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So you – the webmaster who manages an extremely interesting and useful website. You might even manage not one, but ten or twenty sites, all of them interesting and enjoy well-deserved popularity among readers.

With such sites, you can earn not only with sell links, but also placing "classic" pay-per-click ads. If you sell links – key indicator is the page rank, then for the "classical" advertising a crucial indicator is site attendance. The more traffic, more ad impressions and clicks is all the more.

All advertising programs of this type are constructed similarly. The web pages need to install javascript code of program. The program is executed on the client, not on the Web server, so the method of its installation does not depend on the Web site technology and with the same success can be used both in static and dynamic sites.

The second common feature of these programs is complet eliminatiom of the webmaster from the ads moderation, in full automation of his work. Program automatically decide which ads to show on your website. It also tries to link the content of ads to content pages (this is called targeting).

Pros Cons
The biggest and best advertising program in the world. It will be for us like pattern. A very high threshold for withdrawal of funds
Accepted almost any site Cashouts only by checks
The only code for many of your sites

Conclusion: if you do not know where to start – start with Google AdSense.

Pros Cons
Russian analogue of AdSense Adopted only sites with attendance of 300 / day
Automatic withdrawal of funds to WebMoney Low price click, low income

Yandex advertising network (RSYA) is very similar to the real (Google AdSense), but implemented with some national characteristics.

Firstly, for some unknown for me reasons, direct work of the webmaster in RSYA is practically impossible. This webmaster forced to use the services of intermediaries (I use MiksMarket, and links pointing to it). And each mediator, of course, does not work for free – something with our earnings, it leaves itself.

Second, for moderating the site one must provide access to public site statistics where it would be seen that the site has cherished 300 visits a day. This fits any meter installed on your pages – so that its data were made public.

For financial income – you should read . There I read the informative story about the webmaster, who earned 92 rubles per month (ninety two – it's not a typo and not a joke! Three trips in Moscow subway), but the advertising network administration caught him, accused in the winding and the money is not paid. So much he travel the subway! And how much he has earned without winding – count yourself.

Conclusion: I think this program is suitable for sites with really high attendance (30 thousand per month and above). If your site is not grown to such – income will be ridiculous.

Pros Cons
Advertising is goods which can be associated with this page Very selective display
Accurate targeting Well, ve-e-ery small income

Everything said above about Yandex-Direct, concerns and Yandex-Market program too. It in no hurry to show ads on all pages in a row where only established its code and chooses only some of them. In my case, this approach led to the fact that the number of Yandex-Market ad impressions was almost 20 times smaller than the number of Yandex Direct – on the same site.

Conclusion: less impressions – less clicks – less income.

, ,

Pros Cons
Another Russian advertising programs Do not take the Ukrainian sites

Conclusion: if you have a website in Russian – try.

Pros Cons
Advertising discounter Low income
Takes Ukrainian sites Requires at least 50 visits a day for public statistics

What is "ad discounter" – I no luck to find. Google replied simply: "the ad discounter is RedClick». And period. Perhaps this is something very new and cool.

It actually offers teaser advertising. Teaser advertising – it is actually the same block (banner) advertising, as discussed above, the only ad unit includes a small picture (teaser itself) and text.

I had read that such advertising can generate more revenue than AdSense. I did not notice that (perhaps it depends on the site subject). RedClick brings me more than Yandex Market, but less than Direct.

Conclusion: you can try to explore the teaser advertising.

Pros Cons
Four format of ads Many obscene ads
Takes Ukrainian sites Imperfect filters ads

The site offers to advertise as a teaser, contextual ads, banners and Clickunder. The teaser had to be abandoned because the default shown obscene pictures. Filters of sensitive categories were activated, but experience has shown that they do not work.

Contextual advertising has shown better results. The secret, as it turned out, lay in the fact that we should set a minimum bid for announcement. Most obscene ads has a very low cost per click, so setting the minimum price effectively cuts them.

Banner advertising I don't tested. Clickunder advertising I just hate (this time when you click on anywhere on the web page you send to the advertised site). I shall never be used it and wonder to those webmasters who allow it.

Income from this site I have not had time to evaluate.

conclusion: You can try to use it.

The overall conclusion

Generally considered advertising programs generate less revenue than selling links, but may be considered as an additional source of earnings Webmaster.