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Reign in Halych (1235-1238)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

We saw that the war in 1235 year instead of ending with the expected expulsion of Prince Michael Vsevolodovych from Chernihiv, it ended with the unexpected expulsion of Prince Danylo Romanovych from Halych.

Having established himself in Galicia, Michael probably did not think that he would never rule in his native Chernihiv again, that he would turn into a vagabond prince (gadder) who would be chased away by all who wished. But at the moment we are talking about, there was still more to come…

In this year, the army of prince Batu fought in Volga Bulgaria, destroyed its main centers and conquered the Bulgarians (so that in the future they became known as Tatars and are called that to this day). From Bulgaria to Halych is 1,800 km, and even the echo of these events did not reach Volyn, the chronicler of the Roman’s family…

It was Michael’s greatest political success in his entire life! He sat down on the golden Kyiv throne, which his father left 26 years ago. Once again, as in 1206, the three main principalities of southern Rus’ – Chernihiv, Kyiv, and Galicia – came under the rule of the Olgovychs. For complete happiness, all that remained was to stop time at this moment…