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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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Hierarchical database
for complex heritage object

Zharkikh N.I., Panchenko M.V., Farbej A.M.

(The case of a museum "Sudak fortress")

We consider the use of a hierarchical approach to description of the complex of history and culture monuments. The advantages of this method of structuring information are: its flexibility, the possibility of unlimited expansion of the data volume, intuitively matching the expectations of users.

We consider the application of Myslene drevo" program to creation a hierarchical electronic information resource.

Published : “Сугдейский сборник”, Киев-Судак, Академпериодика, 2005 г., т. 2, с. 66 – 69.

Full text available in russian language (use the language selector above text).