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Tree modification

To improve the expressiveness of the site one can change the sequence and hierarchical position of the nodes. To do this one need to register in Smereka as an editor.

To move the current node above or below through the list of sibling nodes, one have click "Move up" or "Move down" buttons on the toolbar to the left of the inspector. If the list of sibling nodes is quite long, then to move the node directly to the desired position, one can cut current node (by the "Cut" button) and then switch to the desired node and click the "Paste" button.

Node paste dialog allow to choose the paste position from the following options: "As first node", "Before the current", "After the current", "As last node", "As child node".

To change the hierarchical position of the node it should be cut and paste in the new position. For example, to demote the hierarchical position of the node should be inserted as a child, and to promote the position – aa s sibling of the parent node.

Please be aware that changing the sequence of the sibling nodes do not change their external URL, but it affects the order of the nodes in the navigators such as lists and document tree. While promoting / demoting the position will change these external URLs. This may have some value during the reorganization of th working sites where the external page URLs already distributed in the search engines and other sites. Smereka currently does not offer automatic redirection from the old to the new URL.

It should also know that internal links from one Smereka document to another remain in force for any movements of documents, if these links are made using smerefs. Since smerefs calculated on the basis of node id, it always gives the correct external URL. The link specified by symbolic addressing, subject to the general rules for external URL page, mentioned above.

Please be aware that the operations of node movement are hierarchical, ie node crown always travels with the master node.

It should also be aware that Smereka node buffer located on the server and is personalized for each user-editor. So, if the client opens multiple windows / tabs in the browser's in Smereka edit mode, he may move to cutted node between windows / tabs. If "Paste" button is disabled in this window, one should reload the window so that it "saw" that node have been cut to the clipboard.