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The struggle against the oppression
of the Olgovychs (1206 – 1208)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

It was not for nothing that I ended my story about the triumph of the Olgovychs with a word but. Their dominance in half of the territory of ancient Rus’ automatically made all their neighbors their enemies, and it was impossible to conclude any kind of peace that would at least somehow, even for a short time, ensure the recognition of their successes. We do not even see such attempts. The enemies did not hesitate to start a rematch.

The ephemeral "empire of the Olgovychs" began to crumble, not having lasted even three months.

From the entire history of the "Olgovychs empire" one can deduce the Leninist science (I’m not kidding!) that seizing power is relatively easy, but keeping it is much more difficult. The proverb "the enemy does not sleep" was never as timely as it was for the Olgovychs in 1207.

La comedia finita – at the end of 1208, the Olgovychs lost all their gains and were driven back to Chernihiv region.