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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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When you leave the Kremlin and go on Red (Beautiful) square, attention immediately attracted by St.Basil's Cathedral (16 century).

Quarter to the east of it, in the lowland near the Moscow River, called Zaryaddya. The name it obtained from its placement relatively to Kremlin – behind the rows of trade sights on Red Square. It kept many valuable monuments of civil and ecclesiastical architecture 16 – 19 centuries. Hard to believe, but a one side of the Varvarka street just built only with churches.

At the time of Brezhnev government quarter "enriched" with a huge box of hotel "Russia". Hotel was sharply disharmonic to the historic environment. At my last visit to Moscow in 2008 I saw that this hotel almost completely dismantled. Hopefully, there will be built something more commensurate with preserved monuments of antiquity.