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Nicholas Zharkikh

May 18, 2023

Missile attack on Odesa region on May 17-18 – most of the missiles were shot down, one person died

Kyiv was shelled by bombers and attacked by drones, KMVA

The General Staff reported the latest news from the epicenter of hostilities – TSN, news 1+1

Consequences of the Russian attack on the night of May 18

A traitor who "directed" rockets at railway bridges and factories in Lviv region was sentenced to life imprisonment

There is a hit in Khmelnytskyi due to a night attack of the Russian Federation – OVA – news on UNN | May 18, 2023, 08:47

A day in the Kharkiv region: shelling of at least 20 settlements, a missile attack on Tsirkuny, – OVA. PHOTO

The special representative of China met with Zelenskyi, later the diplomat will go to Moscow – mass media

A collaborator from Luhansk region, who managed the occupying branch of the bank, was sentenced to 8 years in prison – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

Filming of the work of drones is prohibited – the GUR appealed to Ukrainians

Russia made a scandalous statement: "Dagger" destroyed 5 Patriot complexes at once

An explosion on the railway in the Crimea on May 18 – Yusov from the GUR reacted to the incident

You can expect unpleasant "surprises": the Armed Forces explained the peculiarities of the night shelling of Ukraine

Cherevaty reported that the Defense Forces advanced on the flanks of the Bakhmut direction from 150 m to 1.7 km per day – Rubrik

Missile attack on Odesa: six "Caliber" and two "Iskander-K" missiles were shot down over the region – news on UNN | May 18, 2023, 10:50 a.m

The Armed Forces control the southwestern part of Bakhmut and are advancing in places – Malyar

There are successes: the Ukrainian Armed Forces made a serious breakthrough near Bakhmut

The Russian occupiers are intensifying the pressure on the Avdiiv region – information from Barabash – Freedom

Norway will hand over new M270 MLRS to Ukraine – TSN, news 1+1 — Weapons

Training of the Ukrainian military – a Ukrainian brigade numbering from three to five thousand military personnel underwent training in Sweden

Estonia’s counterintelligence announced the liquidation of the Russian residency

Anatoly Korsun, a native of the Ovrutsk community, who died near Bakhmut, was buried in Kyiv

The Caliber missile suddenly landed in occupied Crimea, reports ASTRA – First Blogpost

A rare Russian Eleron reconnaissance drone was shot down over Luhansk region

The death of two Volyn residents was confirmed

It became known about the death at the front of three more defenders from Khmelnytskyi

Valery Shtyk, a 45-year-old military man from Terebovlyan Oblast, died in Donetsk

Hero from Volyn Ruslan Vozniuk died in Kharkiv Oblast

A soldier from the Sarna district died in the Luhansk region

Khmelnytskyi, a 34-year-old soldier from Staraya Ushytsa, died in Kharkiv Oblast "E" |

A shooter and a gunner from the Kharkiv region were killed in Donetsk region

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are making progress in the Lyman and Kupyansk regions

The church in Orichov was destroyed due to Russian shelling

Ukrainian defenders struck 6 strikes on areas where the occupiers were concentrated, destroyed 21 cruise missiles per day – General Staff

During the day, the Ukrainian aviation made six strikes on the places of concentration of the occupiers – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In the Kherson region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a house where FSB employees lived, many were killed and wounded

"Cotton" in Sevastopol: more than a dozen explosions were heard in the city

During May 18, the Russians carried out 36 missile and 23 air strikes on our country, carried out 30 attacks from anti-aircraft missiles, – the General Staff

Soldiers of the Armed Forces destroyed three Russian "Hrad"

The Armed Forces hit the ammunition depot and 7 enemy EW stations, – General Staff

Defense forces destroyed 11 units of enemy equipment from the air

Artillerymen of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union broke up a formation of Rashists near Bakhmut

May 19, 2023

During the night attack of the Russians, the Air Force did not allow strikes on Kyiv, — KMVA

Ukraine shot down a Russian plane with the Patriot system — Ukrainian news

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled 29 enemy attacks during the day

The French ambassador visited Izyum in Kharkiv Oblast for the second time

The SBU exposed a cleric of the UOC MP who sanctified the occupiers during the capture of Izyum

G7 leaders announced new restrictions against Russian diamonds

Zelensky’s visit to Saudi Arabia – the president will speak at the Arab League summit –

Bakhmut: The Armed Forces are stopping the advance of the Russian enemy

Suspicion was reported to the Russian general who ordered the destruction of "Mria"

Oksana Marchenko was sentenced to land on the bank of the Dnipro in Kyiv worth over UAH 200 million

In Dnipropetrovsk region, air defense forces shot down two enemy drones

The Ministry of Defense spoke about the advancement of the Armed Forces in the Bakhmut direction — the war in Ukraine

On the Bakhmut direction, the defenders managed to knock the Russians out of their positions and gain a foothold on advantageous lines: video

Battle of Bakhmut. Sirskyi showed the attack of the 3rd brigade: they occupied the enemy’s positions – video

Malyar reacted to the statement of the occupiers about full control over Bakhmut

A 25-year-old defender from Sadovoy was killed

The war took the life of a father of five children from Volyn

Five Belarusian soldiers of the Kalinovsky regiment died near Bakhmut – TSN, news 1+1

Ivan Zlotnyk, a defender from Shchytynska Vola, died near Bakhmut

A 31-year-old resident of Cherkasy was killed in the Bakhmut district

The Hero from Ternopil Valentyn Krulevsky died in the war

We are losing the best: three servicemen from Ivano-Frankivsk died in the war

A young Ukrainian athlete died at the front

Andriy Lototskyi, a military man from Dubenshchyna, died

Soldiers died on one day: in two communities of the Rivne Region, Days of Mourning for Country Heroes were announced

The marines destroyed several dozen more occupiers and two artillery systems

Defender from Zhytomyr died in the battles for Donetsk region

Oleksandr Koval, a resident of the Kryvorizka district, died in the battle with the Russian invaders

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about the consequences of night shelling – First business

Racists legalize the deportation of TOT residents

He did not have time to hide – soldiers of the Armed Forces destroyed the Russian self-propelled mortar "Tulip"

The Ukrainian air force struck the occupiers near Oleshki

The Armed Forces destroyed two enemy BMPs and a Msta B howitzer

The Russian "Buk M2" flew into pieces after a direct hit

Ukraine was offered Spanish Q-SLAM-40 kamikaze drones: how they will help defeat the Russian Armed Forces

G7 leaders condemned the deportation of Ukrainians to the Russian Federation and supported the ISS investigation – news on UNN | May 19, 2023, 4:19 p.m

Zelensky met with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia – what was discussed

Sumy region — Three energy workers were killed as a result of Russian shelling — Ukrainian news

Britain has imposed sanctions against 86 Russian people and companies linked to Rosatom and the theft of grain from Ukraine – Rubrik

Investigation: Russia bypasses sanctions by purchasing microchips and UAVs for the war against Ukraine through Kazakhstan

The Russian Federation banned the entry of Obama and 500 other Americans in response to US sanctions

The USA introduced new sanctions against more than 100 Russian companies

The Armed Forces are advancing to winning positions in Bakhmut

Production of nuclear fuel in Ukraine: how it will affect Russia

In Kyiv, they said goodbye to the 21-year-old athlete who died during the terrorist attack in Olenivka

May 20, 2023

Counterattacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the threat of Russian encirclement of Ukrainian troops in Bakhmut, – ISW

Operational information as of 06.00 on 20.05.2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

At night, 20 Shahed kamikaze drones were shot down over Ukraine

Night attack of Lviv Region by Shahed kamikaze drones: consequences

Occupiers captured near Bakhmut received prison terms

Russia "retaliated" against the court in The Hague for Putin: it declared the prosecutor wanted

Zelensky arrived in Japan for the G7 summit – TSN, news 1+1

20 "Shaheed" and "Merlin-VR" reconnaissance drone were destroyed in the Ukrainian sky – Air Force – news on UNN | May 20, 2023, 08:15

A day in Donetsk region: missile strikes on Sloviansk and an airstrike on Vugledar. PHOTO reportage

British intelligence: Russia throws new forces to capture Bakhmut – Politics – Course of Ukraine

Bakhmut – SSO showed a video of the battles and the mutilated fortress city

One million projectiles promised by the EU will be enough for Ukraine for half a year – Ryzhenko – Freedom

In the Rivne region, three Heroes were taken on their last journey

During the treatment, it was not possible to save his life: the heart of the Hero from Volyn Vitaly Kvach stopped

During the war with the Russian occupiers, a soldier from Khmelnytskyi died while performing a combat mission

Ivan Panyushchyk, a defender from Transcarpathia, died in the war

In the battle for Ukraine, a resident of the Odesa region, Dmitry Kilienko, died

A fighter from Lviv Oblast died in the war with the occupiers

A sergeant from the Rivne region died as a result of artillery fire.

Ivan Dmytruk, a soldier from Ivano-Frankivsk region, died in the war

He remained faithful to his oath until his last breath. A grenade launcher from the Dnipropetrovsk Region was killed in the Chasovoy Yar area

Musicologist Ivan Kuzminsky died fighting for Ukraine

During the morning attack, the enemy targeted an infrastructure object in the Khmelnytsky region – OVA

Another attempt of the enemy to advance towards Bilogorivka turned out to be unsuccessful – Lysohor

The Ukrainian operator destroyed the Russian BPM for a million dollars with three FPV drones

Ukrainian pilots are looking forward to training on the F-16, — Reznikov

For the first time since the beginning of Russian aggression, the USA decided to lift sanctions against a Russian businessman – Rubrik

Indian Prime Minister Modi met in Japan with Zelensky, this is their first conversation after the start of a large-scale war

The Big Seven will refuse energy resources from the Russian Federation

War in Ukraine – 13 Ukrainian defenders fought for 30 hours with more than 200 invaders

The war in Ukraine – a Wagnerite and a traitor were convicted – the SBU

Russia has learned to bypass sanctions: who is playing into the hands of the Kremlin

The SBU exposed 12 more supporters of "Russian peace": one of them wanted to erect a monument to Kadyrov

In Japan, Zelensky met with Sunak and Italian Prime Minister Meloni. PHOTO

Enemy losses in killed and wounded in the Tavria direction amount to almost four companies per day

Japan introduces new sanctions against Russia – media – latest news

New EU sanctions against Russia: new EU sanctions against Russia affect more than 90 foreign companies, including those from China (05/20/23 21:02) «Abroad | Censor. NO

Yermak in Japan discussed a fighter coalition with Sullivan

Zelensky shared information about the results of the first day of the G7 summit

May 21, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 05/21/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Cotton in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation: a major fire broke out

In Berdyansk, on May 21, 2023, a powerful explosion was heard near the port

Putin congratulated the occupiers on the alleged capture of Bakhmut: he promised rewards

Zelensky – Trudeau: Clear signals should be given at the NATO summit in Vilnius that Ukraine will become a member of the Alliance

Ukraine and Russia have the same problems – Budanov’s statement

In Kharkiv Oblast, a pensioner who fed the occupiers and insulted the Armed Forces was sentenced

All enemy drones were shot down in the sky over Dnipropetrovsk region – OVA – news on UNN | May 21, 2023, 07:42

A Russian aerial bomb fell on residential buildings above Yenakiev in the Donetsk region – TSN (News 1+1)

Explosions in Mariupol on May 21 – probably the air defense system went off

Zelensky met with Biden in Japan: the US will provide Ukraine with a new military aid package (VIDEO)

"Bakhmut is only in our hearts": media reports that Zelensky confirmed the loss of Bakhmut by the Ukrainian military – news on UNN | May 21, 2023, 09:57

The White House talked about the meeting between Biden and Zelensky

Ukrainian servicemen destroyed four Russian "Shaheds" – the command of the Air Force Base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Transfer of F-16 – the Armed Forces named the number of fighter jets expected from the Allies

The adjuster of the Russian fire pretended to be a volunteer to avoid punishment – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

A National Guard soldier who died near Mariupol will be said goodbye in Dnipropetrovsk region

Five soldiers from the Rivne region joined the ranks of the Heavenly Legion

Bohdan Khodakivskyi, a member of the national team of the Kyiv region, died in Donetsk region

The burning of the Koran in Volgograd: the Russians again justify the alleged involvement of the SBU

Biden received a "firm assurance" that Ukraine will not use the F-16 on the territory of the Russian Federation

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are approaching the capture of Bakhmut in a tactical encirclement, the advance on the flanks continues, – Syrskyi

The headquarters of the occupiers in Berdyansk came under fire

Joe Biden said that Russia lost 100,000 people near Bakhmut

Russian hackers carried out a double cyber attack against the ministry and mass media of Ukraine — State Special Communications

The SSO released a video of how they hunted the enemy in the destroyed Marinka – Column

In the Tavri direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed five ammunition depots

Explosions rang out near the railway station in Donetsk – Donetsk news

War with Russia: Zelensky called on the world to support the Ukrainian peace formula to save us from aggression

The UK will start training Ukrainian pilots to fly the F-16 this summer – Sunak

Joe Biden confirmed the training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighters for Ukraine

Sanctions against the Indian company were introduced by NAZK –

In the Kharkiv region, the name of a priest who worked for the occupiers in Izyum was named

in the Kharkiv region, a fallen soldier was held in the last place

We have an understanding with the world majority regarding every point of the Peace Formula that is important for Ukraine – Zelenskyi – news on UNN | May 21, 2023, 9:33 p.m

Syrskyi visited the positions of Ukrainian troops near Bakhmut — video — news of Ukraine

Japan will provide Ukraine with 100 cars and 30,000 rations

The Russian Federation withdraws command posts from Luhansk due to the threat of damage by Storm Shadow, Tymochko and Freedom missiles

Seoul promised Kyiv additional non-lethal aid – DW – 21.05.2023

The court recognized the affiliation of the UOC MP to the Russian Orthodox Church: reasons and consequences

Weapons for the counteroffensive: how Stryker anti-aircraft missiles will help the Armed Forces

They showed themselves in Ukraine – Estonia and Latvia will create a joint air defense system using Iris-T systems

May 22, 2023

After the battles for Bakhmut, the Wagner PKK is unlikely to be able to conduct offensive operations in other areas — ISW –

The light went out in occupied Simferopol

During the day, the occupiers carried out 58 missile and air strikes, carried out 65 shelling from rocket launchers, there is destruction of infrastructure

The Armed Forces hit the occupiers more than 20 times per day, — General Staff

Air defense destroyed an attack UAV over the Black Sea, which was used by the invaders to attack Odesa – OVA

Japan hands over 100 trucks for the Armed Forces

In Kyiv and in many regions – air alarm. Explosions rang out in Dnipro

An administration building caught fire in the Belgorod region

On May 22, 2023, Dnipro suffered a powerful enemy attack – the first details

An accident may occur at the ZNPP due to shelling by the occupiers — Energoatom

Commander Syrskyi showed a video of how the Armed Forces repelled the Russian attack

The circumstances of the "negative takeoff" of the Russian Su-35 are being clarified – the spokesperson of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Military Armed Forces adjusted fire in the Mykolaiv Oblast

The Russian mass media reported on the accident involving the car of Patriarch Kirill. The Russian Orthodox Church denies it

The Military Commissariat got involved in Moscow: 15 vehicles of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were sent to the scene

The Armed Forces left Bakhmut and control only the areas of the adjacent roads, ISW

At night, the occupiers fired 16 cruise and ballistic missiles along the Dnieper. How many anti-aircraft missiles were shot down

The Armed Forces named a possible target of the Russian attack on the Dnipro

Last day, marines destroyed 16 occupiers, an observation post and a cache of ammunition

An oncologist who worked for a long time in the Lviv Region died during the war

The war took the life of the champion of Ukraine in pole vaulting – META

An enemy bullet took the life of soldier Ruslan Zayara from Poltava region

A fighter from Lviv Oblast died in a battle with the enemy

A resident of the Bolgrad district died in the war Mahala

Soldier Pavel Pavelko from Dnipropetrovsk region was only 30 years old. A wife, son, mother, brother and grandmother have lost their dearest person

Vitaliy Sivachenko, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, a bright memory

Andrii Semenovych, a teacher of the Ostroz Academy, died near Bakhmut

Mykhailo-Victor Lemberg died – the son of journalist Cherninka was killed near Bakhmut – photo

Another Hero from Ternopil region joined the heavenly army: the warrior fought his last battle in Donetsk region

Russia’s losses in the war – more than 20 warehouses and bases were destroyed in a week – map

The Armed Forces destroyed the barracks with the occupiers near Mariupol

"Cotton" in the Dnipro delta: the Armed Forces hit the Russian observation post 10 km from Kherson (video)

Six attack UAVs shot down in the sky over Mykolaiv Oblast:: War:: Intent:: Regional network of quality journalism

The artillery of the Armed Forces destroyed a column of enemy equipment

The Armed Forces in Bakhmut control certain facilities and the private sector in the "Litak" area, – the Ministry of Defense

The power transmission line that supplies the Zaporizhzhya NPP has been restored – Ukrenergo – news on UNN | May 22, 2023, 12:36 p.m

The police announced the death of 23 special forces as a result of an attack on Zaporizhzhia a year ago

Fighters from Donbas – ZSU Major Zhorin said that most of the experienced fighters were destroyed

The military showed how they destroyed three Russian BMPs

Finnish Gasum terminated the contract with Gazprom for the supply of gas through the pipeline

RDK raids – The third penetration into the territory of the Bryansk region took place – video

"A drone dropped explosives": the Russian Federation announced a fire near Belgorod

An informant who was "hunting" for Ukrainian air defense in the Bakhmut area was detained

In Rivne, a native of the Russian Federation was exposed, who justified the aggression of the Rashists

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly recognized Russian crimes in Ukraine as genocide

Kazakhstan refused to issue an agreement to the ex-leader of Luhansk Region

The work of the Ukrainian DRG was officially announced in the Belgorod region

Hysterics of Russians and memes of Ukrainians — events in Belgorod on May 22

An air alert is howling in the Belgorod region – fighters of the "Freedom of Russia" legion are fighting on the territory of the Russian Federation

Explosions reported in Belgorod region: "Something terrible is happening"

Combat operations in Belgorod region: the GUR reported that only citizens of the Russian Federation are participating in the operation to "create a security zone"

The Ukrainian military destroyed a Russian Mi-24 helicopter

The authorities of the Belgorod region announced the number of victims of the raid

Artillerymen of the brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign destroyed the column of invaders (video)

Prigozhin announced the withdrawal of "Pvk Wagner" from Bakhmut

The Armed Forces shot down an enemy attack helicopter in Donbas

PVK "Wagner" is close to destruction, the Armed Forces are advancing on the flanks – the situation in the Bakhmut direction – Freedom

A 25-year-old paratrooper from Khmelnytskyi was killed in battles with the Russian invaders

Chygyrin region lost another defender – Nova Doba

A National Guardsman from the Dnipropetrovsk region died in battle near Zaporizhzhia

Battles for Bakhmut – Track and field athlete Bohdan Khodakovskyi served as a sniper of the Aydar battalion and died near Bakhmut

The commander of special forces from the Bar community was killed at the front

A resident of the village gave his life in the battle for Ukraine. Malokaterinivka – TV channel MTM Zaporizhzhia

Two servicemen from the Rivne region died in the war

Mykola Motrunych – a military man from the Rivne region died after being wounded near Bakhmut

Losses of Ukraine: Oleksandr Hryhorchuk from the Kamian district was killed

He will remain 30 years old forever: Lysyanshchyna lost a fighter again

Marines destroyed an observation post, an ammunition cache, and a group of occupiers

Battles for Luhansk region – the Armed Forces destroyed six units of armored vehicles and 54 occupants

Soldiers of the SSO destroyed the Russian complex "Ironia", which was monitoring the equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (VIDEO)

"SVO began on the territory of the Russian Federation." The main thing about the raid of the RDK and "Freedom of Russia" in the Belgorod region

The RDK boasted about the "trophies" captured in the Belgorod region

In occupied Sevastopol, news from Crimea is loud again

The former policeman, who was preparing explosions on the railway, was given a life sentence

Led a "hunt" for the air defense of the Defense Forces near Bakhmut: a detained accomplice of the occupiers

May 23, 2023

News from the front on May 23 from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russia attacked Ukraine with Shahedam on May 23 — news of Ukraine

ISW: the events in the Belgorod region became an information shock for the Russian Federation

Belgorod explosions – on the night of May 23, UAVs attacked the buildings of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs – video

The pro-Kremlin tiktoker, who staged provocations in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, was informed of suspicion

Has the cotton season started in Crimea?

Fire in the Bryansk region on May 23, 2023 – what is burning, why was the gathering of security forces announced – photos and news of Russia

Belgorod region of liberation – the GUR announced that the Legion of Freedom of Russia and the RDK are conducting an operation on the border

By the end of the year, EU countries will train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers, Borrel

"Bakhmut’s Paradox": the troops of the invaders fell into a trap

Cherevaty explained the main success of the Bakhmut operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A Ukrainian soldier of the "Azov" regiment was sentenced to life imprisonment in the so-called "DNR"

The SBU detained a Russian spy in Cherkasy: he was collecting data on air defense – Politics – Course of Ukraine

The President of Ukraine presented awards for Marine Corps Day at the front today

Russian security forces still have not restored control over Belgorod Oblast – MILITARY COURIER

Battles for Bakhmut on May 23 – Painter told what is happening in Bakhmut – war in Ukraine 2023

In Bakhmut, the intensity of fighting has decreased. The ZSU advanced a little on the flanks – Malyar

Oleg Honcharuk, a resident of Berdychiv, died near Bakhmut

In the war with the Russian occupiers, Zhytomyr Region lost another of its Defenders

A resident of Zhytomyr Oblast died in the battles for Ukraine

Poet and writer Ihor Mysiak died at the front

Defender of Ukraine from the Mashiv community died in the Kharkiv hospital.

The life of a military man from Rivne region ended in Kharkiv region

As a result of a fatal wound to the head, a young Carpathian, Yuriy Kaigorodov, died in the war

The war took the lives of two more soldiers from Khmelnytskyi

Oleksandr Mamchich, a 39-year-old defender from Varash, died in Donetsk region

Vitaly Yavorskyi from Khizhynets died at the front

Forever 30: a fighter from Ivano-Frankivsk died in Donetsk region

Oleg Ishchenko, a soldier from Kremenchuchyna who fought the last battle near Bakhmut, died

Seven scouts of the Armed Forces captured 22 special forces of the "Storm" detachment. Video

Over the past month, 50 bodies of missing Ukrainians have been found (photo)

Where is Valery Zaluzhnyi now and what is known about his condition – interview by Hanna Malyar, news 1+1

The Armed Forces destroyed the Russian assault armored column

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed six attack drones and two Merlins at night – the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Syrskyi showed a video of combat work in the Bakhmut direction: he confirmed the successes on the flanks – news on UNN | May 23, 2023, 10:17 am

In Zaporizhzhia, the abbot of the UOC MP monastery began to serve the Russian Nazis

A Russian colonel was killed in Ukraine

Serhii Yevtukhov, an entrepreneur from the Kherson region, actively cooperates with the occupiers

The second day of the liberation of Belgorod region: new battles and the transfer of troops from Ukraine continue

Battles for Bakhmut on May 23 – the ZSU advances up to 2 km per day

"Ukraine will not win the war": Hungarian Prime Minister Orban made another scandalous statement

Budapest’s blocking of aid to Ukraine should be perceived as a challenge to the EU, – Pavytska – Freedom

Meeting of EU Defense Ministers in Brussels – Hungary blocks aid to Ukraine

Mria Dron supplies the Armed Forces with combat drones: how they help soldiers on the battlefield

The situation in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation does not affect security in Ukraine

Serhii Cherevaty revealed the main achievement of Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut

​​Cunning Yakut-stealer of drones worth UAH 670,000: a citizen of the Russian Federation was detained in Kyiv for "postal" fraud

Holodomor in Ukraine recognized by Slovenia –

Orban’s statements regarding Ukraine caused the Hungarian forint to collapse

May 24, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 05/24/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

"RDK" and the Legion "Freedom of Russia" continue the operation in the Belgorod region, – ISW

Legion "Freedom of Russia" fired on a military unit in the Belgorod region

A restless night in Belgorod: an explosive device was dropped on the city. The governor announced a new attack

Villas in Spain, cooperation with the Russian Federation and the epicenter of scandals: what are the Geregs famous for

Medvedev said that the US should pay compensation for Bakhmut and Mariupol destroyed by the Russians

Air defense and F-16 will be discussed in the Ramstein format — Ukrainian news

Denmark will start training Ukrainian pilots on the F-16 – Stefanchuk – news on UNN | May 24, 2023, 06:20

Belgorod region – what is known about the explosions on the night of May 24, 2023

The Defense Forces have success on the flanks of Bakhmut – Syrskyi

The Crimean bridge smoke, what is happening – photos, videos and the latest news of Crimea on May 24

Russia’s losses in the war against Ukraine – the Armed Forces destroyed a Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter

Oleksiy Volchkov – in Ukraine, a helicopter pilot was eliminated, who staged a loud explosion at exercises in Russia – photo and all the details

The war in Ukraine 2023 – general staff meeting on the morning of May 24 – map of hostilities and the latest news from the front

What is happening in the Belgorod region after the offensive of the Legion and RDK – Grayvoron

Operation in the Belgorod region – DRGs are working, nuclear weapons are being exported in a panic: an expert’s explanation

Andriy Filyak funeral – a 32-year-old commander who died fighting for Ukraine was held on his last journey in Lviv Oblast

Russians hit a kindergarten in the Sumy region, – OVA

The EBRD will provide Ukraine with an additional €1.5 billion – The Guardian

The SBU suspects the general director of Ural Airlines of waging an aggressive war

Battles in the Belgorod region – the GUR commented on the events in the Belgorod region and pointed to the lies of the Russian Federation

100 military vehicles and dry rations for Ukraine – Japan provided a package of assistance to the Armed Forces –

Reznikov confirmed for the first time that Ukraine is already successfully using Storm Shadow missiles

A resident of Kirovohrad Oblast voluntarily went over to the side of the enemy

Rashists hanged a Ukrainian patriot in the occupied Luhansk region

HIMARS destroyed the hidden position of the occupiers in Donetsk

Raid in Belgorod Oblast on May 22 — Yusov spoke about the current mood in Russia –

Belgorod region latest news on May 24: exclusive

Operators of a Ukrainian drone destroyed a Russian BMP-1 in the Avdiyivka area. VIDEO

Minus 11 pilots: the Russian public said that 4 boards of the Russian Federation were destroyed by the Patriot air defense system

They hid it badly: a drone-bomber of the Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up the occupiers’ warehouse with ammunition (video)

The appearance of several PMCs in Crimea is connected with the preparation for the evacuation of VIPs from among the occupiers – details from Yusov – Freedom

On the outskirts of Bakhmut, the Ukrainian military destroyed an enemy drone with a Pegasus drone (video) On the outskirts of Bakhmut, the Ukrainian military destroyed an enemy drone with a Pegasus drone

A powerful explosion was reported in Feodosia in the occupied Crimea

A fighter from Odeshchyna, who was recently awarded by Zaluzhny, died at the front

Ukrainian boxing champion Oleksandr Onyshchenko died in the Bakhmut direction

A young National Guardsman from Rivne region was killed during mortar shelling in Luhansk region

Kyiv patrolman Ivan Tkachev died in the war

Roman Yaremovych, a defender from Prykarpattia, who was wounded near Bakhmut, died

Roman Horodovenko, a resident of the village of Lishnya, Drogobych community, died in the war with the Russians – Drogobych.City

Four defenders from Vinnytsia died in the war

Defenders from Kirovohrad Oblast died in the war with the aggressor

A soldier from the Kherson region died in the fighting in the Donetsk region

A defender from Birkivka died: the Minsk community is in mourning

Serhiy Kondratiev, a defender from the Dnipropetrovsk region, died at the front

A 27-year-old defender from the Lviv region died in Luhansk region

Belyaivka lost another son in the war. Defender of Ukraine Denys Sadchuk died in battle

A 35-year-old defender from Chortkiv region, Volodymyr Sukhyi, died near Bakhmut

Anton Zagrebelny, a fighter from Kamiansk, died in the Zaporizhzhia region

An assistant grenade launcher from Kostopil Oblast was killed in Donetsk region

"Cotton" on the Zaporozhye front: the occupiers were deprived of a pair of "Buratin" and manpower (photo)

"In 4 days, we advanced 3 km in the direction of Bakhmut, destroying two assault units of the enemy," Yevhen Mezhevikin – IA "Vchasno"

Chornobayov syndrome: TORO drones destroyed 4 Russian Murom complexes (video)

Artillerymen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck a cluster of military equipment belonging to the Russian occupiers

Norway will support efforts to train Ukrainian pilots for the F-16

The Netherlands has already provided Ukraine with 1.6 billion euros in military aid

100 tactical first-aid kits were handed over from Israel to the frontline defenders of Ukraine – First Blogpost

Organized provocations on the territory of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and spread pro-Russian narratives: the SBU detained an agent of the Russian Orthodox Church in Kyiv

Fighters of the "Freedom of Russia" Legion could well enter Belgorod

The special operation on the territory of the Belgorod region continues – details from the RDK and the Legion "Freedom of Russia" (VIDEO) – Freedom

Russian propaganda will continue to be "hidden" in the media by a volunteer battalion

Russian volunteers gave a press briefing: "Armored vehicles were bought in a store on Putin’s advice"

What happened in the Belgorod region of Russia: facts and statements

Residents of Belgorod region are loyal to the representatives of the RDK and the "Freedom of Russia" legion, this disoriented the Kremlin, – GUR

The RDC named the objectives of the operations in the Bryansk and Belgorod regions

The HUR responded to propagandists’ statements about losses in the RDC and the "Freedom of Russia" legion

"Russian Volunteer Corps" set a condition for journalists who ask for an interview

The war took the life of a young National Guardsman from the Rivne region OHO

A 20-year-old paratrooper from Khmelnytskyi was killed while performing a combat mission

Two daughters were left without a father: Serhiy Kondratiev from Kamiansky died defending Ukraine

The champion of Ukraine in boxing among young men died at the front near Bakhmut

A little son was left without a father: the Russians killed a defender from the Lviv region

A teacher from Kharkov died at the front – ГХ

Anatoliy Koval, a 53-year-old military man from Ternopil Oblast, died near Avdiivka

A 52-year-old shooter from Varash was killed in Kharkiv Oblast

Heroes of Bukovyna: junior sergeant Vyacheslav Tanashchuk died in the war – Bukovyna Online

Two more soldiers from Poltava region were killed in Donetsk region

In the Zaporizhzhia region minus 4 enemy bases

Murders in Buch – prisoner of war Andriy Medvedev made a confession

A loud explosion rang out in Mariupol, it was heard in all districts of the city – the mayor’s advisor