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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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Influence of the inhomogeneity of a disperse system on the low-frequency limit of its electrical conductivity

Zharkikh N. I.

The influence of spatial inhomogeneity of the volume fraction and of the surface conduction of particles on the electrical conductivity of a concentrated suspension of spherical particles has been studied. This influence, which hinders exact determination of surface conduction, is minimum in the vicinity of the isoconductivity point of the disperse system.


1. Жарких Н. И. Влияние неоднородности дисперсной системы на ее электропроводность // Коллоид. журн. Т. 51. № 6. С. 1086.

2. Борковская Ю. Б., Жарких Н. И., Дудкина Л. М. // Коллоид. журн. 1982. Т. 44. № 4. С. 645.

Colloid and water chemistry institite, Academy of sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

Received 20 Mar 1989

Published : Colloid Journal (Moscow), 1990, vol. 52, № 6, p. 967 – 970.

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