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Tatar raid in 1452

Nicholas Zharkikh

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Attack on Riv

Theory and practice of steppe guarding

Meeting in Seradz

Attack on Lviv land


The "useful conversations" that the leaders of Poland conducted among themselves regarding the opposition to the Tatars can be summarized as follows:

1. Deployment of guards on the steppe border for early warning of attacks.

2. Mobilization of the local nobility (territorial defense forces) for repulse.

3. Mobilization of the nobility of the internal voivodeships to help the border voivodeships threatened by the Tatars.

4. Recruitment of units of mercenary soldiers to strengthen the border voivodeships.

5. Construction of castles (preferably stone) that could withstand Tatar attacks.

6. Coordination of efforts in the fight against the Tatars with Moldavia, which is also threatened.

In this regard, Bratslav region was assigned the role of the frontline of the defense of the Polish lands. The question of coordinating efforts with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, with which Poland was in a personal union, was not raised at the moment. Also, so far there was no talk of the need to buy off the Tatars, to pay tribute to them in exchange for non-attacks. We will follow up on attempts to implement / modify this plan.