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Adding new site

After deployment Smereka at the new location one can add to it one or more sites. The administrative part of the Smereka, created during deployment, universally serves all sites and does not contain anything dependent on particular site. The procedure for site adding creates a platform for the publishing of useful information, which the site will carry.

To add a new site one must login to Smereka as an global administrator and in the personal office click the link "Add site".

In the form that shows one should fill the "Domain name" field and choose a site template. After clicking the "Send" button a core set of nodes of the new site will be added to the Smereka tree.

If the current site name does not match the new site name, one should repeat the login procedure with the new site name to access it.

Website templates

Please understand the difference between two related Smereka terms: page template and website template. Page template is an HTML document that defines the appearance of pages; site template is an XML document that describes nodes hierarchie and their attributes.

Creating a workpiece of the site from a template is a partial case of more general and powerful Smereka procedure – the import of the XML documents.

Consequently, site template is an XML documents stored in templates subdirectory of the Smereka directory. There are usually only two files in it – simple.xml and standard.xml, but experienced users can write their own templates and add them to this directory.

Template simple.xml – really very simple. It contains the home page, the pages "User Registration", "Control Panel", "Recycle bin" and "file" robots.txt (Smereka can simulate the existence of such a file. More – in "Autonomous pages" section).

This template can be used when the site will be small and static.

Template standard.xml includes all that simple.xml and moreover, ready to use pages "News", "Mail to editor", "Search", RSS channel, which is associated with the news page, and two post office (for the mail sorting) – for messages sent via the "Mail to editor", and for error messages sent using Ctrl+Enter.

This template applies to the more developed sites, which provide regularly updated content.