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Nicholas Zharkikh

April 27, 2023

Operational information as of 06:00 on 04/27/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Reznikov in an interview with RBC-Ukraine about the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces, Ramstein and negotiations with the Russian Federation

A powerful explosion rang out in the center of occupied Melitopol

The Armed Forces destroyed two important military objects of the occupiers

The Czech Republic introduced sanctions against the Russian Patriarch Kirill

Where on the front are the fiercest battles, the General Staff reported

The defense forces repelled 54 enemy attacks during the day, – General Staff

The enemy attacked the Mykolayiv region – there are victims

Volyn Teroboronov "minus" an enemy armored personnel carrier in the East of Ukraine (video)

"It will happen unexpectedly": Reznikov told how the Ukrainians will learn about the beginning of the counteroffensive

Shelling of Mykolaiv on April 27 – Calibers were directed along a complex trajectory – Mykolaiv news –

A Russian propagandist is minus in Nova Kakhovka

Shelling of Mykolaiv: Mayor of Mykolaiv Sienkovych about the shelling (27.04.23 10:51) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

A resident of Lyman gave Russia the coordinates of the Defense and Railway Forces – SBU

The Armed Forces blew up the enemy’s S-300 air defense system

The Russians have set up combat positions on the roofs of the ZNPP power units, — British intelligence

In the battle for Ukraine, a resident of the Odesa region, soldier Andrey Ursulyak, died

The war took the life of Yury Myronyuk from Krasyliv region, Khmelnytskyi "E" |

He was a leader on the field and in life: futsal player from Dnipropetrovsk Andriy Petrenko died in the war

On April 26, Taras Stasyshyn from Boryslav died near Bakhmut – Drohobych.City

The war took the life of Hero from Ternopil Andrii Skoblin

Hayk Khachatryan – a defender from Volyn died fighting for Ukraine in Donetsk region – photo

Serhii Shumovetsky from the Ivanovo community died at the front

Viktor Puhalskyi, a soldier from Berdychiv Oblast, was killed during artillery shelling in Donetsk region

Dmytro Berkuta from the Khorolsk community died in the battle for Ukraine

Anatoly Dzygalenko from Tyutok died in the war

A 28-year-old soldier from Khmelnytskyi died in the war with the Russian invaders

A grenade launcher from the Rivne district was killed near Kreminnaya

Zurab Odishvili – a volunteer from Georgia died in the war – photo

Boryslav lost a defender of Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two "Grad" anti-aircraft guns and "Nona" self-propelled guns of the occupiers

The SSO showed how the commander of the Special Operations Forces, Viktor Khorenko, broke through to Bakhmut along the shelled road

On the left bank of the Kherson region, the enemy’s military supply points were destroyed

In Melitopol, an odious collaborator carries a cardboard Zhirynovsky around the city (photo)

Ukraine returned home 44 defenders. Details of another exchange of prisoners

Immediately two enemy drones were shot down in Donetsk region – Kramatorsk news

Held the occupiers near Maryinka: a young volleyball player died in Donbas – Stanislav Makaida

Ex-Minister of Education Tabachnyk was "appointed" as an adviser to the Gauleiter of the Zaporizhzhia region

The Secretary General of NATO reported how many weapons were transferred to the Armed Forces: "This will provide Ukraine with a strong position"

Russians are in a panic: an unknown drone was seen near Moscow (Video) – MILITARY COURIER

Moscow airports were attacked by drones

Support for Ukraine – the head of South Korea said that the country will help our country in the fight for freedom –

The second division of the "Patriot" air defense system is already in operation: the Air Force showed a photo – news on UNN | April 27, 2023, 9:07 p.m

Cherevaty about Bakhmut: Enemies call him the second Stalingrad

The Russian Federation created 27 filtration camps and prisons in the occupied territories

The PACE recognized the deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia as genocide

PACE recognized the President of Belarus Lukashenka as complicit in the genocide of Ukrainians

He shot a car with his family: the occupier of the Russian Federation was given a life sentence by the Ukrainian court

Army of drones – The Ministry of Statistics reported the number of contracted drones

April 28, 2023

In the airspace near Kyiv, Ukrainian air defense shot down 11 cruise missiles in the morning, – the head of the KMVA

Dnipro shelling: a woman and a three-year-old child were killed

Missile attack on Uman on April 28 – a Russian missile hit a high-rise building

Consequences of the enemy attack on Uman: 5 people were hospitalized

The FSB passed on information about the defenders of Mariupol: the head of the Poltava District Court was exposed

In Pereyaslav, they will say goodbye to the defender who died in the war, the radio host of Suspilno Dmytro Sirik

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Armed Forces of Ukraine repulsed more than 65 enemy attacks in 3 directions. Bakhmut and Maryinka remain at the epicenter of hostilities (04/28/23 07:12) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

In the morning, the enemy launched 23 cruise missiles over Ukraine, 21 of them were shot down, – Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces

Summary of the General Staff: dozens of occupiers died near Melitopol from poisoning by an unknown substance

In the Kyiv region, fragments of a rocket hit a high-rise building: a child was injured

Russian missile attack on Uman – Zelensky called on the West to strengthen sanctions against Russia after the occupiers’ missile attack on Uman

The identity of the executioner who kills Ukrainian prisoners of war has been established

US Ambassador Brink: The brutality of the Russian Federation only strengthens the determination of Ukraine (04/28/23 11:03) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

The presidents of the Czech Republic and Slovakia arrived in Ukraine

Kuleba: Missile strikes that kill Ukrainians in their sleep are Russia’s response to all peace initiatives

The SBU detained a collaborator who took Ukrainian grain from the Kharkiv region to the Russian Federation

A sharp dive: what has become of the Russian aviation industry

Lockheed Martin received a contract worth almost $5 billion to manufacture missiles for HIMARS

Medvedev about Moldova: Medvedev about the "black list" of Russians in Moldova: "Moldova does not exist" (04/28/23 11:41 AM) «Abroad | Censor. NO

In Uman, the number of people killed as a result of the Russian missile strike has increased to 16, three of them children

CAESAR self-propelled guns from Denmark have already been on combat duty in Ukraine – Reznikov

The President of the Czech Republic on the murders in Buch: We hoped for too long that Putin’s Russia was different, but it turned out not to be so

Georgia did not vote for the PACE resolution on child abduction and genocide in Ukraine

The SBU informed about the suspicion of a novice of the Pochaiv Lavra who justified Russian aggression

The Vinnytsia Regional Council decided to terminate the lease agreements with the churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (MP)

Four people were blown up by a mine in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation – mass media

Budget officers from Moscow were obliged to serve in patrols to "protect the sky from UAVs" until May 9, — mass media

Rocket attack on Uman – the number of victims increased rapidly, the body of the fourth child was pulled from the rubble

Ukraine and the Czech Republic will jointly produce weapons, training aircraft and repair tanks – Pavel

Zelensky had a telephone conversation with the President of the European Council – news on UNN | April 28, 2023, 6:50 p.m

Russia’s nuclear threats – the US handed over radiation sensors to Ukraine

She was involved in the illegal deportation of Ukrainians to Siberia: the traitor received 15 years

April 29, 2023

The hottest spots — Bakhmut and Maryinka: the General Staff told where the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending

A fuel tank caught fire in Sevastopol after a possible drone strike – news on UNN | April 29, 2023, 06:13

Tabachnik works for Putin and owns real estate near Kyiv – Tabachnik works for the Russian occupiers

Weapons for Ukraine – Pakistan will transfer Anza Mark-II MANPADS through Poland –

Three militants who fought against Ukraine will spend 12 years behind bars

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces – the occupiers in Mariupol began to dig trenches and set up firing points right in the middle of the garbage dump

Sevastopol explosions – Girkin threw a tantrum over cotton in Crimea, mocked Medvedev

Volodymyr Makarovsky died – the musician was found under the rubble in Uman – Jamala honored the artist’s memory – photo

The battle for Bakhmut – the 45th separate artillery brigade burned a Russian BMP in the direction of Bakhmut – video

Dehlavieh – Russia started using Iranian missiles to strike Ukraine – what is known

Russia’s losses in the war against Ukraine – Prigozhin said that the Wagner PMC will soon cease to exist – video

SBU detained 6 organizers of pseudo-referendums in Kherson and Luhansk regions SBU detained 6 organizers of pseudo-referendums in Kherson and Luhansk regions

The Pentagon ordered GMLRS shells for HIMARS from Lockheed Martin for $4.8 billion

The tragedy in Uman: the number of dead children has increased to five, the search operation continues

The Ukrainian Armed Forces hit a building with Russian officers from HIMARS

FSB arrested collaborators in Nova Kakhovka – Nova Kakhovka.City

Ihor Tatunchak, a defender from Prykarpattia, died in the battles for Bakhmut

Black news: a fighter from Chernihiv Oblast died near Vugledar

War in Ukraine – Russians killed a Ukrainian judoka in Bakhmut –

Roman Zinich, a soldier from Rakhiv Oblast, died in the battle with the Russian invaders (PHOTO)

An Irish volunteer who had experience of participating in the war in Syria died at the front (PHOTO)

Dnipro news: Oleg Pavelko died

Former BBC journalist Oleksandr Bondarenko died in Luhansk region

Makaida volleyball player died near Bakhmut – Volleyball on

In the battle for Ukraine, a resident of the Odesa region, Colonel Alexander Vdovichenko, died

A powerful explosion rang out in Donetsk

Peter Pavel visited Dnipro

The fire at the oil depot in Sevastopol – Commentary of the GUR

Lithuania is handing Ukraine a new batch of off-road vehicles and dry rations for the military

Germany plans to produce 250,000 155-mm projectiles for Ukraine – mass media

The court announced the sentence to the Kharkiv resident who led the Russians to the air defense positions in the city

Putin introduced life imprisonment for treason

Military parades on May 9 are canceled throughout Russia

Poland seizes the secondary school building at the Russian Embassy in Warsaw for the benefit of the state

The General Staff of the Armed Forces reported on the situation at the fronts as of the 430th day of the war

Zelensky called Hungary’s behavior inadequate because of its friendship with the Russian Federation

The court announced the sentence to the Kharkiv resident who led the Russians to the air defense positions in the city

During the day, the Ukrainian army hit 10 enemy targets, including PMM warehouses and air defense equipment – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Several dozen pilots have already prepared for combat readiness on the F-16.

Zelensky’s address on April 29 – all those who serve the Russian army are terrorists and murderers

The Pope in Hungary met with the under-sanctioned metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church. "Embraced and kissed the cross"

April 30, 2023

Operational information as of 06:00 on 04/30/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

The defense forces clear the occupiers in the Kherson region – details

On April 29, the Russian Armed Forces launched seven missile and 39 air strikes on Ukraine – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made 3 strikes on the areas of concentration of Russians – General Staff – news on UNN | April 30, 2023, 06:57

Now he will protect us from heaven: today Pereyaslavshchyna will conduct the last journey of a warrior from Yerkiv, Vitaliy Mikhalchyshyn

Ukrainian Efarm.Pro has developed an unmanned complex for demining fields

Remotely controlled: Ukrainian inventors have created a combat robot with a machine gun and a thermal imager

The Russians shelled their own village: the reasons were given in InformNapalm

The SBU detained a group of organizers of pseudo-referendums in the south and east of Ukraine

In Tokmak, two cotton balls happened overnight – where the news of Ukraine flew

The situation in the Mariinsky direction: Battles for Bakhmut (04.30.23 11:55) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Shahed is launched in Ukraine from the territory of Belarus – details

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – The military struck from the air on the concentration of occupiers on the left bank of the Dnieper –

Zelensky sharply responded to Merkel’s calls for negotiations with the Russian Federation

The occupiers inflicted a powerful blow on Avdiivka – details

Andriy Martsenyuk, a soldier from Ternopil Oblast, died in the war – FINE CITY OF TERNOPIL

Military Maxim Gostev from the Kryvorizka district died in the war against the occupiers

Fighting in the Donbass – grandson of the famous artist Volodymyr Sydoruk died in Druzhkivka, what is known about him

Dmytro Gavrilyuk from Lazeshchyna in Rakhiv region died in the war with Russia (PHOTO)

A famous dancer from the Dnipro died heroically in the Luhansk region

He was considered missing: a resident of Ukraine died in Donetsk region.

A resident of Lviv Oblast died at the front

Roman Kritovych, a soldier from the village of Mostyshche, died in the war

Yasinya lost its Hero Dmytro Havrylyuk in the war

The war took the life of Taras Zamlyny, a soldier from Rivne

A defender from Halych died in the war: two days of mourning were announced in the community

Chief sergeant from Vinnytsia Viktor Kopaigorodskyi died at the front

Petrenko Andriy Fedorovych from Pokrovsky died

The community announced days of mourning: Viktor Zasyedko, a Carpathian, died in the war

Prykarpattia lost Yaroslav Kuzya, Valery Goncharov and Bohdan Kuntoy in the war

Russia advanced in Bakhmut, – ISW

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces knocked out the occupiers from an important position near Bakhmut

Battles for Bakhmut restrain the enemy’s advance and prevent him from expanding the front — Syrian Bakhmut IN.UA

The commander of a rifle company from Shepetiv region about the battles in Donetsk region: "There are 3,000 of them – 56 of us"

The Armed Forces captured enemy positions near Avdiivka, inflicting heavy losses on the occupiers

T-72, BMP and the newest electronic warfare station: the ZSU reported on the loss of mortars near Lyman and Kupyansk

Tokmak explosions on April 30 – the Armed Forces hit the service station and railway depot in Tokmak

Explosions are heard in the Kakhov district of the Kherson region -

A group of combat drones of the Armed Forces attacked a cluster of Russian occupiers

The invaders are advancing only in two directions. The General Staff named the hottest spots on the front

Zelensky called on partners to speed up defense agreements –

Ukrainians created the Damocles reconnaissance drone worth $2000 and protection against EW – NEWS

The defense of Bakhmut copes with the tasks assigned to it, Ukrainian fighters are counterattacking in some areas – Painter

Forever in the ranks: Poltava region lost thirteen soldiers in the war.

Cherkasy journalist Volodymyr Mukan, who died in the war, has passed away

Andriy Liniichuk, the most successful anti-aircraft gunner of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was killed: the fighter shot down 18 targets of the Russian army – what is known

A paramedic from Berdyansk died at the front

Losses of the Armed Forces – sergeant Fedir Strygun died in Nevelsky in Donbas – photo

A soldier from the Rivne region died during a combat mission in Bakhmut

A military man from the Lubensky district was killed in the Bakhmut area during artillery shelling by the occupiers

Losses of Ukraine: Maksym Gostev from Kryvorizka district died in the war

70 people per day: in Luhansk and its surroundings, local "mobs" are cremated to hide the losses

May 1, 2023

How the day passed at the front – data of the General Staff as of May 1, 2023

Russia’s massive attack on May 1: Zaluzhny revealed how many missiles were shot down

Previously, all missiles and drones fired at Kyiv were destroyed – KMVA – news on UNN | May 1, 2023, 07:13

Russia again launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine

The British ambassador to Ukraine reacted to the morning shelling: Ukrainian air defense responded to Russia’s "May Day alarm clock" – news on UNN | May 1, 2023, 06:34

Budanov – Russians who have committed war crimes will be found and destroyed

Ukrainian scouts conducted a unique rescue operation in Sudan under the noses of the "Wagners" (video)

An American volunteer died in Bakhmut

Drones over Moscow caused panic: a man smashed the entrance of a high-rise building out of fear (video)

A building collapsed in Bryansk region, there are casualties: the Russian Federation accuses Ukrainians of "shelling"

Missile attack on May 1 – the Air Force disclosed details about the new attack of the Russian Federation – Ukrainian news

Serhiy Cherevaty: The situation in the Bakhmut direction (05.01.23 09:32) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Radio Svoboda Weekly: Zelenskyi and Budanov announced the task of liberating all territories of Ukraine

Data on patriots were "leaked" – two residents of Izyum Oblast were notified of suspicion – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

Unknown people blew up an electrical resistance in the Leningrad region of Russia (Photo) – MILITARY COURIER

In the Bryansk region, a train with petroleum products derailed

As a result of shelling by the Russian Federation, power distribution networks in two regions were damaged

Massive attack on Ukraine: how were Russian missiles shot down?

Ukraine signed 3 new agreements with the manufacturer of "bairaktars"

Ex-Deputy from OPZZ Voloshyn will be tried for treason

Occupiers fired at an industrial facility in Zhytomyr Region

Zaozerne — The occupiers announced the work of air defense and the attack of drones in Crimea — Ukraine News

In the village near Yevpatoria, the PPO system – a social network – was activated. Aksyonov said about the downed drone

For the first time since the war, China supported Ukraine at the UN – voted for the resolution calling the Russian Federation an aggressor –

The death of the American volunteer "Harris" in Bakhmut. Washington confirmed the death of a US citizen in Ukraine

Vladyslav Kvitka, a resident of the Kryvorizka district, died fighting for Ukraine

He was wounded in the battle near Bakhmut: a military man from Lviv Oblast died in the hospital

Our Defender from Zhytomyr Polytechnic died

A soldier from Chernihiv Oblast died

A sapper from Zaporizhzhia blew himself up in the Kharkiv region

The brutal war took the life of another Hero from Ternopil region

On the shield: three communities of Kirovohrad Region reported the death of defenders (PHOTO) — Information portal of Kirovohrad Region – Groats – News Kropyvnytskyi

A soldier from the Zdovbych community died at the front

The State Emergency Service reported the consequences of the night attack on Pavlograd – how many houses were damaged

The Armed Forces received new Poseidon drones as part of DAF Leyland control vehicles –

Sevastopol explosions – air defense is working, Aksyonov said that a drone was shot down

In Donetsk region, border guards shot down a Russian drone with a shot from an anti-drone gun

Explosion near Melitopol: The headquarters of the occupiers was blown up near Melitopol, the enemy suffered losses, – Fedorov (05.01.23 20:36) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

An explosion at an oil depot in Sevastopol drove the occupying fleet into the sea

Since December, Russia has suffered more than 100,000 casualties in Bakhmut – White House

Friedman’s company insures units of the Russian Guard fighting against Ukraine – investigation of Schemes –

The SBU detained an enemy informer who was "surrendering" the positions of the Defense Forces

The UGCC claims the Pochaiv Lavra. OCU against: ’The apple of discord between churches’

On Tuesday, Lviv will say goodbye to the Heroes who died fighting for Ukraine

May 2, 2023

The Armed Forces hit the occupiers in Tokmak — Ukrainian news

Two volunteers from Canada died in Bakhmut – what is known

The occupiers are defending themselves in the Zaporozhye and Kherson directions

Ukraine knows nothing about the "peace mission" of the Vatican – mass media

In Kharkiv, a resident of Saltivka, who helped the occupiers destroy the city, was imprisoned

The situation in the east: More than one company of occupiers was wounded and eliminated in the Tauri direction, – Tarnavskyi (05.02.23 11:55) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

The offensive guard formed 8 brigades and there will be additional ones – Klymenko

The Security Service of Ukraine announced that Yanukovych’s head of security, who helped in the capture of Mykolaiv Oblast, was under suspicion

In the Kursk region, they announced "arrivals" from Ukraine

Detonation of the railway in Bryansk region on May 1 – explosives were planted in three places

Olena Terskikh – partisans in Henichesk announced a hunt for a Gauleiter – photo

Explosions rang out in Rubizhny, – social networks

The mayor of Melitopol reported about "cotton" in the Zaporizhzhia region: the headquarters of the Russian army in the occupied Mykhailivka was under attack

The Armed Forces hit the occupiers in the Tokmak cafe, all the details – the Tokmak explosions

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a tank and BMP of the occupiers with high-precision projectiles

Oleksandr Shulzhuk – a defender from Kharkiv Oblast died in the battles for Bakhmut – photo

Ivan Medvedev died – Dnipro Region

"I am living proof of the terrible things they do to people" – a US veteran about Russian captivity

Dnipro news: Oleksandr Skvortsov died

The Zaporizhzhia region lost another faithful son in the war

Kostyantyn Kozlovets, a resident of Kadomka, Kagarlytsk community, died in the war

Dmytro Pyasetsky from Luhansk died during the assault. After the war, he wanted to adopt a child from Mariupol – Svoi.City

Explosions in Mykhailivka: details of the casualties of the occupiers have appeared

The Armed Forces launched a missile attack on the positions of the occupiers in Zaporizhzhia

The shelling does not abate: the city of Orihiv in Zaporizhia was destroyed by 80% – Zaporizhzhia news

Ignat: Russia does not use the advertised Su-57 and Su-75 in the war in Ukraine

Bryansk region — Wagons derailed due to a railway explosion – video

Russia’s losses at Bakhmut: the Ministry of Defense commented on the US statements

Consequences of a fire at an oil depot in occupied Sevastopol from a satellite

Prigozhin told about the killing of the commander of the Terro-Defense Forces of Ukraine, but later admitted his own lies

In Chaplinka, Kherson Oblast, the occupiers set up a torture chamber for civilians in the police department

The Council defined racism as the current political regime in Russia

The SBU exposed a large-scale financing scheme for the "DNR" militants

Russians were called heroes, and Ukrainians were called "national scoundrels": two supporters of the Russian Federation were exposed in Vinnytsia

The Sirko reconnaissance drone was presented in Kharkiv – indicators

May 3, 2023

Air defense forces shot down all the drones that the enemy used to attack Kyiv at night

An oil depot is on fire in the Krasnodar region of the Russian Federation. VIDEO+PHOTOS

Russia’s war against Ukraine: the General Staff released operational data for the morning of May 3

They sided with the occupiers: law enforcement officers from the Zaporizhzhia region will be tried (photo)

​​Justified missile strikes on the capital: the Kyiv resident was informed of the suspicion

The security forces exposed the businessmen who financed the militants of the "DNR" for more than 50 million hryvnias

At night, 21 "Shaheed" were destroyed – Air Force

Denmark allocated 250 million dollars in military aid to Ukraine

Destroyed 60 targets: the Armed Forces spoke about the work of the IRIS-T air defense system – video

Russians hit a hypermarket in Kherson – there are casualties and deaths

Zelensky suddenly came to Finland

The SBU liquidated a huge network of bot farms

2 more strategic objects of the Russian Federation were successfully hit: the main oil terminal and the airfield with "Ruslans"

There is a torture chamber in occupied Chaplinka

An enemy "Kartograph" was shot down over Dnipropetrovsk region in the afternoon on May 3

More than 40 houses were damaged, gas leaked, 70 yards were cut off – a correspondent about the shelling of Zaporozhye

It became known about the consequences of the night attack on Kirovohrad Oblast, Mykolaiv Oblast and Cherkasy Oblast

Occupiers hit Zaporizhzhia, Kropyvnytskyi and several other cities: it became known about the consequences

Mass attack of Shaheds on Kyiv, Dnipro and Kropyvnytskyi: what is known

The Russian army lost almost two companies of troops in the Tauriy region –

The Armed Forces recaptured the Industrial College in Bakhmut from the occupiers

Night attack on Kyiv: air defense forces shot down all Russian UAVs – Nash Darnytskyi

A Russian lieutenant colonel was killed in Ukraine

Radion Shestopalko from the Tulchyn TG was killed at the front near Bakhmut

A 49-year-old defender from Horodok died at the front

44-year-old Ivan Bohdan died in Bakhmut. ’Maybe I won’t come back from here. Take care of my children’

Took part in the liberation of Kyiv region: a military man died at the front, whose photo got into The Times

A 41-year-old man from Cherkasy died in the war with Russia

Another tragic loss occurred in Zvyagel — Defender of Ukraine Anatoly Kosyanchuk died

He will forever be 27: a grenade thrower from the Rivne region died while defending Ukraine

Yuriy Pobran – a defender from Lviv Oblast died in battles with the occupiers – photo

A defender from the Lviv region, who was the commander of a combat vehicle, died near New York

The Melitopol hospital is full of wounded occupiers

A drone attack on the Kremlin – a video of the moment of the attack appeared – Russian news

In Moscow, they urgently banned the launch of drones and threatened to strike back

The Anti-Pushkin Law – the Council allowed the removal of monuments of the colonial past from the State Register

Former People’s Deputy Ihor Nasalik returned to the Armed Forces after being wounded

BpLA attack on the Kremlin: Ukrainians are already making memes (photo)

Zelenskyi met with the Speaker of the Parliament of Finland and the Prime Minister of Norway – news on UNN | May 3, 2023, 5:08 p.m

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled about 30 attacks by Russians in four directions, – General Staff – Rubryka

The Nordic countries of NATO made a joint statement: "The security of Ukraine is of great importance for the Alliance"

In the south of Ukraine, four enemy drones were destroyed – the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The occupiers who tortured people in the village of Sloboda were sentenced to 11 years in prison

The occupation authorities of Crimea say that "the anti-aircraft system worked" over Feodosia

After the UAV attack on the Kremlin, Medvedev called for the removal of Zelensky: the OP responded

Flew over the roofs: eyewitnesses noticed another drone over Moscow (video, map)

Two drones were recorded over the Kremlin, but there is no evidence of Ukraine’s involvement – CNN analysis

Canada handed over $16 million worth of demining equipment to Ukraine Canada handed over $16 million worth of demining equipment to Ukraine

Defense of Kyiv – a resident of the capital was detained for gathering intelligence

They were named after the Russian military. In Odesa, deputies renamed two districts

US Secretary of State Blinken commented on the incident with the drone attack on the Kremlin

Attack on the Kremlin – deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation reacted to the cotton in the Kremlin – photo

Hanna Malyar: Russian troops were tasked with taking control of Bakhmut by May 9