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Myslene drevo 2.5 – hierarchical DBMS for the humanitarian sphere

Zharkikh N.I.

Informatization in the humanitarian field has the following features:

1. The key abstraction here is the document unlike transactions which lies at the basis of modern industrial databases.

2. The principal feature of the document is its unstructured content, which differs from documents in other areas of IT.

3. Reading the documents highly predominates over the recording / modification of documents.

4. Erroneous documents should never be removed, but only be noticed as false.

5. Typical for the humanitarian sphere was vague dates (such as "the beginning of 12 century"), unknown in other areas of IT.

The possibilities of the program "Myslene drevo" for the construction of hierarchical information systems briefly described, that demonstrate the highest compliance with these characteristics of application sphere.

Full text available on the ukrainian language (use switch languages above text).