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Kazan Church – view from west

Kazan church in Kolomenskoye (Moscow)…

Church of Our Lady of Kazan in Kolomenskoye (Moscow). View from the west.
Photo by N.I.Zharkikh, July 16, 1986.

The wooden church was built in the center of the royal court in the 1630's. In 1651 it was replaced by a stone church, which survived to our time.

It was the royal chapel of the palace, designed for king and his immediate family. Church was connected to the palace vestibule.

Unlike neighboring churches of the Ascension and John the Baptist, this church does not have something unusual in terms of architecture. Rather, it is a typical representative of the churches of its time – the main square volume built on the ground floor (podklet), ceiled with closed vault. The five domes put on the vault. Central dome have the windows, side are decorative. The church surrounded from three sides by a gallery with semicircular arcs. The eastern ends of the northern and southern galleries have small chapels. North of the church placed bell tower, on the south – the porch to enter the gallery.