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Nicholas Zharkikh

May 4, 2023

At night, the Russians attacked Kyiv and Odesa: there are hits

ISW: Russia probably staged the attack on the Kremlin itself

Explosions rang out in Kyiv

The KMVA revealed the details of the nighttime air strike on Kyiv

Viktor Shenderovych got into the "Peacemaker": "These are our boys, yes, they are sometimes killers"

Another adjuster of the Russian air attacks on Mykolaiv was detained

There are no signs that Ukraine is behind the "attack" of drones on the Kremlin, – the chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee Warner

12 out of 15 enemy drones – OVA – were shot down over Odesa at night

At night, air defense forces destroyed 18 Shahed-136/131 and a reconnaissance UAV

The Armed Forces repulsed 40 attacks by the occupiers in 4 operational directions

A blow to Kyiv today – wreckage of drones was found in Shevchenkivskyi, Pecherskyi and Podilskyi districts

Due to the night Russian attack in Zaporizhzhia, private houses were damaged – the authorities

The Russians attacked Nikopol at night with rockets and drones, and there are wounded

Zelensky in the Netherlands on May 4 – what is known about it

Zelensky will speak in the Dutch parliament and visit the International Space Station

Zelenskyy discussed preparations for the NATO summit in Vilnius with the leaders of the Dutch parliament

The morning explosion in Mariupol happened at "Azovstal". Andryushchenko talked about the consequences

The Russian Federation threatens to strike the decision-making centers in Kyiv – Venislavsky reacted

The White House reacted to Russia’s accusations of US involvement in the drone incident

The SBU blocked the activities of 11 enemy Internet agitators who were spreading Russian propaganda The SBU blocked the activities of 11 enemy Internet agitators who were spreading Russian propaganda

In Rivne, two fallen defenders were taken to their last rites

Director, volunteer Andrii Maksymenko died after being wounded

Nizhin lost a Hero: Vyacheslav Zelenko died

"Until the last day, she didn’t realize that she no longer had a son", – the war took away two sons from a woman from Ternopil Region

He followed his father to the front: A resident of Stary Merchyk died in Luhansk Region

Volodymyr Havrish, a native of Mukachiv region, died in the war for Ukraine (PHOTO)

Oleksiy Nadtochiy, a soldier from the Kherson region, died in the war

The town lost another Hero

Serhii Bulak, a soldier from the Krolevets community, died in Bakhmut

Forever 39: Volyn defender Serhiy Kozulya died in the war

Ukrainian athlete Viktor Domitraschuk died in the war on his birthday – META

A resident of Chigyryn region died in Bakhmut district

"Forever 30": the company commander of the 93rd brigade Oleksandr Nemashkalo "Seven" died in Bakhmut – IA "Vchasno"

A defender from Krolevets died in Bakhmut

Victor Bovsh, the father of a Lutskteplo worker, died near Bakhmut

A defender from the Lviv region died in the war against the Russian invaders

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the composition of the BC of the Russian invaders

Loud explosions rang out in occupied Horlivka

"Cotton" in Alchevsk: footage with the consequences of the arrivals was published on the network | News in "Chas Peak"

The Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated Russian special forces from Akhmat near Bilogorivka – what is known

An overturned Bushmaster and a knocked-down M113 armored personnel carrier: the social network showed the way to Bakhmut (video)

Bakhmut now – a military man told about the difficult situation in the city

The occupying authorities of Crimea say about "loud sounds" in Sevastopol

Zelensky met with the King of the Netherlands – DW – 05/04/2023

Belgium is preparing a new package of military aid to Ukraine – DW – 05/04/2023

The Netherlands is discussing the supply of aircraft to Ukraine with Great Britain and Denmark

Four residents of Starobilshchyna, Luhansk region, were informed of suspicion of collaborationism

In the Mykolaiv region, a Russian informant monitored the combat aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A warehouse of fuel and lubricants is on fire in Russia. VIDEO

Another fire broke out in Russia: a village near Tyumen is burning – video

In Russia, a missile complex headed for the parade got into a road accident – video

The Russian Federation stops gas wells after a sharp reduction in exports to Europe

A factory that promised a reward for a downed Leopard is on fire in Russia

Another fire in Russia: in Valdai, 20 km from Putin’s residence, a military base burned down

Explosions in Kyiv – Air Defense Forces shot down a drone

Video: Russian drone shot down over Kyiv

As a result of the fall of UAV debris, a fire broke out in the Pechersk district of Kyiv

In Kyiv, the PPO worked – the government

Volodymyr Zelensky promised bad news for Russians: that’s why I’m in The Hague

Collected information about the movement of the Armed Forces in Odesa: the administrators of the Telegram chat reported the suspicion

May 5, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 05.05.2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Military aid to Ukraine – the US is focused on transferring more air defense equipment to Ukraine

As part of the "Army of Drones" project, 10,000 pilots were trained – Fedorov

Summary of the General Staff – the Armed Forces destroyed 2 warehouses with weapons and a remote control station

A drone was shot down over Kyiv on May 4 – it was destroyed during an air alert

An uncontrolled Bayraktar was shot down over Kyiv

The SBU stopped the anti-Ukrainian activities of another 11 internet agitators

"Vice-miss of Kyiv-96" Nataliya Bakai declared that Russia cannot be defeated and lashed out at Zelenskyi

On May 4, the Russian Federation launched 24 air kamikazes over Ukraine, 18 of them were destroyed by air defense, – General Staff

A Russian "mole" who was spying on the aircraft of the Armed Forces was detained in Mykolaiv Oblast

Cotton in Russia – explosions at Russian infrastructure facilities help prepare the ground for Ukraine’s counteroffensive

The occupiers shelled the Kherson region 95 times during the day, hitting the factory, wounding three people – OVA

Bakhmut will leave Wagner’s PMC on May 10 – Prigozhin’s statement

A day in Donetsk region: rocket attack on Kramatorsk, shelling of Avdiyivka, Maryinka and Kostyantynivska hromada, – OVA. PHOTO reportage

A businessman from Lviv supplied Rolls-Royce and Maybach to the management of Gazprom and RT — SBU — Lviv

Why Bayraktar lost control over the Kyiv region: The Air Force commented on the incident

Verified accounts on Twitter exposed in fakes about a nuclear strike on Kyiv after the explosion over the Kremlin

Prigozhin showed the corpses of the "Wagnerians" and scolded the leadership of the Russian Armed Forces

The downing of a drone in Kyiv – the rescuers told the details of the fires

The video showed the combat use of the Ukrainian Bastion-02 MLRS –

The withdrawal of the Wagnerites from Bakhmut on May 10 – Prigozhin’s address to Shoigu, Gerasimov and Putin, video –

About 70% of those mobilized from the "LNR" die, – Vlasenko

Details about "cotton" in Rubizhnoy appeared on the network – photo | News in "Chas Peak"

Mykola Vavrykovich, a soldier from Ternopil Oblast, died fighting for Ukraine

Yevhen Shevchenko, a resident of the Kryvyi Rih district, died in the war – what is known about the hero – news of Kryvyi Rih | KRIVBASS.CITY

Volodymyr Kryl – a defender from Truskavets died fighting for Ukraine – photo

A citizen of Kamianka died on the front line – Beloved city

During the war with the Rashists, a soldier from Khmelnytskyi was killed during artillery fire

Yehor Shumaev from Kramatori died while performing a combat mission

Energy expert Oleksiy Khabatyuk died at the front

The Armed Forces denied the downing of the Kinzhal ballistic missile

The state managed to return the bodies of our defenders

The European Union will allocate 80 million euros to Greek defense companies for the production of ammunition for the Ukrainian army – mass media

The EU decided on 1 billion euros for ammunition for the Armed Forces

The Armed Forces shot down two enemy UAVs and hit five important targets of the occupiers – General Staff –

The European Union said that all persons involved in Russian crimes will be punished, including perpetrators and accomplices

The SBU detained Russian agents who were "hunting" for HIMARS in eastern Ukraine

The occupiers fired at industrial enterprises in Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. The consequences were shown in OVA

Defense forces repelled more than 30 enemy attacks in three directions – General Staff – news on UNN | May 5, 2023, 9:25 p.m

The invaders continue their unsuccessful assaults on Bakhmut

The SBU detained a blogger who denied the crimes of the Rashists

May 6, 2023

The situation at the front: General Staff review in a day (05.06.23 07:09) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

ISW May 6 – The Russians changed the priority of capturing Bakhmut to preparing for a counteroffensive

Night attack of "Shakhed" on Dnipropetrovsk region: all attacking vehicles were shot down

World War II – Ukrainian flags were allowed to be displayed in Berlin

Oligarch Novinsky: what is the charge against the main sponsor of the UOC-MP, whose billion-dollar assets are being confiscated

Shelling of Ukraine on May 6, 2023: Kherson, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Sumy, Dnipro

Russian propagandist and participant in the aggression against Ukraine Prilepin was blown up in a car in the Russian Federation. VIDEO+PHOTO report

Provocations are being prepared: the Russians have announced the shutdown of all units of the ZNPP

Putin talked about the murder of Zelensky – Podolyak

Zelensky will speak before the Swiss parliament – news on UNN | May 6, 2023, 12:59 p.m

Poroshenko handed over electronic equipment to Ukrainian defenders

There is an alarm in the Belgorod region. VIDEO

Volodymyr Petruk, a 31-year-old Hero from Volyn, died in the war

The Carpathian defender Lubomyr Bryshtan died during treatment

Hero from Volyn, Volodymyr Banzeruk, died in Donetsk region

Oleksandr Shulyepov, a graduate of SNAU, died in the war

A fighter from Gnivani, who was considered missing for five months, died

He was considered missing for almost a year: the Hero from Ternopil Oblast returns home on the shield

Covered for the commander: Vasyl Samylov, a soldier from the 129th Brigade of the Military Intelligence Corps, was killed in Donetsk region

The war took the life of another Hero from the Lviv Region

Nazar Miroshnychenko – a 22-year-old defender from Trostyanets died in the battles in Donetsk region – photo

A hero from Ternopil region died at the front

Ivan Kolesnyk from the Bar community died at the front

Several hundred military women are in captivity in the Russian Federation – Coordination Headquarters

Air defense shot down eight Shahed drones at night, there is damage in Dnipropetrovsk region

The leadership of the internal troops of the "Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR" was destroyed in Donetsk

Evacuation in full swing: what is happening in Energodar on May 6

Bakhmut was shelled with phosphorous ammunition on May 6 – video of the SSO –

A drone destroyed a Russian surveillance complex in the Kherson region – video

Defense of Bakhmut – commander Azov told how the Armed Forces defend and attack –

Six employees of the State Emergency Service were killed in Kherson Oblast due to Russian shelling

The Security Service of Ukraine published a video of today’s exchange of prisoners

Orban called Transcarpathia an ancient Hungarian land

The President of Ukraine met with the delegation of the American state of Utah – Rubryka

A resident of Odesa was sentenced to 15 years behind bars: he gave the Russians locations of air defense

The Security Service of Ukraine informed 170 Russian senators who supported the annexation of captured regions of suspicion

The President of Ukraine awarded three brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the honorary award "For Courage and Courage".

May 7, 2023

Russia lost another 660 occupiers killed – the assembly of the General Staff

Shelling of the Mykolayiv region on May 7 – a rocket hit the enterprise

In Kyiv, an enemy reconnaissance UAV was shot down during an alert

Orban called Transcarpathia the ancient land of Hungary

In the Kherson region, the SBU foiled the escape of two traitors

Russia accused the US of blowing up the car of propagandist Prilepin

Heavy battles are being fought for the cities of Bakhmut and Maryinka — the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The assassination attempt on Prilepin was staged by the Kremlin – the Office of the President

The odious Metropolitan Antony was detained at the checkpoint near Kyiv

Powerful explosions rang out in Crimea: the occupiers report an attack by more than 10 UAVs (photo)

A soldier from Horodenkivshchyna died near Bakhmut

"Ukraine has lost one more patriot", – another Hero from Ternopil Mykola Vavrykovich died in the war

Hero from Volyn, Anatoly Smityukh, died in Luhansk Region

Ternopil University graduate Taras Baran died in the war

Oleksiy Kurty, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

28 years forever: a defender from Pokrovsk, Oleksandr Martynov, died in a battle with the occupiers – IA "Vchasno"

Yevhenii Barbarskyi from Vinnytsia was killed in battle in Donetsk region

Mykola Rohiv, a Carpathian, died in the war

The Armed Forces liquidated a combat lieutenant colonel and three captains

Bayraktar UAV shooting down: experts told whether it is possible to seize control of a military drone

How our drone destroys the Russian Murom-P surveillance complex

An officer of the "Azov" regiment from Stryshchyna returned from Russian captivity

The trophy "Msta-B" destroys the enemy every day in the Avdiiv direction: a report from the front line

The Russians launched a missile attack on Balaklia. The S-300 hit the car park, injuring five people

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian "Tulip" near Ugledar

In the Taurian direction, the Defense Forces performed 700 fire missions in a day – General

The monument in Vovchansk was destroyed by the Russians – the Ministry of Defense ridiculed the attack on the plane

War with the Russian Federation: the IAEA confirmed the "evacuation" of Energodar residents, the situation at the ZNPP is becoming increasingly tense

Ukraine received the first three of 16 Israeli missile threat warning systems

Air Force: Drones are taking it to the next level and revolutionizing the frontline

Russia announced the arrest of saboteurs who were going to damage A-50 planes in the Ivanovo region

PVK "Wagner" has changed its mind to leave Bakhmut. The mercenaries were allegedly promised ammunition

More than 75,000 criminal proceedings have been initiated on the facts of war crimes in the Soviet Union

Under the pretext of evacuation, Russian troops are taking looted goods from the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia region to the General Staff

Exchange of prisoners: Ukraine exchanged Azov residents for pilots (05.07.23 21:14) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Explosions rang out in Rostov-on-Don, a military hospital is on fire

On the shield: six soldiers from Poltava region died in the war with the invaders.

Tragic news from the front: two soldiers from the community in the Rivne region died in the war

Another soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Lviv Oblast died during the war

Vitaly Voronka, a Carpathian, died defending Ukraine

Three soldiers from Kirovohrad region died in the war with Russia (photo)

One of the founders of the Khmelnytskyi nationalist formation "Phoenix" died in the war with the Rashists

Right on target: the Armed Forces of Ukraine demonstrated the operation of the APKWS system for the first time

The Armed Forces successfully counterattacked the occupiers near Donetsk

The Ukrainian R18 drone destroyed a Russian T-72B tank worth $2 million

During the day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked three warehouses and two areas of concentration of equipment of the Russian Federation – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Russian military hastily flees from Melitopol and Berdyansk

2,324 Ukrainians have already been released from Russian captivity – Coordination Headquarters

May 8, 2023

Attack on Kyiv on May 8 — 30 drones launched — Kyiv news

The Armed Forces repulsed 50 attacks by the Russian occupiers in a day

The enemy directed Kh-22 missiles at Odeshchyna – OK "Pivden" – news on UNN | May 8, 2023, 02:43

At night, the enemy attacked Kyiv region with "Shahed-136/131" drones from the north, air defense shot down 35 out of 35 drones, – KPS ZSU

The attack of Russian drones on Kyiv – the British ambassador thanked the Air Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for their protection

They planned an arson attack: 27 participants of a pro-Russian rally were detained in Chisinau

Ukrainian partisans are already working in the heart of the Russian Federation

The occupiers fired six rockets at Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, on May 8

They worked for the "Wagnerians" storming Bakhmut: the SBU detained two informants

"Russia is here forever": law enforcement officers searched for a resident of Kharkiv Oblast, who proclaimed pro-Russian slogans

Missile attack on Odesa region: body of a security guard was found under the rubble of a warehouse

Stanislav Solovei, a young fighter from Volyn, died in Donetsk region

A defender from the Kharkiv region died of wounds received in the battles near Kupyansk – Kharkiv Times

A native of Cherkassy died as a result of enemy shelling in the Luhansk Region

The life of a fighter ended in Donetsk region: a 27-year-old Hero from Volyn, Stanislav Solovei, died in the war

The Armed Forces destroyed a large ammunition depot of the occupiers near Pervomaisk

Sports of Ukraine suffered another loss: candidate for master of sports Yevgeny Bondarenko died – META

The war took forever the Hero from Ternopil Oblast – Yaroslav Shvets died

Ihor Koshel, a resident of Zvyahelshchyna, died in the war in Luhansk region

Combat medic Artur Syvets from Poltava District died near Avdiivka

A resident of Vynogradov died in the war

Skripal from Izmail was mortally wounded while defending Ukraine at the front

Oleksandr Rospopchuk, a soldier from the Vynohradiv community, died in the war for Ukraine (PHOTO)

German companies bypass sanctions through the CIS countries and continue to supply goods to Russia, Bild

Russia began mobilization in occupied Mariupol – the city council

the Russians hit the Red Cross with humanitarian aid

A monument to Potemkin was dismantled in the south of Ukraine

A significant part of the Russian occupation administration, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, left Skadovsk

Ukraine received ten MiG-29 fighters from Poland

The Ministry of Defense showed a video of the "hunt" for "Shakheds" in the night sky over Kyiv

The EU wants to ban access to its ports for ships carrying Russian oil, Bloomberg reported

NATO reacted to Russia’s provocation in the Black Sea

May 9, 2023

About 15 missiles were destroyed in the airspace around Kyiv, – KMVA

Summary of the General Staff: the Armed Forces hit more than 20 important enemy targets

"Evacuation has not been announced in Melitopol, but in fact it is taking place." Who is leaving and who is being taken out of the occupied Ukrainian city

In Kharkiv Oblast, three pyrotechnicians exploded on a mine, one of them died

The Russian Federation marks May 9 with attacks against peaceful Ukrainians while they sleep – the US ambassador

The President of the European Commission arrived in Kyiv

Victory parade in Moscow – Putin hid tanks and planes

Air defense work on May 8-9 – Ignat clarified

On May 9, a missile strike — in OK Pivden told where the Russians were aiming — Ukrainian news

Rocket shelling of the Cherkasy region on May 9, 2023 – what is known about the consequences of rocket shelling

At night, 8 Russian missiles were shot down over Dnipropetrovsk region, the debris caused destruction | faces

An employee of Zmiivska TPP died at the front

Bodybuilder Yevhen Bondarenko died in Luhansk region during the war in Ukraine

The defender of Ukraine, Volodymyr Kozhedub, died» Svitlovodsk Vecherniy

Another Ternopil resident gave his life in the war

During the war with the occupiers, a defender from the Myrhorod district, Serhiy Kolodny, died

Andriy Markiv, a Carpathian, died in the war

In Donetsk region, a soldier from Kamianskoye – Beloved City died

"No one wanted to believe that those bones from the field were him and his comrades" – the soldier Viktor Kyrgan died near Kherson

Yaroslav Tkach, a 34-year-old military man from Borshchiv region, died near Bakhmut

Stanislav Stepanenko from Pavlograd died fighting for Ukraine

"Another Hero has added to the heavenly army," Viktor Klepczyk, a soldier from Ternopil, died

Three Volhynians died in the war

Evgeny Borodin, a resident of Zmiiv Oblast, died near Bakhmut

Two fighters from the Haysyn district died at the front

Mykola Kryvanych from Poltava District died while defending Ukraine

Vadym Vansevych from the Tulchyn community died at the front

"They won’t break her." The occupiers have been holding Kherson woman Iryna Horobtsova -grivna captive for a year

A Russian lieutenant colonel was killed in Ukraine

The occupant fell from the enemy BMP while fleeing the battlefield

Does Prigozhin take Wagner’s PPC out of Bakhmut – Cherevaty commented on the occupier’s statements

"An immoral and unfriendly step towards Ukraine" – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the participation of the leaders of several countries in the parade in Moscow

In Ukraine, a father and son were put on trial for surrendering positions to the Armed Forces and working for the occupiers

The award was presented to the commander of the TRO Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ihor Tansyura

The Minister of Finance of Ukraine will be invited to the G7 meeting – Ministry of Finance of Japan – news on UNN | May 9, 2023, 3:25 p.m

Due to the "evacuation" in Energodar, shops and pharmacies do not work, gas stations and ATMs are empty – the mayor

On Tuesday, May 9, a soldier of the National Guard shot down a cruise missile – photo

Russian tankers who fired at a hospital in Trostyanka were sentenced to 11 years in absentia

The German concern wants to produce tanks, air defense systems and ammunition in Ukraine

The Defense Forces reported on the current situation in the Tavry direction

An AFP video journalist was killed by Russian shelling near Bakhmut

The 3rd OSHbr confirmed Prigozhin’s statement about the escape of Russian troops from near Bakhmut

The personal informant of GRU General Dubinsky received 12 years in prison, SBU

The FBI destroyed a Russian spy program it had been using for 20 years

The French Parliament unanimously voted to recognize "pvk Wagner" as a terrorist organization

May 10, 2023

The occupiers carried out 43 airstrikes on Ukraine during the day

The Pentagon officially confirmed the downing of the Russian "Kinzhal" by Ukraine – news on UNN | May 10, 2023, 02:24

Counterattacks throughout the Donetsk region: the Armed Forces of Ukraine succeeded near Avdiivka, — ISW (map)

The higher anti-corruption court confiscated the assets of the Kherson collaborator

In Kyiv, an associate of the collaborator Montyan administered her pro-Kremlin Telegram channel

Romanian APR-40 jet systems have been spotted in service with the Armed Forces

Britain officially recognizes PVK "Wagner" as terrorists

Drone attack – three Shaheds were shot down in Dnipropetrovsk region

Vadym Semyokhin – the father of two children from Odesa died in the battles for Ukraine – photo

Andriy Markiv – a defender from Ivano-Frankivsk died in the battles for Bakhmut – photo

War criminal Omurbekov "lit up" at a parade in Khabarovsk: his unit tortured the residents of Buchi

He defended his native land from the first days: 48-year-old Andriy Shigin died in the Bakhmut direction

Ivan Yatsyuk, a 31-year-old defender from Ternopil Oblast, died in the war

French journalist Armand Soldin died near Chasovoy Yar (photo, video)

Mykhailo Teslyuk from Ternopil Oblast died near Bakhmut

Another Hero from the Lviv region died in the battle with the invaders

During the war with the Russians, Serhii Knyshevych from the Chornukhina community died

Ukraine received 8 Mi-8 helicopters from Croatia – Rubrik

The occupiers plan to "evacuate" 2,700 employees of the ZNPP, where there is already a shortage of personnel – "Energoatom"

In the Zaporozhye direction, the occupiers are hot. Explosions rang out near Vasylivka, Mykhailivka and Tokmak

"You need to drink less vodka": Kuleba reacted to Medvedev’s calls to kill Zelensky

A traitorous policeman from Kupyansk, who mocked Atov residents, will be tried in Kharkiv

A resident of Mykolaiv "surrendered" the participants of the anti-terrorist operation — they were killed by the occupiers

France handed Ukraine a second mobile DNA laboratory for work in the war zone

The world’s largest oil service company still does not plan to leave Russia: The world’s largest oil service company is still making money in Russia and does not plan to leave (10.05.23 15:10) «Energy | Business. Censor. NO

Near Bakhmut, in some areas of the front, the occupiers retreated to a distance of up to 2 km – Syrskyi

The Czech Republic will transfer the Soviet "Kub" air defense systems to Ukraine

The Czech Republic supported the creation of a special tribunal for Russia

Kyiv does not know: the Vatican announced that the Pope’s peacekeeping mission in Ukraine continues

Pavel: the Czech Republic will transfer two "Kub" air defense systems to Ukraine – DW – 10.05.2023

In the north of Donetsk region, new burials of civilians and soldiers killed by the occupiers were discovered

Ukrainian defenders powerfully hit the enemies: they eliminated the Kadyrivians, destroyed many enemy targets [video]

The occupation of the Zaporizhzhia region – the Russian Federation froze payments to the employees of its administrations

The "War Criminal" police database already contains data on more than 200,000 Russians who committed crimes in Ukraine – Kyiv Region Police Chief