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Nicholas Zharkikh

May 11, 2023

Yesterday, the enemy hit the civilian infrastructure of Kostyantynivka with an S-300 missile, there are casualties and destruction

Switzerland has frozen more than 8 billion dollars of assets of the Russian Central Bank

The US approved the first-ever transfer of confiscated Russian assets for Ukraine’s needs

Russia is on fire: what is known about the fires in the Urals, the Far East and Siberia

The 72nd brigade escaped from Bakhmut – Danilov addressed the Russian military, what he said

Siemens finally exits the Russian market: missile companies switch to "import substitution"

In Donetsk region, GUR scouts fired at the enemy’s armored vehicles – the Rubrik – at night

Battles in Bakhmut – the retreat of the 72nd brigade – are the Wagnerites going to leave the city

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces: the West handed over 600 types of weapons to Ukraine for the offensive – US Colonel Martin O’Donnell

Danilov: We have partial success. We are not going to pass Bakhmut

The SBU detained an enemy missile adjuster in Mykolaiv (photo)

The court sentenced a teacher from Koma to 5.5 years in prison: he called the explosion on the Kerch bridge "a birthday present for Putler"

Goods worth at least a billion dollars disappeared during transit through the Russian Federation — the latest news

Defender Volodymyr Vitiv from Ternopil Oblast died in the war – FINE CITY OF TERNOPIL

Senior soldier Nazarii Yaremko, a resident of the Velikomostov community, passed away near Bakhmut

Maksym Golovko died – Dnipro Region

A good husband, father, friend and brother: Hero Serhiy Kashuba returns to Volyn "on a shield".

A gunner from Kanev died in the war

Another loss: a soldier from Chernihiv Region died at the front during combat missions

Myroslav Romanovsky, a defender from Tlumachchyna, died in the battle with the occupiers

Four defenders from the Rivne region died for Ukraine

Left Bank "cotton": the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the forest "camps" of Russians in the Skadovsky and Kakhovsky districts

Before the counteroffensive: the Armed Forces received Turkish Cobra II armored vehicles (Video) – MILITARY COURIER

In the Zaporizhzhia region, a soldier shot down a shahed with a machine gun

The Armed Forces destroyed two Russian D-20 howitzers

A Russian oligarch has his eye on the business of the Kherson traitor Eduard Repilevsky – hrivna

The occupier who was liquidated in Kharkiv helped expose the unit of Russian intelligence: Investigation

Ukrainian kamikaze drone fell on the roof of the "Tiger" of the Russian occupiers – video

Russia’s losses in the war – GUR organized a hunt for armored vehicles of the occupiers in Donetsk region – video

Teamwork: Teroboronov soldiers from Vinnytsia destroy the enemy near Bakhmut (Video) | All News of Vinnytsia

Bakhmut – the Russian army does not have the strength to repel local counterattacks of the Armed Forces

Colonel Naumenko of the Russian Guard turned out to be the organizer of the torture chamber in Kherson

It became known about the death of the soldier Roman Pitel, who disappeared last year near Kherson. PHOTO

"Minus" 14 targets in two days: the SBU showed the work of special forces

The Russian occupiers rapidly retreated in Luhansk region

South Africa reacted to the US accusations of supplying weapons to Russia

Hanna Malyar stated that the enemy is sufficiently supplied with ammunition

Enemy assaults choked on the outskirts of Bakhmut, 4 drones of the Russian Federation are dead – border guards

The Russians began to panic in the south of Ukraine – the Ukrainian Armed Forces named the reason

The Russians export to the Russian Federation documentation and property from seized state institutions in the south of Ukraine – CNS The Russians export to the Russian Federation documentation and property from seized state institutions in the south of Ukraine – CNS

Russian soldiers shout about the encirclement of their troops

The Polish Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the involvement of the German ex-chancellor in the invasion of Ukraine

Reconstruction of Ukraine: the European Commission found reasons to use the assets of the Russian Federation

The SBU exposed collaborators in Kherson and Izyum

Zaluzhny warned what he would do with supporters of the USSR in the Ukrainian army Pro Ukraine

May 12, 2023

The war in Ukraine 2023 – the assembly of the General Staff on May 12 – a map of combat operations, the latest news from the front

Battles for Bakhmut – the Russians are weakened and will not be able to surround the ZSU –

An explosion rang out in the temporarily occupied Melitopol – the mayor

Putin’s call-up of reservists is a sign of defeat – Malomuzh

A resident of Mirnograd was detained, who gave the occupiers information about the deployment of the Armed Forces

France wants Sarkozy on trial over Libya funding

On the morning of May 12, there was a powerful explosion in Melitopol

Volodymyr Vitiv – the son of a participant in the national liberation struggles of the 70s died at the front – photo

Hryhoriy Mikhov – a defender from Izmail who died in the war – photo

In Primorye, a helicopter crashed into an oil pumping station, the pilot escaped (photo) — UNIAN

The Russian army lost several positions near Bakhmut and Soledar, – Deep State

Zelensky commented on the situation with the losses of the Armed Forces at the front

"Come here, pot": NSU fighters showed the destruction of a pair of Russian tanks in Donetsk region

Air defense forces destroyed the Russian drone "Orlan-10" in the Kherson region

The networks showed how much trash and ammunition the occupiers left behind after fleeing from the positions near Bakhmut

Battles for Bakhmut: advancing the Defense Forces and maintaining positions in the city

Call sign – "Polyak". A resident of Lviv Oblast fought as part of the so-called "DPR" – That’s Lviv.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine counterattacked in the area of Bilogorivka (MAP)

Belgorod tanks on May 12 — in OK Pivden reacted to the hysteria of the occupiers — news of Ukraine

What is the situation on the left bank of the Kherson Oblast – a report by OK Pivden

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Bakhmut — what is known and why Russian soldiers are panicking — Ukrainian news

The Armed Forces captured a large group of invaders near Bakhmut

They reported the death of a young man from Volyn

A soldier from Verbivka died in the battle near Avdiivka

A 28-year-old soldier from the Rivne region died near Bakhmut

A resident of Odeshchyna died at the front

A well-known athlete from Vinnytsia died near Bakhmut

During the war, the heart of staff sergeant Bohdan Brus from Frankiv region stopped beating

The artist Volodymyr Chornyi died at the front

The court sentenced Metropolitan Iosaf of the Kirovohrad Diocese of the UOC MP

Military startups of Ukraine: what is known about the Hor drone and the Khmara EW tool (photo)

Hungary threatens to block decisions in the EU, while its "OTP Bank" is on the lists of war sponsors

Explosions rang out in occupied Luhansk. OVA reacted

The defense forces repelled 36 enemy attacks in four directions, continuous fighting continues in Bakhmut, – General Staff

Soldiers of the 21st separate motorized infantry battalion "Sarmat" eliminated a group of "Wagnerites". VIDEO

The enemy is trying to disperse in the South, and is simply fleeing from Crimea, – Humenyuk – Crimean news

Zelensky signed a decree on another package of sanctions

Belgium will send Ukraine $100 million in tax revenues from frozen Russian assets

He helped the occupiers implement the "ruble zone" in the occupied territory: a local resident of the Kherson region will be tried

In Cherkasy, they said goodbye to the fallen 45-year-old defender

May 13, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 05/13/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Russia staged a new attack with drones – air defense was working in the Kyiv region – the first details

More than a dozen explosions rang out in Khmelnytskyi region – news from Khmelnytskyi

War in Ukraine – explosions rang out in Lviv and Khmelnytskyi, chronology of 444 days of fighting

He said that Ukrainians themselves are to blame for the war: a pro-Russian fan was detained in the Kyiv region

An informer of the occupiers from the Donetsk region was sentenced to five years in prison

They supported Poland: in Lithuania, they also decided to rename the Russian Kaliningrad, – mass media

The drone attack did not damage energy facilities, the system is stable – Ukrenergo

The Ukrainian military is shelling the rear of the enemy in the Luhansk region — ISW

G7 countries increased financial assistance to Ukraine to $44 billion

The Dobrovelychkiv community said goodbye to the fallen soldier (photo)

The Armed Forces managed to push back the Russians in the south of Bakhmut by at least a kilometer – British intelligence

"Tiger", "Grad" and two "Kamaz": soldiers of the SBU demonstrated the destruction of enemy equipment (VIDEO)

In Mykolaiv, shells hit a bakery and a kindergarten

The enemy attacked Khmelnytskyi with four "shaheds". Podillia News

Luhansk and Mariupol explosions – what is known – the first photos

Drone attack on Kyiv region: no hits were recorded, a private house was damaged due to falling debris, – OVA

Several explosions rang out in Mariupol

The artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the headquarters and eight pieces of equipment of the occupiers

Soldiers of the Armed Forces captured a group of occupiers near Bakhmut

CNN writes that the Patriot anti-missile system near Kyiv intercepted the Dagger during the attack on it

The Ukrainian Armed Forces pushed back the Russian army and reached the key heights near Bakhmut

Russian State Duma deputy Viktor Vodolatsky was wounded in occupied Luhansk (video)

A military man from Ivano-Frankivsk Oleg Verbovy died in the war

Andriy Sorokhmanyuk, a soldier from Rakhiv Oblast, died fighting for Ukraine (PHOTO)

Yevgeny Goyko, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

The set designer of the film Pamfir Volodymyr Chornyi died in the war – what is known about the soldier

A serviceman from the Rivne region died near Bakhmut

He did not have time to create his own family: the Safyan community lost a young soldier in the war

Seven soldiers of the 68th Separate Battalion of the Territorial Defense of Transcarpathia died in the war (video)» News of Transcarpathia

A young soldier from the Lviv region died in Donetsk region

The son of a priest from Polissia, who was taking the wounded from Bakhmut, died.

Veterinarian Volodymyr Kalyna from Novomoskovsk died in the battle near Zaporizhzhia

Our soldiers are moving forward in some areas of the front in the Bakhmut direction, – General Syrskyi

Zelenskyi met with Italian President Sergio Mattarella in Rome

Shelling in the Khmelnytsky region on May 13 – The number of victims increased, several people were hospitalized –

Ukrainian partisans conduct reconnaissance of the oil depot in the city of Rovenki

Eight high-rise buildings were damaged in Mykolaiv: video of the destruction

The Minister of Defense of Germany confirmed the provision of aid to Ukraine in the amount of €2.7 billion

Yermak appealed to NATO and called on Ukraine to provide security guarantees – TSN

Russian military "Granit" tortured people in Balaklia. Some of his victims have not yet been found

Orban questioned the need for the existence of the European Union

A helicopter crashed in the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation

The fall of the second helicopter in the Bryansk region

The Russian Su-34 crashed in the Bryansk region – what is known about the downing of the fighter May 13, 2023

The occupiers dropped two aerial bombs on Beryslav in the Kherson region: the city is without light

Explosions in temporarily occupied Luhansk, — rosZMI

Switzerland made an exception on the issue of neutrality for Ukraine

The failed "special operation" of Chervinsky: the SBU spoke about the details of the shelling and signs of FSB intervention

Ukraine will receive the second batch of Vector drones from Germany. The first has already proven its effectiveness on the battlefield — reconnaissance

An explosion rang out in the suburbs of occupied Mariupol in the evening of May 13, – the city council

Bakhmut — Malyar reported that the armed forces are advancing in two directions in the suburbs — News of Ukraine

On May 13, 2023, there was an explosion in Luhansk near the Military Commissariat

Zaluzhny: Such losses would stop any country. In Russia, the cheapest thing is human life

The biggest losses of Russian aviation in the last year – what is known about the accident of the Mi-8, Su-34 and Su-35 | Pro Ukraine

Downed Russian fighter jets planned to launch a missile-bomb attack on the Chernihiv region of Ukraine – mass media

Battles for Bakhmut — a video of the assault on Russian positions on May 9 appeared online

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out 8 strikes on the occupiers and military equipment during the day

Under Bakhmut, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the commander of the Russian brigade and the chief of staff

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two EW stations and repelled 40 attacks by the occupiers — the General Staff

The Armed Forces liberated Klishchiivka from the occupiers

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the headquarters of the occupiers with four colonels

18 of 22. The General Staff of the Armed Forces specified the number of enemy kamikaze drones shot down at night

Near Bakhmut, the Defense Forces eliminated 3 Russian colonels, including 1 brigade commander, – Stefan

"The enemy is fighting in hysterics, but he can’t do anything" – Lieutenant Yevhen Halych about the battles for Bakhmut

Powerful explosions rang out in the center of Horlivka

The field depot of BC of the Russian occupiers was destroyed near Bakhmut

18-year-old soldier Daniil Filipchuk died while defending Ukraine from the Russian invaders. PHOTO

Three soldiers from Kirovohrad Region died in the war with Russia

The war took the life of a resident of the Boratyn community

A soldier from Alexandria died in the war

Heroes of Bukovyna: Dmytro Hrabko, the goalkeeper of the football club, died at the front

Oleksandr Aleshkov, a soldier from Sumy, died near Vugledar

Another irreparable loss: a young Defender died at the front

A young lieutenant from Zdolbuniv region died at the front OHO

The artist Volodymyr Chornyi died in the war

May 14, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 14.05.2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

All drones moving in the direction of Kyiv were destroyed – KMVA

Explosions in Ternopil region – May 14, 2023 – missile threat

Defense forces destroyed the reconnaissance complex of the Rashists

The Russian Federation announced that a Ukrainian drone attacked the Konservsushprod enterprise in the Bryansk region

Rocket attack on Ternopil on May 13 – Russians attacked Ternopil, two people were wounded

Zelensky’s visit to Germany: the first details – video

The Russian Air Defense Forces, Ignat, was involved in the plane crashes in the Bryansk region

An explosion rang out in occupied Yasynuvata in Donetsk region (VIDEO)

Zelensky meets with the Chancellor of Germany in Berlin – DW – 14.05.2023

The Air Force shot down 25 Russian drones and 3 missiles overnight

Fighters of the 3rd OShBr destroyed a field formation with a Russian BC. VIDEO

In the Bakhmut area, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two trucks with 20 rockets

Losses of the Russian Federation in the war against Ukraine – the aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck enemy personnel in the Kherson region and destroyed 16 occupiers

The barracks with the occupants were destroyed near Mariupol

Russia’s losses in the war against Ukraine – the Armed Forces eliminated Russian officers – photo

Serhii Trokhymenko from the Trostyanets community died near Spirnyi in Donetsk region

Dnipro News: Pavlo Voinalovich died

Oleg Verbovy, a Carpathian, died in the war

A warrior by profession: a 25-year-old defender from Poltava region died under enemy fire

Heroes of Bukovyna: military Ivan Kosovan has passed away

Military Mykola Bruyaka was killed by enemy artillery fire in Luhansk Region

A military man from the Kharkiv region died in Donetsk region

CHERNYAHIV NEWS – Defender from Zhytomyr region died in the battle for Bakhmut

Zelensky was awarded the Charlemagne Prize in Aachen – DW – 14.05.2023

Olaf Scholz announced in Ukrainian about an unprecedented aid package for Ukraine worth 2.7 billion euros

Ukraine and Germany adopted a joint statement following Zelenskyi’s visit to Berlin

The Armed Forces carried out 12 airstrikes against the occupiers. And also — they hit the Russian control post

Rocket strike on Ternopil: fires in warehouses extinguished – State Emergency Service

Three enemy drones were destroyed in the Kherson region – two UAVs "Orlan-10" and one ZALA

Lukashenko fell ill – it was confirmed in Russia

The fire front in Russia: entire villages are being evacuated, one helicopter will put out the fire

The crash of helicopters and fighter jets in the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation was called an air ambush

She was on her way to reinforcements: the Armed Forces crushed a column of armored vehicles of the Russian Armed Forces near Bakhmut (video)

The SSO snipers showed powerful footage of the "hunt" for the occupiers near Bakhmut

In the Tavria direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 6 ammunition depots

Germany supports Ukraine’s aspirations to become a member of NATO and the EU. Zelenskyi and Sholtz issued a joint declaration

"There is no such state": a taxi driver-"historian" in Kyiv shocked with Ukrainophobic statements

May 15, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 05/15/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Escape of collaborators from the occupied territories – collaborators flee to Russia in the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions

A joint declaration of Ukraine and the French Republic appeared: details

WP removed from Zelenskyi’s interview the fragment about Prigozhin’s contacts with the GUR: the founder of "Wagner" ridiculed the newspaper

War with Russia: Zelensky denied rumors about Ukraine’s plans to introduce troops into the territory of the Russian Federation for occupation

Aerovironment started production of Jump 20 UAV for Ukraine

Negotiations between Zelenskyi and Sunak – all the details

Military aid to Ukraine – Britain will transfer hundreds of combat drones to Ukraine

Explosions at Russia’s Seshcha air base – failure of air defense to intercept drones causes alarm in the Kremlin – British intelligence

Russia’s losses in the war against Ukraine – the Armed Forces destroyed the occupiers’ tanks near Kreminnaya – video

Russia’s losses in the war – the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy’s cannon and BC warehouse on the Bakhmut direction – video

Mykhailo Tsimbalyuk – an amateur football player from the Rivne region died fighting for Ukraine – photo

China’s peace plan – Li Hui is to visit Ukraine on May 16-17

Britain will begin training Ukrainian pilots in the summer – the government

The SBU reported that Firtash and the top management of his companies were suspected of embezzling over UAH 18 billion

Hanna Malyar about the difficult situation in Bakhmut

The Ukrainian Navy meticulously destroyed almost a dozen invaders and their boat – details

Ukrainian artillery destroyed Russian mortars near Bakhmut

Macron promised Ukraine dozens of armored vehicles and AMX-10RC wheeled tanks, media reports

Zelensky called on NATO to make a positive decision regarding Ukraine’s membership at the summer summit

More than 20 law enforcement officers from Mariupol defected to the enemy: they face life imprisonment

Moscow is on fire: there were explosions in a large supermarket in the capital of the Russian Federation (video)

In Novosibirsk, a suspect in the arson attack on a Su-24 bomber was arrested

The defenders of Ukraine destroy from 5 to 7 light motor boats of the enemy in the Kherson region every day, OK "Pivden"

Ukrainian fighters demonstrated the destruction of an enemy mortar position in the direction of Bakhmut

In Lozova, they will say goodbye to the soldier who died on the Bakhmutskyi direction

A paratrooper from Zhytomyr died in the war with the Russian invaders

Heroes of Bukovyna: Yuri Kalim died in the fight against the Russian invaders

A defender from the Buska community died in a battle near Bakhmut

Volodymyr Satmari, a resident of Uzhhorod, died in the war

A paratrooper from Volyn gave his life for Ukraine

Yury Strochyk, a resident of the village of Obenizhi, died during the war with Russia

Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, a soldier from Kanev, died in Luhansk region

Vasyl Velychko, a defender from Transcarpathia, died in Donetsk region

A young sergeant from Poltava region died during an assault on Russian positions

Andriy Matrunchyk from Lutsk district died near Bakhmut

In Slobozhansky, they will say goodbye to the fallen soldier

A lieutenant from the Lviv region died in the battle near Bakhmut

A soldier from Chernihiv region died in Luhansk region

A 29-year-old Zahisnyk from the Zhytomyr region died in the battles for Donetsk region

On the shield: it became known about the death of six soldiers from Poltava region.

Konotopshchyna lost another defender in the war

Gennady Dolgolikov, a Ukrainian soldier from Crimea, died

He died of his wounds in the capital hospital: Zolochiv region lost a 33-year-old Hero in the war

Volodymyr Kantytskyi, a soldier from Lanovechchyna, died of his wounds

Vlad Tkachenko, a soldier from Kremenchuchyna, died during the Russian-Ukrainian war

Minus two Russian colonels near Bakhmut: the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reacted to the confirmation of deaths in the Russian Federation –

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the howitzer battery of the occupiers in the firing positions

Our aircraft struck the concentration of enemy manpower in the Kakhov district, – O. Vilkul

The Air Force destroyed 5 enemy drones

The occupiers stacked boxes with ammunition right next to the road, so the Armed Forces easily destroyed them – video

The Armed Forces destroyed a convoy of Russian armored vehicles

Explosions in Mariupol on May 13 – details of cotton in the village of Respublika

The Armed Forces began to use Turkish Cobra II armored vehicles

New arrivals in Kreminnaya: What is known as of now | News in "Chas Peak"

"Stugna" destroys the enemy – a video of the night elimination of a Russian tank

Vyacheslav Opolsky – an occupier-lieutenant colonel from Bashkiria who had previously distinguished himself in Georgia was eliminated in Ukraine – photo

Russia’s losses in the war against Ukraine – the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed more than one and a half hundred occupiers and two BC warehouses in the Lymansky and Kupyansky directions

"Minister of Internal Affairs of the People’s Republic of China" was blown up in Luhansk

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation seized a walkie-talkie of a company of the Russian Armed Forces near Bakhmut — video

In the southern direction, fighters of 406 OABr destroyed an enemy self-propelled mortar. VIDEO

She called the Armed Forces of Ukraine a "bottom" and supported Leps fans: the SBU opened a criminal case against the scandalous blogger Kristina Horun

Sanctions against Russia – The US arrested two men who circumvented the restrictions

The air alert is now in Ukraine – sirens are sounding in all regions

Tourne before the offensive. What are the results of Zelensky’s sudden visit to European capitals

The Armed Forces of Ukraine lured Russians into a trap in Bakhmut – details

The woman from Frankiv, who called the war a civil conflict, will spend 5 years behind bars

The militant who pretended to be an immigrant in the capital received a real prison term – Kyiv news

May 16, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 05/16/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

American Abrams tanks arrived in Germany for the training of the Armed Forces

Kyiv explosions – Russia staged a night attack on Kyiv – powerful explosions rang out

France will transfer long-range missiles to Ukraine – Emmanuel Macron’s statement

The Security Service of Ukraine exposed a blogger who taught about the movement of the military – Ukraine News

The Russian Federation announced the downing of a drone in the Bryansk region

An explosion occurred in Moscow (video)

Bloggers exposed the work of the Air Defense Forces in Kyiv: the wife of a drug lord Inna Voronova and even Ksenia Mishina were highlighted. Accents

"They began to shout: "Guys, we are ours, don’t shoot!" Ukrainian soldiers tell how Russian soldiers surrender near Bakhmut

At night, air defense forces eliminated four missiles over Mykolaiv Oblast

There are 200 thousand. How much more can Putin mobilize for the war in Ukraine

After a series of night explosions in Kyiv, the US ambassador thanked the Air Defense Forces of Ukraine for their work

As a result of the night attack, there were no hits to the energy infrastructure – the Ministry of Energy

British intelligence: SSU achieved "tactical success" in Bakhmut

Ukraine received the Samp-T air defense missile complex

Hungary has blocked the allocation of EU funds for weapons for Ukraine

The "First Deputy Prosecutor General of the DPR" was charged with terrorist activity

Due to the betrayal of the Ukrainian military, 277 marines were captured

The youngest head of the Supreme Court and the most high-profile bribe. What is known about Vsevolod Knyazev | Pro Ukraine

The night rocket attack on Kyiv on May 16 – the consequences of falling debris – photo

Rescuers showed the consequences of the night attack on Kyiv

Missiles launched at Kyiv were destroyed thanks to the multi-level principle of air defense echeloning, – Nayev

Sabotage in Russia is already all over the country: it was called the failure of the FSB – how the war in Ukraine affected it

Another "cotton" in the Russian Federation in the Kursk and Bryansk regions

Vsevolod Knyazev – the head of the Supreme Court received money for a decision in favor of Zhevago – details

A fire broke out in Moscow near the "Moskvich" plant – First Blogpost

Vsevolod Knyazev was detained, suspicion is being prepared for the head of the Supreme Court – Ukraine News

A Czech medic, seriously wounded in Donbas, died

Using Pegasus drones, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Zmiy Horynich enemy installations near Bakhmut: video – TSN, news 1+1

Since 2022, Ukrainian partisans in the occupation have increased significantly, — Stakhanov partisan "Skhidny"

An enemy UAV with 12 lenses was shot down in Kharkiv Oblast – Kharkiv Times

In addition to the six "Kynzhalov", Ukraine shot down one more missile, which the air defense had not been able to deal with before

The Armed Forces of Ukraine showed the Russian "Caliber" that were shot down at night over Mykolaiv Oblast – Новости Николаева цегодня

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit four artillery units of the Russian Armed Forces

It’s noisy in occupied Tokmok: local sources report a series of "crowded" arrivals (photo)

A brave shooter from Zhmeryn district died

Oleksandr Bezugliy, a senior sergeant of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Dnipropetrovsk region, died in the war

A defender from Lviv Oblast died near Bakhmut

Son, loving father and brother: the young Hero from Volyn, Zoryan Franchuk, died in the war

Oleg Kravets died during Ukraine’s war with Russia

The war took the life of another athlete: the master of sports of Ukraine in rowing slalom died – META

An irreparable loss: the war took the life of a 21-year-old soldier from the Rivne region

Defender from Volyn gave his life for Ukraine in the war

Raised children alone and saw the future in caring for them: the Defender from Izmail died in the battles in Donetsk region

Ukrainian aviation struck the location of the Russians in the Skadovsky district

Zelenskyi’s tour of Europe: a new weapon for Ukraine – DW – 16.05.2023

Patriot in Ukraine – Ignat told how the systems will affect the occupiers – Ukrainian news

How many Kinzhal missiles are left in Russia – Reznikov hinted to TSN, news 1+1

In Chernivtsi, the activities of churches with proven ties to the Russian Federation were banned – Rubrik

Under-sanctioned businessman Fuchs received suspicion from the SBU

Lithuania and Latvia renamed Kaliningrad after Poland

Yamal-Europe gas pipeline exploded in Russia: details of "cotton"

The ex-minister of the Russian Federation admitted that the sanctions completely destroyed the economy of the Russian Federation

The Armed Forces liberated 20 square kilometers near Bakhmut – Ministry of Defense

Budanov: Russia has exhausted its potential for offensive actions – DW – 16.05.2023

Summary of the General Staff – the Armed Forces spoke about the situation on the fronts as of the 447th day of the war

The Supreme Court dismissed Knyazev from the position of the head of the court

An Internet agitator who supported Russia’s actions against Ukraine was exposed in Kharkiv Oblast

Russian and Belarusian athletes were not allowed to participate in the European Games – Boxing on

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reacted to the statements of the Russian Federation about the alleged destruction of the Patriot complex

The Armed Forces shot down two Russian drones in the sky over Mykolaiv Oblast

May 17, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 05/17/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Blinken does not rule out the possibility of recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, TSN news, 1+1

The occupiers attacked a store in Mykolaiv with "calibers" at night

The authorities of the People’s Republic of China called on embassies in Beijing to remove signs of support for Ukraine

The Russian Duma denounced the Convention on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe

Partisans attacked the railway near St. Petersburg

The Air Force assured that it is impossible to destroy the Patriot air defense system with the "Dagger" – Column

Russia’s losses in the war – artillerymen destroyed two enemy self-propelled guns 2C5 Hyacinth-S with one shot – video

The adjuster of the rocket attacks on Lviv was sentenced to life imprisonment

They shed light on the work of the Air Defense Forces – they answered before the Security Service of Ukraine: how they can punish Kyiv’s woe-bloggers | Pro Ukraine

The National Security Council warned about the responsibility for publishing the work of the Defense Ministry

Ukrainian special forces received Polish Warmate attack UAVs

A soldier from Svitlovodsk died in the war with Russia

I didn’t have time to live. A soldier from Prykarpattia, 24-year-old Oleg Fedyk, died in the Dnipro hospital

Two Crimeans died at the front defending Ukraine. What is known about them

A 42-year-old resident of Kramatorsk died in the battles for Bakhmut

Yuriy Gilyanchuk, a soldier from Ostrozhchyna, died in Donetsk region

Taras Valylo, a Carpathian, died in the war

Two soldiers from Kostopil Oblast died at the front

A lawyer from the Rivne region died near Bakhmut

The war again brought sad news to the Goshchan community

Zhytomyr naturalist photographer Denys Kryviy died at the front near Bakhmut

Roman Khomyak, a soldier from the community in Rivne region, died in Donetsk region

Mykhailo Marchyshyn, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, a bright memory

Three more fighters from the Lviv region died in the battles for Ukraine

Andriy Tomaschuk, a soldier from Vorokhta, died in the battle for Bakhmut

Anatoly Shmagunenko, a soldier from Kryvyi Rih, died in Vugledar

Ivan Golub, a soldier from the Dnipro, died in the Bakhmut direction

It was not possible to hide: near Popasnaya, artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian air defense system "Buk-M1"

Soldiers of the Armed Forces captured ten Russian occupiers

Tavricheskoe direction: Defense forces repulsed 16 attacks, destroyed a company of invaders

Russia’s losses in the war against Ukraine are equal to the number of armies of 16 NATO countries TSN, news 1+1

The SBU in Kherson detained a nurse who worked for the FSB

The Appeals Chamber of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce confiscated the assets of the daughter of the so-called governor of the Kherson region, Volodymyr Saldo

Drones fell in two regions of the Russian Federation, one of them dropped explosives on a border post – rosZMI

Three developers of hypersonic missiles in the Russian Federation were arrested for treason

The fourth developer of hypersonic missiles was arrested in Russia

The mass media of the Russian Federation named the three pilots who died in the Bryansk region on May 13

The French Senate recognized the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as a genocide of Ukrainians

In the evening of May 17, explosions rang out in occupied Luhansk. PHOTO reportage

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry accused Ukraine of encroaching on the country’s sovereignty and independence

Scandal in Kyiv school #216: the teacher was fired

The SBU has established the identity of the Russian commander involved in the mass shelling of Kherson SBU has established the identity of the Russian commander involved in the mass shelling of Kherson