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Nicholas Zharkikh

March 23, 2023

Operational information as of 06:00 on 03/23/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Putin’s arrest warrant — the International Criminal Court reacted to Russia’s statement – the latest news

Kherson collaborators intend to create a criminal "volunteer battalion"

Use of artillery shells: Ukraine uses up to 7,000 artillery shells per day

The White House reacted to the transfer of depleted uranium ammunition to Kyiv

Investigators have established the identity of the occupier who shot a volunteer in the Kyiv region

The SBU detained the adjuster of the Russian missile attack on the school in Kramatorsk

The priest who denied Russian atrocities in Buch will appear before the court – SBU

How Beijing and Washington opened a struggle for the post-war system of Muscovy

The defense forces repelled more than 80 enemy attacks in the eastern direction, – General Staff

Russia is preparing strikes, but the missile carriers may not be equipped due to the explosions in Dzhankoya

"Cotton" in Samara: a historical building burned down

The Netherlands will send 60 instructors to train Ukrainian soldiers in Germany

The Armed Forces will receive another 8,000 German Matador grenade launchers

A traitor was detained in Zhytomyr, who was collecting information about the Armed Forces for "Wagner".

The number of victims of the Russian attack on Rzhishchev has increased to 9 (video)

Aviation for Ukraine: Slovakia handed over the first four MiG-29s to Ukraine

The Armed Forces called the explosions in Crimea preparation for the Ukrainian offensive

Raiffeisen Bank was added to the list of sponsors of terrorism – the decision of the NAKC

Since the beginning of the large-scale offensive, more than 3,000 armored vehicles have been restored in the areas of hostilities

The SBU detained a former military man who passed intelligence to representatives of "Wagner" (Photo)

Pilots from Ukraine do not learn to fly the Mirage 2000 in France, but undergo other training, – Ministry of Defense of the country – Rubrik

Sanctions against Russia – Russian air cargo has fallen back to 2001 levels

The Internet showed how a group of marine kamikaze drones attacks targets in the bay of occupied Sevastopol – InfoResist

Border guards eliminated an enemy infantry group in the Luhansk region

Oleg Konoval, a defender from Konotop, died in Luhansk region

During the war with Russia, soldiers from Kirovohrad region died

A defender from the Klesiv community died in the battle with the Russians

Gave what was dearest: a Volyn man died in the war

Oleksandr Pylypets – in Kyiv region they said goodbye to the special forces platoon commander who died in Kherson region – video

Almost the entire platoon lay down. Kryvyi Rih soldier Rodion Weiner died in Donetsk region

Died almost three months ago: Volyn soldier Arsen Zarutsky gave his life for Ukraine

A Carpathian defender died in the war. The community declared a day of mourning

Two residents of the Rivne region were killed in eastern Ukraine

In the war with the Russian occupiers, Zhytomyr Region continues to lose its Defenders

Another Volhynian was killed

Vasyl Opryshko, a resident of Berdychev, died in Donetsk region

Ternopil University graduate, regional expert Pavlo Zalutsky died in the war

Andrii Melnyk, a defender from Manyava, died in Donetsk region

A Russian military base is burning in Crimea. PHOTO

The artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine powerfully hit the concentration of occupiers in Bakhmut

In Ukraine, a company of occupiers from St. Petersburg was destroyed

New details of the detonation of a traitorous policeman in Melitopol have become known

"Russians are delighted": the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed the raids of Ukrainian combat drones R18 (video)

An occupier from Buryatia shot a lying Ukrainian in the head

SSO fighters defeated three groups of "Wagnerians" near Bakhmut (VIDEO)

Archer for Ukraine – The Swedish Parliament approved the supply of installations

Losses at the front: Soldier Vladyslav Kish died during the fighting in the east of Ukraine

The General Staff of the Armed Forces reported on the situation at the fronts as of the 393rd day of the war

Putin understands well how bad things are for Russia on the front – the White House

EU summit resolution: EU leaders condemned the military support of Russia by Belarus and Iran

A monk-collaborator from the Moscow Patriarchate will be tried in the Kyiv region

The UOC-MP began to evict from the Lavra, – Tkachenko

March 24, 2023

General Staff of the Armed Forces: the Armed Forces repelled more than 79 attacks by the occupiers in 5 directions

Kryvyi Rih was attacked by martyrs – the local authorities reported the hit

Oleg Ostapuk – a defender from Dnipropetrovsk region died fighting for Ukraine – photo

Representation of the International Criminal Court in Ukraine: The opening of the Representative Office of the International Criminal Court in Ukraine will enable international justice to be more active in the investigation of crimes committed by the Russian military

Almost 8,000 Ukrainian paratroopers underwent military training abroad – the Ministry of Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A factory that manufactures engines for military equipment is on fire in Russia (PHOTOS)

The court in Barnaul sentenced FSO Major Zhilyna to 6.5 years in the colony. He fled from mobilization to Kazakhstan, but he was extradited to his family

The FSB arrested a Russian general in Moscow

The occupiers covered Bilozerka in the Kherson region with heavy artillery fire

Renata Kuzmin was arrested in absentia without the alternative of posting bail – the SBI

In Bakhmut, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are exhausting Russian mercenaries from the Wagner – ISW PMK

Dmytro Medvedev: He says that the Russian army can reach Lviv

Sweden agreed on a new military aid package for Ukraine worth over UAH 22 billion

Hidden assets of Medvedchuk’s wife Oksana Marchenko worth more than UAH 440 million were arrested

Aerial bomb: From where the aerial bombs were launched in the Sumy region

Night attack of the Russian Federation on Sumy Oblast: two people were killed, 10 were injured

In Avdiivka, the occupiers feel panic and fear the offensive of the Armed Forces

Rocket attack in Kostyantynivka – photo and consequences

10 Russian tanks were destroyed in the Kharkiv region

A border guard from Delyatyn, Nazarii Hafiychuk, died in the war

Volodymyr Lypovaty, a soldier from Poltava region, died in Donetsk region

Ternopil is again in mourning: a military man Vitaly Suslenko died at the front

A soldier from Sarnen region died in Donetsk region.

Oleksandr Yeromin from Ternopil Oblast died in the war

Lviv Region lost three more Heroes in the war with the invaders

Vasyl Roshkanyuk, a gunner operator of the ZSU from Kolomiysk region, was killed in Donetsk region

The war took the life of the head of Ternopil "Vatra" Yury Gaponenko

Another Hero joined the heavenly army – a soldier from Khmelnytskyi died near Bakhmut

Sevastopol explosions on March 24, 2023 – what is known, details – Crimean news

The enemy attacked Odesa region with fighters: air defense shot down two Kh-59 missiles Internet newspaper "Topor"

Soldiers of the Armed Forces destroyed a detachment of Russian paratroopers and captured trophies

The situation in the Zaporizhzhia region: shelling of Orikhov

PVK Convoy — Aksyonov created a private military company linked to the Prigozhins in Crimea — mass media

Germany’s aid to Ukraine: The new package of military aid will include machine guns, engineering tanks and BMPs

The adjuster of the Russian missile attacks on Mykolaiv hospitals will spend 11 years behind bars

The Russians again complain about the "shelling" of the Kursk region

"MAZ, BelAZ and Lukashenka’s plane": the USA announced a package of sanctions against Belarus

Occupiers sell property in Crimea and take their families away – GUR

Dmytro Kuleba: 20 countries are already involved in the project of joint production of ammunition for Ukraine

The government launched the mass production of drones in Ukraine

The company "Motor Sich" has been selling aircraft engines to sanctioned companies from Iran for years, – "Schemes" – Rubric

Escorted convoys of Russian armored vehicles: the SBU identified 21 collaborators in the Kherson region

March 25, 2023

During the day, Ukrainian soldiers repelled 59 attacks by the Russian occupiers – the General Staff

The occupiers shelled Kherson, two people were killed, six were wounded

Askania-Nova: New leadership in Askania-Nova

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed one of the Russian marine infantry brigades 8 times, but it is being restored all the time

Five law enforcement officers who went to work for the Russians will be tried in the Kherson region

German Dachs tanks appeared in service with the Armed Forces

The French company "Leroy Merlin" announced the completion of work in Russia

Ukrainian defenders destroyed an enemy helicopter Mi-24, – General Staff

They want to ban the activities of the International Criminal Court on the territory of the Russian Federation

Armenia has begun the process of ratifying the Rome Statute and will be able to retain Putin

"He will be tried": Lukashenko signed the death penalty law for himself, the journalist said

A Polish volunteer died in the war in Ukraine

The soldier-atov from Manevichy region would have turned 36 years old

A Frankish soldier died in battle in Donetsk region

Valery Boyko, a military man from Ivano-Frankivsk region, died in Bakhmut

Mykhailo Mikhalchuk from Volhynia died in the war

A graduate of UzhNU who returned from abroad to defend Ukraine died in the war – uzhgorodin

He bought a sniper rifle and went to war: the head of Vatra Corporation was killed

Vasyl Mayer, a soldier from Rakhiv Oblast, died in the war with Russia (VIDEO)

The community in the Rivne region received the news about the death of two Heroes in the war at once

Losses of Kryvyi Rih in the war – Kryvyi Rih resident Andrii Levytskyi died on March 20, 2023 near Bakhmut in Donetsk region | KRIVBASS.CITY

"Indescribable pain covers the body", Dmytro Chechyk, a soldier from Ternopil Oblast, died at the front

A military man from the Duben district died in Donetsk region

Kramatorsk missile attack on March 25, 2023 – what is known about the missile attack on Kramatorsk

The enemy can drop its aerial bombs at a distance of 50 or more kilometers without reaching our border – Yuriy Ignat

They didn’t have time to hide: How Ukrainian mortars tracked down and destroyed a group of Russians (VIDEO)

Russia can send the T-34 to the front – an officer of the Armed Forces assessed the prospect

How much equipment did the occupiers in the south lose per day – the ZSU announced the number

Ukrainian symbols appeared in occupied Luhansk. PHOTO

The Armed Forces of Donetsk region eliminated the enemy "Grad" with one shot

The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine expanded the controlled territories in the Kherson region

The Russian army goes on the defensive: British intelligence has announced serious problems with the enemy

A Ternopil school graduate with the call sign Aladdin died near Bakhmut

The war in Ukraine: the GUR told how many soldiers were returned from Russian captivity

A rotation of Russians took place in Novaya Kakhovka — Cherniv

Xi Jinping does not want to talk to either Biden or Zelensky

Why the Armed Forces have not launched a counteroffensive yet

Putin decided to place nuclear weapons in Belarus allegedly at the request of Lukashenka

Putin accused the USA of explosions on the "Nordic Streams"

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled more than 50 enemy attacks in Donbas – General Staff

A large-scale fire broke out at the base of the occupiers in the Volnovasky district: what is known

The Armed Forces pushed back Russian troops from the key road in Bakhmut, a Ukrainian officer claims

Putin said that Russia is forced to introduce limits for the military

A Putin supporter was convicted in Odesa: she held a "referendum" on the accession of Kherson Oblast to the Russian Federation

A strong explosion occurred in the Russian city of Azov

In Russia, more than five thousand pardoned convicts from PMC "Wagner" were released

March 26, 2023

The Armed Forces received Pakistani Yarmuk shells

Lubinets reacted to the statement of the UN mission regarding the violation of the rights of Russian prisoners

The largest metallurgical plant in Russia caught fire near Moscow

During the day, the defenders repelled more than 85 enemy attacks, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Poland will increase the production of ammunition for Ukraine, – Moravetskyi

Maps of battles ISW – ZSU recaptured a part of the E40 road north of Bakhmut

North Macedonia may transfer Mi-24 attack helicopters to Ukraine

Shooting down enemy drones: A drone with a tear gas grenade

A female collaborator who supported the crimes of the Russians will be tried in the Chernihiv region

A Russian mine detonated on the beach in Odesa region — Ukraine news

National Guard Day: Zelensky congratulated defenders of Ukraine

New sanctions against Belarus: state companies and Lukashenka’s plane are on the list

Corruption in the Russian army: how the family of the commander of the ground forces earns from patriotism (VIDEO) – Freedom

Another resident of Irpen was killed in the war

Photo from Ugledar: What does Ugledar look like now. PHOTO reportage

Died in Bakhmut: tomorrow in Kyiv they will say goodbye to the Hero Died in Bakhmut: tomorrow in Kyiv they will say goodbye to the Hero

Roman Skrypnyuk – Ukrainian football player died near Bakhmut during the war with Russia

An Odessa security guard died near Bakhmut

Losses of Ukraine in Bakhmut: The dead soldier Burynsky Oleksandr

He survived the capture and returned to the front line. The story of a man from Shostkin, who died from severe injuries received in the Luhansk Region

At the age of 31, the life of a soldier from Kolomyia, Ivan Dzumedzei, ended

Da Vinci’s brother Ivan Shchegolov died at the front

Carpathian Ivan Dzumedzei died in the war

The war took away the second son from the family in the Duben region

Ternopil school graduate Valery Hinda lay near Bakhmut (Photo) – FINE CITY OF TERNOPIL

Two citizens of Volhynia died in the Donetsk region

A 23-year-old defender from the Lviv Oblast was blown up by a mine during a combat mission

It became known about one more dead soldier of the 7th "Arey" battalion of the UDA – news Kryvyi Rih | KRIVBASS.CITY

Dnipro news: Oleg Viktorovych Ostapuk died

The Polish commander of the International Legion unit was killed in battle

In the Luhansk region, a grenade launcher from the Zhytomyr region was killed in the fighting near Bilogorivka

As a result of artillery shelling near Bakhmut, a native of Levan died

Denys Sheremetenko, a resident of the Chopovytsia community, died in the Luhansk region

Andriy Levitskyi, a border guard from Kryvyi Rih, died near Bakhmut

The Russian REB station "Zhitel" was destroyed near Bakhmut

The Ministry of Defense asks the media to "keep quiet" about the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian fighters hit the invaders’ command post in Svatovo

The Armed Forces destroyed a Russian column of armored vehicles with landing forces

The Armed Forces attacked the logistics base of the occupiers in Luhansk region

The Russian Federation involves mercenaries from Angola in the war against Ukraine

In the south, the defenders destroyed an enemy observation post

Border guards and artillerymen in Luhansk region destroyed the position of the occupiers (video)

Ukrainian paratroopers destroyed five tanks and three BMPs in one battle

Defense forces destroyed an observation post and engineering equipment of the Russians in the Kherson region

They provided communication with the "DPR" during the occupation of Lyman – two ex-employees of "Ukrzaliznytsia" will be tried (photo)

Military training in Great Britain – the Armed Forces of Ukraine complete training on AS90 self-propelled guns – photo

Within a day, the Armed Forces hit the radio-electronic warfare station and the enemy’s ammunition depot – the General Staff

Kraken destroyed the Russian control post near Soledar, video

Explosions in Russia – Podoliak told what is the cause of cotton blossoming

Six special demining machines will arrive in Ukraine in the near future

The Ministry of Defense of Estonia showed training of the Ukrainian military on howitzers

A loud explosion rang out in the Tula region of the Russian Federation. Gutted houses and a huge gap

A drone crashed in the Tula region of Russia – a statement from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

March 27, 2023

Operational information as of 06:00 on 03/27/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Ukrainian fighters in Great Britain completed training on Challenger 2 tanks

General Muradov, who sent soldiers to their death near Vugledar, was released in the Russian Federation – mass media

Border guards destroyed a group of "Wagnerians" who were hiding in Bakhmut. VIDEO

Defense forces repelled more than 60 enemy attacks, General Staff

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation from the Mavic drone destroyed the UAV of the Russian Federation, which was adjusting the artillery

Losses of the Russians – the Russian missile defense system Borysoglibsk-2 was destroyed, photo

The rotation and looting of the Russian army as a signal for the escape of the occupiers: what is happening in Novaya Kakhovka – Freedom

The FSB agent network, which was preparing missile strikes on Ukrzaliznytsia facilities, was neutralized

Thanks to the "Power of Ukrainian Stone" project, more than 58.5 million UAH were collected for kamikaze drones – Dim

Adjusted fire on the positions of the Armed Forces in the regions: Ukrainians recruited by the FSB of the Russian Federation were caught

Involved in the Ilovaisk "cauldron": the Armed Forces liquidated a Russian officer

Soldiers of the Armed Forces captured a detachment of Russian invaders

Kryvyi Rih lost defender Oleksiy Seryogin

In the battles near Avdiyivka, a marksman-medic from Ruzhyn was killed

A military man from Zolochiv region died in Donetsk region Lviv portal

Oleksandr Padalka from Kryvyi Rih was killed by a sniper’s bullet

A young Hero from Ternopil died in Donetsk region

Heroes from Kirovohrad region gave their lives in the fight for Ukraine

Stepan Shtal, a soldier from the village of Stankivtsi, died of injuries received in the war zone

A 25-year-old Hero from Ternopil died in the war

A Volhynian died in the war

Oleksandr Tsakhniv, a journalist from the "Vchasno" news agency, died in a battle in the Bakhmut direction

A serviceman from Vinnytsia died in Kherson region

Andriy Omelchenko, a resident of Zvyahelshchyna, died during the defense of Soledar

A resident of Cherkasy was killed as a result of mortar shelling in Luhansk region

He was wounded and returned to battle: Vasyl Klepanchuk, a Hero from Volyn, died in the war

Valentyn Dikhtyar from the Ilynetsk community died in the Kherson region

A defender from Pershotravensk died in the battles in Bakhmut

The Ukrainian military told how they brought the Su-25 attack aircraft out of the enemy’s attack

In occupied Horlivka, the Styrol plant came under fire (photo)

Army helicopters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces covered the positions of the Russian occupiers in the east

The battle for Donbas – the Armed Forces spoke about the situation in the Svatovo and Kreminnaya regions

Challenger: Challenger and Marder: Reznikov showed the armored vehicles from the partners, which have entered service with the DSHV units. PHOTO

Ukrainian border guards seized a Russian drone with chemical weapons

During the day, the Armed Forces repelled more than 40 attacks by the occupiers in the Kharkiv, Luhansk, and Donetsk regions

The occupiers lost five armored cars on the Crimean bridge

Urged to accelerate the supply of weapons for the Armed Forces – Poroshenko met with the delegation of the International Democratic Union

Zelensky: Any initiatives to restore nuclear safety are doomed to failure without the withdrawal of Russian troops from the ZNPP

A traitor was exposed in Lviv, who collected data about the Armed Forces under the guise of a resettled woman

Vitaliy Klitschko visited the advanced positions of the defenders of Bakhmut and Vugledar: he supported the fighters and brought the necessary help

Canada imposed sanctions against the Iranians

The Minsk Automobile Plant is on fire in Belarus

A participant in an anti-Ukrainian rally in Prague is charged with approving genocide

Another Russian spy was detained in Poland

Military aid to Ukraine – Germany wants to increase it fivefold

In Russia, irritated by Armenia’s intentions to recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC, which wants to arrest Putin

Scholz confirmed the transfer to Ukraine of 18 German Leopard tanks – Rubrik

A journalist from Donbas died in the direction of Bakhmut

Poland’s defense factories will increase the production of shells for the Armed Forces – Morawiecki

March 28, 2023

Operational information as of 06:00 on 03/28/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Air defense forces shot down 12 out of 13 Shaheds and a Granat-4 reconnaissance UAV during a night attack of the Russian Federation – Air Force

The Russians hit Kyiv with drones: details and consequences of the attack

Night attack of the enemy: a shop was on fire in the Svyatoshyn district of Kyiv (photo, video)

Germany plans to allocate €15 billion for the defense of Ukraine: where will the funds go| The Page

The USA supported the creation of a tribunal to investigate the crime of Russian aggression against Ukraine

The soldier of the Russian Federation who shot a civilian woman during the occupation of Izyum has been identified

The SBU neutralized the FSB agent group that was preparing missile strikes on the facilities of "Ukrzaliznytsia"

A Russian informant was detained in Odessa

A collaborator from Kryvyi Rih was sentenced to 15 years in prison

The Russian army lost most of its tank regiment near Avdiivka — British intelligence

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed 3 control points of the Russian Federation, an ammunition warehouse and "destroyed two important targets" – General Staff

Air strike on the Drama Theater in Mariupol – Serhii Atroshchenko gave orders to bomb

Ex-president of "Motor Sichi" Boguslaev ordered to disassemble the helicopter so that it does not reach the GUR of the Ministry of Defense

"Hostomel was attacked by up to a hundred enemy helicopters": a military officer about the first battle on the approaches to Kyiv

Without documents and age restrictions: Putin signed a decree on the mobilization of Ukrainians (photo)

Situation in the South: Strikes in the South

In Bakhmut, the number of battles has decreased – what is the reason for this

Dmytro Yerpyelov: Dmytro Yerpyelov, an arborist from Kharkiv, died

Dnipro news: Heletei Oleksandr Vasyliovych died

A 35-year-old defender from Shepetiv region died in the war

A military man from Kryvyi Rih died of his wounds in the hospital

A soldier from Berehovo died in a battle with the enemy in Luhansk region

Track and field athlete Andrii Shcherbanivskyi died at the front

A defender from Katerynivka died in Luhansk region

During the Russian-Ukrainian war, a soldier from Kremenchuk, Anatoly Morhun, died

Dmytro Chernei, an employee of "Chernivtsivodokanal" died in the war All news of Bukovyna

The Armed Forces destroyed two EW complexes of the occupiers at once

How SSO fighters in Luhansk region sent another batch of invaders to hell (VIDEO)

The Armed Forces showed a video of aviation battles with the occupiers. VIDEO

In Bakhmut, 19 combat clashes took place between the Armed Forces and the occupiers, almost 100 enemies were eliminated – Cherevaty

In Bakhmut, the Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up the house in which the occupiers were staying

He was responsible for the creation of filtration camps. Mariupol City Hall told about a collaborator who was assassinated by partisans yesterday

In serious condition: the "chief of police" of Mariupol survived after a car explosion (video)

The 40th artillery brigade burns a Russian warehouse in Novonikanorivka in Luhansk region

Ukrainian defenders destroyed an ammunition depot, two tanks and eight mortars in the Lymansk-Kupyansk direction

Destruction of the occupiers: War with Russia

Portugal sent three Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine – Ministry of Defense

In Bakhmut, border guards destroyed the place of deployment of the "Wagners"

Explosions in Melitopol – many Russian soldiers were injured

Artur Batii – the son of the chairman of the board of Donetskoblgaz died in the battles for Bakhmut – photo

France announced that it would double the supply of 155-mm shells to Ukraine

On March 28, Zelensky visited Okhtyrka and Trostyanets

The first three strike companies of Ukrainian-made drones are ready for battle

The Armed Forces gave nightmares to the occupiers: the ammunition warehouse, the command post and the manpower of the Russians were hit – the General Staff

The explosions in Melitopol stopped the work of a railway station important for Russia – Fedorov told the details

The wreckage of a drone with the inscription "Glory to Ukraine" was found near Moscow – rosZMI

The French Parliament decided that the Holodomor is a genocide of the Ukrainian people

An agitator who justified the armed aggression of the Russian Federation will be tried in Uzhhorod Oblast

March 29, 2023

Explosions in Melitopol on March 29, 2023 – what is known, where they were hit – details

T-34 tank – Russia does not have normal equipment and sends outdated iron to Ukraine

During the day, the Ukrainian military shot down enemy UAVs "Orlan-10" and "ZALA"

The SBU detained a border guard who tried to "leak" information about border security to the FSB

"Ukrainian Messerschmitts": ultralight drones entered service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In Russia, they wanted to create an attack drone "Korshun" based on the Tu-141 "Stryzh", but they could not

Doctor from Volyn Tetyana Vashchuk received an honorary award from Zaluzhny

The ZSU pushed the Wagnerites off the road in the battles for Bakhmut

Occupiers advanced in Bakhmut – ISW

Navigator Denys Kyrylyuk died while performing a combat mission

The Ukrainians caused huge losses to the Russian Federation – the statement of the head of the Pentagon

The Director General of the IAEA arrived at the ZNPP

The Russian occupiers in Ukraine use bulletproof vests of Chinese origin. Evidence found

A policeman from Izyum, who worked as an ecologist for the occupiers, was detained in Kharkiv

Gauleiter Balytsky evacuated his family from the Crimea

The Ukrainian military destroyed the tulip with artillery, video

Andrii Kovalchuk, a resident of the Olev community, died in the east of Ukraine

Ivan Bohdan, a soldier from Rodnikovka, died in a fierce battle with the occupiers

Two soldiers from the Poltava region died defending Ukraine

In the Donetsk region, a soldier Loyuk Volodymyr Vasyliovych, a resident of the village of Serafintsi, died

29-year-old Vladyslav Bodz from Tlumachchyna died at the front

Yevhen Gulevich – Lviv researcher died near Bakhmut

Bright memory: a 39-year-old defender from Cherkasy region died in Donetsk region

I didn’t get in touch for a long time. A military man from the Rivne region died in Vugledar

The city hall of Pervomaysk reported the death of Mykola Bilchuk in Donetsk region

A serviceman from the Rivne region died in Vugledar

Vasyl Koropetskyi, a hero from Chortkivshchyna, died in a military hospital (PHOTO)

Yaroslav Koval from Sutysyk died at the front

While performing a combat mission, a native of Chortkivshchyna, Hero-OUNivets Ruslan Kholodnyuk died

The interpreter lost another Hero in the war with the invaders

Anatoly Petruk, a soldier from the Berdychiv district, died heroically in the war

War takes away the best: 32-year-old Hero from Ternopil Region Ivan Synyshyn died (PHOTO)

Vladyslav Saparov from Baru died defending Ukraine

Maxim Lyamzin, a warrior from Kryvyi Rih, died in heavy battles in Donetsk region

Vasyl Koropetskyi, a soldier from Chortkiv region, died in a military hospital

Investigative journalists found evidence that Belarusians also took part in last year’s invasion of Chernihiv Oblast

Artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed eight positions of the Russian Federation, "Grad" and a drone – the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

Pavlo Filatiev: Turned out to be involved in war crimes

Croatia plans to hand over Mi-8 helicopters to Ukraine – Minister of Defense

Losses in the war: There are days in the East when the ratio of losses of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to the Russian Army reaches 1 to 10, – Ministry of Defense

Bakhmut. The Armed Forces conducted several successful counterattacks. The ex-commander of the "Azov" regiment showed a video

Switzerland joined the 10th package of EU sanctions against Russia

"Surprise" for Russia: Ukraine will receive long-range drones