSHBR

The Center of National Resistance at the SSO of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported the involvement of a member of the Belarusian Paralympic team Talay in the deportation of children from Ukraine to the Republic of Belarus

Soldier Oleg Zhovnovaty from Poltava region died near Avdiivka

Andriy Kuletskyi, a Hero from Ternopil Oblast, died in the war

Soldier Oleksandr Parfenov died: 02:07:2023 – 20 minutes Vinnytsia

Borshchivshchyna is crying: Vitaly Lavreniuk gave his life in the war (PHOTO)

Oleg Fadeyenko, a military man from Kharkiv Oblast, died in the hospital

Zbarazhchyna lost another Hero – Ivan Kovalchuk, a resident of the village of Ivashkivtsi, died near Bakhmut

A junior sergeant from the Lyubeshiv community died in Donetsk region – Volyn Online

A 22-year-old soldier from Cherkasy died in the war

A machine gunner from Cherkasy was killed during an assault on enemy positions

A resident of the village of Birky died in the war

Hero from Volyn, Yury Khrupchyk, died in Donetsk region

The war took the life of a soldier from Zdovbytsa

Now he is forever 25: Yevhen Globa, a hero from Dnipropetrovsk region, died in the war

A soldier from the Borshchiv territorial community died

Two young sons were left without a father: Hero from Volyn Ihor Palamar was blown up by an enemy mine

Died in battle in the Donetsk region: Kamiansky will say goodbye to defender of Ukraine Kamiansky

Andrii Kuletskyi, a soldier from Velika Berezovytsa, died at the front

A soldier from Cherkasy died in Luhansk region

Ternopil region has lost another defender – a warrior from Kremenech region returned to his native home on a shield for the last time

The Armed Forces destroyed five artillery batteries of the occupiers

The Ukrainian Armed Forces broke through the most protected defense line of the Russian Federation in Zaporozhye

In Zaporozhye, a priest-collaborator of the UOC MP is running for Putin’s party

A Russian war criminal was eliminated in the Kherson region

The occupiers failed to hide the BC warehouse: the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully hit the target

Battles in Luhansk region – the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 77 Russians

Surovykin has been gone for a week: the Cheka-OGPU told what happened to the Russian general

The Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated a Russian marine who killed people in Pravdyno in the Kherson region

A good shot of the "Fisherman": Sirskyi showed a video of the destruction of the Russian "Grad" together with the crew

"Cotton" in Melitopol: Fedorov reported a hit on the base of the occupiers

An explosion occurred at the base of the Russian occupiers in Melitopol

Soldiers of the 66th OMBr hit an enemy observation post. VIDEO

Counteroffensive in Zaporozhye – the Armed Forces destroyed the Russian military base ZPRZ.CITY

Breakthrough in the Zaporozhye direction: the Armed Forces of Ukraine took new positions in the Pologiv district

An explosion rang out at a Russian military base near Semenivka, Fedorov

The Armed Forces destroyed the positions of the occupiers near Bakhmut with tanks

Since the beginning of the day, the Ukrainian aviation has struck 9 strikes against the occupiers – news on UNN | July 2, 2023, 7:41 p.m

Some of Rosatom’s employees and collaborators left the ZNPP, – Mayor of Energodar Orlov

Luhansk is littered with bodies, panic has been raised in the city

Danilov: The West still thinks that Russia will not collapse, but these are vain hopes

Sanctions against Russia – how Kazakhstan helps the aggressor to circumvent sanctions

A well-known sound engineer from Rivne died tragically

A 50-year-old serviceman from Volyn was killed in the war with the occupiers

Oleksandr Maiboroda from Ternopil Oblast died in the war

Kovalchuk Zoryana, a 35-year-old defender from the Lviv region, died

The best are on their way: a volunteer from Korabelny Serhii Stelmakh died while defending Ukraine – News of Mykolaiv today

A 33-year-old defender died near Kreminnaya and will be buried in Novoyavorivsk

Mykola Bugayenko from Sumy died in the war

Another soldier from Ternopil Oblast died in Donetsk region

He was considered missing for 15 months: Hero from Drohobych died in the war

A military man from Lviv region died in Kherson region Lviv portal

Forever in line: four communities of Kirovohrad region reported the death of soldiers — Information portal of Kirovohrad region – Groats – News Kropyvnytskyi

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces defeated an enemy observation post

The network reported about the "arrival" in Severodonetsk: what is known | News in "Chas Peak"

There was a powerful "cotton" in Donetsk

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the field storage of ammunition together with the occupiers

July 3, 2023

The Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted offensive operations on six areas of the front – a map of today’s battles

Almost 40 combat clashes took place in 4 directions, – General Staff

In Khmelnytskyi and Kirovohrad regions, the Air Defense Forces operated through "Shakhedi" — the Air Force

General Staff: Heavy battles near Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Maryinka, the Russian Federation wants to repel the offensive of the Armed Forces — map

Leonid Krasnov – a soldier from K-2 45 OMBr Massey died in the war

Writer Victoria Amelina died of injuries after the Russian attack on Kramatorsk

The defense forces hit the control post of the occupiers, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made 12 strikes – news on UNN | July 3, 2023, 07:04

Ukrainian air defense shot down 13 enemy drones overnight – news on UNN | July 3, 2023, 07:51

The "Grain Agreement" is practically blocked. Ukraine is working on alternative grain export scenarios – AgroReview

PVK "Wagner" stopped the recruitment of mercenaries in the Russian Federation: the State Duma made a statement against the background of rumors about a new wave of mobilization

The occupiers have renewed their fighting positions in Nova Kakhovka and want to gain a foothold near the Antonivsky Bridge. Map

Explosions are heard in Sumy, air defense is working – the mayor

Battles in Donetsk region – SSO fighters destroyed a machine gun settlement – video

The Air Force hinted that Patriot shot down helicopters in the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation on May 13 — video

The State Duma announced the deportation of 700,000 Ukrainian children

A Russian agent who was preparing to blow up a railway was detained in Cherkasy region

The ex-head of the Crimean SBU Kulinich will be tried for treason

As a result of the drone attack, a residential building was damaged in the center of Sumy, media reports

The Armed Forces use Turkish armored vehicles Otokar Cobra II at the front

Shelling of Ukraine on July 3 – invaders attacked Kirovohrad, Khmelnytskyi and Odesa regions – war in Ukraine

The war took the lives of defender heroes from Kirovohrad Oblast

In Mariupol, Russian special services destroyed 1.5 thousand copies of Ukrainian literature – News July 3, 2023 –

The occupiers in Melitopol are selling the houses and apartments of Ukrainians who left the city – "Yellow Ribbon"

The Ukrainian military destroyed the Russian UAV "Zala" with one blow (video)

A 30-year-old defender from the Volochysk community of Khmelnytskyi "E" died in the war |

Yurii Batyo, a defender from Irshavshchyna, died in the war

The damned war cut short the life of the Hero from Dnipropetrovsk region

Vasyl Shchegel, a Kryvyi Rih warrior, died in the Bakhmut direction

The Borshchiv community is in tears: the soldier Vitaly Lavreniuk died in the war

In Novomoskovsk, another loss in the war – Valentyn Okolnychy died

Yuri Koshelev, a warrior-energy worker, gave his life for Ukraine

A resident of Kharkiv accused the Armed Forces of shelling the city

A traitor involved in the shooting of civilians in Pravdyno was eliminated in Kherson Oblast – mass media

NAZK: British Unilever is a war sponsor

Unilever is a sponsor of the war – which brands not to buy in Ukraine

The war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine – the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 12 warehouses of the BC of the Russians

The Armed Forces destroyed the positions of the occupiers

In Sumy, a person died as a result of a Russian drone hitting a high-rise building

Mondi sold part of its assets in Russia

Russia gathered 180 thousand occupiers in two directions in the east — Cherevaty

Zelensky gave the Georgian ambassador 48 hours to leave Ukraine

In the Bakhmut direction, the situation escalated again: a duel continues to seize the initiative

In the area of the city of Bakhmut, SSO snipers destroyed the enemy’s manpower. VIDEO

In his address, Zelenskyi commented on the attack on Sumy and disclosed the details of the conversation with Sholtz

SBU: the novice of the Russian Orthodox Church who praised the Rashists will spend 5 years behind bars

The monks of the UOC MP refused to leave the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra until the court’s decision

July 4, 2023

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting counteroffensive operations on four areas of the front, z-bloggers are afraid that Ukrainian troops will force the Dnipro – ISW

The Russian occupier was sentenced to nine years in prison for robbing Ukrainians

General Staff: More than 40 clashes with the enemy took place over the past day

After the reaction of the world. Russia is preparing a new plan for the Kuleba nuclear power plant

"Very important": Zelensky urged Biden to invite Ukraine to NATO

The meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Council will take place on July 11-12 in Vilnius – the first details

Reznikov promised that there will be even more Bohdan self-propelled guns in the Armed Forces

The Americans plan to hand over special demining robots to Vinnytsia rescuers

They said goodbye to the defender of Ukraine Yury Kozhushka in the Buchach community

Explosions in Moscow: the network reported on the work of air defense and downed drones (video)

A successful assault by the Armed Forces continues in the Bakhmut area, – the speaker of the 3rd OShBr (video)

There was an explosion in the center of Sevastopol – mass media

In the Tavry direction, Ukrainian troops knocked out the enemy from a number of positions – Tarnavskyi

Air defense destroyed 26 enemy drones during the day

The Security Service of Ukraine announced the suspicion of a propagandist who justifies Russian aggression

A Russian agent who was "preparing" a Russian missile attack on a defense plant in Mykolaiv was exposed

Research: Western companies pay billions in taxes in the Russian Federation

Mass production of Shahed-136 Iranian kamikaze drones has been established in Tatarstan – Russian media

Defense forces in the Berdyansk direction advanced up to 2 km deep into the Russian defenses

Nikopol lost another Defender in the war (photo)

During June, 50 Transcarpathians died in the war –

Lieutenant Colonel Gleb Lakusta from Chernivtsi was killed in battle in Donetsk region

Dmytro Reznik, an employee of the Mykolaiv Zoo, died of wounds received in battle

Yury Amirkhanyan, a native of Volhynia, died in Donetsk region

A 44-year-old military man from Malin died on the front line

In Luhansk Oblast, Vladyslav Zhivylo from the Pyryatinsk community died as a result of artillery shelling by the occupiers

The son of the director of a Jewish school in Dnipro died while defending Ukraine – Jewish News

Yury Lyashko, the founder of the Kherson City Basketball Federation, died fighting for Ukraine – Basketball Federation of Ukraine

Oleksandr Materynskyi from the Nekhvoroshchansk community died in the war with the occupiers.

In Donetsk region, another defender from Zhytomyr region was killed in the fighting near Rivnopol

A defender from the Lviv region died in Zaporizhzhia

A volunteer from Lithuania died in the battles for Bakhmut – photo

A serviceman from Bohdanivka died at the front

In more than a week, 25 years should have passed: Pavlo Plisak, a young Hero from Volyn, died in the war

The war took another life: Andrii Olekshiy from Ternopil died in Donetsk region

In Sumy Oblast, a junior sergeant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Kamian District – Dnipro Region was killed

Border guard Yuriy Stasyuk from Volyn was killed in Donetsk region

Volodymyr Klekochko from Volyn died as a result of tank fire during the war

Volodymyr Tkachenko – a sniper from Khmelnytskyi died in the war – photo

A soldier and a border guard from Volyn were killed in the war

The heart of the defender from Volyn, Mykola Markus, stopped

A 25-year-old Hero from the Lviv region died in the battle with the occupiers. He was considered missing

A graduate of the Kharkiv University, the commander of the mechbat died during the counteroffensive

Viktor Nepyvoda, a soldier from Nikopol, died at the front

Andrii Gudyma, a Lviv restaurateur and blogger — Ukraine News, died in the battles near Bakhmut

Russia’s losses in the war – the Armed Forces told about a fighter who landed a Russian Ka-52 with a Javelin

In the Kakhovsky district, two sectors of the concentration of manpower of the Russian army – OK "Pivden" were attacked by aircraft

Ukrainian military in the south this night worked on the boats of the occupiers – Gumenyuk – news on UNN | July 4, 2023, 1:19 p.m

The war in Ukraine – the Russian military tried to enter the Sumy region – 2 civilians were killed

In Sumy Oblast, 6 people died during the day as a result of attacks by Rashists

Humenyuk on the explosion in Skadovsk: It is worth waiting for the official statement of the General Staff

Bakhmut direction – SSO fighters destroyed three Grads

In Mariupol, 8 Russian soldiers were found murdered in two weeks

The HIMARS crew attacked the invaders and destroyed the Hyacinth-S 2C5 self-propelled gun, the Grad BM-21, and the Gvozdika 2C1 self-propelled gun. VIDEO

Powerful "cotton" in Yakymivka: where the occupiers hit the spot

The Air Force of Ukraine for the first time showed JDAM-ER under the wing of Soviet machines

R-18 drones destroyed three Russian BMPs on the front (video)

Shelling of Pervomaiskyi: the number of victims has increased to 43

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces — Hanna Malyar announced the ratio of losses in the south and east

Occupiers still haven’t captured any HIMARS, they can deploy, fire and leave position in less than a minute

GUR MO commented on today’s explosions in Moscow

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia called Kyiv’s decision to send the Georgian ambassador to Tbilisi an interference in internal affairs

The Netherlands will provide Ukraine with a second aid package worth more than 118 million euros The Netherlands will provide Ukraine with a second aid package worth more than 118 million euros

The court sentenced the so-called mayor of occupied Simferopol

Ukrainian defenders received more than 500 drones, purchased with the funds of United24 – Rubryka

Believers of the UOC MP prevented the sealing of the Lower Lavra – DW – 07/04/2023

Italy froze the assets of Russian oligarchs for 2.5 billion dollars

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly recognized the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism Espresso

Sergeant Markus told the losses suffered by the 47th Brigade of the "Magura" Armed Forces

There are no limits to which Russia would not go in its insanity – Painter on the possibility of blowing up the Zaporizhzhia NPP

"Hungary will not support any funding within the EU for the supply of weapons to Ukraine," – Sijarto

The Luzhsk thermal power plant is burning in Veliky Novgorod

July 5, 2023

The pace of the Ukrainian counteroffensive does not indicate that the situation has reached a dead end, ISW

DeepState released a battle map: how the armed forces advanced

Enemy saboteurs became active in the northern direction

In the war with Ukraine, the Russian Federation lost half of its military potential – the head of the Armed Forces of Great Britain – news on UNN | July 5, 2023, 06:45

Syrskyi compared the losses of the occupiers and the Armed Forces during the counteroffensive

Italy has frozen the assets of Russian oligarchs worth 2 billion euros

The Russian Federation is forming a new army as part of the Northern Fleet to demonstrate its combat capability against NATO, – ISW

Tarnavskyi: The Russians are specifically targeting Western equipment, for them this is a priority

The occupiers are actively preparing for the defense of Crimea, the General Staff

The length of the conflict hotline exceeds 1,200 km: the main directions are named

There are successes near Bakhmut: the Armed Forces of Ukraine are working in the Kleschievka district

China doubts that the Patriot will shoot down the Daggers. Reznikov did not want to see the wreckage

Ukraine, Canada, Sweden and Great Britain filed a lawsuit at the UN International Court of Justice against Iran for the downed Ukrainian plane

There are successes in promotion under Bakhmut. If the dynamics continue, the city will be liberated, – intelligence

In occupied Yasynuvatiya, a blow was struck in the area of the railway – photo, video

"We have success." In the Tavri direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are knocking out the Russians from their positions, the Russian Federation lost more than two companies in a day – Tarnavskyi

The Russians have learned to jam HIMARS missiles with the help of EW, – Reznikov

A collaborator who tried to expose pro-Ukrainian partisans in Zaporizhzhia was detained in Kyiv

A powerful fire broke out in St. Petersburg

Prigozhin’s military mutiny – half of the Russian Federation supported the PMK Wagner, – Zelensky

A soldier from Shpolya region died in the war – Nova Doba

Transcarpathia lost another defender at the front

A 9-year-old son was left without a father: a defender from Stebnyk was killed in Zaporozhye

Volodymyr Yurchyshyn, a resident of the Ivano-Frankivsk community, died in the war

Black news: a soldier from the Nosiv community died

Dmytro Dmitriev from the Korabelny district died in the war with the Russian invaders – News of Mykolaiv today

A soldier from the Rivne region died in the Zaporozhye direction

A 23-year-old Zahisnyk from Zhytomyr Region was killed in the Bakhmut direction

Three Carpathians died in the war: Petro Stebelyak, Ihor Antonyan and Volodymyr Yurchyshyn

​Defender from Zhytomyr Oblast died in the battles near Bakhmut

A senior soldier from Kamiansk – Beloved City died in battle in Donetsk region

In Donetsk region, the Russian occupiers took the life of a soldier from Kryvyi Rih Maksym Prokhorovych

Roman Pavlechko, a soldier from the Pereghin community, died of his wounds in the regional hospital

Petro Stebelyak, a serviceman from Ivano-Frankivsk region, died in the war

A soldier from Chernihiv Oblast died at the front

A mortarman from Volyn was killed

A defender of Ukraine from Druzhba died in the war

The commander of a rifleman was killed in the Donetsk direction

The Armed Forces liberated the village of Klishchiivka from the Rashists

Explosions rang out in Tokmak

The bridge on Chongar was hit by a Storm Shadow missile, — Gromov

Zelensky signed a decree on sanctions against 18 legal entities associated with the Russian Federation

The meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Council will take place on July 12 – 1+1, TSN news

An explosion in the court of Kyiv – the offender blew himself up at the scene

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces — Russians were trapped in Bakhmut – statement of the Ministry of Defense

Russian drones destroyed the Ukrainian military in the Mykolaiv region

At the moment of the impact, there was a meeting: in Volnovakha, HIMARS flew to the "administration" of the occupiers

The FSB informant who spied on the defenders of Bakhmut was sentenced to 10 years in prison The FSB informant who spied on the defenders of Bakhmut was sentenced to 10 years in prison

Blogger Inna Voronova received a one-year suspended sentence for filming the work of the Air Defense Forces in the capital. In the video, she indicated the geolocation

The solution to victory: the Ukrainian military invented a unique ground drone – Rubryka

RosZMI: In the Russian Federation, disconnection from the international network was tested at night

Leonid Krasnov, one of the founders of the K-2 battalion from the Dnipro, died while defending Ukraine

Oleg Vyslotskyi, Volodymyr Yurchyshyn and Mykola Vorontsov died in the war

Vsevolod Tetkov died during evacuation near Bakhmut

A defender from Cherkasy died in the war

Returning home for eternal rest: the war cut short the life of 28-year-old Taras Yednak from Ternopil Oblast – "Nash Den" newspaper

A defender from Talnivshchyna died in Donetsk region

Petro Stebelyak, a Carpathian fighter, died fighting for Ukraine

A military man from Rivne region was killed during mortar fire in Donetsk region

A defender from Kirovohrad region died in the war with the Russian occupiers

Roman Pavlechko, a military man from Prykarpattia, died in the hospital

A young fighter from Odesa died at the front

"Cotton" in occupied Berdyansk: what is known

Explosions in Makiivka – Defense forces destroyed important weapons in Russian warehouses

The Russian army uses chemical weapons, in particular lewisite, – Kovalenko – Freedom

A Russian lieutenant colonel was killed in Ukraine

Consequences of an attack by the Armed Forces on an ammunition warehouse in occupied Makiivka. VIDEO+PHOTO report